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Summer is a favorite time of  year for many but the hot humid days are not typically our favorite hair days.  I have naturally curly  hair and swim almost every morning during the summer months, so I have to try extra hard to tame my mane this time of year.  We added a few more cat themed hair accessories to Triple T Studios to help keep our hair under control.

Cat Shaped Hair Clips

Cat Shaped Hair Clips

These adorable metal cat shaped hair clips are available in both silver and gold. The clasp holds the clip securely in place.

The clips are 2.5″ length and 1.4″ from tip of ear to paw height.

Big Cat Hair Pins: Tiger and Leopard

Tiger Hair Pin Peopard hair pin

We love big cats too so when we saw these Tiger and Leopard Hair Pins we couldn’t resist adding them to our collection.  The Big Cat Hair Pins are silver tone metal with a cabochon style image, are just under 2″ long with the cat image measuring just about .75″ in diameter.  They are the same size…pay no attention to my image cropping skills. 🙂

I Love Cats Elastic Hair Band

I love cats elastic hair band

We added the I Love Cats Elastic Hair Band to the collection just for fun.  The cabochon style I Love Cats Image with a heart measures about .75″ in diameter.  Comfortable enough to wear on your wrist until you need it to pull your hair back.  I always have an elastic hair band with me so I was happy to add the I Love Cats Elastic Hair Band to my collection.

Cat Shaped Hair Pins

We still have in stock the purrfect accessory for your hair, these adorable cat shaped hair pins  available in both silver and gold.  Sold as a set of two and measure 2.5″ x 1″.

The Cat Themed Hair Accessories Giveaway

One member of The Tiniest Tiger community will receive a bundle of our  Cat Themed Hair Accessories from Triple T Studios.  One silver and one gold Cat Shaped Hair Clips, One Tiger and One Leopard Big Cat Hair Pin, Two I Love Cats Elastic Hair Band and two pairs Cat Shaped Hair  Pins, one silver and one gold.

If you can’t wait, you can learn more about Triple T Studios here: Fashion With a Passion®

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Let us know in the comment section below: How do you tame your mane?

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  1. Shelley Joy P says:

    I tame my mane by using a good conditioner and with hair accessories 🙂

  2. Shawn Cicchini says:

    These are Adoreabe! Oh my goodness! I just love them! I’m a fan for sure!

  3. Cleo's Mama says:

    I have very fine, straight hair and an oily scalp. If I don’t wash it every day it looks like an oil slick. Also keep it short so I don’t have to do anything but wash and go. The clips would be a nice change of pace if they would stay in my hair! It’s so slick everything just falls right out.

  4. I currently use a headband to keep my hair back. These kitty clips would give me a different way to “tame my mane”!

  5. Mabel Reina says:

    I Tame My Mane By Washing It With Conditioner First & Then I End With Shampoo. I Quickly Dry It With A Towel & Then Comb It. Last I Pick It Up In A Ponytail.

  6. I usually keep my hair too short for any accessories. However, I’m currently at the point where I can almost pony all of it, but the grown-out layers are just a little too short and fall throughout the day unless I glue it in place with heavy product. I threatened to grow it out, but it’s so annoying right now that I’m not sure it’s a viable threat!

  7. Haven’t found a way yet-but pretty things in your hair are a distraction method.

  8. Sharvia Sultana says:

    i just use a clip.

  9. ClickClick says:

    I use a tangle free brush.

  10. Stephania Ebony says:

    All my cats are rescues. My eldest is 21. None of them are “purebred”. They are all beautiful with strong and highly individual personalities.

  11. Stephania Ebony says:

    I brush it all the way forward and all the way back. It is a true curly mane.

  12. I tame my mane with specialty hair products.

  13. Dana Barela says:

    I tame my mane by letting it air dry. I use mousse in my bangs with a Velcro roller because I am way overdue for a haircut. That lifts them enough to push to the side. Or I pull my bangs back and use a barrette. I wear my hair in ponytails and clips often in the warm seasons, esp. because I love to drive with my windows open!

  14. Siobhan Armstrong says:

    I tame my mane by letting it air dry and leaving in the conditioner for as long as I can stand it before I go nuts at least once a week. I have a side part that allows me to see out of my good eye if my hair decides it will be uncooperative and fall into my face despite any hairclips or ties I put into it. If I want to get fancy, I use the special hair spray that was recommended to me and usually I do headband curls to get that old-fashioned look.

  15. Donna L Noe says:

    I tame my mane by using an air dry cream that my hair dresser suggested. It makes my naturally wavy mane look much more put together with no frizz. I also wear ponytails and hair pins to keep hair out of my face. I would absolutely love having the adorable kitty hair bundle. I have a Maine Coon and a Ragdoll. I adopted one from the Humane Society and found the other as kitten. He was dumped due to an umbilical hernia. That is fixed now.

