Gracey & Mercy Weigh In Take Your Cat to the Vet Week

Sometimes to be honest, I find myself a little envious of Mercy. He doesn’t have any food allergies and he doesn’t have feline diabetes. This means that he can pretty much eat any food he desires.  My diet is limited to low allergen prescription chow and wet limited ingredient duck and pea. Now keeping two things in mind, Mercy doesn’t get to run amok in the house and eat anything he finds, and I actually like my duck and pea and my chow so most of the time I am ok with things.

However, Mercy gets to try all the new snacks. Last month he got to chomp  some Innova cat treats, and he gets to eat Greenies.  He gets to snack, snack snack! In fact, Mercy, like my dad, could be classified as a “Snackasaurus” !

Mercy  spends most of his time with my Grandma.  She fell in love with him, she really did. When we scooped him


Mercy's face when he realized his days as a "snackasaurus" would be coming to an end.

up from  the alley and he got a clean bill of health from the Morris Veterinary Clinic, we took him by Grandma’s habitat for a visit.  Just for a visit.  Well, Grandma asked if Mercy could stay with her for a while. And that while is still going. (Grandma never asked if I could stay for a while, I’m just saying.)  Mercy spends his days snacking, birdwatching, playing and being pampered by Grandma.

So the last  visit to the Morris Veterinary Clinic ranks as my favorite and here is why:

When my feline diabetes returned  9 months ago,  I was losing weight until I adjusted to my regimen of ProZinc insulin injections.  I have gradually added back some weight and every time I get weighed my parents cheer when I  pack on a few ounces.  Mercy, however was looking a little “big boned” to me .  Grandma  and Dad didn’t seem to think so because they kept giving him snacks, but Mom and I sure did.

Gracey waiting to be weighed

Me, Gracey waiting to weigh in

Gracey and Paul

Me, Gracey and my dad getting weighed

When I get weighed, first my dad steps on the scale.  Then he steps off the scale, scoops me up and steps back on the scale. We then subtract my dad’s weight without me from his weight holding me to find out how much I weigh. Over the past few months, I have been increasing in my weight, (so has my dad but don’t tell him I told you so, hahahahaha) And just yesterday I am so happy to tell you that I weigh 8 lbs.  That is nearly perfect for me according to my doctors at the clinic.

Mercy’s story is a little different.  When Mercy weighed in, he weighed a whopping 13 lbs.  WOW!  Almost twice me. Now, ok, he is a bigger cat, but even so.  Dr. John said that Mercy should begin a weight control diet until he can slowly lose at least 2 lbs.

That meant  Mercy’s days as a “snackasaurus” were over!    My dad said the same about himself but I watched him stock his snack cupboard just yesterday.

Mercy with Iams

Mercy with Iams Weight Control

Here is my brother Mercy with his new chow. Don’t feel too sorry for him, because he likes this Iams Indoor Weight and Hairball Care chow very much.  And now, Mercy has shed a few ounces and his coat is super shiny.

Paul and Mercy

Mercy and my Dad. (Mercy was supposed to wear the bandana)

Here is my dad and Mercy for the “big” weigh in. Mercy was supposed to wear the bandana to bring out the green in his eyes.  But as you can see, my dad is the one wearing the celebratory bandana.

You might think that I am happy that Mercy needed to lose a little weight.  It wasn’t that exactly. It was just that at least one time the doctors weren’t talking about how perfect he is when I have  health issues.  I want my brother to live a long and healthy life.  That is why it is super important that he stays at an optimum weight.

And by the way, I didn’t mind when the doctors told me I was perfect this time!!  xoxox Meow for Now.

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  1. Kristen Brown says:

    You are such a sweetheart, Gracey! Sometimes it is hard to hear about the “perfect sibling” and I understand how you were just a little pleased to be the perfect one this time! But just so you know, all kitties are perfect to me, even if they have health and weight issues.  I’m just glad you are doing well! You are an inspiration to me because I have some health issues too, but don’t worry, I have two adoring kitties who keep me happy and well-loved!

  2. I just got the same food for my cats and they love it!  Glad to see that Mercy, Nibbles, and Fingers all have great taste!

  3. Malia Ragan says:

    Oh Gracey, you have such a handsome brother and it is so sweet of you to let him spend time with his Grandma.  Hurrah for reaching 8 lbs!

  4. Marilia Bavaresco says:

    Mercy and Gracey! You´re adorable cats! Purrrrrrrs!

  5. Elizabeth Flynn says:

    You are always perfect, Gracey.  If anyone says you aren’t, just refer them to me, I will take care of it.  I am sure that Mercy will be fine with his new diet. You shouldn’t feel bad about being a little “happy” that he has to have a new food regimen. 🙂  I have a couple of Kittehs that could stand to lose a pound (or two) also, but in a multi cat habitat, that is very hard to do.  Besides, who am I to point a paw, I need to lose some too.  I am a “snackasaurus” big time!