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Love at First Purr!

You Had Me At Meow! by our good friend and artist Missy Johnson caught my eye and it was love at first purr.  Missy is  the creative force behind Dogs for the Paws; art making a difference for animals. Even though the name is Dogs for the Paws, Missy cares deeply for cats too.  In fact, just like us, she loves all animals.   When I saw her You Had Me at Meow! I  became super excited because I thought you would love it too!

Meow Valentine

Meow Valentine by Dogs for the Paws

Missy Johnson, Artist and Creator of Dogs for the Paws

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner ImageCongratulations and Supper Hurrah to our winners!!!!  We chose using because all the stories are so heartfelt and touching.  Thank you for loving all cats, big and small.

I asked Missy if I could share her art with our  community  she  was  super enthusiastic. In fact, she created a new version of  You Had Me at Meow by  painting in  a conversation heart with the word Purr.  Isn’t that the sweetest thing?

Missy and I have love of art in common.  You see, I am somewhat of a cat artist myself,  although my style is more abstract than Missy’s.  You can find my work hanging in Gracey’s Gallery here on our site.  I am hoping that Missy will give me a few pointers to help me improve my own painting skills, because as you can see, she is a gifted artist.

Missy Johnson Artist at work

Artist Missy Johnson from Dogs for the Paws at work

This is a perfect card for cat lovers not only for Valentine’s Day but for all occasions, and now the You Had Me at Meow card is available on the  Dogs for the Paws Zazzle Store.  Even before I could get my paws on the mouse to order a few, Missy offered two posters for two lucky members of our community!  Super Hurrah!

Meow Card
Meow Card by DogsforthePAWS
You can sell greeting cards , invitations, stamps and more on!

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Here is all you have to do

Tell me in a comment below this post the first moment you fell in love with the cat that shares your habitat.

The Rules:

Contest closes on Saturday  February 23 at 5 pm Eastern!

Please one comment per person. I will enter all names in to The winner will be notified by email or through facebook depending on the contact information you provide.  Make sure you are watching for an email from me. The subject line will say You Had Me at Meow Giveaway .  Void where prohibited by law.

Adopt! Dogs for the Paws

Dogs for the Paws by Missy Johnson

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  • Patti Schmidt

    I saw this tiny, scraggly, scrawny black kitten conquer a huge snow pile in my parent’s back yard. After talking to my mom, there was no mother cat in sight. The little kitten hung around, meowing in the most scratchy, hoarse tone I have ever heard. I asked mom during our visit if she would bring the kitten in. Mom said Dad wouldn’t allow it. I decided since that little kitten came out of hiding and ran to me, that she was to rescue me. Immediately once I got her home it was love, true unconditional love. She is my sweetheart and loves to be loved! She has grown up now into a beautiful adult cat with gorgeous black hair with a brown undercoat. She is my soulcat and I am so glad she found me. I will love and cherish her forever!

  • Ellen Raines

    Lizzie has been with me a little over a year now. A neighbor found her in a Hardees bag, licking the grease in hopes of surviving. The neighbor and her family, all being highly sensitive to kitty dander, asked if I could take her. They had seen me with my other kitties playin in the yard. Already being – – – “over the limit” in the county I reside in, I said “no” – – – and reached out both hands to take her into mine. There was nothing but fur and bones that instantly broke my heart. I thought I had been gifted a 4 week old baby, nurturing her to health and offering social/people skills, thinking I would easily be able to find her a good, healthy, loving home when it was time. No luck with that, I was thinking, as Lizzie formed an amazing bond with one of my boys. 4-5 months later – – – when it was time for spaying, the doctor informed me that she was actually a year old! not 5-6 months old! All of her organs had been formed – – – and seemed to be functioning ok, but the lack of – – – any food at all has caused a delay in her development. It was that instant that I knew she was to be with me and my other 4 legged babes – – – regardless of county restrictions – – – and live whatever life time we have to share. She’s a healthy, loving, feisty 6.2 pound bundle of joy!

