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Gracey's cousin Mercy


My cousin Mercy is super lucky. Not only was he rescued by my parents from the back alley when he was just a tiny kitten, but he does not have any food allergies or feline diabetes so when I receive super exciting food products in the mail to review, I rely on Mercy to test out the delicious food and treats.  I try not to be envious of him, but if I am completely  honest, I am just a little bit.

Mercy gave his approval for the Innova cat treats that came in the box.  He said they were super tasty and they are made with chicken, turkey, eggs potato, rice, apples and carrot. In fact, he gobbled them up pretty quickly.

Innova was the first holistic, natural pet food on the market when it started in 1993. The #1 ingredient in Innova products is always high quality protein. Their food contains no artificial colors or preservatives, meat by-products, fillers, wheat, corn or soy.  I know that many of you have expressed concern over the ingredients in your cat’s food, so knowing that this food contains only what your cat needs  needs and nothing that they don’t is great news, isn’t it?

Innova dog and cat food is produced in Fremont, Nebraska, right in the heartland.  There are over 100 quality control checks that are conducted throughout the manufacturing process. All ingredients are tested for safety and nutritional value even before they enter the plant.  Because Innova is dedicated to  manufacturing standards, you can feed your cat with confidence!

The nice folks from Innova sent me Innova Coupons for a FREE BAG of Cat or Dog food up to 6.6 lbs!  They even sent me the envelopes with the stamps already on them to make it super easy for me to drop the coupons in the mail to two lucky readers!  See, their quality checks are in place even in their coupon giveaways!

Innova Products for CatsSo, here is all you have to do.

Leave a comment here below this post about why you would like to try a free bag of Innova for your family member.

Leave your comment by  July 31, 2011.

The recipients of the coupons will be drawn by random number generator on August 1, 2011 and will be on their way via Mailman Phil and the USPS.  Hurrah!

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner ImageThe Winners of the Innova Coupon Giveaway are Rose Saunders and Elizabeth Flynn!

Super Hurrah!

*Innova gave us the coupons for one free bag of Innova cat or dog food up to 6.6 lbs.

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  1. mimi-the-great says:

    I live near Warren, OH and Sharon, PA, is there anywhere else beside Hubbard Coal & Supply that I can find Innova?   They only carry one type and that is for cats & kittens.  One of mine is 14 years old and the other one is 5 1/2.

  2. mimi-the-great says:

    Having 2 cats (or I think actually they have me)  with sensitive stomachs they are fed Innova and a 1/4 3oz can of catfood twice a day.  My comment is I don’t mind paying a little more for a quality product, what I DO mind is I end up throwing away about an 1/8 of a bag due to so much of it going in to fine crumbs which they can’t or wont eat because they can’t pick it up with their mouth.  I scoop with a cup so the bag is not jostled about and it still doesn’t help.  At 35.00 a bag, that’s costly…..Any advice?  Or at least offer us some coupons! 

  3. Could you please send me some coupons for my new puppy to try, I have only heard good things for this dog food.

  4. Jqscorpyo says:

    My cat has had kitty IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) since he was born and I have gone thru all different brands out there. We are pretty sure that it is allergy related but haven’t been able to track the source yet as most pet food products out right now still contain those ingredients

  5. Anonymous says:

    Mes! Mes! I knoes I is late, but wanted to enters anywhoo. I loves yous Gracey !

  6. We would love to try some Innova coupons! While the dogs eat raw.. the cats won’t touch it! We’ve tried every holistic brand under the sun and nothing we’ve tried has worked out! We would love to try some Innova, our petsupermarket just started carrying it!

  7. Hi Gracey, I would LOVE to recieve a coupon for Innova.  I am a overweight house kitty (almost 19 pounds) who LOVES food. My Mommie and Daddy were told by my Doctor to limit my food to 3/4 cup a day. YIKES.   I get Science Diet Light and have tried severals others, but don’t like any of them. Doctor said to maybe try Innova’s brand food because of the high protein in it. Please send my humans this coupon so that I can try this food.  I know I am just going to love it. If Mercy says it’s good, then it’s gotta be good.  Thanks so much Gracey.  Love Goldie Nugget 

  8. I would like to get a coupon for a free bag for Frankie, the little black kitty that presently lives outside and has adopted me.  I don’t know who “owns” him or left him behind, but he is learning to trust me and comes over twice a day for food, and he has even learned to wait until the ducks leave the area so they don’t steal his food.  He has just started to let me pet him.  I’m trying to acclimate him to my dogs so he can come inside.  I’d like to get him started on the Best diet possible to keep him as healthy as possible.  thank you for offering this!

  9. We are revamping our diets in our entire family to be organic, cruelty free, all natural, no preservatives, and are always looking for new products for our picky feline girls to try! They do not always like what is good for them.  But with Mercy’s seal of approval, we think this might be a home run!

  10. I would like to try Innova for my cats, I have not seen it sold around here.

  11. I’m always interested in something that would improve the health of my babies.  I’ve heard good things about Innova and would love to let them try it. 

  12. Asa Mommy to 4 adopted furr babies, I am always looking for cat food that offers all the Bells and whistles to good health.  I haven’t found many that offer what Innova does.  Thanks for the opportunity to win this.

  13. Avrora Davidovna says:

    I’d love to try this!  My kitties love Innova wet food, I bet they’d like the dry too.

  14. My kitties would love some more Innova!  

  15. Queen_Stugats says:

    I did get a coupon myself for Innova. I picked up my bag and donated it to the animal shelter. If I won this coupon I would pick it up and give it to my cat. If my cat didn’t like it, then I would donate it to the animal shelter.

  16. Nklehman says:

    My cat seems to have a lot of digestive issues, and I haven’t found a food that she can hold down without vomiting after eating.

