The Tiniest Tiger Wishes you a Super Sparkly and Warm New Year!



I want you all to have a Super Sparkly and Warm New Year!

Tell me how you plan to shine in 2011 to be entered to win

The Tiniest Tiger’s Super Sparkly & Warm Prize.

The Sparkly is the Florence Gift Set (840-039) Twinkle twinkle…
Rhinestone-embellished circle and disc pendant in silvertone. 16 1/2″ L with 3 1/2″ extender. Earrings,
3/4″ L, Pierced.

The Warm is the mark Mee-Ow Hat (413-784) Purr-fect for yourself or a friend! Spotted: a fuzzy, leopard-print beret that’s completely adorable. Better pounce! Dry clean only. 63% nylon/36% angora/1% spandex.

Just post a comment telling us how you plan to shine in 2011!

You can post here on our Conservation Cub Club,  on The Tiniest Tiger ‘s Facebook page, or Gracey’s Avon for Animals Facebook page between now and January 3, 2011!

Or if you can’t wait and want to get Super Sparkly & Warm now, you can shop at Gracey’s Avon for Animals anytime!

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  1. Sue Lauer says:

    Gracey, I plan on shining in 2011 by helping as many furry critters as I can. TNR!!!

  2. I am planning on continuing to work out, spend even more time playing with my kitties (Raven & Ashes)…and am going to volunteer for PACT Humane Society ( by cleaning cages and feeding kitties at my local PetSmart…AND maybe even adopting another kittie! (Already have my eye on one!)

  3. Jennifer Parsons says:

    I hope to shine by keeping my three kitties healthy, encouraging friends and family to adopt from shelters or otherwise help out animals in need, hopefully get a promotion at work, and try to perform in more plays than last year. And for extra shine, I’ll do my yearly adornment in battery-run sparkly holiday lights to ring in the New Year! 🙂

  4. Julie McDnough says:

    In the New Year I will try to be be a happier person and spread that happiness around.

  5. Since we’ve been told that we’re going to have freezing rain and snow, we’re staying home with our sweet Cali!!! We would ordinarily go to Red Lobster (nom, nom!!), but with bad weather on the way, we’ll be smart and stay home!!!

  6. Christi George says:

    My husband and I will ring in thenewyear with out6 sweet kitties.