  • Martha

    I fell in love with my Mina the first time I heard her purr. She has by far the loudest purr I’ve ever heard on a cat. :)

  • Sheila Saaaed

    Marya was rescued from behind a wall in an apartment. Her rescuer brought her to the animal clinic where I was working. As soon as I saw this tiny blue eyed calico baby I knew she was mine . We had lost our 18 year old calico a couple months earlier. This little one now dominates our household. Chester, our red headed little munchkin, is also a rescue. Saved from freezing rain by a co-worker, he had me at purr! He is my purring machine with gorgeous green eyes! His nickname is “cartoon kitty” because he could be a model for a Disney cartoon. They are both loved very much!

  • Karen Heltzel

    I had heard that the local shelter had to remove a very large number of cats from a hoarding situation and that there were a couple down there that were being referred to as the Heltzel cats. Now I photograph the adoptable animals for the shelter so they know me well and know that the cats I have are considered unusual (they are two Orientals) so anything unusual that comes in they can’t wait to show me. So a couple days later we went down and there was this skinny dilute tortie with enormous eyes and incredibly soft fur that they were trying to get to eat, they handed her to me, she started purring and trilling and that was it for me. I put her back in her cage, she started eating and I made up my mind she was coming home. She came home a couple days later and is the sweetest thing ever.

  • emily park

    I walked up to his cage at Petsmart, and he immediately flopped down and rolled over to show me his tummy – it was love at first sight for sure! :)

  • Christine Connallon

    My husband and I went to visit a local shelter where my cousin volunteered. Our sweet Sammy had passed away over a year before and we thought it was time to bring a new furry friend home. We visited with a little kitten named Adam who was adorable. When I walked past a caged run with a few cats inside, an orange boy caught my eye. I went in to see him and when I offered my hand for him to smell, he jumped in my arms. If I stooped petting him, he’d run his head into my hand for me to continue. That was it, he was in my heart!

  • Lisa Barrett

    I found our beloved Annabelle alone in her bottom-row cage at the Yolo County Animal Services Shelter. She looked so tiny in that vast cage and she was patty-caking on the stainless steel floor, patiently waiting for me to notice her. I was smitten, my life forever changed by that wondrous chance meeting. Her brother had just been adopted and I cannot fathom how anyone could have seen her and not wanted her too but I’m grateful EVERY day that they left her there for me.

  • Barbara McIntosh

    I was at the vet with one of my cats and saw there was a kitty available for adoption from the vet. I walked over to take a look, saw the sweetest, most innocent face looking up at me, and knew he was for me. After hearing his story of being rescued as a 2-month old very sick, feral kitten, I was really hooked. Now over a year later, he spends his days being spoiled by my husband and me. Here’s a picture of that sweet face.

  • Moggie C.

    I fell in love with my cat Lilith when I found her on This is the first picture I ever saw of her.

  • Sue Brandes

    I first fell in love with my kitty Tubby when I got him as a stray and toke him in. He was covered in fleas and dirty. I thought he was a small kitten and it turns out he was about 7 months old. He was so tiny-under fed. Got him all cleaned up, flea free, shots, & neutered. He is now an indoor cat so he’s safe and happy. He stole my heart right away with that cute face. He always has to smell you and rub against you. He’s very sassy. If he is into something and you scold him he sasses back. Or when he plays you always hear him talking. He is kind of wild from being outside so he lots of energy to spare. He is so silly as he flys around the house or chases his toys. He is very nosy and always has to see what you are up to. At night he sleeps right next to my head on my pillow. It’s funny cause he is not one of those cats you can cuddle on less he says so. He has made our household a lot of fun with his antics and kept his brothers on their toes. LOL.

  • biggie55

    I fell in love with stephan when i happened to stop at our local agway that had a sign to adopt cats. I walked in and saw him its like he was calling me over so i picked him up annd could not give him back. He was purring away and rubbing on me and we went home and its been almost 5 years of heaven.

    • Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger

      Super Hurrah!!! You are one of our winners! Please look for my email. Congratulations!!!

  • Amy Orvin

    I first fell in love with my cat, bubba, when I rescued him from a sewer. He had a bad upper respiratory infection so I guess that’s one reason why his momma left him. When I got him home, it took him 2 weeks to come out of the closet. But, with consistant visits to that room I had him in and plenty of food and attention, he started to come out. I used to lay on my back on the floor and start singing to him. Before I knew it, he had climbed onto my stomach. I was so happy about that. Now, he is 11 years old and weighs 23 lbs. I truly saved his life and he saved mine too.

    I have 3 other cats that are all rescues. Chester was rescued off a busy 4 lane highway. After 5 minutes of me talking to him on the median, he let me pick him up. I carried him home, bathed and feed him. 2 years later , he is so fat and happy. Ryder was rescued at the ASPCA and Little was found in a dumpy neighbors house next to my best friend’s house. I fell in love with all 4 of them right away at the time of rescue.

    Amy Orvin

  • Lanae

    I fell in love with my kitty Fluffy, who passed away a year ago at the age of 17, when I met her when she was a kitten and I was six years old. She was licking my hand and was as sweet as could be, that’s why I picked her out of all the other kittens! I fell in love with our kitty Niko, who we found lost outside this last summer, after just a few days. I knew if we didn’t find the owner quick Niko would end up staying with us forever, and that’s just what happened and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

  • PetNewsandViews

    When we brought our two cats–Chai and Karma–home from the pound, and they curled up in our laps, was when I fell in love with them. Great art!

  • Julie

    I heard about a sweet little kitty that had literally blown into a neighborhood down in Salt Lake City during a storm. A family “took her in.” NOT. My friend lived down the street from the “family.” I drove down from Park City and found that “taking her in” meant leaving the garage door partially open. I scooped up this 4-month old gray kitty and found an open sore on her back thigh. She snuggled against me and purred. I told the “family,” I was taking her. Sitting at my friend’s counter for dinner, I named her Maude. (Like Maude in Harold and Maude.) We drove back up the canyon. I need to clean her wound, so I took her into the bathtub with me. . .she purred. She was home. She’s been with me for seven years now. . .my heart is starting to break because she has a mass growing near her heart. I’d love to win this poster. I’m a huge fan of Missy!

  • Danielle Murgia

    I fell in love with Reese’s when he showed up at my door one spring day. I was doing yard work and he came up to me and started rubbing up against me and meowing. I pet him and gave him some treats from inside the house. It went that way for a while until finally he decided to come into the house. He has been with me ever since.

