Cats Valentine Surprise Box Giveaway

Annie in Valentine box

Valentine’s Day is coming soon! Annie Eddie and Mercy decided to choose a few of their favorite things to put inside a Valentine Surprise Gift Box.  They are busy carefully curating what they think you might like the most.

Valnetine cat toy mouse

Eddie thinks that a catnip toy mouse might be a great gift to include in the box.

Mercy Valentine

Mercy remains skeptical about Valentine’s Day, but thinks  anything shiny might be suitable for the Valentine Surprise Gift box.

Annie in Valentine box

Annie thinks the box itself is a great gift. Anything else just seems to get in the way of getting comfy. Other than a scarf.  A scarf is soft and nice to sleep on.

After great deliberation, the cats decided perhaps the best judge of what to put inside the Valentine Surprise Gift Box would be what you most wish for from Triple T Studios!

The Valentine Surprise Box Giveaway

Triple T Studios Happy Together Cat Necklace

One member of The Tiniest Tiger community will receive the Valentine Surprise Box.  Annie, Eddie and Mercy will select a few of their favorite things and your box might just include what you most wish for from Triple T Studios!!

How to Enter

Enter your information in the contest widget so we know where to ship your prize if you win.

Pounce here: Triple T Studios Valentine’s Day Collection

Then come back and tell Annie, Eddie and Mercy in a comment below: What item would you most like to see when you open your Valentine Surprise Gift Box?

This giveaway is open to everyone!  Void Where Prohibited.

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  1. My cats would like to be surprised with what ever you send to them, They would be happy to get something new

  2. I would like the brown cat head/face cushion. Any small, light toys for my kitty. I wouldn’t say “no” to the cat nightlight either ?

  3. sarah oswald says:

    I would love to see some interactive toys for my cats to play with but I would be happy with anything thanks for the chance!

  4. Dana Rodriguez says:

    One of your necklaces!

  5. Cynthia Began says:

    Anything with catnip would make Piper the Puma happy!

  6. McGuffy Ann says:

    We love your bags and necklaces, and cats toys, and all of it!

  7. Stevi Spiers says:

    Would like to see LOTS of those tiny little brightly-colored toy mice! My fat cat LOVES these!

  8. I like their Silver Cat Earrings with Heart Shaped Tail.

  9. I have wanted The Tiniest Tiger Hipster forever…it was the first item I ever saw and what drew me to your site the first time.

  10. Dominic Cloutier says:

    More cats!

  11. Cleo's Mama says:

    I would love the cat chain link necklace in sterling silver.

  12. Holly Thomas says:

    Cat Sitting On Crescent Moon Necklace would be awesome!

  13. wetnosegang says:

    My cats always love brand new catnip toys. I’ve had my eye on the hipster for ages, but I don’t want to be greedy.

  14. my cats love surprises so this will be perfect for them

  15. I would most like to see little toys that make a small noise-my Cream got a mouse that squeaks quietly for Christmas and she loves it.

  16. Kathleen Austin says:

    I would love to open up a box with a cat nightlight in it.

  17. Deborah Zarett says:

    Some high-quality catnip toys!

  18. Not sure it would look good on me, but I’m drawn to the odd-eyed cat face beret in black as it looks so like my boy Ezekiel. The chubby cat night light is great, too. A very tough but fun decision, thanks!

  19. Dana Matthews says:

    I’d most like to find the Shining Starr Earrings in my box!

  20. Does the box include the pendant shown? Is the pendant made of gold and diamonds and worth many thousands of dollars? Or is it made of sterling and gold electroplate and cubic zirconia? Either would be fine, whatever I might win would be OK. Aside from winning exquisite pendants, I don’t know what I might hope to have included. Excellent books of cat photos showing cats in stores and houses in New York and Paris?

  21. Roxanne Coryell says:

    My very favorite thing would be the Mercy Black Cat Shoulder Bag–I’ve been in love with it ever since I saw it 😀

  22. Wendi Watson says:

    some real good nip that will knock him out he is so hyper lol

  23. Lisa Pecora says:

    My cats love soft pom pom balls so they would love those in a box!

  24. Alison Flores says:

    Would love to win!!

  25. Annie wristlet 🙂

  26. Absolutely anything from Triple T would be lovely! Although, I do have my eye on that super cute night light! My kitties would simply adore the empty box!

  27. I’d most like to see something cute, whatever that may be!

  28. The scarf would be lovely to have. Thanks!

  29. Susan Beamon says:

    Kaine would like a catnip heart that he can bat around and lose under something. Real catnip, lots of it. He loves his afternoon herb break.

