Happy Valentines Day Lion and Lyin’ Around Giveaway!

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Super Hurrah and Congratulations to Barbara McIntosh the Winner of the Imperial Cat Hearts and Stripes Chaise Scratcher. Thank you everyone for participating and for being members of The Tiniest Tiger community.

Lion Cub Heart

Photo by Joanne McGonagle

I Would be “Lion” if I said I didn’t

want you to be my Valentine!

I hope you want me to be your Valentine too!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

xoxo  Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger

In honor of Valentines day and of both Lions and Lyin’ Around,  I thought an Imperial Cat chaise lounge would be a perfect giveaway.

Imperial Cat Valentine Scratcher

Imperial Cat M.A.X. Hearts & Stripes Chaise Scratcher

The Imperial Cat M.A.X. Hearts & Stripes Chaise Scratcher Giveaway!

This  M.A.X. Hearts & Stripes Chaise Scratcher is Purrfect because I  bet your cat is like me and  loves to scratch!  And when we get all of our scratching out  of our system, the Imperial Cat scratcher doubles as a Chaise lounge which is perfect for “Lyin” around!

Imperial Cat is so nice, they are giving one of the M.A.X. Hearts & STripes Chaise Scratcher to one member of our The Tiniest Tiger community.  And here is all you have to do:

To Enter:

Leave a comment telling me where your cat’s favorite place is to lounge, and their favorite place to scratch.

The Rules:

This contest is now closed!  Thank you for participating.

This contest closes on Friday, February 17 at 1 pm Eastern.  I will enter all names in to The winner will be notified by email, so make sure you are watching for an email from me. It will say The Tiniest Tiger Winner in the subject line.

This contest is open to US habitats only.  I am super sorry. Void where prohibited by law.

Today February 14 is the last day to enter:Gracey with Kitten Heart

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  1. Kittyspike08536 says:

    Depending on the season, my kitties (all 4) love lounging by the patio door on their cat furniture, OR, upstairs in the windows in their room. (yes, they have their own room). They really like scratching ON their cat furniture, but they have also thoroughly used any separate scratchers we have bought them.

  2. Hi, Gracey! Briley here. My favorite place to lounge is on the ledge underneath my living room window. That way I get to soak up the sun while I nap! My favorite scratching place is on the corners of the sofa, but Dad tries to stop me when I do this. :/ Nice chatting with you! 

  3. Teazer lounges on a shoe shelf near a baseboard heater. So we replaced our shoes with a cat bed. Sammy the Serpent’s favorite scratching surface is the runner rug on our stairs. With his claws, he pulls himself across one stair using the carpeted riser of the next one, and claws himself around in circles on the landings.
    <3 <3 <3 Kitties! <3 <3 <3

  4. Barley likes to lounge in his circle by the radiator in the winter, if he’s not lounging on my lap.  Raven prefers someone’s bed, or to sit in the window and watch the world go by.  They both like to scratch on my area rug…fortunately it’s a cheap one that we don’t care about much…but a real scratching place would be a great treat!  Pick us, randomizer! 🙂

  5. Chibi’s favorite place to lounge is in my bed, literally.  She climbs under the comforter and sheets herself! 🙂  Her favorite scratching spot is the floor, doesn’t matter where lol. 

  6.  My Miley’s favorite place to lounge is in the sun on the dining room table and her favorite scratching post is me, lol!

  7. It depends on the kitteh:  Deidre likes to lounge on my/our bed an scratch on the brown or green cat trees, or a cardboard scratcher; Maggie lounges on the bench or the papasan and scratches (though she’s declawed, she does the motion anyway) on a cardboard scratcher; Yuan lounges on my desk chair or in the bathroom and scractches on the floor-to-ceiling cat tree. 🙂

  8. My cats love to lounge just about anywhere they can and their favorite place to sharpen their claws is anywhere they shouldn’t even though we have scratchers.

  9. I have five and most of them like to perch on the back of the sofa or the arm rests. They tend to scratch things they are not supposed to scratch. My big boy likes to scratch my wooden furniture. He sits on his rear, puts his arms up, and scratches like he is filing his nails on a big nail file. My bed and coffee table look like Babe Ruth’s bat that he put notches on for each home run! An Imperial Cat Scratcher might work because the wood on the cat tower is unappealing to him! 

