Watching for Santa

Gracey and the Snowman

What? No, I wasn't sleeping!

It is Christmas Eve, and I am on Santa patrol with my Snowman friend.  He is  really great at keeping watch.  I  have to admit that it gets a little difficult to keep my eyes open, especially when my dad is taking a cat nap on the sofa.

Keeping watch with snowman

Snowman thinks he sees Reindeer in the distance!

This is getting super exciting, because the Snowman thinks he sees Reindeer in the distance.  We are ready too. All the bird  and squirrel feeders are filled with different types of seed, peanuts, and treats.  And the white tail deer and reindeer stations have been filled with corn and  apples.  I can’t hardly wait to watch my backyard friends celebrate.

snowman and gracey

I think I hear sleigh bells!

I am not certain, but I think I hear sleigh bells. I have to try and stay awake so I d on’t miss any of the festivities.  The trees are lit, the fireplace is glowing and I am in a loving home with my parents.  I wish this for all of my cousins around the world.

The sun will be setting soon so I better get the cookies, tuna flakes and milk ready.  Meow for now.  xoxoxo

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  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Gracey.   ? ? Believe ? ?

    • I beleive! Don’t you Elizabeth?  Thank you so much for the wonderful Cat Nip Puffs.  I have not seen them before.  They are super fun.  Although my parents are monitoring my use.  hahahaha!

      • Elizabeth Flynn says:

        Oh yes!  I do believe!  I am glad you like the Cat Nip Puffs.  Got some for my kittehs too, but they have so much stuff out right now I just put them away for later. I was so happy to find something at the Pet store that was actually made in the USA 🙂  Happy New Year to you all, Gracey!

  2. I saw that Santa was leaving Zanzibar and heading for us.  Stay awake he’s almost here!!!!