  17. I have my dog on Innova and am considering changing the cats to it, but I am very hesitant because one of my cats is very picky and has a lot of health issues when it comes to food.  The food we have her on has stopped her from losing clumps of hair but she still sheds quite a bit and has a bit of dandruff still (which is very noticeable on a black cat).  No one in our area gives out free samples of Innova, so a coupon would be great!  Thanks.

  18. We would love to try some new treats for the kids! They are treat hounds, even though they are kitties 🙂 They all sit on my dining room table, no we dont get to eat on the table anymore…and they wait for their treats. I would love to try an organic brand or something different for them. Thank you!

  19. Michele P. says:

    I have four feline family members that would love to try out this food-I have never heard of this brand before, and made sure it was sold near me before entering… (and I will have to check it out because my furry feline friends love healthy food that tastes good!)  thanks for the chance to win 🙂

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  20. I would like to have a free bag of Innova for cats to see how good it really is. We are concerned about some of the ingredients in cat food and want to be as healthy as we can be.
    Thanks Gracey!

  21. We are always willing to try a high quality, natural food for our babies.  Thank you for the opportunity!  

  22. Dawnkmacias says:

    I would like to try Innova Cat food for my gurl Breezy. She has a sensitive tummy and has been known to yak on my bed when she does not have an agreeable cat food. Please send me a coupon!!!!!
    Thank you Gracie!!!

    Dawn Macias (cat mom to Breezy)

  23. Julia Williams says:

    I would like to win so I can give it to my sister, who has NINE cats & could really use some good food!

  24. Rose59saunders says:

    My cat doesn`t like much of any thing.He did like a food from Friskies.They quit making the flavor of the dry food he loved so much.I`ve been trying other foods on him but so far he does seem to like what I buy him.He adoupted me when I moved here to Tx.He was living on the streets.He`s been with me since 2009.He loves to sleep on my lap and purr.

    • Anonymous says:

      Congratulations!  You are one of the Innova Coupon Winners!  I will send you an email to confirm your address! Super Hurrah!

  25. Melinda Dalke says:

    Bam Bam struggles with allergies and I would like him to try natural food !

  26. Genwolf says:

    I would love to try Innova catfood. My cats are my kids so only the best will do!

  27. Buckner517 says:

    My cat Batman deserves and gets only the highest quality food.  She sometimes gets disturbed tummy and we never take chances on junk.

  28. I would love for my cats, Max and Lucky, to try Innova.  I worry that some of the ingredients in commercial cat food might be responsible for health problems my other cats, now deceased, developed–i.e. hyperthyroidism, tumors, early kidney failure.

  29. Because I have never tried Innova before and would like to try something healthier for my fur babaies!

  30. Evergreen_acres says:

     I know Innova is the best, that is why so many companies have copied it!

  31. corlyn & ted :-) says:

    I’m certain Oreo & Aka would love to try some Innova dog food!  Oreo is a little finicky (though it really does not show)!  Aka on the other hand has been eating her bed lately!

  32. Catluveroo6 says:

    Giving my cats the better cat food. The more I read about what goes into their food, I am very picky about what they eat. I would like to try it.

  33. I’d like to try a FREE bag of Innova for our 3-cats because I don’t want to pay for Chicken MEAL as the first or second ingredient!

  34. Thepricklypinecone says:

    We have been thinking of trying to find a better quality four out newly adopted cat, this would be a great chance to try before we buy!

  35. My dogs already eat Innova canned food but we would LOVE to try the dry food.  We love Innova and literally couldn’t live without it’s ability to disguise pills!  Becky

  36. Elizabeth Flynn says:

    Hi Gracey. My kittehs love Innova dry food and their can food also.  Thank you for the chance to get a coupon for a free bag of Innova.  I am sorry you can’t try it!  But your cousin, Mercy is right.  My kittehs all think that it is delicious.

    • Anonymous says:

      Congratulations! You are one of the INNOVA Coupon winners! I will send you an email to confirm your address. Super Hurrah!

  37. Hi Gracey,

    Having just adopted a 3rd stray cat (OK, Shebee adopted us!) a coupon for some extra healthy food would sure come in handy. Amazing how much more food is consumed since there are now 3 of them! thanks! Kc

  38. Nancy Foulke says:

    Oh my!  Our cats love Innova (our two that we own and about 3 feral cats we feed daily).  Thanks.

  39. gracey, i would love you try innove pet food, because, i have a 2 cats and a dog and i only feed them healthy foods, i have haeard good things about innova and would love to try it but money is tight right now and innova is kinda pricy so a coupon to try it would help out greatly

  40. I have a feral kitty that would love to try your Innova kitty food,from the looks of her she hasn’t had a lot of food.I bet Innova would really be good.

  41. TeriJetter says:

    Hi Gracey/Mercy… This is your friend Buddy…   My mom likes to keep me healthy, and she always chooses (what she thinks is the best foods), the best foods for me, because I have soft gums now, and she tries to be careful what she gives me!  Katie kitty is much younger, and she is somewhat overweight too (don’t tell her I said that), but mom saw Gracey’s page and decided to see if we might try some of these new goodies.  She is always watching us when we eat, and even cleans my mouth up when I am done!  (I hate that), but she loves us! : )

  42. TeriJetter says:

    Hi Gracey/Mercy… This is your friend Buddy…   My mom likes to keep me healthy, and she always chooses (what she thinks is the best foods), the best foods for me, because I have soft gums now, and she tries to be careful what she gives me!  Katie kitty is much younger, and she is somewhat overweight too (don’t tell her I said that), but mom saw Gracey’s page and decided to see if we might try some of these new goodies.  She is always watching us when we eat, and even cleans my mouth up when I am done!  (I hate that), but she loves us! : )