War and Peanut! Bossy Backyard Blue Jay Speaks

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Friends, Bossy Backyard Blue Jay  came out with the sunshine to tell us his side of the missing peanut mystery.  As you can see he is not one to back down from confrontation. Just look at how well he is standing his  ground.  

 Click on the link below to hear what BBBJ has to say about the missing peanut  story.

Bossy Backyard Blue Jay


Well Friends, You heard it straight from the Bird’s Beak!

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  1. BBBJ is very pretty. We have lots of them at our house. Always taking peanuts from the squirrel peanut feeder. Several have learned to raise the top and help themselves.
    Gracey, guess you just have to keep on trying to get him to see things your way.
    Always love reading your posts.


  3. BBBJ is quite beautiful. I think you should continue negotiations. Gracey is one gorgeous feline!

  4. Sharon Lake says:

    Gracey, I think you have to accept BBBJ’s word of innocence if you want to maintain the peace you have worked so hard to attain.

    Therefore, I am still inclined to believe that a squirrel or other bird came in the yard when you were napping on your slanket and stole the peanut.

    Perhaps it would be a show of good faith if you put a peanut out there for BBBJ to eat, if he wishes…perhaps you could open it so he can get at the meat….

    Just a thought…

    Toothpick says good meowrning…lol.


  5. Diane Thedford-Milligan says:

    Gracey, I guess he maintains his innocence on this. Maybe you can encourage BBBJ to help you track down the perpetrator.