Cats In Sun Puddles

Sweet Annie in a sun puddle

It has been an unusually cold and cloudy Spring but that hasn’t deterred Eddie from knocking on the sunroom door just after he eats his breakfast. Eddie might be the first to ask for the door to be unlocked, but it doesn’t take long for Mercy and Annie to follow him into the sunroom.

Lately, more often than not, the cats have been met with disappointment to find the sunroom chilly and no sun puddles filling up the room.  There are still birds to watch, and sometimes fox, raccoons, groundhogs and deer, but nothing feels as good as a nice nap in a sun puddle.

Mercy on top of the CPT in a sun puddle

But this Sunday morning, even though the temperature is still unseasonably cold, the sun could be found providing warmth and light all over the sunroom.  Energized by the sun, Mercy couldn’t contain his excitement as he leapt to the top level of the Cat Power Tower for the first time.

Mercy and Annie chatting on CPT

Annie wasn’t sure she liked Mercy claiming the top of the tower.  She is used to getting her way and Eddie will share the top platform with her, but Mercy decided he wants to soak up the sun alone on the top of the tower.

Annie sleeping in sun puddle

After a brief discussion, Annie decides that the sun feels pretty good on the middle platform too and maybe it is ok to allow Mercy to bask in the sun at the top of the tower.

Sweet Annie sun puddle sleeping

It didn’t take too long for Annie to fall fast asleep covered in sunshine.

Eddie steered clear of the Cat Power Tower takeover thinking there was plenty of sunshine in the sunroom and not feeling up for a tussle with Mercy. Besides, Eddie knows the sun feels just as warm on the sofa.

Eddie Sun Puddle sofa sunroom

We wish you a peaceful Sunday and hope that you can take a nap in a sun puddle too.

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  1. baby cake says:

    Sun puddles were all over this afternoon and my 3 fur babies were constantly changing from one to the next and having little arguments here and there. But all in all a really good sun puddle day. Well maybe not so much for Diva Dopey-with her very light complexion her little ears got just a little too much sun and are a little on the pink side.

  2. I’m glad there were enough sun puddles to go around! That’s usually the case here too.

  3. Sherri H says:

    I love seeing Mercy so happy and comfy at the top of the power tower! Isn’t it nice to see the sun again? Cuddle those kitties and have a good Sunday.

  4. Peggy Von Seggern says:

    My cats love laying out on their deck in the sun! Mercy is a beautiful girl. They all enjoy the sun puddles. Have a happy Sunday.

  5. I’m so happy to see Mercy at the top of the tower! Looks like everyone is having a wonderful Sunday.

  6. katsrus says:

    Sun puddles are the best thing. Have a great Sunday.
    Sue B