Happy Cat Wallet Giveaway

Triple T Studios Happy Cat Wallets

The New Happy Cat Wallet

Our new Happy Cat Wallet might be close to purrfect.  We packed a lot of features into this kitten-sized wallet.

Happy Cat Wallet unfolded

There are six card slots, one billfold, an outside windowed I.D. holder, and a requested zippered compartment for your change or receipts.

Happy Cat Wallet inside

The Happy Cat Wallet measures 3.75″ H x 4.5″ L  and is  Vegan-Friendly.  Available in both blue and green like our Happy Cat Handbags!

Special Offer Just For You!

Happy Cat Handbag with Zipper pouch

We created a special offer just for you!  When you purchase the new Happy Cat Handbag, you will receive the Happy Cat Zipper Pouch FREE!  Just add your choice of blue or green zipper pouch to your cart along with your Happy Cat Handbag.  Use the discount code: CatZipper during checkout. Your cart will be credited for $9.99.  Shipping is FREE too!  Pounce here to shop now:  Happy Cat Handbag

The Happy Cat Wallet Giveaway

Triple T Studios Happy Cat Wallets

One member of The Tiniest Tiger community will receive their choice of Green or Blue Happy Cat Wallet from  Triple T Studios.

If you can’t wait, you can learn more about Triple T Studios here: Fashion With a Passion®

How to Enter

Enter your information in the contest widget so we know where to ship your prize if you win.

Let us know in the comment section below: Will you put a photo of your favorite cat in your Happy Cat Wallet?

This giveaway is open to everyone! Void Where Prohibited

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  1. Victoria Cookies says:


  2. Patty Scott says:

    Soo Cute!

  3. MSG(Ret) Steven Binder says:

    Furbabies-7. And I carry a picture of every one of them!

  4. Mary Friedling says:

    Yes, I always carry a pic of each cat with me. ???

  5. Susan Katz says:

    Of course, I will a photo of one of the cats in the wallet (they are all my favorite, though, so how will I chose one?). That is so much better than putting my mug shot, oh!, I mean my driver’s license in it.

  6. Nicole in San Diego says:

    I’d definitely include a photo of Amy and Alexander. I lost Alexander tp cancer too young in April.

  7. Debbie Digiamberardino-Crivaro says:

    So cute!! I will put a pic of ALL my cats together in it!

  8. Debra Gillet says:

    Yes of course I will be putting in a picture of my cat!

  9. Mary Jo Krause says:

    Of course I will put pictures of my cat children in the wallet!!!!!

  10. Nancy Mackenzie Gunn says:

    i have 3 cats so will try get all 3 together for a cute pic to put wallet its so cute

  11. Lesley F says:

    Of course I will

  12. I’d most likely put my ID in the outside pocket of the wallet. I have so hundreds of pictures of my little one so it would be too hard to pick which one to put there!

  13. What better than cat pics to put in the cat wallet, of course!

  14. nancy pringer says:

    would love this as I have no children. my fur babies are my children!

  15. Janet Meisner says:

    It would be only right that kitty’s picture goes in my wallet.

  16. Kathleen Austin says:

    I love the blue one I will fill it up with things I love.

  17. Cat Fleming says:

    Yes, I’ll put photos of all my kitties in the wallet, if there’s room enough! Lol

  18. Molly Cook says:

    I would definitely put a picture of my cat in my wallet!

  19. Jane DeLuca says:

    I will definitely put photos my kitties in my new Happy Cat wallet! They make me so happy, and looking at their photos throughout the day reminds me of what is really important. Gabriel (Gabe Gabe for short) is my blue-grey boy who is 14 years old, and Lilly is my 2 year old tuxedo girl. I’ll also add photos of my two kitties who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge (Smudgette – Smudgie for short – who was 22 years old, and Pluto who was 18 years old – sweet black kitties). I love the Happy Cat design!

  20. Melissa says:

    Since each of my cats think that they’re my favorite, I will have lots of cat photos in this wallet! (Plus more in my phone.) I think the blue and purple wallet, my two favorite colors, is purr-fect, but the green is cute too!

    • Super Hurrah!!! Congratulations Melissa, you are the winner of the Happy Cat Wallet! We are putting your blue wallet in the mail today via USPS Priority mail. You will receive an email notification. Thank you for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger community.

  21. Jenny Exelbierd says:

    Cute wallet! Unfortunately, I would not have room for pictures of all of my cats in the wallet, so I’ll have to leave them on my phone for now.

  22. Dana Barela says:

    I would put a photo of my 2 cats together in the wallet!

