Valentine’s Pet Bundle of Love Giveaway!

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner ImageSuper Hurrah and Congratulations to

Nancy Foulke, winner of the Cat Valentine’s Pet Bundle of Love and

Jeanne Owens, winner of the Dog Valentine’s Pet Bundle of Love!

Thank you to everyone for participating and for being a member of The Tiniest Tiger community.

Our friends at Hill’s have put together two Valentine’s Day gift baskets for readers of The Tiniest Tiger. And in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we are spreading the love because there is one for dog lovers and one for cat lovers. Super Hurrah!

Hill's Valentine  Giveaway

Here is a listing of the contents:
For the Dogs and their Parents

1 5 ½ ounce Science Diet Small and Toy Savory Stew with Chicken and Vegetables
1 Bag Science Diet Simple Essentials Treats Skin & Coat
1 Bag Science Diet Simple Essentials Treats Oral Care
1 Collar
1 Leash
1 West Paw Design Big Sky Blanket
1 Bag Clip
1 Healthy Mobility Water Bottle
1 Measuring Cup
1 Can Lid
1 Insulated Lunch Bag
1 S9413 Dog Drinkwell Fountain

For the Cats and their Parents
6 Cans Hills Science Diet Mature Adult Variety Pack
2 Cat Toys
1 Valentine Collar
1 West Paw Design Big Sky Blanket
1 Bag Clip
1 Healthy Mobility Water Bottle
1 Measuring Cup
1 Can Lid
1 Insulated Lunch Bag
1 S927 Cat Drinkwell Fountain

The value of the Valentine’s Day Dog Gift Basket is $100.48
The value of the Valentine’s Day Cat Gift Basket is $86.

To Enter

This contest is now closed.  Thank you for participating!
Leave a comment about your pets and let us know if you will be doing anything special on Valentine’s Day for them. Please tell me if you would like to win the cat or the dog gift bundle. A drawing will be held and one cat parent and one dog parent will be picked.

Double Your Chances to Win
Michele from Pet News and Views is hosting the same contest. Visit their site by clicking here to double your chances of winning.

The Rules:

The contest closes February 14 at 2 p.m. Eastern.  I will enter all names in to The winner will be notified by email, so make sure you are watching for an email from me. It will say The Tiniest Tiger Valentine Pet Bundle Winner in the subject line.

Due to the weight and size of the prize package, this contest is open to US  habitats only.  I am super sorry.  Void where prohibited by law.

Don’t forget to enter our Endangered Species Chocolate Giveaway too. Pounce here!

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  1. Our two cats, Rascal & Roxy, love to lounge on my bed and under my bed where they take all their toys and play….also lounge in our rocking chair, look out the window at all our wildlife and also look out the window.

  2. Hopefully Abigail will decide that snuggling with me is the perfect way to spend VDay.  Otherwise, the girls and I will hopefully play ball for a bit. They are so funny running up and down the hallway after the various toys I throw.

  3. Sorry, great giveaway I’m too late to win the Cat stuff

  4. dog bundle would be my choice- if I happen to win- I will be sharing extra TLC and Love today. But they get the awesome Love everyday of my life–but I think they will get extra tons of attention, treats, hugs, kisses and whatever I else I can come up with. Maybe even some new toys!!~~ Happy Valentines Day~~!!

  5. Exta hugs and treats for everyone and extra food for the fat little squirrel that they like to watch from the big window facing the deck.

  6. I’ll be giving my kitties some special Valentines Day Catnip and lots of love XOXOX

  7. My cat, Cali, will be getting so many kisses today that she’ll wonder if I have finally lost what’s left of my mind!!!!!!  But you must kiss them whenever you can because who knows how long they’ll be with us!  Or us with them!!!!

  8. I am blessed with two rescue dogs and a rescue cat.  The dogs got to stay inside today, and I spent extra time this morning loving on my cat.  If I am lucky enough to win either gift, I would donate it to the local rescue I support for one of the foster animals.  <3 <3 <3

  9. Debjpalmer says:

    I have 2 puppies and 2 cats. For valentines at they will be getting treats. Lots of hugs and snuggeling tonight.