  • Dee Veccia

    I first fell in love with Dusty when I saw his photo on the FB page of a friend that belongs to a group I am also in that supports big cats. I was smitten, mesmerized and borderline obsessed by him. I corresponded with the friend, and learned his story, which only made me love him all the more. He was orphaned when both his mom and dad cats were hit by cars within days of each other. Dusty and his littermates were rescued by my friend, Michelle. That he was located nearly 11 hours away in Bristol, Virginia did nothing to diminish my intense connection to him. We traded messages back and forth, and I heard about his siblings- two brothers and a sister. I shared photos of them with some colleagues at work. Soon my rescue mission involved two orphaned kittens- Dusty and his brother Sherbet. Michelle was kind enough to agree to drive 3 hours to meet us, cutting our trip down to 8 hours one way. I googled hotels in the area, and quickly had the trip planned. We set out on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. After a slight detour after we discovered the OnStar directions were not exactly correct, we finally were on our way. The plan was to meet at the hotel on Sunday so that the kittens would not have to spend the night in a hotel, and we would have a safe place to transfer them to our carriers, and even spend a few minutes getting to know them. I fell hopelessly in love with Dusty instantly, and he has been by my side ever since. He is truly a momma’s boy. His story doesn’t end there. Several days after getting him home, I discovered a tiny bump on his back. Since he was only 8 weeks old, the vet didn’t think it was anything to worry about. We watched it carefully for a few days, but it changed dramatically in size and density. We had to have it removed immediately, and elected to neuter him at the same time. We were stunned when the biopsy came back as cancer- a mast cell tumor. Not even the oncologist had ever seen cancer in a 10 week old kitten. Thankfully, he has remained cancer free, although he has had a few other episodes that sent him to the ER. At 7 months old he broke his front leg trying to fly off the stairs to get his favorite pipe cleaner toy, and spent a month in a cast that had to be changed 15 times due to his uncanny ability to take it off, get it wet, and generally be a kitten with it. At 9 months old he had a derma cyst removed from his neck, which thankfully turned out to be benign. I’ve told Dusty that he does not need to rush through his nine lives so quickly. Many people have said how lucky Dusty is to have had me rescue him, but I disagree. I am the one who is lucky- I have a very special cat in my life who loves me unconditionally, and we have a very special bond that often only comes once in a lifetime. I had been so lonely since my soul kitty Sasha passed away, but Dusty fills a void in my heart that was waiting for a special kitty to love. He doesn’t replace Sasha, he is both the same and very different from her. She will always have a special place in my heart, and just when I thought I would never love a kitty again in the same way, Dusty came along. You could say lightning struck twice, for I think I found another soul kitty to fill that void. For that I am truly grateful, and truly blessed.

  • Laura Workman

    I fell in love with my cat Pushka the second I saw her quietly sitting in a cage at KittyMoms rescue center. She is the most loving cat I’ve ever had and greets me every morning with an affectionate kitty head butt. :)

  • Lisa F.

    Bowie’s always been a good cat, but when I realized how much of a cuddle bug he was, that made him that much more endearing. :)

  • Milene Mittelhauser

    I fell in love with Enzo the moment I heard the little meow come up from the side of the road while I was riding my bike. “It’s a cat,” I told my friend. “It’s a bird,” he said. I circled back around and up from the ditch popped an adorable gray and white kitten. I told my friend, “I believe this is my cat,” he agreed and Enzo has been living with me ever since.

  • Monica Best

    I fell in love with one of my cats the Minute she came through the shelter door. I worked at the shelter at the time and a woman brought in two, six month old tortoiseshell girls. The woman had the mother, some kind of purebred kitty, who had gotten out and got pregnant. The woman said she just couldn’t have cats that weren’t purebred, but she waited until they were six months old to bring them to the shelter, and hadn’t socialized them at all. They were beautiful, they looked like shorthair persians with torti coloration….but they were so scared. We set them up in a cage, with a nice hideyhole bed. When I checked on them a liitle later, all you could see were eyes, they looked like two little owls. We tried to adopt them out,but they were so shy, people didn’t really get to see them. I brought them home to foster (ya right) and they never left. I named them Pygmy and Gnoma (names for owls) and they were my everything. Gnoma has since passed away, but Pygmy is still with me today. She is my heart, my soul and my smile. It is because of her, and my other cats, that I fought so hard to make it through chemo! Oh, she has also become super social and very silly!

    • Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger

      I love your story, Monica. Thank you for sharing it with us. I removed the duplicate post. Hope you are doing well. Xoxo Gracey

      • Monica Best

        Thank you Gracey! I don’t know if you saw my reply on the deleted post, but you are the best and super talented with those computer skills!

    • Monica Best

      PS…I hope my story has not offended anyone who has purebred cats. There is NOTHING wrong with purebred cats. As all cat lovers know, there is the perfect kitty out there for each of us, whether purebred or mixed. My problem was with the irresponsible way the woman who surrendered the cats had dealt with the issue. But, she did give me the BEST gift a person could ever ask for, in the form of a little owlet cat!!

