Help Us Help Good Karma Pet Rescue Save Kitties!

Dorian with Good Karma Van

Kitties from Good Karma on the way to their forever homes!

Good Karma Pet Rescue Needs Our Help!

Good Karma Pet Rescue of South Florida is an amazing  non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of cats and dogs.   Kitty Transports are an important part of rescue because with the help of transport, cats can be relocated to areas of the country in need of cats to adopt from areas where there are more cats than homes!

Our good friend Dorian is an active supporter of Good Karma Pet Rescue and she doesn’t just say she supports them, she jumps in and donates her time and money too.  You might know Dorian from the Santa Paws Drives The Tiniest Tiger supported and she is the founder of CatLadyBox!

Good Karma Pet Rescue bought a shuttle bus to be able to transport more cats to their forever homes.  Dorian donated to help purchase the shuttle bus and thanks to your support of Triple T Studios, we were able to donate 20 of the crates to keep the kitties safe during the journey.

Happy Cats reach their destination.

Inaugural Transport Helps 45 Cats Find Forever Homes

In April, Dorian helped drive the inaugural transport from Florida to Vermont!  Just two cat lovers driving straight through with 45 cats on board! They drove through the day and through the night taking turns driving, sleeping and caring for the cats. This dedication to saving lives was a long and tiring journey but the results were worth every mile.

Here are a few of the happy cats with their new family on their way to their forever homes.

On the way home, the engine on the shuttle bus started smoking and when they popped the hood an awful looking substance was bubbling out of the engine.  The cat rescuers were stuck overnight and had to rent a car to get back home to Florida.

dorian with broken down van

Kitty Transport Shuttle Bus Breaks Down

Let’s Help Repair The Good Karma Pet Rescue Shuttle Bus

The shuttle bus is still in South Carolina.  Good Karma Pet Rescue has two estimates to get the van fixed.  The low end estimate is just over $3,000 and the higher end is just about $5,000. In addition, there is a $600 cost to get the bus towed down to Florida so they can have it repaired locally in case they would need to take it back in again. It looks like the higher cost job will be needed to get the van running reliably and confidently.  That is a lot of money, but we don’t want the cat ladies to be back on the road driving cats to their forever homes in an unreliable bus!

This shuttle bus will help save so many lives. Every trip can save the lives of 45 cats or more! Plus, there are big plans for it besides transports. Good Karma  thinks  it could be a mobile adoption unit since it’s air-conditioned, so that would also help save more lives!  The possibilities are endless… but they have to get it running again.

Triple T Studios will Match Donations Up To $1000!

Yesterday, for Dorian’s birthday wish, CatLadyBox  matched every donation up to $1000 to get the fundraiser to repair the kitty transport bus started! So, the original $1,000 in donations turned into $2000 with CatLadyBox’s matching donation!  The fundraiser is now over $3,000 but still in need of money to fix the bus!

We are happy to announce that Triple T Studios will MATCH EVERY SINGLE DONATION up to $1000 so the $1000 will turn into $2,000 with our matching donation and will help Good Karma Pet Rescue reach the total needed to repair the shuttle bus to save more lives!!

You can help by pouncing here: Get The #GKcatmobile Running Again

If you can, any amount will help and Triple T Studios will match your donation so any amount you donate will double up to the $1000.  Thank you so much for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger community and for caring for all cats big and small.


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