  10. This is wonderful! I have the perfect spot for it right next to the ottoman.

  11. My Bailey’s favorite place to lounge is my desk chair and her favorite place to scratch is a cardboard scratcher while getting her back scratched by me!  Hee Hee

  12. Michelle Spayde says:

    The favorite lounging spots are in the many beds on our screened porch.  The porch scratching posts also seem to be favorites.

  13. Hi Gracey!  I have 2 indoor cats who love to sleep on their blanket folded at the foot of my bed.  But when I lay down to sleep or try to nap they both have to be on my legs!  Go figure!  Molly likes to scratch the wooden foot-board on the bed, and Babycat loves to scratch the corners of the mattress! 

  14. Ollie’s favorite place to lounge is my desk chair. His favorite place to scratch? Also my desk chair….Ollie says we need a scratcher in the computer room!

  15. Each cat in our habitat has a place they like to lounge/scratch. For Moxie both are in the bedroom. For Foster, it’s on the top platform of the cat tree in the “kitty room” near the window. For Cricket, both can be found on Mommy’s blankie in her nice warm lap. For Romeo, his favorite place to lounge is on the bed with Moxie, but with lots of room between them. His favorite place to scratch are the arms of Daddy’s armchair. For Zilla, her favorite place to lounge is the sewing table overlooking the street, and her favorite thing to scratch are the drink carriers from Mickey D’s! The last two are hard because they like to slink around so I’m not really sure what they like to lounge (though I’m pretty sure both involve a couple of wicker chairs in the attic,lol!)

  16. Wow!!  What an exciting prize the Imperial Cat scratcher would be!!  My cat’s each have a favorite place to lounge!  My big orange guy, Phillip, lays anywhere in the house on his back, airing his belly wide open!  He loves to scratch the cardboard scratchers throughout the house.  My other cat loves to lounge on the back of a big cushy chair, by a big window.  She loves to scratch the sisal rope posts……and sometimes the carpet going in the bedroom…..which gets her in trouble!!

  17. My cat’s favorite place to lounge is on the back of the couch with her
    head outside the blinds looking out the window.  Her favorite place to
    scratch is her tall sisal rope scratcher.   

  18. Autumn my tortie-tabby likes to lie on the corner of my bed where a throw blanket is rolled up like a pillow and Earl Grey, my Russian Blue mix, likes to curl up in the (surprise) cat carrier.  Autumn likes the side of the couch to scratch and Earl likes any of the four scratching posts (along with the couch and occasionally my leg).   

  19. Hi Gracey, Maggie has a very special dense throw rug, she loves to scratch on, plus her floor to ceiling scratching post I made her.  Of course, she loves to lounge on me, but she hangs out on the sofa, if I am not home…or any place the sun happens to be shining in. 🙂  

  20. Nancy Foulke says:

    Fizzy’s favorite place to lounge is on one of our beds, second favorite place is the floor heat register!  She loves to scratch on the carpet!  Cheetah’s favorite lounging spot is on one of us!! LOL.  He too likes the carpet for scratching.

  21. Kitteninparis says:

    Mr puff liked to scratch the leg of the coach! and lounge on my sister’s bed.

  22. Sunny’s favorite place to lounge is on my tummy and if I am not there, on the bed. Inky’s is on the raggedy old giant pillow that he loves and Pyewacket is wherever Inky and Sunny may be at that moment because she’s the baby and wants to be with her uncles, Sunny and Inky.

  23. My beautiful redhead, Thirston, loves to lounge and kneed….of all places….on a toilet lap! Yes, he loves to keep you warm while doing your business. Luckily he doesn’t scratch all the furniture but he does try. We have scratching toys and posts for him….but he Loves to scratch my bookbag or overnight bag! Boots, on the other hand, MUST lay on me, preferably on my chest and she will scratch anything.

  24. Riverdaughter196 says:

    Jazz’s favorite place to scratch is on his scratching post which is in shreds.   He loves to lounge in the sun in front of the window. 
    Chanel’s favorite place to lounge in on her pillow by the window.  And unfortunately her favorite place to scratch is on the furniture. 

