Win Some Spring Green! Can You Find the $50 Frog?

Which Frog Has the Luck of the Irish?

Frogs and Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger

Which Frog Found the Pot of Gold?

It has been a long, cold and snowy winter here in Ohio. Last night though if we listened super close we could hear the sweet sound of the Spring peepers. If you live in the central and eastern parts of Canada and the United States, you know that this frog chorus means spring is just around the corner. These tiny little amphibians are rarely seen. They hang out in wooded areas and grassy lowlands near swamps or ponds. They have excellent camouflage as  they are tan or brown in color with dark lines that form an X on their backs. They are nocturnal, hiding from their predators during the day but come out at night to dine on beetles, ants, flies and spiders.In the middle of March, the nighttime chorus swells from the male Spring Peepers looking for a mate and for the rest of us it means that winter is over.

Which Frog is the $50 Frog?

So now that Spring is ready to pounce on us, Lazy Leopard and I thought we would have some fun with our  Can You Find the $50 Frog contest.  One of these super cute little frogs is hiding a bit of green for one lucky member of The Tiniest Tiger community.

Here is all you have to do

Tell me in a comment below this post which Frog you think has the $50 and why.  Be clever, because you never know when good fortune might rain on you.

The Rules:

Contest closes on Sunday March 24 at 5 pm Eastern!

Please one comment per person. I will enter all names in to The winner will be notified by email or through facebook depending on the contact information you provide.  Make sure you are watching for an email from me. The subject line will say $50 Frog Giveaway .  Void where prohibited by law.

Disclosure:  The Tiniest Tiger is sponsoring this review and giveaway.  No compensation was awarded for this post.

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  • sandy weinstein

    hmm, i think that gracie is telling us that it is the one at her nose b/c she is looking straight at you, telling you pick this one…..w/ her paw.

  • Cathy O.

    Heard of cat scratch fever? It’s real, and you will get it when choosing the frog closest to dear the pussy cat. With that said, I think the $50 is under the one closest to the cat!

  • rparis

    the one in the middle because the other two are his body guards.

  • Ally Marie

    I think it is the one on the right that is slightly tilted because he had $100 but drank $50 worth or irish whiskey

  • Amy Orvin

    The one underneath the kitty cat. He’s probably whispering to the cat not to tell it’s him.

  • Jeanne Owens

    Think I’m just gonna go with my gut and say the one in the middle. He seems to be saying “me, me”.

  • Dianne Feere

    Gracey, you can keep the money for a shelter if I am right, , but I think it is the frog on the end.

  • Olga Petrik

    The one at the end, farthest away from the Gorgeous Gracey! He looks like he’s getting ready to jump for joy because he has $50! :)

  • Phoenixtl

    The one in the middle looks like she’s just about to leap off the table! She must be sitting on some money.

  • PamelaC

    Are U Kidding. I’m Irish and so R’Me Cats. We don’t let money get away from us. The one
    right in Front of Gracie.

  • ghostfox

    The frog closest to Gracey. He looks so happy to near such a pretty girl and he is telling her his secret of the $50!

  • Jill Rymut

    The one on the right…farthest from Gracey. He appears to have battle scars on his body from prying the gold away from the leprechaun. He also appears to be doing a victory dance…

  • Melissa White

    The frog on my left (the one closest to Gracey). She has such a Mona Lisa look on her face!

  • Marie Arledge

    I think it’s the frog on the right Gracey, the one closest to you. You have so much luck on your side so it has to be the one closest to you! :)

  • Kathy Ruder

    middle one!

  • Shari Hitchens Lanave

    The frog on the right is leaning over, so his pocket must be heavy with money.

  • Jude

    Gotta be the one one the left as he has the Greenest greenback!

  • Sarah

    My instincts tell me it’s the one on the right.

  • Kitty Uhlman

    I think it’s the frog on the right because that frog looks happiest of the three of them.

