Tigers in the Snow

Amur Tiger in the Snow with Gracey

Happy The Tiniest Tiger Imitation Tuesday!

It has been a while since my last imitation. I think you will agree that I am improving all the time.  Today I am doing my best  Amur Tiger!  You might need to wear sunglasses to help you with the glare off of the snow.

The Amur tiger is the largest subspecies of the largest feline species on earth. Some of you might know the Amur tiger as the Siberian tiger. This mighty tiger once roamed throughout the entire Russian Far East, northeastern China and the entire Korean peninsula. Today however, their diminished habitat starts at the Chinese border just southwest of Vladivostock and runs 600 miles north to the Amur River. To the east, the tiger runs the slopes of the Sikhote-Alin coastal mountain range, down to the Sea of Japan, and to the west until they reach the Ussuri River.

Only 10% of the Amur tiger’s range is protected within a reserve located in the taiga forests of the Russian Far East. This is the home of the last genetically viable population of the Amur tiger in the wild!  The Amur tiger is an important umbrella species, so conservation efforts focus on the preservation of habitat quality and deciding what critical component must be preserved for an optimal habitat for tigers. What ensures the survival of the tiger increases the survival probability for other species sharing the same habitat. As a top predator and keystone species requiring a wide ranging territory, maintaining a healthy ecosystem for the big Amur tiger is also good for maintaining the biodiversity of the entire ecosystem.

So I had some pretty big pug marks to fill when practicing my The Tiniest Tiger Imitation. But I think you can see that I have perfected my Amur image.  Notice we both  are able to lie in the snow, our coats protecting us from the cold.  Our  noses are ready to detect even the slightest changes in scent.  We are both alert and even the tiniest twitch will be caught by our eyes.

This is super tough, I know so as always, please take your time and try to decide if I am in the front or the back in the photo.  I wish I could help you more, but now you must decide on your own.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about our big cat cousin the Amur Tiger. Remember to care for all cats, both big and small!

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  1. I believe that is you in the front

  2. Boy!!! How can two cats look so much alike!!!!! I think that you are in the front. Only because you don’t have any snow on you!!!

  3. Gracey, you’ve done it! I can’t tell which one is you and who is the Amur tiger. You are good!

  4. MALIA RAGAN says:

    Gracey, I so enjoyed reading about the Amur Tiger! They are gorgeous animals, aren’t they. However, I’m still uncertain as to which one is you. I think I need to get a bit closer to see your beautiful eyes before I can give a definitive answer! What color are the eyes of the Amur Tiger?

  5. Josie Tyrrell says:

    It looks like you are in front of the big tiger.

  6. This is almost too hard. Both are such beautiful kitties. I THINK you are the one in the front …. but I could be wrong.

  7. i believe you are in the back of the photo