  25. Sendai’s favorite place to scratch is the back of my recliner, even though he has a scratching post :(.  His favorite place to lounge is on the kitty hammock in the living room.  🙂

  26. We have 10 kitties here at Catopia Feline Rescue…so lounging places vary.  This couch, that couch, the bathroom sink, the laundry hamper, the window perch…  As far as scratchy places…hrrrmmm…this couch, that couch, the laundry hampter, the window perch and we have 2 of those cardboard scratchy chase the ball around thingies!  lol

  27. Sarahrwenetschlaeger says:

    Miss Kitty’s favorite place to lounge is…strangely…my Granny’s walker.  Weird.  I know.  Her favorite place to scratch is where she’s supposed to-the cat scratcher or the tree.  🙂  If I win I will more than likely donate it Concho PAWS of San Angelo, Texas.  

    • My Inky likes to ride on my walker and if I don’t do it when he “asks” (meaning he howls), he continues to “asks” until I give him his happy ride!

  28. Maggie and Murphy love to lounge on my pile of fresh towels I leave out on my Bedroom Bathroom vanity.  They have a few cardboard scratchers but like to scratch the sides of my mattress as well(grumbles).  Maybe a new scratcher will help 🙂

  29. Sophie, our 11 (?) month old shelter kitty loves to lounge in the sun on our screened in patio during the day, and at night on a wool blanket we gave her on the sofa. Unfortunately, she likes to scratch just about everything, but we were smart kitty parents and have a scratch pad nailed to the wall in the bedroom, which works great, as she gets to stretch and scratch at the same time. We also have a scratch pad in her Dad’s office where she likes to hang out, and a small window perch with scratching legs in my computer room! She’s one lucky girl, but we could always use a lounge scratcher for her!

  30. Favorite place for lounging is a blanket on the couch all three are piled together and luckily the favorite scratcher is the cat tree for now.

  31. Gus’s favorite place to lounge is in the dog’s bed near the space heater.  Luckily the dog has multiple beds throughout the house!  And Gus typically just stretches his claws in the carpet, thankfully.

  32. Judy Simon & Lucy says:

    Hi Gracey, well as you know we have 11 kitties…they like to lie around, all over da place! But they love their beds…however Mommy doesnt have 11 kittie beds. Mommy took in a stray kitty in October a year ago..Snuggles! She lives in Mommy’s bedroom & is afraid of the other kitties, even though she is big enough to knock their blocks off…Snuggles will not lay on or use anything the other kitties have used! If it has their scent on it, forget it! So Mom is trying to buy New things for Snuggles to call her very own, since she now has a forever home. Snuggles loves to scratch, but she only has a small cardboard scratcher. She sits on it & lays on it, as to say, this is mine!  Mommy would love Snuggles to have her very own beautiful scratcher/bed!  She deserves it! She was a stray for so long that when Mommy took her in, we thought she was a senior, she looked so bad, but now she has weight on her and her fur is coming back ( she was losing her fur due to lack of nutrition!  So Snuggles is not a senior, but maybe about 7 or 8 yrs old. She loves to play with Mommy on the bed, but she keeps a watchful eye for any of the other kitties entering the bedroom..I hope Snuggles wins!! Thank you Gracey for your contest & all you do!! xoxoxo

  33. Smoki uses her cardboard cat scratcher and loves to lounge on her faux fur blankie.

  34. Marguerite Core says:

    Leonardo is a lounger and a scratcher from way back. He has a pretty tatty looking block of cardboard that was once part of some scratching device but is ::alas:: a ruin. Lounging he can do anywhere, anytime, but did you catch the Dowager Countess of Grantham (Maggie Smith) giving us all a lesson on how to pronounce Chaise Lounge on Downton Abbey Sunday night? Apparently it’s chaise longue [sheyz lawng, cheyz; Fr. shez lawng]. Here’s the scoop:

    Anyway, Leonardo wants one.

  35. Jeanne Owens says:

    Shadow mostly loves to lounge on the sofa or in Cinnamon’s pet bed. As for scratching, he mostly does it outside on the wood logs around the flower beds, since Cinnamon will bark at him to call him if he tries to scratch the couch.