  • Arthur Toporovsky

    I think it is the frog on the right because Gracey is extending her right paw while looking meaningfully at the camera.

  • Jean Shea

    I think it’s the one in the middle. He’s acting like he’s got something to hide, Gracey. Am I right?

  • Shirley Lalonde

    Gracey, Muffin and I thinks it is the one closest to you my dear Gracey, He looks likes he is telling you that he has it. ;)

  • M. anguillicaudatus

    I think it’s the one in the middle because it’s the least conspicuous.

  • Michelle S

    I think that it’s the frog in the middle. The middle frog is not doing anything to draw attention to itself, and is trying to blend in.

  • Patti

    The frog on the right because he looks just a little different than the others….like he’s got something up his sleeve….like $50 maybe?

  • Lawrie Kavanagh

    The frog in the middle . . . just to be different! :)

  • Marilyn Hamill

    The one on the right because he has the stupidest grin on his face.

  • Gail Farmer

    I think it’s the frog on the far right. He looks happier than the others & my cat thinks so too!

  • Lucia Gill

    I think Smart little Gracey is telling us the winner is right under her nose!

  • Danielle Murgia

    I think it is the one on the end on the right. It is because his leg is dug into the cat tree and it must be heavier because of the money!

  • Sue Brandes

    I think it’s the frog under Gracey’s nose. I think she is pointing her paw right to it so we can have some good luck. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Barbara McIntosh

    I think it’s the one in the middle. The weight of all that money is keeping that frog straight, plus Gracey’s eyes are looking that way.

  • Theresa Spaid

    The one on the left in front of Gracey. Maybe she’s telling us something.

  • biggie55

    My cat says the one all the way to the right cause he wants to jump in his mouth.

  • Carolyn Schellhardt

    Gosh!!!! I think it’s the under Gracey’s nose!!!! She is a mega smart feline and knows exactly where everything is!!!

  • OliviaRubin

    I think the money is right under Gracey’s nose. If anyone goes to snag it, her inner tiger will come out and swat you with her fierce and mighty paw.

  • Lynn Schrier Schlanger

    It is OBVIOUSLY the one on the left! I am left handed and EVERYONE knows that we are the ONLY ones who think with the RIGHT side of our brain!! Also, as you can see, Gracy has choosen that one as well!!

  • Stacy

    Cassie thinks the one on the far right is the lucky frog! I’m letting her choose because she Ian a lucky cat!

  • Retta Shanahan

    I would say it’s the one on the right because he looks like he is sitting on a pot of gold and about to fall off! LOL!

  • Jen

    Hmmm… let’s go with the money is in the middle, lol…

  • cleo skouri

    well…. I think that the left one might be the lucky one……

  • Angela Butz

    I think it’s the one closest to Gracey :) She’s looking right at it

  • Christi Powell McClintock

    The one farthest away from Gracey….. See? He is trying to run off with it! ;)

  • Elizabeth Flynn

    Well gotta go with the one on the left closest to sweet Gracey :) I think that is what she is telling me!

  • Laura Davis

    I think it’s the one in the middle. He looks guilty!

  • Connie KittyBlog

    I’m going with the “unbalanced” one on the far right (furthest away from Gracey)

  • Kay Honour

    im going to say the middle one… as thats what i really think although i did struggle with the one near Gracey as it looks like shes saying this one .. :D but il stick to the middle one :D lovely photo as well :D

  • Kim White

    I’m sure it is the one closest to Gracey since she clearly would’ve supervised the whole gig

  • Sherrie Swafford

    I think it’s the one in the middle. It’s the only one not leaning. This would make me a great birthday gift too. 3/26/59. :-) Hint Hint.

  • jen

    I think it is the one not near the cat at the end because he looks like he is doing a dance.

