Save Our Big Cat Cousins

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This morning I was  a cat in a little bit of trouble when I threw a hissing fit about getting my blood glucose tested. Most days I just take getting my ear pricked in stride, but there are those days, and today was one of them, that I just didn’t feel like being tested.  I admit that I behaved badly.  To make matters worse, today it is raining and it is supposed to keep raining all day.

I needed a project to keep me busy and out of trouble.  So Bad Kitty and I watched  The Last Lions film again.  Did you know that if you watch The Last Lions trailer on You Tube that National Geographic will contribute $.10 for each viewing up to one million views?  Here is the trailer.

YouTube Preview Image

I loved this film for many reasons.  To read my review of The Last Lions, click here.

While we were chatting about  the film’s  important message, Bad Kitty and I  came up with an idea. We would make our own short video trailer asking people to Save our Big Cat Cousins and then ask our Friends to watch and share the video too.  We drew our inspiration from Dereck and Beverly Joubert, the award winning filmmakers that created The Last Lions.  Here is their picture.  They even look super smart don’t they?

Dereck and Beverly Joubert

Dereck and Beverly Joubert, courtesy of National Geographic

Creating our video required the help of  Lazy Leopard and Bossy Back Yard Blue Jay  too.  We, at Triple T Studios,  decided on the Spy theme, because we are trying to uncover ways to save our big cat cousins.  Lazy Leopard edited the clips because he has a sly eye.  Bad Kitty made sure that the video is suitable for senior cats and kittens too. And Bossy Back Yard Blue Jay kept us on schedule.  I am super excited for you to watch and tell me what you think of our work.

Here it is for the first time.

YouTube Preview Image

We are super anxious to find out what you think of our video.  Do you think the Jouberts will be calling on us for assistance in the future?

The Tiniest Tiger and Lazy Leopard

The Filmmakers, Gracey and Lazy Leopard. Bad Kitty is absent from the photo

And  don’t forget to leave a comment  on Why Lions Are Important to You  to win and Official Companion Book to the Motion Picture by clicking here.  Oh a companion to The Last Lions, not the Triple T Studios video.  Thank you everyone.

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  • Judy Simon

    I love your movie Gracey! Great job! We must save our Big Cat Cousins! Thank you for helping me out on my birthday wish! Big Cat Rescue of Tampa was very thankful! xxxoo

    • Mikemayo698

      Spare me Judy Simon.  Everyone here should know that this woman, Judy Simon, falsely accused Hattie Angles of breaking the terms of service on Facebook.  Hattie was very popular with many people and was one of the sweetest people on the planet.  Judy Simon, out of jealousy I suppose, reported Hattie and it resulted in Hattie getting her account closed.  This is rude, insensitive, vengeful and it’s a downright shitty thing to do.  Be aware Judy Simon, you are being watched very closely.  You have angered hundreds of people.

  • Dee DeSantis

    Awesome video Gracey! I think “The Tiniest Tiger” will have a big impact on helping to save the big cat cousins. Thanks for everything you do to help all of our animal friends. Dee & The Jerzey Boyz

  • Dee DeSantis

    Awesome video Gracey! I think “The Tiniest Tiger” will have a big impact on helping to save the big cat cousins. Thanks for everything you do tp help all of our animal friends. Dee & The Jerzey Boyz

  • Janet Vandenabeele

    You’re a movie star now, Gracey! [I loved the credits, esp. "Director of Photography: iPhone and Eyenimal"!!]

  • Cjgs1

    You are a born star, Gracey!!! You’ll soon have your own show on Animal Planet!! “Gracey In Charge”!!!

  • Pbsturdivant

    Great job Gracey. You’re the best!

  • Pmdawn7

    Love your video Gracey! You are quite the actress!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for watching. We are so glad that you liked it.

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