    The Cst or dog basket would be awsome

  10. Unfortunately, I work most of the day and night today, so today is just another day. An extra hug when I can get it in is about all my cat, Woodgie, will get – not that she wants it! <3 But I love her anyway…

  11. I bought my kitties some new toys for Valentine’s Day. And I will home with them all day. Going to play with them extra and give lots of hugs.
    Sue B

  12. I am spending the day with my kitties…bought them special treats and toys. I would LOVE to win the cat basket!

  13. For Valentine’s Day, I will be coming home from work early to spend with my 7 kitties, age 4 to 18.  No special treats, because they are still full from last week’s 18th birthday party for Minnie and Koko.  The senior kitties would love the cat bundle – the mature food is perfect for the older kitties and we need a new water fountain, as the hard water in Arizona has damaged our old fountain.  Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone and their pets!

  14. Hi Gracey!  Thank you for a great contest!!  I have a hefty household of well loved kitties here!!  I have one handsome boy who resembles your good looks!!  I work all day on Valentine’s….so we celebrated today!!  Everyone got to watch their favorite Cat DVD….and got special time since Mom was home all day!!!  We always get yummy stuff to eat, so the best Valentine’s present is play and cuddle time with Mom and Dad!!

  15. Val Workman says:

    I have 6 wonderful cats.the youngest is not even a year old yet(only 5 mths now) the oldest is 17(to be 18 in sept)They all really keep things interesting around the house.theres never a dull moment.their names from oldest to youngest are: Bear(17)Jewel(9)Stormy(also 9)Adam(7)Tempest(will be 3 in may)hes our psycho kitty-lol and last but not least is Cocoa(5mths) In addition to them, i also have a lhasa apso mix named Gemini.He is a wonderful fur baby.I got him from the ASPCA in New York,where they had rescued him from a puppy mill. He is 4 yrs old.He loves his daily walks and playing fetch afterwards.He would love to win the dog package,as much as the kitties here would love the cat package–and they(the kitties) all promise to share if they win.

  16. I have two senior kitties that are the love of my life. Taz just turned 13 last month and Tigger turned 15 this past Christmas. I will be giving them Fancy Feast for breakfast and dinner tomorrow for Valentine’s Day. I always give them that food as a treat on a holiday or a birthday. After I give them breakfast, I will be going to do some volunteer work at a cat sanctuary and make sure I wish all the kitties there a Happy Valentine’s Day and then I will come back home to make sure I show my kitties some love and extra attention 🙂 

  17. Hi Gracey~  Thanks for another great contest!   I have to work all day on Valentine’s Day, but will be home for a nice evening of play time and brushing. Two of the kitties LOVE to be brushed, the third one, well, lets say would rather go to the VET. Yikes, yep doesnt mind that at all, but get the furminator out and she is GONE, I would love to win the Kittie prize from you Gracey and the girls would love it to. They like presents. Have a great night Gracey, stay warm.

  18. I have two beautiful, loving, adorable cats.  The youngest I just brought home a couple of weeks ago and he is a tiny dynamo.  They are Truly Loved!  My little bundle of joy, Jett, is a tiny tornado and a bundle of energy.  More than anything he needs toys.  My older cat just can’t quite keep up.  They play together run through the house like its a race track and are still in the process of bonding.  Valentines Day just like every day I plan to show them I love them by spending quality time with them and probably enjoying a movie together.  Thanks for the Opportunity to Win!  By the way they are Jett and Jazz Jones.  Jazz is an Alaska Blue and Jet is a baby Bengel and is Black.

  19. Cheyenne Weiner says:

    I would love to win the dog bundle… i have a black pug..she is amazing.. i got her when my maine coon died of cancer as though i have other cats…that one was my best friend.. something drew me to the black pug and we bonded instantly..i named her after my maine coon with her first name having one letter that is different since shes a girl and my maine coon was a boy.. she has been my best friend.. and thru fate or magic she does every thing the exact same way that the maine coon did… its like his spirit is in her.. i celebrate all her birthdays… dress her up for halloween etc… she has a big wardrobe.. on valentines day she will wear her pink dress and i crocheted her a stuffed animal for her valentines gift… she is sooo special and she would love to win the dog bundle

