Keep Calm and Treat Your Cat! #PawNatural Review

Eddie looks at ONP Treats

Only Natural Pet Product Review

Only Natural Pet was founded on the belief that a natural lifestyle contributes to longer and healthier lives for your pets. Only Natural Pet also considers the environment and is living a greener lifesytle in everything they do from their supply chain to their work culture. They are Forest Stewardship Council certified too, meaning they are helping preserve precious habitat for Sumatran tigers, orangutans and elephants!

I selected products to review from the Only Natural Pet Product line to round out the introduction of the natural pet products company to our community.  Annie, Eddie and Mercy like to get treats and one of the favorite treats in our house are freeze dried chicken.

Mercy and ONP treats

Mercy is ready to snack

I selected the Only Natural Pet All Meat Bites Freeze-Dried Chicken Bites. These  all meat treats are available in hormone and antibiotic free chicken breast, beef, bison, duck liver and wild salmon.  I chose these treats for the following reasons.

Only Natural Pet Freeze Dried All Meat Chicken Bites are:

  • 100% Pure Chicken Freeze-Dried to retain nutritional benefits. freeze-dried chicken meat
  • High Protein Treat that is easy to digest and assimilate
  • No grains, no preservatives, no fillers, no gluten, non-irradiated
  • Great for Pets with grain allergies
Annie and ONP treats

Annie tries to open the bag

Because these chicken bites are for both cats and dogs, the pieces are a bit larger than I like to give our cats, but they are easy to break into smaller bites for smaller cats.

 Create a Sense of Calm and Well-Being for your Cat

I also selected  Phero-Soothe For Cats.  This herbal calming spray is specially formulated to mimic the pheromones of a cat, creating a sense of calm and well-being for them.  This spray leaves a species specific soothing, residual “scent” in the air that will fill any area where your cat may be stressed, helping to put her at ease.

Annie and Phero-Soothe

Annie hopes Phero-Soothe will help Maggie feel calm

We thought of Maggie and decided we would get some of the Phero-Soothe  to help her relax.  All you do is spray Phero-Soothe in the area where your cat will be, travel carrier, bedroom if guests are expected, and wait five to ten minutes. Once the mist has settled, it will last up to ten hours.  We spray a little on a soft cloth, let it dry and then place it in a carrier or bed.

Eddie sleeping on white blanket

Eddie looks pretty calm on his white blanket


We all hope that Maggie will be as calm as Eddie is sleeping on the white blanket.

only Natural Pet Logo


This post is sponsored by Only Natural Pet on behalf of the BlogPaws Blogger Network . I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Only Natural Pet, but The Tiniest Tiger only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Only Natural Pet is not responsible for the content of this article.”

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  1. katsrus says:

    Those treats look pretty good. Better than the kind we tried here. I wonder if that spray would help my cat Garfield. He gets so scared on any type of outside noise and also going to the vet as for awhile with his eye we were going a lot. My others don’t like outside noises either but; not as bad.
    Sue B

  2. Annie – Davinia and Indiana want to know if you would be willing to trade some of your Chicken Bites for some of their Wild Salmon Bites? They have been cat tested and approved by their grandma and grandpa’s cat Dora.