Trendy Pet Whisker Stress Free Cat Bowl Giveaway

Annie with Trendy Pet WSF Bowl

Annie eating whisker-stress free from the Trendy Pet Whisker Stress Free Bowl

Cat Whisker Sensitivity

The cat’s whiskers are the same width as their body so when the whiskers brush up against the sides of the entrance to a space, this is  a warning that the space is too small.  Whiskers also help cats move stealthily in the darkness by preventing them from running into things. The cat uses her whiskers as a tool to help keep her  safe.

A cat’s whiskers are so sensitive and superbly programmed that if they move even 1/2000th of the width of a human hair, a signal is triggered and sent to the cat’s brain.  Cat whiskers can even detect changes in air currents and wind.

This whisker sensitivity is why cat experts think  a domestic cat needs to always have their chow bowl filled to the top. When the food level is too low in a deep and narrow dish, your cat is forced to put her face down into the bowl  causing her whiskers to brush up against the sides.  This whisker stress can cause discomfort for your cat and  may explain why she is so adamant to have her bowl always filled.

The Trendy Pet Whisker Stress Free Bowl

Eddie eats from Trendy Pet WSF Bowl

Eddie is eating whisker stress free from the Trendy Pet bowl.

I really like the design of this feeder. The sleek lines remind me of an Asian inspired design.  Trendy Pet designed  the wide, shallow, ceramic dish that comes with the feeder to reduce whisker stress.  As you can see in the photo above, Eddie is eating whisker-stress free from this feeder that has a lot of great features.


  • BPA free plastic
  • Water resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Rot resistant
  • Will not split or delaminate like wood
  • Made in the USATrendy Pet Whisker Stress Free

Bowl Info

  • 1.6 cups / 378 ml (Capacity)
  • 5.25″ / 13.3cm (Diameter)
  • 1.75″ / 4.4cm (Depth)
  • Ceramic
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Microwave Safe
  • Oven Safe


The Trendy Pet Whisker Stress Free Bowl Giveaway

One member of The Tiniest Tiger Community will win a beautiful Trendy Pet Whisker Stress Free Bowl.   Because of the size and shipping this contest is open to residents of the USA only. Sorry about that.  If you can’t wait and would like to order this beautiful bowl, friends of The Tiniest Tiger will get 20% off!  Pounce here and use the coupon code TT20off

To Enter:
Enter your information in the contest widget and leave a comment below telling us if you think your cat is bothered by whisker stress.

The Rules:
This contest will end on March 15, 2014. Please one comment per person. I will enter all names in to The winner will be notified by email or through facebook depending on the contact information you provide. If you connect through facebook, check your Other messages not just your main messages. Make sure you are watching for an email from us. The subject line will say Trendy Pet Whisker Stress Free Bowl winner! Void where prohibited by law.

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  • Vicki Andrew

    I have a ragdoll with super long whiskers she has to paw food to the corner so she has extra room

  • reneeg

    I think our cat does – she’s quite nuerotic.

  • april brenay

    we have a very fluffy cat, she is always having issues and he spends hours trying to keep her face clean

  • marhaz

    My cat MaggieMae definitely has whisker stress. I noticed about a yr ago she wasn’t eating well, I had read about whisker stress and tried feeding her from a flat dish…after that there was no more problems with eating. She still eats from flat dishes. This would be perfect for her!

  • brenda

    My cat might have whisker stress– he certainly freaks out when his bowl isn’t full.

  • susansmoaks

    i haven’t ever noticed any whisker stress but i will be watching for it now.

  • Milly

    I have never noticed any of my cats act like it bothered them to eat, but then again, some times they do refuse to eat and that might be why.

  • Allison Colony

    This looks like something my cat would like to try – cool design!

  • Lisa D Acord

    Some of the kitties are bothered by whisker-stress but others aren’t. One of them, Jiggs, flips the food out of the bowl, which means we always have a mess on the floor. Others just eat what’s in the middle and ignore what’s on the outer edges of the bowl.

  • Eugenia Hall

    I think most of my cats don’t, but my half-siamese is very high strung and everything sets her off, so she probably does

  • KimberlyReid

    I wasn’t aware about this but it is a possibility, thanks!

  • VickiNK

    I’ve never thought about it but one of my cats has a tendency to eat, walk away, then come back repeatedly.

  • Erica Carnes

    I don’t think they suffer from it but I never even thought of this actually.

  • Marilyn Nawara

    He might but I’ve never really thought about it. If he does it isn’t affecting him.

  • Sarah M

    Such a cool idea! Great giveaway

  • Definitely I can tell that both of them are sensitive to a bowl that has too high of sides.

  • Lauren Eggers

    I dont know if my cat does, I doubt it

  • Tammy Dusenberry Cole

    What a neat bowl !!

  • Melissa White

    My cat Pixie has this problem> Maybe a new dish would help.

  • Michelle S

    I do think that one of my boys has this issue! He actually started losing a little weight after his dish was broken and was replaced with something in a different size/shape. We’ve been trying to find the right fit for him, and would love this gorgeous bowl!

  • Lisa Voyce

    To be honest, I never heard of whisker stress and I don’t think they suffer from it.

  • queencatlady

    My mancat does not like eating or drinking from deep bowls, so I know his whiskers are sensitive. What an ingenious and elegant solution for this problem!

  • Jennifer Reed

    I don’t think my cat’s suffer from whisker stress but I had never really heard of it. I really like the design of this food bowl. I think my cat would enjoy it.

  • Tigerlibrarian

    My silly guy will eat a circle out of his kibble dish and then stop. I’ve gotten a fairly large bowl, but he does better with shallow small bowls that keep his whiskers from touching. This would be great!