  20. I have 2 wonderful cats. I adopted them from the Humane Society of Charlotte when they were almost 4 months old. They are now 22 months old. My cats are Lady Gaga who is a beautiful tortie girl who looks like a living oil painting. There is no part of her coat that isn’t touched by tortie markings. My other wonderful cat is an all-black little boy named Alejandro. He has the most gorgeous shiny black coat–it is shiny as glass. Sometimes his coat looks like it belongs to a seal. He has the cutest little black nose, black whiskers, lips, paw pads, etc. I could go on and on about my little furbabies. For me and my little furbabies, every day is Valentine’s Day since I try to make each day of their lives as full of love as possible. In fact, each month we celebrate their monthly birthdays since it is important for them to celebrate another month of life. The best thing of all is that all the love that I give to each of them they manage to multiple so many times over and return it to me and also to each other. Tomorrow, will be Love Out of Control all day long in which they both will be doted on. I have recipes to bake them each a little cake. The recipe is strictly for cats. This will be the first time that I am using this recipe but since they are not picky eaters, I am sure that they will love it and will manage to devour them within 10 minutes. If we win, I am sure that they would love to share the gift package for cats. Happy Valentines Day to you and the tiniest tiger from Jeri Mash Moll and Lady Gaga & Alejandro who wishes you a wonderful day of love.

  21. I will be spending V-day with my two black kitties.  They’ll be getting some red collar toys in honor of the holiday AND red goes well with their fur!  They would love to win the cat bundle

  22. Colleen G. says:

    I have 3 kitties + 1 foster kitty at my place right now.  They are all amazing.  We are trying for pictures tonight and maybe a video shoot tomorrow!

  23. We would love to win the Cat package…we have 9 rescue cats at our place currently.  For Valentine’s day, we are thinking about making kitty treats from scratch!!

  24. Susan Ring says:

    My cats know how special they are every time I show them the thermometer and tell them how lucky they are to have moved into a warm home!!!!

  25. Dcrowekuwaye says:

    I have 5 rescue cats! They are what gets me up each morning!

  26. My cat, Shadow, gets a new toy or two Valentine’s Day plus a special treat or meal. We’d love to win the awesome cat package. Thanks for the chance!

  27. I’ll take my pups for a nice walk on Valentine’s Day!  I’d love to win dog package…thanks!

  28. We always include our bundle of fur as part of valentines. Our dog is fighting her life with a blood disorder that is uncurable but treatable 4 yrs of misery but shes our lil fighter. we would love to win the dog package 🙂

  29. I celebrate every day I have with them, cats, I have three, they always get treats and catnip, they ARE my children and I wish they would live forever???

  30. JLindsey752 says:

    We will definitely celebrate Valentine’s Day with the fur babies, Lilly and Meli Jo!!  We always include them for special days of celebration!! They will each receive a Valentine card, treats and a toy!! They also get special dinners on days of celebration!! We would love to win the doggie package. They would LOVE it!! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity!! 

  31. Hi Gracey! We always do something special for each holiday, usually an extra can of fish and holiday themed toys! All the kitties are doing fine, except Pooh, who is battling fibrosarcoma. But just when I think he is on his last legs, he up and surprises me, like running through his jungle-(the backyard woods), lol!

  32. We will take our doxie, Schnitzel, for a long walk, and the cats will have a tuna treat!

  33. I’d love to win the dog bundle.  I hadn’t thought of making something for my dog for vday, but maybe I will now!

  34. Heather Johnson says:

    No special V-Day plans….I have already spoiled them enough 🙂 I would love to win the cat bundle 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway! 

  35. We are the proud pet parents of 4 indoor cats! For Valentine’s Day, they will all get special treats and new toys! We would love to win the Cat giveaway package for them – Thanks for the chance! :)?

  36. Jeanne Owens says:

    I have a cat and a dog. No special Valentine’s plans for them, but they may end up getting a little extra attention and maybe an extra treat or two. Both gift packages sound nice, but I think I’d like the dog package.

    • Super Hurrah! You are the winner of the Valentine Bundle of Love for Cats!!  Thank you for being a member of The Tiniest Tiger community.  I sent an email.  Stalk your inbox.  xoxox Gracey

  37. Going to the pet store today to find a special treat for the kitties for Valentine’s Day! My husband and I don’t celebrate much on Valentine’s, since our anniversary is the next week. So it’s the kitties’ day to be spoiled!