  30. Amanda McIntyre says:

    Honestly anything! Everything is so adorable! But any capnip toy, I know my cats would love most!

  31. I’d love just about anything, but if I had to pick one item to top the list it would be the Cat Walk Tote — so many adorable features!

  32. The collection is gorgeous!

  33. Deb Schaaf says:

    I’d love to see anything for my kitties to enjoy!!

  34. A sterling silver ring would be awesome. My cats would love any new toys, especially with the scent of catnip.

  35. Tracy Schalk says:

    Anything for my sweet kitty Leda ?

  36. Some sassy catnip toy in a shape that I’ve never seen before!

  37. I love the Paw Lace Tote

  38. sandy weinstein says:

    i would love a Tiniest Tiger tote. i have the dog one and i love it.

  39. Barbara Consbruck says:

    I would love to win the cat paw lace tote. But, any of the items on the site would be great.

  40. Gloria Tretiak says:

    I would love to win the cat necklace

  41. Nicole Cutchens says:

    I’d love any cat necklace or socks for myself and tons of kitty toys for my three babies 🙂

  42. Jennifer Petty says:

    I have to agree with Eddie. I would love the box to be filled with any of the cat toys. My cats love playing fetch and these would be perfect!

  43. Wendy Hatton says:

    I’d love a ‘My Heart Cat Necklace’. So pretty.

  44. Rochelle Hess says:

    I would love either a Cat Paw Lace tote or a Tiniest Tiger hipster.

  45. Gosh, I would love to see some of those cool cats socks or one of the bags- love the black cats!
    ellen beck

  46. Alexis & Mitzi for GinnyCat says:

    I would wish for the Mercy Shoulder Bag!

  47. Kristi Kellberg says:

    I love the Cat Paw Lace Totebag in black. I’m scrimping and saving so I can buy it, but it would be fun to win. I also like any of the cat necklaces. I share my life with a wonderful black cat who
    so loving and playful.

  48. Linda Szymoniak says:

    Oh, I’d love, love, LOVE to find the My Heart Cat Necklace! I’ve been wanting it for a while. I love so many of your items.

  49. Cheryl Young says:

    Black cat gloves in medium please!

  50. Candi Ausman says:

    I’d love to see the Cat Moon necklace; it reminds me of my dearly departed black cats.

  51. mary potter says:

    You mean the gift is more than just a box? We love boxes!

  52. Marianne Barnhart says:

    I love surprises! Gracie is just happy playing with anything that entertains her 🙂

  53. Melissa White says:

    My cats would love the toys, but I would like a necklace, a scarf, or some gloves

  54. Either the Cat Moon Necklace or the Tiniest Tiger Hipster would be great! My kitties love the box!

  55. Tracy Shafer says:

    I would love a shirt of necklace.

  56. I would love to get the Black Cat Necklace, any of the black cat jewelry or a scarf. My cats would like to have any kind of catnip toys. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  57. My cats would love to find any kind of cat nip toy or treat. Thanks and Happy Valentine’s day to you and your kitties. <3

  58. Vickie Kohn says:

    Something to share with my cats.

  59. Theresa Spaid says:

    Actually I really need a wallet. That would be a nice surprise.

  60. The Island Cats says:

    We would love to see some nip toys!

  61. We would love anything the kitties choose!!!

  62. I would love to have the “I Love Cats ? ” necklace in the gift box, but really would be happy with anything!

  63. AnitaMarie Murano-Sweetman says:

    I want the necklace so much!!! The mommy/kitten one!

  64. Nancy Dehm says:

    Angie would love just the box with pink tissue paper, a catnip toy would be nice also, I love all the cat jewelry and the cat light is really special.

  65. Love all the things you have to giveaway thanks for them

  66. There are a number of things that I would love, but I think the Tiny Tiger Hipster would be great!

  67. PedanticPatty says:

    Hmm…I already have the pink cat purse and the wallet, and the hipster bag. Also the cat scarf, and the cat paw bangle is on the way….What else is there I could possibly want? Hmm…my cats would all vote for more catnip kickers to pummel, lick, kick, disembowel and generally love on.

  68. Jennifer B says:

    So many cute things, but definitely the kitty nite light!?

  69. Ashley Ferrara says:

    My cats would really like the Valentine’s toys.I like the heart scarf.

  70. Toby would like the catnip mouse =^..^= I would like the nightlight!

  71. Cat Fleming says:

    Omg there are so many things on my wish list: anything Catnip related for the gang, the refined cat wristlet, mercy black cat clutch or shoulder bag, cat night light, or any of the kitty jewelry!!