  • Wren Paasch

    I think it is the frog furthest away from Gracey – he’s leaning away as if he was trying to not be noticed! ;)

  • Brett Simcock

    I’d say the one on the right… Stands out from the crowd, always a good thing… :-)

  • Lisa Chen

    I think it’s the one in the middle because it’s looking at me straight in the eyes :)

  • Lynda Schmidt

    I think it is the 3rd Frog (right) because he looks like he has a fat tummy that is holding $50!!

  • Ashlie B

    I am guessing it’s the one closest to Gracey! I think that’s why you’re hanging out so close to him – that’s where I’d be, close to the 50 dollars! :)

  • Kathleen Burke

    I am guessing it is the Happy Little Frog on the right . Looks like he is ready to Jump with Happiness :)

  • LyricInTime2803

    I’m going to guess the one in the middle, also. I think the odd-ness of the other two are there to throw us off…

  • Melissa Wetterow

    Hey Gracey!! I think it is the froggy on the left – the one closest to you so you can keep an eye on it – in case he tries to hop away with the $50! :)

  • Baylie Dog

    My scientific hypothesis revealed the frog in the middle, Gracey, just because the frogs on either end would probably be the obvious choices. xoxo

  • Justine Scanlon Winger

    Definitely the one on the left in front of Gracey – she is protecting that money with adorable ferocity!

  • Candice S.

    I think it’s the Frog on the Right . He (or she?) looks like he’s saying “Hey! Pick Me, Pick Me!” .

  • Lanae

    The frog on the right, farthest away from Gracey. Not only is that one standing at an angle, but the smile on his mouth is tilted!

  • Lisa F.

    I would say the frog on the right. He looks a little ajar, so maybe he has something in his belly? ;)

  • Kathy Scott-Molleson

    I say it’s the one in the midde….the other two ae merely security to keep that $50 frog safe from harm.

  • Malou Tan Alvarez

    My guess is on the right side.

  • Nancy Foulke

    Has to be the frog with the jaunty tilt like he is ready to leap for joy that spring is here!

  • Glogirly and Katie

    It’s TOTALLY the frog in the middle. He’s looking right into my eyes. He’s a brave frog indeed.

    ; ) Katie

  • Zorro

    I just love Gracey the Tiniest Tiger… I will not guess but I wonder, do you recall the frog that sang ” Hello my Baby Hello My Ragtime Gal, ” it was excavated, caught, put in a box but would not sing — so it was buried again ( cartoon ) I would give $50 to see that again!!!! Gracey you keep the $50 if the frog is on the far right, singing!!!!!Love you!!!!!

  • Martha D

    I think it’s the one on the right because it looks more giddy and fatty than the rest from having swallowed the green$! ;)

  • Raven DeVanos

    I think it’s the frog on the far right because he looks like he’s doing the same happy dance I do when i got extra money. :3

  • Rachel Narang

    The one on the right because he’s dancing an Irish gig!

  • Andi Barbuto

    Must be the one all the way on the left. Gracey has her pretty little nosey right next to that guy for a reason! :)

  • Milene Mittelhauser

    It’s the one on the right, farthest away from Gracey. He’s leaning over cause he’s sitting on a stash of cash. Kind of like a guy with a fat wallet in his back pocket.

  • Jennifer Sejd

    I think its the one in the middle, not left or right, you know its 50/50. LOL

  • Debbie Catlady Daly

    I think its the very first 1 in front of Gracey

  • judie58

    I think it is the one furthest from the cat-he is trying to get away with the loot!!!

  • Kathleen Kubsch

    It is in the frog on the right, the one furthest from Gracey because it looks like it is about to hop away. Kathleen Kubsch face book

  • Kelly Ann Griffin

    the one in the middle,

  • Allison Colony

    I think it’s the one furthest from Gracy (all the way on the right). Just the way it’s sitting there looks like it’s up to something!

  • Melissa

    I think its the frog on the right, he looks kinda cheeky, like he might hiding something

  • RumpyDog!

    I think it’s the one farthest from Gracey, because he looks like he’s about to fall over from the extra weight! *giggles*

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