  • Guest

    I feel in love with one of my cats the Minute she came through the shelter door. I worked at the shelter at the time and a woman brought in two, six month old tortoiseshell girls. The woman had the mother, some kind of purebred kitty, who had gotten out and got pregnant. The woman said she just couldn’t have cats that weren’t purebred, but she waited until they were six months old and hadn’t socialized them at all. They were beautiful, they looked like shorthair persians with torti coloration….but they were so scared. We set them up in a cage, with a nice hideyhole bed. When I checked on them a liitle later, all you could see were eyes, they looked like two little owls. We tried to adopt them out,but they were so shy, people didn’t really get to see them. I brought them home to foster (ya right) and they never left. I named them Pygmy and Gnoma (names for owls) and they were my everything. Gnoma has since passed away, but Pygmy is still with me today. She is my heart, my sou and my smile. It is because of her, and my other cats, that I fought so hard to make it through chemo! Oh, she has also become super social and very silly!

    • Monica Best

      Sorry, some how posted twice, but once as a guest. (and before I could spell check…hehe), but it won’t let me delete the guest one, so if someone there can, I would not be offended.

      • Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger

        Monica, I love your story. Thank you for sharing . I can delete the guest post for you. Xoxo. Gracey

        • Guest

          Thanks Gracey, you’re the best, and super talented with your computer skills!

  • Kelly Maloney

    I have 5 cats….all with a different story, but I will share the story of the last 2 to join our family. They are brother & sister twins…who the “people” next door just threw outside when they moved. They said they were coming back for them, so at first I just fed them outside,(it was spring) and they slept on their porch. Days and then weeks past,and it was apparent they weren’t coming back for them, as they kept telling me. I already had 3 cats,wasn’t looking for more. My attempts at finding them another home failed.

    When one day one went briefly missing, I panicked, and brought the sissy in the house while weeping for her brother. That night he came home, and brought him inside, and they have been indoor cats ever since. How they stole my heart? Every time I came home and drove in to the driveway,they would run to my yard and as I got out of the car,ran to me and rolled on their backs….couldn’t turn my back at that kind of trust :)

  • Elizabeth Flynn

    Almost 18 years ago, Bill and I were in the parking lot at Target getting ready to go home, when we saw this teeny, scrawny little tabby kitten. We scooped her up and brought her home and she has been our Missy Mouse ever since :)

  • katboxjanitor

    Late 1995, when I first met Toes (my profile pic) as a kitten and she selected me (though I did not realize it – not understanding cats) even before her 1st owner started to neglect her. He left her behind when he moved and when I moved in to the old room…Toes & I were inseparable.
    Kidney failure took her in 2010, but I still have her housemate Marbles with me and we are debating whether a new feline housemate is desirable. Toes taught me all kinds of things about kitty behavior and I continue to miss her…but I am luck to still have her housemate, Marbles a very Tortie kitty gal.

  • susan m. miller

    Snuggles had me when she turned and hissed at me!

  • Jeanne Gerken Titanski

    My Munchkin cat was a stray kitten at the recycle center in town. She walked up to me as I was throwing cans into the bin. She got scared off when someone walked to the same area. A few days later, a friend called me to tell me that the ASPCA officer caught her and wanted to know it I wanted her. Of course I said yes and she has been my little baby cat for 13 years now.

  • Irma Garcia Aguiñiga ?

    Since I was a child, I’ve always had cats around..when I was about 7 I had a cat named Missy but she ran away and never saw her again..ever since I had been wanting to own a cat of my own not just “harass” cats my relatives had haha, so now that I’m 24 and my little China girl came to our lives she had me at meow for sure, I adore her and all animals.

    • Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger

      Super Hurrah!! Irma you are one of the winners of You Had Me at Meow! chosen by I don’t have your email address so please send me a message to

  • Margaret

    Pkat had me the minute he looked at me with those beautiful eyes and meowed

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