  38. I have 8 “official” cats (4 inside, 4 outside) and 2 that just show up once in a while. For V-Day, well, nothing special really. I’m hoping one of the two that just shows up will let me get a bit closer to her, that would be a great V-Day gift wouldn’t it? (Oh, and the kitty package for sure. Obviously, right?)

  39. My dog is a little shih tzu that loves his treats. My dog and cat both enjoy the science diet food! 🙂 I will give them a few more treats and more play time over Valentine’s Day. I would like to be entered into both the cat or dog gift bundle if possible.

  40. Our little doggie wants the dog gift bundle. He lost his brother. He needs a comforting gift. On Valentine’s Day we plan to give him all the love he deserves.

  41. I am recently divorced and most of my 10 cats still live with my ex-husband.  But I do have two cats and a dog and any of them would love these great gifts.  For Valentine’s Day we’ll be spending a quiet evening at home but I’ll make sure they get treats!  My cats definitely share better than my dog so we’d like to try to win the cat prize package please.  Thanks for everything you do!

  42. My 4 cats would love that gift basket!!!!  The blank looks great as does the fountain!!!!

  43. I always get valentines treats like heart-shaped cookies for my two dogs on Valentine’s Day. I’d love to win the dog bundle!

  44. Michelle Spayde says:

    No special V-Day plans here, but I like to spoil all year round!  As we have both, we’d love to win either the kitty or the doggie package.  If, however, there was a “Vote”, the meows would definitely win here!

  45. Hudson and I plan to spend some time at the local dog park
    on Valentine’s Day then a scheduled play date with the neighbors black Labradors.  I made a red fleece “slip-cover” for his
    collar in honor of the day and his every-day valentine nature!  I would love to win the Dog and Parents basket
    for my 3 year old, Golden Retriever, Hudson. 
    We were partnered six months ago as a Service Dog team and he has been a
    major miracle in my life!   He loves LOTS of fresh water and the Drinkwell
    Fountain would be particularly wonderful. 
    Hudson covets blankets of any kind and could happily snuggle into the quality
    of a Big Sky blanket.  Anything Science
    Diet is great!

  46. Traciecheek says:

    I would love to get the cat bundle…I have a facebook friend, Dash, who’s mom runs a rescue. My cats have everything they can ever want or need…but so many cats don’t have anything. I’d love to win this and give it to Dash and his cat family for their rescues. They really deserve it for all they do!!!

  47. I plan on doing something special for all six of my rescue kitties on Valentine’s Day. (Hence, I would appreciate the kitty gift bundle.) I am going to buy them some special treats and maybe some toys. Oh, and, of course, lots of hugs and kisses!

  48. My feline fur-child and I will be snuggling in the recliner this Valentine’s Day.  He’ll get some extra special treats and lots of loving.  We would definitely like the cat bundle.

  49. Jennifer Boehme says:

    My Belle is going to be pampered with a doggie day spa visit, new toys, & treats! She would love to win the dog basket. Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. i would love the dog bundle. this valentines we will be working, we work with a braindamaged young man who responds to her in this way that u would have to see.

  51. We have 3 dogs and they will all get home made doggie biscuits that I dip in melted carob chips. and maybe I’ll get them doggie ice cream if theyre extra good

  52. We will celebrate -the cats Leija and Lucy, and their big dog sister Kelda by dressing in Valentine dresses and get special treats.either basket would be great

  53. We have a boxer and 2 inside cats (sisters from the same liter). They are from the animal shelter! Our boxer’s birthday is on Feb. 13th and to celebrate we are having a puppy party for Valentine’s day/birthday for all the neighborhood pups on Feb. 14th. We have homemade treats and party hats! All his gifts will be donated to the shelter for the other pups that do not have a forever home yet. We would love to win the dog basket!

  54. Donna Wilson08 says:

    My girlie Pickles will be getting homemade biscuits!! She loves her kitty, but she would like the doggy basket!

  55. Our 4 dogs will get a nice, healthy walk on Valentine’s Day.  Then they get some play time, some nice soft food, a doggie massage, and a chew toy to relax before bedtime.  Their daddy loves and spoils them!

