Two Curious Cats Annie and Eddie’s First Snow Day

Annie and Eddie See Snow!

Annie sees snowThe first significant snow fall came this week and the ground is completely covered in white.  When the sun room was unlocked in the morning, Eddie  stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the covered ground.  Annie is fearless and her curiosity takes over any caution on her part, so she squeezed past Eddie and took her post on the Cat Power Tower.  The look on her face was priceless as she turned to look at Eddie.

Annie snow gazingAnnie analyzed the snow flakes while Eddie waited in the door way.  He wasn’t quite sure it was safe to go out.  But after a few minutes and some encouragement from Annie, he made his way to the Cat Power Tower to do some investigating of his own. Eddie also had that surprised look on his face that made us laugh.

Eddie and the snow

The kittens were fascinated with the falling snow.   They both spent the next few hours running, pouncing and watching the snow fall.

Eddie snowflakesAnnie thinks snow is super interesting.  She sits and tilts her head from side to side watching the falling snow.

Annie interested in the snowEddie gets a close look at  the snow from a more relaxed position.

Eddie top of tower snowMercy decided to find out what all the fuss was about in the sun room and he was not impressed.

Silly kittens, I have seen snow before.

Mercy looking at snow

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  1. So cute!

  2. Cindy Loohoo says:

    Precious and priceless! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

  3. How adorable. I love to see the kitties faces when they see new things.
    Sue B

  4. Janet Collins says:


  5. MissDiane47 says:

    Hahahaha … that’s too cute! Annie & Eddie look like they’re doing well. Can’t wait to see if they’ll venture out into the snow. 🙂