  36. So many cute stories. We got a new chair and so the girls are enjoying lounging there for the time being. They have a couple of other favorite spots, but someitmes they disappear. I’m not sure where they are hiding, probably under the chair and work table. Scratching is done at pretty much any place on the carpet. Why? Who knows. 🙂 They’re cats after all.

  37. I have several cats, but my girl Eddie seems to think she is my ONLY cat and the rest just need to stay away from me. Her favorite place to lounge is on a pillow on my nightstand. She’s not much of a scratcher, thankfully, but she does love to run up the cat tree and scratch the top of it every once in a while. 

  38. My kitty, Oliver, just loves to use his 3 scratching posts; and when he’s not scratching, he uses their base as his headquarters.  I know he would love to have this chaise scratcher for scratching and relaxing.  His other favorite place to lounge is anywhere he wants to; but in the evening, it’s on me or next to me on the family room couch.  

    • thetiniesttiger says:

      Super Hurrah Barbara! You are the Winner of the Imperial Cat Hearts and Stripes Chaise Scratcher.
      I am sending you a message via Facebook.  Stalk you inbox. xoxoxo Gracey

  39. My cat’s favorite place to lounge is behind the TV and her favorite place to scratch is the wooden front porch.

  40. Pamela Curry says:

    Too many but basically on the WALL, in their wine boxes. Scratch, homemade box that acts as a Window
    box as well – for them to watch squirrels

  41. My cat isn’t much of a scratcher, but his favorite place to lounge is my lap! LOL.

  42. My kitty’s favorite place to lounge is on my bed curled up next to the pillow. His favorite place to scratch is the baseboards throughout the house. He is remodeling the house.

  43. All my cats lounge everywhere-especially when it’s real cold they lay next to the wall heater and love to be spoiled and heated up and petted. I would love to win~~! They need to scratch in the right places~~!!

  44. My cats favorite place to lounge is on ME. And hopefully, their favorite place to scratch is on their scratching posts (but not always unfortunately). Happy Valentine’s Day Gracey!

  45. Sophie loves to sleep on her special blanket on our bed, and her fave scratching place is, unfortunately, our carpet.  We had to leave our cat tree behind when we moved!  Teddy loves to sleep on the our bed, and he scratches on his scratchy pad!

  46. My four cats’ place to lounge & scratch is our kitty condo. Everyone has a place–Sara and Roger each take an upper pagoda, Pixie lounges on the lower level and Digit is “in the house”!

  47. My Cats favorite place to lounge is the bedroom window.  His Bottom is on the bed and his front is between the drapes with paws resting on the window sill.  He sits there day and night like its his T.V.  I had to move my bed from under the window because he would climb my pillows and head to peep out that window.

  48. Lounge on the bed and scratch on the side of the mattress!

  49. Cali’s favorite place to lounge is………….everywhere!!!  And she certainly lets us know when it’s time to get her claws trimmed as she scratches everything!!!!!  Including me!!!!!  If I should be so lucky as to win, I would like the prize to go to Wendy Mattthews, owner of Willow, and other deserving felines!!!!!

  50. My one kitty LOVES to use my dining room furniture while my 17 pound boy uses the scratching post as he should! One also sleeps on one of the scratching circles. Seems to be her favorite place! If I won this, I would donate it to one of the rescues I support..probably Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary in NC. Fabulous place!

  51. Two of mine own the sofa; my baby likes to sleep on top of a small shelf in front of the window. When she’s not busy lounging, she plays with the cord from the blinds. They have a scratching post on its last legs, which I’m assuming that’s what the sudden “snowstorm” in the bathroom means, lol. 

  52. Debjpalmer says:

    Both my cats love to sneak into my son’s room and sleep in the top of his closet. They have desiginated 1 hallway piece of wall trim to scratch up….gotta love them

  53. Sometimes my Morrie-the-paw orangie sits on a table, looking just like an ornament with a perfect pose.  His fav. place to scratch is my antique ladies chair, right in the seam.  When he scratches he actually scratches to a beat and in the middle of the night, since the chair is in my room, I can hear him, it’s always the same beat.  If I was a composer I would do something with that tune…