3 Reasons Your Cat Should Have an Annual Checkup

Annie protecting Eddie at the Vet

Annie protecting Eddie

Annie and Eddie’s One Year Checkup

It is hard to believe that Annie and Eddie are now a little over one year old and time for their  checkup visit to The Morris Veterinary Clinic. Both kittens, yes I still call them the kittens, still fit into their carrier although it was a bit  more snug than last October.

Annie is super protective of Eddie. As you can see in the photo above, she guards Eddie. The look on her face says it all doesn’t it? She is telling us, “You are going to have to get past me to get to Eddie”.   So, we gently picked Annie up and out of the carrier.  She is really such a nice cat.  She remained docile during her exam although she whined like a puppy.  I started to get a little worried when Dr. Alison was listening to her heart and lungs because it was taking longer but Annie was making it a little more difficult for Alison to hear with her tiny cries.

Eddie in carrier at vet

Eddie waits in the carrier while Annie gets her checkup.

Annie got a clean bill of health.  My concerns were that she seems to get a bit more eye “crusties” and boogies than other cats.  I was assured that some cats, just like people, are more prone to get this harmless debris and not a concern unless the discharge turns funky colors, like yellow or green.    Annie has long legs like a bobcat and weighed in at 8.9 pounds.  A perfect weight for her body type.

Then is was time for Eddie’s checkup.  We gently pried Eddie out of the carrier before allowing Annie to return.  Annie doesn’t like it one bit when Eddie is examined.  She begins to growl like a wildcat and it is hard to believe that sweet Annie can make that kind of noise.

Annie waiting on Eddie at vet

Annie growling like a wildcat while Eddie is examined.

Eddie is such a gentle soul.  He is just quiet as can be except when he is separated from Annie and then he lets out the tiniest high pitched chirp as he tries to locate her. So while Annie was growling like a wildcat, Eddie was chirping back to her.

Dr. Alison examianes Eddie at vet

Dr. Alison examines Eddie.

Eddie got a mostly clean bill of health but there are some issues with his teeth and gums.  His plaque build up is impressive for a one year old and his gums are inflamed.  He will be returning soon for x-rays and a further exam of his teeth.   His heart and lungs are perfect and he weighed in at 7 pounds.  He is a smaller cat so this is a good weight for his body type too.

Annie and Eddie ready to go home from vet

All better now. Ready to go home.

As soon as Eddie returned to the carrier, Annie positioned herself in front of him.  As you can see, Eddie is in the back of the carrier rubbing his head up against Annie.

Did you know that the average cat visits the veterinarian less than half as often as the average dog?  Yes, cats can be a bit more challenging when it come to car rides but an annual checkup is important for your cat and here are three reasons why.

3 Reasons Your Cat Should Have an Annual Checkup

1.  Your cat’s physical exam enables your veterinarian to detect health problems such as heart murmur, dental disease (like Eddie is experiencing.) diabetes and any other early warning signs of a health issue.

2. Your veterinarian will work with you to make sure your cat’s vaccine plan is properly suited for their lifestyle. Vaccinations can prevent death from diseases such as rabies, distemper or feline leukemia.

3. Your cat’s doctor will get to know not only your cat but you too. While your veterinarian learns about your cat’s health by keeping recorded weight, body condition, eye “crusties”  teeth issues and more, they are also getting to know you as the cat parent and you are getting to know them as your cat’s doctor.  This is important in case of an emergency.  This established relationship with the doctors at the clinic enables you to feel more comfortable and trusting during a high stress visit.

Everybody Knows Your Name and We Know Theirs Too

We have been visiting the Morris Veterinary Clinic for over twenty years now.  Hazel and Gracey both were patients of the clinic.  As you know, Gracey suffered quite a few ailments during her life and our relationship with the doctors at the clinic helped not only Gracey but Paul and I get through the tough times.  When  your loved one is ill, there is always a moment of doubt and concern. You question whether you are doing enough or choosing the right plan of care.

Because of our long relationship with the Morris Veterinary Clinic, not only the doctors, but the vet techs know our cats.  This is so comforting when the cats need to stay at the clinic for any length of time.  We know they are in good hands and that they will be cared for and loved in our absence.

It seems like a little thing, but when you know the names of not only the doctors but of the staff  and they know both  your cat’s name and yours, it is comforting.  This genuine camaraderie and trust is special during routine visits but becomes invaluable during emergency times.




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  1. katboxjanitor says:

    The vet – support staff – pet and pet guardian relationship is so important.

    Wellness checks have given me ‘extra’ time when we caught illnesses early on in the process with each of my cats. I recently lost my Marbles to a primary lung tumor, if I had not felt comfortable with my vet team I might not have been able to get a prompt handle on our treatmentmanagement plan. She had a peaceful passing and so many of the techs had a chance to give Marbles a loving good bye.

    At nearly 17 we found the thumbprint sized tumor on her x-ray, I knew Marbles would be happiest with quality time…we had just over 7 months.

    Thinking of your journey with Gracey helped me prepare…thank you for that!

  2. When we got our fIrst kitten 16 years ago, she developed scabs on her head and mouth. Our vet who treated our dog said she had an auto-immune disorder and should be put to sleep. We took her to a brand new “cats only” clinic for a second opinion. The doctor took one look and said she had food allergies. We switched her to a hypo- allergenic food. Out sweet Callie just turned 17! Now all five of our cats go to that same wonderful vet. The oldest ones are 16, 17 and 18. It really pays to go to someone you trust 🙂

  3. katsrus says:

    I have to feel good about the vet and staff too. I have been going to mine over 15 years. My favorite lady vet moved to another clinic and I followed her just with Garfield but; now she moved far away. She was really good with eye issues which he has. You could talk to her about anything. Glad your vet visit went well. Hope any dental goes well too. Have a lovely week.

    Sue B

  4. Whalehugger says:

    I definitely agree with being on good terms and knowing your cat’s vet. Dr. Lesslie has been the vet for all of our cats since we moved into our present house for about 15 years now and neither of us are afraid to talk to him about anything, no matter how minor they might seem when it comes to our three girls. He was especially kind and helpful when Lan was diagnosed with breast cancer, talked with us about what we could do for her and supported our decisions concerning her life. It wasn’t easy for any of us to go through. If you find a good vet who loves animals and is good with cats, stick with them!

  5. That last photo is just precious. It’s easy to see they really love one another. 🙂

    My Snickers is a holy terror at the vet. Just getting him out of the cat carrier is a major undertaking!