Cat Nap Sunday

Annie birdwatching on CPT

Cat Naps are Good!

Today the weather is perfect. Sunny and not too hot and not too cold.  We had a great morning watching rabbits, squirrels, the chipmunk, and birds. Our dad was even out in the yard for a while wrestling with weeds and cleaning up some of the remains of winter.

After a few hours, we cats were in need of a nap.  I looked all around and found Mercy and Eddie already fast asleep.  They didn’t leave me much room to bask in the sun.

Mercy tummy up in sun room

Mercy was so relaxed  he even exposed his tummy!  I have to tell you, this doesn’t happen too much when Eddie and I are on the prowl.  So even Mercy is so tired he is sleeping sunny side up!

Eddie fast asleep in thinking circle

Look at Eddie!  He has turned into a bit of a bed hog.  Well, in this case, a Thinking Circle hog.   He is really in deep thought here.  I guess I won’t wake him up to move over and make room for me.

Annie a little irritated at Eddie sleeping

To be honest, I am a little perturbed.  Eddie used to move over so we could snooze together. But now he says it is too snug for both of us to fit comfortably in the Thinking Circle. I think we could make it work, but he isn’t even going to try.  And if you look at him in this photo, he has his paw out to make sure he takes up the whole bed.

Annie sleeping on sofa in sunroom

So, I  chose a sunny spot on the sofa and decided to nap there.  But tonight when Eddie wants to snuggle, I might just hog the bed and not share with him.  Or I might share with him anyway.  I will decide after my cat nap.  Happy Sunday to you. ~ Annie.

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  1. Mine sleep so many fun, cute, different ways ?

  2. I love the way kitties sleep. They always look so relaxed. Hope you had a great Sunday.
    Sue B

  3. Annie, I hope you had a sweet cat nap! Thank you for sharing your story. It was so good, I felt like I was right there experiencing it with you! Happy Sunday, sweet Annie!

  4. MissDiane47 says:

    Awww … Annie, I doubt that Eddie would deliberately leave you to cat nap alone. I just think he was as tired as Mercy and just crashed out. Grab the Thinking Circle later … 🙂