  23. What nice wallets. And creative too. Thank you!

  24. Donna Haag says:

    I would be thrilled to have either color, but the blue is my preference. I currently have 4 kitties that rule my world and would love to display a picture of them for everyone to see!!

  25. Karin Whitehead says:

    I’m a true cat lover, I don’t ow. Cats, they own ME! Would love the blue wallet!

  26. acallforjustice says:

    These will be awesome I have two furbabies that I would be able to carry around with me. They don’t call me crazy cat lady for nothing!!! Everything for me as to be cat. Dat tshirt, cat car decal, keychains and more

  27. Judy Stella says:

    i would love the green wallet! I’d put a picture of my Maine Coon in the window!

  28. Leslie Pettit says:

    Of course! But then I work with BIG cats, so it will be hard to choose just one!

  29. Beth Caffrey says:

    I will certainly put a photo of my fur babies in my purrfect Happy Cat Wallet!

  30. Cleo's Mama says:

    Of course I will. Who wants to go out without pics of their babies?

  31. Misty Harsh says:

    I definitely will be putting a pic of my 2 boys, I could never pick a favorite…???

  32. Susan G Brown says:

    I have the contemporary cat handbag that I love. It would be great to have a cute wallet to go in it.

  33. katboxjanitor says:

    I couldn’t resist putting a picture of Kai my Tabby Guy on my wallet!

    My current wallet is 20 years old and beginning to fail. Plus it holds too much stuff, so this would be perfect!

  34. Janet May Astrack Parrott says:

    Yes I will, but deciding which one will be a problem!

  35. Allie Futterer says:

    I will definitely put a picture of my Maine Coon Maddie in my wallet 🙂

  36. chantz428 says:

    I’d use the pocket for my drivers license – the phone has my cat photos 🙂

  37. Holly Thomas says:

    Oskar will be featured in the wallet!

  38. Annette says:

    Of course I’ll put a picture of my favorite cat in the wallet! 🙂

  39. I will carry pictures of mine if I win!

  40. I used to carry pics of my pets in my wallet, but now they are on my phone. Might be good to scrounge up some old pics, though. Thanks!

  41. Linda Szymoniak says:

    Well, I have three dogs and three cats (all rescues). Naturally I’ll put ALL of their photos in the wallet (along with my three two-legged daughters). I like the blue best, too!

  42. LT Kadry says:

    I actually don’t have any printed pics of my cat, but I’ve got a bunch on my phone lol

  43. Jana Leah says:

    Of course. Now I have to figure out which photo.

  44. Ava Jarvis says:

    I absolutely would put in photos of my kitties! All of them!!

  45. Gentillylace says:

    Yes, of course I would put a photo of my calico/caliby Menina in the wallet 🙂

  46. Stephanie Lichtman-Price says:

    Of course I would put a picture of my two kitties, Naima and Tesla, in the wallet…they are my babies!

  47. Julie Baker Parlacoski says:

    Yes, I would put a pic of all three of my cats in the wallet. Love them so much

  48. Cindy Vanderbur says:

    This is adorable. But I have way too many rescue babies to fit their photos in here!

  49. Chipmunk says:

    I think it’s a great idea to put a picture on the wallet. I have a card in my current wallet saying that I have a kitty at home and providing emergency contact numbers. The picture on the wallet would perfectly complete the emergency info by quickly telling people that I probably have a cat and so getting them to more immediately look for other info in my wallet and get care more quickly to my kitty at home. I would ?? the blue!

  50. Heike Obergantschnig says:

    I will put a photo of all my cats in there, they are all my favorites.

  51. Susan Marie says:

    Yes, a photo of our lovely calico Jazz would be in the Happy Cat Wallet, Thank you.

  52. Rhonda Wertz says:

    I’d love to be able to carry a picture of my Onyx. She’s my beautiful Bombay kitty and is also my therapy cat! <3 <3 <3

  53. Such a cute wallet! And a perfect place to carry my sweet kitty’s picture.

  54. Jayedee Halpin Dewitt says:

    Of course i’ll carry photos of my cats! I love showing them off!

  55. Maria Appleby says:

    Yup, you bet! My husband and I both carry photos of our cats in our wallets already! They are our babies! =)

  56. Wendy Hatton says:

    With Luna’s picture in the wallet she’ll be able to go everywhere I go even if she is actually obliged to stay home and wait much of the time.

  57. I absolutely will out a few photos of my favorite kitties in the wallet because I can’t choose just one kitty as my favorite. I love them ALL and will put in at least 3 for sure of my 2 Ragdolls and Maine Coon rescue and then one of my 2 ferals, of course, because they have become members of our family as well too! Thanks for the giveaway and wish everyone good luck!