  • Debra Hall

    i had never heard of this till now ,but one of my males cries if his bowl is not filled to the top

  • emily

    I’ve never thought about it. Maybe so.

  • Mihaela Day

    I think our cat sometimes suffers from whisker stress

  • @beenrockjammin

    One of our cats prefers plates to bowls because of his whiskers.

  • firewolf3251

    my cats would love this.!

  • Linda Szymoniak

    I never really thought too much about it, but we’ve had a couple of cats who would only drink from the sink (we leave the water on a low stream). They don’t like drinking from bowls. I don’t see as much issue with food, but the bowls they have for that are wider and not as deep, so that could explain it. I’m definitely going to look into changing out their bowls. I simply LOVE this one. It would actually fit in beautifully with our decor, too!

  • LauraB

    I think our cat sometimes suffers from whisker stress, she sometimes seems hesitant to eat.

  • Rebecca Hendricks

    Our feeding bowls are fairly big and in an elevated table, but I think whisker stress could affect the larger ones. It’s always one of the larger ones who complain when the bowls aren’t full.

  • Danielle Murgia

    Yes. This could be the reason she meows really loudly when her bowl is half full.

  • Brynn

    I dont think so but there are scattered pieces of food around the bowl sometimes

  • Lisa F.

    I don’t think so, but he does leave a few pieces scattered around his bowl after every meal.

  • Darlene Carbajal

    I’m not sure if my cat has whisker stress or not. She has a very small bowl where her whiskers touch the bowl. She still eats though.

  • Diane Therkildsen


  • Samantha Daleo

    My cat won’t drink water from a bowl. I wonder if that has to do with her whiskers…

  • Julie

    I’ve never heard of whisker stress. I use a flat plate for food but I really like the look of this!

  • naturegirly

    I’ve started feeding on flat plates now but this is so cool looking! My cat might be impressed. 😉

  • stacey allam

    my cat wont drink water out of a bowl

  • sandy weinstein

    dont have cats, but i think my dogs would like this….did not know cats had whisker stress, never hard of this….

  • Kiska Lariska

    This is interesting… I’d love to try it.

  • alycep

    Yes I am sure some of them do but I try to give them mostly flatter dishes but sometimes with the water dishes I think it bothers them.

  • Heidi Daily

    I don’t know if my cats suffer from whisker stress, I never thought about it, but it is possible when the food is low in the bowl.

  • Rita Spratlen

    I had never heard of this before. I have 3 cats all over 11 and almost 12.

  • Christine Connallon

    I just read recently about whisker stress. Hutch has a flat wet food bowl but his dry food bowl is curvy and I’m rethinking that now. What a cool giveaway!

  • Katie Mitchell

    I have 4 cats and I think that for sure my cat happy suffers from whiskers stress(her previous owner cut her fur and whiskers) I am sure all my cats would enjoy this bowl

  • Martha D.

    I think my cat is bothered sometimes, unless she’s reaaaally hungry 😛

  • Theresa Spaid

    I can’t really tell if they are. They eat good out of their dishes.

  • Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs

    We don’t know if we suffer from whisker stress. Our Momma has always feeds us our wet food on plates and our kibble bowls and water bowls are very BIG, so no whiskers touching.

  • Shelley P

    Very interesting! Yes, I believe she does. When her food bowl is low I noticed she doesn’t eat as much, but as soon as I fill it up she will eat more.

  • Stephanie Jameson

    I do believe she does! The bowls my mom uses are way tiny and shes got a big head let alone whiskers!

  • Sandra Gaultois

    It’s a great plate and I would love for Jacob to try it!

  • Ann Richter Hickox

    The bowls I feed with are fairly shallow, but this might be easier for them to reach anyway, since they don’t have to crouch down so far, and both of mine are getting to be seniors.

  • sarah oswald

    Probably because I have the tiniest bowl I could find because I didn’t know that a cat needs a bowl that keeps the face from going into the bowl. I bet my cat really gets stressed when its towards the bottom of the bowl.

  • Natalie yeoman

    i had no idea about this so it could be possible that she does

  • Donna

    Probably not since they feed from a plate. Though that feeding bowl is much nicer looking.

  • 5gentexan

    I have several cats and, yes, a couple of them obviously have this issue so I put the food on the counter for them because the bowls really seem to bother them.

  • J L

    I have the trio trendy pet feeder for my two cats but one of the cats -Junior does not like the food when it’s low. We end up wasting 2/3 of it because he doesn’t seem to like to put his head down into the bowl. He will scoop out kibbles to eat them but runs away when his whiskers touch. So we have to keep the bowl full. This would be purrfect for him! (Would be even better if it came in a trio!)

  • tina m

    My cat snickers seems to be having these issues because she has quit eating her wet food when it gets to the side of the bowl.

  • Janet Collins

    I think Rerun is, because, as her bowl gets empty, she pulls the food toward the side, or out of bowl…love this design, esp. the elevation of dish…

  • elines acevedo

    Does P.R. count as U.S.?

  • What a great dish! My cats, Cinco and Manna would love it 🙂

  • JLS27

    My boy is very particular about his food and water bowls. This would be perfect!!

  • katboxjanitor

    I like both the looks and the explanation about whisker stress.
    Marbles definitely prefers a wider plate or saucer for her gushy food…and she deserves a lovely bowl to nosh from.

    And Eddie and Annie look darn good too!

  • rhonda magnotti

    Sometimes, my cat will pull his kibble out of the bowl and onto the floor to eat it, maybe whisker stress?

  • PsychoChick966

    Hmmm. I had no idea about this! It really does explain a lot. Gertie will let me know she’s hungry, but then so many times, just sort of hovers above and around the dish without eating until much later when I suspect she’s just way too hungry to ignore it.

  • Jodi Bunger

    I don’t believe my cats suffer from whisker stress since they clean their bowls well.