  72. Cindy Vanderbur says:

    we would like anything with catnip!

  73. Janice Reed says:

    Those socks are sure cute! But I know our three hooligans, Maisie, Mingus and Scout, would love any new toy that crossed their path!

  74. Tina L. Fleck says:

    I like Mercy’s idea of something shiny but my cat Abby just wants the box!! lol <3

  75. Catnip toys — sparkle balls — NekoFlies interactive toys — some good natural treats — I could go on and on and on! For me, anything with black crystals 😉

  76. Paula Gaudet says:

    I would love the heart scarf!

  77. Suzanne Paterno says:

    I”d love to see the Annie Cat Gloves in the Valentine box

  78. Mary Kay Beattie says:

    I would love to see Annie’s Wristlet in my Surprise Box. It is so, so cute!!!

  79. I need it all! I would like a kitten in my box! I think my cats who are seniors could use a playful sister or brother! But since that cant happen i love the necklace!

  80. Mary Friedling says:

    I like the I love cats necklace ?

  81. Judy Thomas says:

    I would love to see the My Heart Cat Ring 🙂 It is adorable and I would wear it always 🙂

  82. Jana Leah B says:

    I love the Cute Kitten Mug Set. Thanks for the chance.

  83. Andrea Amy says:

    First, let me say I love your choice of name for your one of your cats. I have an all black cat named Eddie! I would love to see the Cat Sitting On Crescent Moon Necklace 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  84. ClickClick says:

    I would be happy to see anything cat related. I just hope the cats will like it.

  85. Stephanie Lichtman-Price says:

    Personally, the cat paw lace tote bag has been on my wishlist for a while, but I think my baby, Naima, would love the kick toy. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  86. Kittie Danger says:

    I love the crystal heart cat necklace, I love all kitties big and small!

  87. Stephanie Petruso says:

    The My Heart Cat necklace for me and the I Love Black Cats shaker for my fur babies.

  88. Miss Kiki loves to carry socks around and leave them in different places. she thinks a nice warm pair of socks would be nice in a gift box. Miss Pele wants a catnip mousie since one of hers got tossed in the washing machine this morning by accident. She said it’s no bueno anymore. And Pono said just give him a fuzzy warm blankie.

  89. Catnip mice would be great! My babies go through them so fast!

  90. Annie, Eddie and Mercy would poke their heads out of the ULTIMATE Valentine Surprise Gift Box =^.^= , but in their absence I’d love to receive the Shining Star earrings or a Feline Philosophy Bracelet (love them all, but Purr is my favorite) as my Valentine’s Day keepsake gift.

  91. Monica Best says:

    Yay, fun Valentine’s Day with cats…the best kind!

  92. Jenna Allensworth says:

    I think Meku would most like a few new toys and something yummy to snack on

  93. Somehow my last guy, Ollie, and our new guy, Gizzy, have no interest in boxes aside from rubbing on them and biting the edges. Go figure! 🙂

  94. My cats love cat nip so I would love to see any catnip toy!

  95. Gail Goldsby Reid says:

    I know it is a big ticket item, but I would most like to see the Cat Walk Tote in the Valentine surprise gift box. I think it is a spectacular purse.

  96. I love the cat moon necklace!

  97. Phyllis Beeler says:

    Bling! Oh bring on the Bling!

  98. I would most like to see the feline philosophy bracelet. -Melissa T

  99. LauraRichardson says:

    Ooooh, the Cat Moon necklace!

  100. Janet/TheCatOnMyHead says:

    A couple of my kitties hope to win so they can regift to their significant others. They think that purr bracelet would be nice.

  101. Shelley Joy P says:

    I’d love to find the the Cat Tail Ring or the Cat Chain Link Necklace in my Valentine Surprise Gift Box 🙂

  102. databbiesotrouttowne says:

    guyz…we due knot s’poze a case oh flounder wood werk huh….that wood be a sooper big box tho…..R vote iz for catnip mouz….and de dish he iz on 😉 ???

  103. Krista Shull says:

    I love the Lion & Cub necklace…and the ring that says My Cat is my Heart…But the best part of this box is the surprise! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  104. I’d love any of the beautiful cat necklaces and a cat nip toy or two for my furbaby, Annabelle!

  105. I would love the Cat Sitting on Crescent Moon or Lion & Cub Necklace or The night light…of course anything would be greatly appreciated!! Mercy always looks so excited, NOT, like my Onyx LOL…they are so funny! I love the black cat expressions! Priceless! The cats love your toys!!

  106. Julie Baker Parlacoski says:

    would love to see any kind of cat nip toy 🙂