The Cat and The Cactus Annie Follows in Gracey’s Paw Prints

Annie and the CactusThe Cat and The Cactus

Today for the first time in a long while, the sun was shining brightly and came flooding into the office around Bad Kitty and the Office Cactus.  You might remember that Gracey could not control herself around this cactus.  She tried very hard but she just couldn’t resist the  teasing of the cactus’ appendages as they dangled just above her head.

Today Annie found herself in this same predicament.  She tried to be sly and slip into the office without being noticed but Annie is not light on her paws.  So when I  heard her little trot like cadence and saw her out of the corner of my eye, I couldn’t help but laugh.

Annie looking up at the cactusWhen I looked around, I saw her mesmerized trying to hide behind Bad Kitty.  She was staring at the dangling cactus and plotting an attack.  I turned back around so she would think I hadn’t spotted her.

Annie and the office cactusFrom my desk, I could see that she thought she had pulled one over on me.  She was pressed up against the jardiniere and solely focused on the cactus bathing in the sunlight.   I observed her quietly and when she began to stretch up I couldn’t help but softly say, “Annie”. She quickly turned her head and assumed a nonchalant posture looking out the door.

Annie looking away from the cacutsBut how long would she be able to ignore the urge to swat at the dangling branches?

Annie and the cactus 2Not long.  Shortly after she sat up and fired off some rapid fire swatting that I wish I would have been able to capture on video.  But if she follows in Gracey’s paws, I am sure this won’t be her last encounter with the office cactus.

Gracey looking around cactusThis is one of many times that Gracey attempted an attack on the office cactus.  She never got tired of planning  her next move.  In fact we made a short video of Gracey and the cactus a few years ago.  I hope you will join me  for a moment remembering Gracey.  Thank you so much.

The Cat and The Cactus

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  1. I could see how this would be so irresistible to both Gracey and Annie!

  2. I have two of these plants. One is very large, over 70 years old, and it taunts Shadow so much we had to build a cage for it! You can see the cage behind him.

  3. David McAuliffe says:

    Wasn’t there a movie character named Cactus Annie?

  4. fatmeatloaf1 says:

    Awesome video!

  5. That is a cute video. I love how Annie is doing some of the things Gracey did. My Tubby reminds me of my BearBear sometimes. Makes me smile.
    Sue B

  6. catchatcaren says:

    that was too cute! I am so happy you posted this again because I hadn’t seen it! I think Annie is channeling Gracey 🙂

  7. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    annie….eye hada cactus in me houz til de food serviss purrson taked it two her werk…knot ta give ewe any eye deaz…. but de leeves R veree, veree, veree tastee !!

    tuna of moon

    pea ess….. we enjoyed gracey’s videe oh ?????

  8. Janet Collins says:

    awwwww, with tears, remembering with you, your precious Gracey…xoxox Uncanny how much Annie takes after Gracey too…so sweet…

  9. Ann Richter Hickox says:

    Oh geez, I definitely think Annie got part of Gracey’s purrsonality, when Gracey touched her picture 🙂 Too stinking adorable, both of them. <3