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Safe Paw and Gracey The Tiniest Tiger

Hey! This is important for our paws!

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner ImageSuper Hurrah for Lisa, our SafePaw Winner!

Winter has decided to stop by my habitat and according to Bad Kitty, we can plan on the cold and snow hanging out with us for quite some time. Except for the lack of sunshine on the grey winter days, I don’t mind winter so much. I like to watch the  birds and squirells feasting at our back yard feeders and winter is when I see my friends the white tail deer most frequently.  I like you, love and care for all animals big and small.

That is why when Steve from Safe Paw asked if I would like  to give away a container of the Safe Paw Ice Melter to a member of The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club I pounced on the offer. We use SafePaw at our habitat.  And here is why:

* I know you might be confused at first and wonder why I am showing you a Snow Leopard in the wild, but this is really me, Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger braving the elements.

Now back to the demonstration:

As you can see in the video, when we are out in the snow, our paws come into contact with not only the snow, but with anything else that might be under or on top of the snow.  This is why it is super important to use an  ice and snow melter that is guaranteed safe.

Here is why we use Safe Paw at our habitat:

  • Safe Paw is 100% salt/chloride free
  • Guaranteed Safe for pets
  • Guaranteed Safe for children
  • Guaranteed Safe is swallowed or ingested
  • Guaranteed Safe on paws, eyes and skin
  • Guaranteed Safe on concrete, asphalt, brick and pavers,and  decking materials
  • Guaranteed Safe on floors and rugs
  • Guaranteed environmentally safe
  • Safe Paw works even when the temperature dips down to -2°F and beyond.

I love that Safe Paw is 100% safe for the planet too. It will not pollute wells, water ways, streams or rivers.  In fact, Steve says that his ice melter is so safe, that even if a child or pet  were to consume large amounts of Safe Paw, there are no health risks.  This makes me super happy to know that my bird, squirrel and white tail deer friends are not at risk when we need to melt the ice to make our sidewalks safe.   Safe Paw has a 15 year history with no problems.

Here is all you need to do for your chance to win  Safe Paw  to try at your habitat and to win a 35 lb. Pail of Safe Paw for your Shelter.

Just leave a comment below this post here on our The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club telling me:

  • If your pet gets snow on their paws and/or how you melt the ice around your house.

The Rules

This contest is now closed.  Thank you everyone!

This contest closes on December 14, 2011 at 7 pm Eastern.  I will put your names into to choose one winner.  The winner will have 3 days to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen. Void where prohibited by law.

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  1. Generally I try to keep the walkways shoveled and just use rock salt. I feel bad for using the salt because it kills the snails that hang out, but then, they’re not out during the winter anyway.

  2. We don’t get a lot of snow in Tennessee, but this winter they have predicted that we will get more than usual. I have always just used table salt mixed with clay litter to “melt” the snow and ice from our walks–the salt will melt the snow and the litter helps create a “grip” for safer walking.  I will definitely look into buying some of this!  I want to keep my fury friends safe!

  3. Safe Paw is, as they say in Brooklyn, “da bomb” – which is like saying in Maine, “its wicked good” or in my house – YEAH mom, buy some of that for the front sidewalk!!!!

  4. Elizabeth Flynn says:

    Great video, Gracey!  Thank you for sharing it with us.  We don’t get any snow here where we live, but if we win, we will donate ours to a shelter that does 🙂 

  5. When her Highness,  Big Bad Baby Twinkle goes out on the (Fenced-In, Cat-Safe) balcony and play play plays in the snow, Meowmie watches her having fun fun fun!! And when La BBBT finally comes in and shakes her tootsies, Meowmie is there with a towel to wipe the snow off her paws and warm them up.

  6. Earl Gray is an indoor kitty, but there are so many outdoor cats and ferals. Plus the dogs need help too. So, this sounds like a good product–especially if it has Gracey’s seal of approval.

  7. Our kitties are indoor kitties as well.  I’m sure they wouldn’t like getting snow on their paws at all!  But we do need to put ice melt on our front steps and driveway and I do worry about us tracking the ice melt into the house where the kitties might get into contact with it on the floor and carpet by the front door.  Getting this pet-safe ice melt would help eliminate that concern!

  8. We have farm cats that mostly live in our insulated garage in the Winter. But they do venture outside in the snow to go potty, and I want them to still be safe from salt to melt the snow and ice they have to go out into. The dogs we have use a different part of the yard, but they have steps and a small sidewalk to use too, and they also need their paws protected from bad salt.

  9. Jessica C. says:

    my cats are indoor cats, but I would give this to my parents to sprinkle on their driveway and sidewalk for when they take their dog, Athena, for walks, and for when other folks in the neighborhood take their dogs out. There is lots of wildlife around their way also, I have seen deer, foxes, as well as wild birds and squirrels.

  10. I don’t live in a snowy area, but I would give it to one of my friends who has a dog named Cooper. They travel up north once a year and she say’s that Cooper has so much fun in the snow, but his hair gets matted with now balls. They once had to shave him down to get the snow balls out of his fur! That’s why I think this would be a perfect gift for my friend. Thanks for the information on Safe Paw!

  11. My cats are not allowed outside, but we do have a few creatures who come into our yard, including geese, wild turkeys and the occasional neighbors’ cat. I would give this to my next door neighbor. He’s not so well off financially, but he’d do anything for his best friend, Booty (his very sweet yellow cat). Booty walks outside with his papa, not on a leash, but stays right by his side and they’ll walk around their yard. In the summer, when his papa sits outside in the morning, Booty sits right by him, never runs to catch birds or near the street or anything. 

  12. Devilofabird says:

    My cats don’t get snow on their paws because they are not allowed outside.  We don’t have ice near our house but I have a friend up north who’s dog gets lots ofsnow on his paws that I would give this to.  They currently use salt on the patio and a path into the yard for him.

  13. Petsweekly says:

    Too cute!

  14. My dogs that have hairy paws will get the ice balls in between their paws and they love to get them out and eat them. I typically don’t use ice melts where they’ll be at so their paws won’t get irritated. But, I would like to try something like safe paws because I worry about them slipping. Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. Skcollister says:

    Sam, our outside cat, would LOVE this!

  16. I love safe paw. We used to live in an apt and they used to salt the sidewalks, walkways and driveways. With two dogs we always had to rinse the dogs paws in warm water after their walks and leave our shoes in the hallway so we wouldn’t track anything in. Now we use safe paw and don’t have to worry after their snow timid ( and ours)

  17. This would be great! Especially since we have 4 cats & 1 dog.

  18. Ollie used to love sitting in a sunny and slightly opened window – he would stretch out his paws and gently touch the snow, then pull in his “hand” sniff it, lick off all the snowflakes and stick it outside once again.  You see sometimes they not only walk in it but eat it.  Its best to sprinkle pet safe salts on the sidewalks and driveway – Safe Paw is the cat’s meow!

  19. Our dgtr introduced this to us last winter and we love it

  20. That was just great!   Thanks so much.  Love it!

  21. Even though I live in an apartment and the maintenance people usually (usually, not always) salt the sidewalks after an ice storm, I still have to worry about the snow and ice surrounding my car. I usually throw ice melter stuff around my parking area so I can get in and out without falling. My kitty is an inside only cat, but I have to be conscious of what I track into  the house.