9 Little Things We Love About Our Cat Eddie

Eddie's portrait

Eddie Today

Our Cat Eddie

Eddie came into our lives the same day as Annie.  We asked Donna at Grayson County Humane Society if Annie had bonded with any other cats and as it turned out, she was sharing a cage with a cat about the same age and size and they had become the best of friends.  Then Donna sent us a photo and well, you can guess that it was love at first sight.

Eddie's Grayson County Humane photo

Eddie’s Grayson County Humane Society Photo

Isn’t Eddie  a handsome little guy?  Donna went one step further and sent us a video of Annie and Eddie (his name was Porter then) together in their cage.  It didn’t take long, maybe a few seconds into the video for us to decide that we would like to adopt both kittens.  Here is the video that Donna sent to us.


Now you can see why we decided to adopt both Annie and Eddie.

Annie and Eddie see us first time

First time we met Eddie

Eddie was in the back of the cage behind Annie when we first walked into the shelter.   Annie was ready and waiting but Eddie was not quite sure. When we opened the cage, Annie jumped out into my arms, but Eddie hung back in the cage. His sister had been adopted and he was left behind once before.

What about me Eddie

Hey, what about me?

We realized that Eddie must have thought he was being left behind again, when we placed Annie into our carrier. When we turned back to pick him up he was in the back of the cage with this chin on his paws, until Paul said, “Come on Eddie! We have a home for you too”. And then he leapt out into Paul’s arms.

Eddie at home

Eddie, Teddy Bear!

9 Little Things We Love About Eddie

Eddie and Annie have been together here sharing our lives for nearly 9 months.  Eddie has his own unique personality and together with Annie has brought a lot of love and laughter back into our home.  I want to take a moment to reflect and tell you about 9 little things we love about Eddie.

1) Eddie proceeds with caution.  Unlike Annie who is lion-hearted, Eddie is more like a leopard.  He prefers to hang back and assess the situation and if everything seems in order, he will still proceed with caution.

2) If Eddie had a career, he would be an engineer.  Eddie observes everything.  He watches with great interest how things work.  He didn’t play with the laser pointer very long before he figured out that we were the one’s controlling the red dot.  So instead of  trying to pounce on the red dot, he would come to us and look at us like, come on, I know you have that red dot.

3) Eddie loves iPad games.  Eddie is pretty sure that the iPad belongs to him.  As soon as he sees me sit down with the iPad he comes running to play.  He will head butt my hands until he gets his way.  It doesn’t take very long to convince me either.  He really has the sweetest little face.

4) Super soft meow.  Eddie doesn’t talk as much as Annie but when he does, he has the softest little voice.  Sometimes it is so sweet you could almost cry.  He is such a gentle  soul.

5) Eddie loves the sun room as much as Gracey did.  As soon as Eddie hears the sun room door being unlocked he comes running.  He spends every minute he can soaking up the sun or even curled up in a little ball on the sofa on a cloudy winter day.  He is just happy to be in the sun room.

Eddin in heated thinking circle

Eddie in Gracey’s heated thinking circle.

And even on a cloudy day, Eddie is happy to spend time with Lazy Leopard.

Eddie listening to Lazy Leopard

Lazy Leopard telling Eddie about Gracey

6) Eddie loves to play.  Eddie loves to play with his toys. He plays and plays and plays all day.

7) Eddie is patient.   Eddie loves Annie and  knows  if he just lets her have her way, that in a short while she will give in and share with him too.  No need to wrestle or fight, he just tolerates and waits.

Annie and Eddie wrestle for warmth 2

Eddie being crowded off the warm AirPort by Annie

8) Eddie loves to run.  Especially at night.  In the middle of the night.  He loves to race down the steps and back up the steps and leap up onto the bed and then back down to the floor for a few more laps. He is so light on his paws, you can’t hear him until he hits the steps. He can sneak up on you. Annie can’t.

9) Eddie is good company too!  Eddie loves to  curl up on the warm  AirPort on my desk.   He will sit quietly and watch me working on the computer.  He is the first to hop up on the sofa with Paul to watch television.  Now that the Olympics are over, I am not sure  who misses them more, us or Eddie.  He was fascinated by the skiing and skating.  Eddie is not one to give nose taps often, but when you do get one from him it is very special.  Eddie does give the slow blinks of love and that is heartwarming. At night after he settles down, he curls up beside Annie and they sleep through the night.

Annie and Eddie close up

Eddie and Annie

Eddie, Teddy Bear, is what I call him.  Paul calls him Eddie Spaghetti, Macaroni and Cheese Cat.  I don’t know why but now I find myself saying it too.  Of course there are more than just 9 things we love about Eddie too but these little things make each cat special in their own way.

I chose the photo above of Eddie and Annie hugging each other while they sleep to show you last today because the truth is, without Annie, we would never have met Eddie.  And were it not for Gracey one  afternoon on facebook placing her paw on the photo of Annie, we might not have ever found Annie.

Thank you, Gracey.  We will always love you.

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  1. homeward bound cat rescue says:

    Brought tears to my eyes! Lovely that you took BOTH! I volunteer w/ kittie rescue taking photos to help w/ adoptions and we just did 7 yr old siblings to a new home together!!! 🙂

  2. katboxjanitor says:

    When I see how pleased your Annie & Eddie posts are, I send a mental ‘Thank you’ to Gracey for her help bringing them to your attention.. She was a beautiful and smart girl.

    She knew it would take two to help her people find solace…These two are so lucky to have their new family.

  3. The Island Cats says:

    Aw, Eddy sure is a handsome guy. 🙂

  4. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    awesum post !! N nice ta get two noe ewe better eddie !!! we iz wonderin if ewe haz ever tried paint for catz 🙂 its way fun ~~~~~~ enjoy yur thurzday !

  5. Michele C. Hollow says:

    Eddie is my favorite! And he is so lucky to have you!

  6. Love this. Very sweet. Gracey did pick Annie and Eddie for you. <3

  7. I loved both of your posts about Annie and Eddie. Really glad you found each other.
    Sue B

  8. I love Annie and Eddie. Gracey knew that your hearts belonged together.