  56. We have a weinerful life! We have two doxies: Sally Ann (6yrs), Charlie (5months) and one Chihuahua (a doxie mascot), Luna Ann (5yrs). We will be taking our dogs out to a doggie valentine’s day dinner(four course meal for dog’s of course) and another valentine’s day social party this weekend. We would love to submit for the dog basket.

  57. Elizabeth Nocera says:

    This year my puppy Nelson is my valentine! He’s the sweetest, cutest, smartest toy poodle in the world (at least I think so). We plan to spend Valentines day playing and snuggling.

    Thank you for this contest. If we win we want the dog basket 🙂

  58. I’d love to win the cat package to give to my four cats, to show them how much I love them and appreciate them.

  59. Not doing anything special 🙂 my girl Tess and I are just trying to stay warm …. I would like the cat basket

  60. We’d be thrilled with the cat bundle!  Valentines day our CRF kitty will be given a new catnip toy since treats aren’t an option.  That’s okay, she loves catnip!  Thank you for this opportunity to win!

  61. our dog oogie is a rescue so we try and make the holidays as special as we can for him , so hes getting alot of special presents for valentines day and is going to wear his tuxedo shirt we got for him last year. i would love to win the dog basket for him and make the little guy very happy.

  62. Dastephens63 says:

    Of course my fur children get a present for Valentine’s Day!!  special treats and some Fancy Feast!!!  I’d like to win the cat basket to make them even happier!

  63. I have 4 Dogs and 3 inside Cats and 3 outside cats and 2 squirrels. Either basket would be nice, as you can see we have a large family. We will be giving lots of love as always to our pets on Valentines Day and special treats all around. We lost Cookie the Jack Russel and Crissie the cat and Krissy the Dachshund  a while back.

  64. Smoki told me she thinks she deserves a little something extra for Valentine’s day this year. She’s feeling a little neglected with a new puppy in the house. meow..

  65. Baylie says she is all over the doggie basket for her first Valentine’s day ever!

  66. Hi Gracey, I think we would like to be in the drawing for the cat bundle 😉  For Valentines, we will be reflecting on and loving each other!   Also, extra temptations probably in the mix!  It would be fun to dress everyone in red for a family photo, but I think that might be asking to much of certain felines… 

  67. Marilyn Hamill says:

    My kittie boys and I aren’t doing anything special.  Just laying in the sun and trying to keep warm.

  68. I have 2 dogs and 5 cats. Sushi is a peeki-poo, and Toby is an imperial
    shih-tzu . The 5 cats are all indoors only and domestic short hair and tabbys. They have all been spayed and neutered. I
    am taking my 2 girls to the doggie park on valentines day and also watching
    movies most of the day. They love watching movies with me and my mom. I’d like the cat basket but either is just fine.:)

  69. I don’t usually do anything special for Valentine’s Day for my dogs & cat. But, I do for their birthdays, Christmas, & Thanksgiving.

  70. Monica Holley says:

    Me and my special little loves will celebrate the day with special treats for them, and lots of cuddles for me!!!!

  71. Kim White says:

    On holidays we always have an extra “Pounce Bell.”  We ring the bell in the kitchen and the kitties that are interested come running for treats.  So a cat bundle would be a lovely gift for our house!

  72. Nancy Foulke says:

    Fizzy and Cheetah (our two cats) and 2 feral kitties we call Pumpkin and Little Lady, will be getting homemade kitty treats and some fresh catnip and newly crocheted catnip toys for Valentines day!!  And for Fizzy and Cheetah lots of extra attention.  All four kitties would love to share the contents of this basket!

    • Super Hurrah! You are the winner of our Valentine Bundle of Love For Cats!  Thank you so much for being a member of The Tiniest Tiger Community.  I sent an email.  Stalk your inbox. xoxo

  73. My cat Bailey will never notice, but I’m going to shape her wet cat food in the shape of a heart.  She will also get extra “crispies” her favorite cat treat.  She is always loved, so it will just be a little more this day!  I’m sure she would love to share the cat bundle with me.

