The Curious Cat Survey, 2014

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We are super curious to learn more about what is important to you as cat parents.  Our Curious Cat Surveys have helped us to know what you want to learn about and just as important what you don’t want to read about.  The past surveys have had great results thanks to you and this year, we are giving away $50 gift cards to two participants in appreciation for the time you take to complete the survey.  There are more details at the end of the survey and a place for you to enter your email address if you choose to  enter the giveaway.

In addition, we added two new questions, asking you what one thing you would like for your cat, and what one thing you would like as a sort of wish list.  Remember, wishes can come true.  The survey covers everything from how many cats and dogs you share your home with to food preferences, litter, toys and your own preferences.   Thank you so much for being part of The Tiniest Tiger Community.  You mean the world to us.


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  1. Lois Kocsis says:

    I have a question. I have two male cats, Alex & Felix that were born outside to a stray . I got her spayed and found homes . They will be five yrs. old this summer. From time to time I will get another stray coming around and I can’t help but feed. When the boys see the stray Felix becomes aggressive towards his brother and beats him up. This is very upsetting but I can’t stand to see a feral or stray go hungry. What should I do about this ?