  16. I often refer to my hair as a WMD. It has killed several vacuum cleaners and a weed whacker so far. It is 3′ long, wiry, and EVERYWHERE. When they colonize Mars, they will undoubtedly find my hair there. I would love to win these beautiful hair accessories to keep it in check!

  17. Jeanne Owens says:

    These hair pins and tie are so cute! I have such thick hair, I can really use them. If I cut my hair short, I usually just use a clip if it gets annoying, but if I let it grow out, I tie it in a tail or use a big clip to hold it up.

    • Super Hurrah!! Congratulations Jeanne! You are the winner of the Cat Hair Accessories Bundle. Your package is on the way via USPS. You will receive tracking notification by email. Thank you for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger Community.

  18. sillykittygirl51 says:

    big old bun on the top of my head and I try to only wash my hair once a week — sounds gross but it works plus I do rinse it off in the shower but only use conditioner 😉

  19. Holly Thomas says:

    I wear my hair in a ponytail.

  20. katboxjanitor says:

    Basic sulfate free shamppo, conditioner, air dry and at night braid my hair and go to sleep. Morning undo the braid and occasionally a dab of serum to help tame the wild for jib interviews.

    Experimenting with growing out my bangs and using clips or pins on my hair

  21. caroline schuck says:

    I absolutely love cats! I would love these hair accessories!!

  22. Lisa F. says:

    Just your standard shampoo, condition, brush. But I don’t wash it every day. Unless you have really oily hair, no need.

  23. Lots of conditioner and lots of brushing

  24. chantz428 says:

    Pull in back in a hair band and or/clip it up with a barrette — keep it close to my head and off of my neck!

  25. Allie Futterer says:

    I tame mine with hair serum and a straightening iron and hair bands! Thanks!

  26. Stevi Spiers says:

    I use Shea Butter leave in conditioner after washing my hair. Helps hair grow and shine. Also use a light overall mist of Pantene hair spray.

  27. Cheryl Young says:

    I pull it back with a scruchie. I guess that’s what they’re called. LOL!

  28. Theresa Spaid says:

    Pony tails seem to help a lot with bad hair days.

  29. Washing hair daily can do more harm than good. In between washings I use a mix of starch and spices that are similar to my hair color, and brush them into my hair with a boar bristle brush. Braids keep it from flying into a tangled mess on a windy day and help naturally highlight the hair. Kerchiefs on the head can be decorative and help tame it down too. Just a few ideas anyway.

  30. Deb Philippon says:

    I’ve found that a good haircut is the best start. If necessary, I’ll use a headband.

  31. nickie burke says:

    I mostly wear twists

  32. Linda Vonbraskat-Crowe says:

    With long hair, I gather it with cloth-covered elastic bands (no metal parts!) and then braid it.

  33. Head bands for sure in the summer, but sometimes just let it dry by itself and be FREE! Thanks so much!

  34. Rajeeva Jayaratne says:

    being a man its not a problem.

  35. tannawings says:

    My hair is kept long, so I use headbands in the summer, along with clips. I also use ponytail holder .

    ellen beck

  36. atcmaikai says:

    Headbands in winter, ponytail holders in summer – but these cute cat hairpins would be year round, meow!

  37. Susan Marie says:

    For my shoulder- length fine hair, I use small barrettes and clips, to keep hair from falling in my face. I also use ponytail holders when the weather is hot and humid. Your accessories are of course adorable because of the cat theme, I would like to add them to my small collection. Thank you.

  38. LT Kadry says:

    I go through a lot of ponytail holders, but some I’m getting ready to chop most of my hair off, the hair clips would be most welcome 🙂

  39. Judy Thomas says:

    My hair is really annoying and hard to tame.I tie it back but some always escapes and flicks in my face 🙂

  40. Mary Jo Krause says:

    There is no taming my hair anymore.

  41. Lily's Mom says:

    I’ve been using hair bands for years but I want to start using clips again.

  42. Vickie Kohn says:

    Hair clips all the way

  43. Tracy Brewer says:

    Right now I tame my mane with a rubber band.

  44. I have mom bun almost all the time

  45. Marilyn Nawara says:

    I pull it back and put it up using a hair clip or put it in a ponytail.

  46. Sarah Hedley says:

    Hairbands and tucking behind my ears works the best for my fine curly hair.

  47. I usually just pull my hair back into a ponytail most of the time. I love these cat clips.

  48. Heather Mackay Rossi says:

    Brushing and tuck behind my ears

  49. Regina Wade says:

    I use an elastic or clip to tame my mane

  50. Cindy Vanderbur says:

    usually a hairband. Loving the cat clips!

  51. Bianca Munoz says:

    I try to keep my hair in a pony tail and brush my hair daily. Thank you!