  74. Jeanh1259 says:

    My cats would LOVE this basket.  Unfortunately, I have to work on Valentine’s Day, so they will most likely be napping on my bed, but after I get home there will be lots of snuggles and kisses!

  75. We would love the dog basket –  this Valentine’s Day we were planning on making heart shaped dog treats using this recipe: My boyfriend received his first puppy ever from me as a Christmas present (Akira, our Siberian Husky) who joined beside our Pug. We love our holidays in this house and try to make them special occasions for everyone, including the pets 😉

  76. Tizzylish says:

    We’ll be cuddled up on the bed reading and playing with sparkle balls… That is: the cats, the husband and I.  Though I don’t believe that my husband will be playing with sparkle balls.  🙂

  77. Anonymous says:

    Nice cat basket! My Valentine’s plan for Leonardo (my darling cat and my true love) was to give him an entire can of tuna, the real stuff ~ the good stuff. Every other day he eats only Science Diet and his coat is glorious.

  78. My Shadow (7yr old black male DSH) and Peanut (11 mo.old tabby male DSH) would LOVE the cat basket!!!!  Especially b/c I will be in D.C. for a business trip on Valentines Day so we’ll be celebrating when I get back.  It may be late but it will still be loves, headbumps and purrs when I get home 🙂 

  79. The cat basket would be SO awesome 🙂  I have a 7 yr old black male DSH named Shadow and an 11 month male DSH tabby named Peanut and they would go CRAZY for this!  🙂 Especially b/c UNFORTUNATELY I will be in D. C. for a business trip on Valentines Day, so we’ll be celebrating after the holiday.  But that’s okay b/c we will still have a treat when I get home 🙂

  80. Donna Cairns says:

    I don’t usually do anything for my cats for valentine’s day but we do celebrate their birthdays!

  81. Cathy Audorff says:

    My kitties and I would love to win the cat basket.  Bella, Mufasa, Coqui and Chica will all be spending Valentine’s day watching TV and snuggling with me.

  82. Nothing special planned for Valentine’s Day, but I am sure the kittehs would love to get this bundle of goodies. Thank you for a chance to win it, Gracey. We love you 🙂

  83. Angelajbutz says:

    Ali and I would so love to win the cat basket.  We will be spending Valentine’s Day playing with my balloon bouquet and snuggling together on the couch watching movies.

  84. My beautiful girl Maci and I would love to receive this basket! Maci is a 7 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

    We will be snuggling up with some new toys for her on Valentine’s Day.

  85. Mighty Lambchop says:

    I know my babies would love the cat basket. Trixie, Gus and Dita are helping me to make Valentines for the family that we will be hand delivering. They are also looking forward to their special dessert of yogurt!

  86. We would love to win the cat basket – we’ll be spending Valentine’s Day making two cat beds we donated to two Auctions for some very special cats in need of fundraising. 

  87. My kitties Orange Crush and Lucy are the loves of my life…. they both fill my life up with so much joy, happiness, contentment, love and happiness…. I couldn’t imagine my life without them in it.  I’m buying them a new toy and a new bag of “snacks” for Valentines Day!

  88. Teddy’s Dad and I have been together one year the day after Valentines so we are thinking a steak and movie night with our favorite pup, Teddy!  I’m not a huge meat fan but Teddy loves it and so does his dad so I figure  Teddy and I can share 🙂 (we are trying to remind Teddy how much we love him because this weekend we are getting a lovebird and Teddy is a jealous little dude :P)

  89. Lori Miller says:

    My Dogs and I will have some extra cuddle times under the blankies! They will also get a little something special for being my two favorite Valentine’s: a treat and a new squeaky.

    I would love to win this lovely prize! Thank you!

  90. I’d love to win this for my sweet cats, senior Tuchi and juvenile delinquent Kozy. They are my constant companions and sweetest valentines!

  91. Our traditional Valentines Day treat is a 1/4 can per cat(4) as a mid-day snack!!  They normally get dry food so they chow down!!  Since we have cats, we’d appreciate the Cat Valentine if we win!! Fingers crossed! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY whatever the outcome!!  >^..^<

  92. Kahvigirl says:

    My four kitties would love this gift package! I would love to win it for them!

  93. Belladonna8 says:

    I would love to win this for my furry dog babys! They get presents for every holiday!


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