  58. Cindy Pieper says:

    I would certainly put a picture of my 2 beautiful cali girls in my new wallet! They are so awesome I love to show them off! I don’t care what color the wallet would be–I like them both and it’s too hard to decide! I just know that I would love to have one!?????

  59. I can’t play favorites so I would need to get a shot of my cats together.

  60. Virginia Campion Sage says:

    love the wallets!! nay even order 1 after 8/5.

  61. Patchycat says:

    Love the blue & pink one! I keep a photo of me & my very large dog in my wallet next to my license. More intimidating than the cats!

  62. Shelley Joy P says:

    I don’t carry photos in my wallet so probably not. I do have my fur babies pics on my phone though 🙂

  63. tannawings says:

    I have 5 cats and have yet to ever get a ‘group shot’ I might have to switch the pictures around because I have them individually.

    ellen beck

  64. Rajeeva Jayaratne says:

    i don’t have a cat. i have a dog.

  65. Deb Philippon says:

    I’m one of the few people who doesn’t carry pictures around with me.

  66. biggie55 says:

    i have them now so of course i would put them in my new one if i win

  67. Terri Hartley says:

    These are so cute! I could easily fill it with current pictures of my two kitties as well as pictures of kitties who have gone to the bridge.

  68. Milene Mittelhauser says:

    No, I don’t carry photos.

  69. No I most likely will not-I have never put a pet photo in my wallet before-not sure why not

  70. Christina Kitty Marie Brady says:

    Of course I’ll stuff as many pictures of my favorite cats as I can into my fancy new Happy Cat Wallet! Why else would I need to carry a wallet?! ?

  71. I don’t have a favorite cat. I’ve had several precious feline friends in my lifetime, and carry photos of all of them. 🙂

  72. Jeanne Powers says:

    No, I wouldn’t put a photo of my favorite cat. . . because I have seven at present and several other “heart cats” who have passed on, and to choose one or two above the others would hurt. Instead, simply carry photos of all in my purse. It’s quite a stack!

  73. Suzanne says:

    All of my pets would be featured!

  74. Marilyn Nawara says:

    Yes! I would put a picture of Mr. B in my new wallet.

  75. Cheryl Roarke says:

    Absolutely, I’d love the green one, it would match my sweet boy TC’s eyes.

  76. The Island Cats says:

    The mom will put pics of all of us in it!

  77. Tracy Courser says:

    All 4 of my fur children’s pictures would absolutely be in my wallet. As they are now!

  78. Mary Keating says:

    I would definitely put my kitties pictures in the wallet!

  79. Mabel Reina says:

    Absolutely I Would Put Pics Of My Kitties In That Awesome Happy Cat Wallet!! ??

  80. Sammlyn says:

    I tend to keep photos of my kitties on my phone and in my locker at work, not in my wallet. Stuff in my wallet gets way too beaten up!

  81. “Will you put a photo of your favorite cat in your Happy Cat Wallet?” I certainly plan to!

  82. Lisa Pecora says:

    Yes I would put pictures of my cats

  83. Monica Wong says:

    I would put pics of my cats in the wallet.

  84. Virginia Fuczynski says:

    I would put a picture of my 2 cats in the wallet. Love cats

  85. Yes I will have 2 pictures. One of my current cat MaggieMae (in the picture here) and another with my previous “forever cat” Cassie who passed away 6 yrs ago.

  86. Karen Arnold says:

    I would definitely put a picture of my fur baby Taryn in the wallet.

  87. Veronica Bohan says:

    My dad’s cat Pierson.

  88. Jeri Dickinson says:

    I like the green one best

  89. Shawn Cicchini says:

    Oh meow goodness! Yes,yes,yes! My sweet lil rescue kitty(Bella) certainly deserves a place of honor! She loves her picture taken! She’s 16 now,and full of life! Keeps the lil dog in his place! I always shAre pics of my baby girl! Love,love,love the cat wallet and handbag! In green of course! Her fave color!

  90. I might, but my Meow is so very black it’s hard to get a clear picture of her! People would think I have a picture of a moonless night in my wallet!

  91. AnnaZed says:

    Oh of course, Leonardo would be proudly displayed.
    {in the contest I am Margot C___ on the automated entry form}

  92. Leslie Davis says:

    If they all would let me get a photo of them all together I would. But I may put one of my kitty that disappeared 2 years ago.

  93. Kim Henrichs says:

    I would love to put a photo of my kitties in there!

  94. Judy Thomas says:

    I have five favourite cats but I think I would choose Demon as shes just had an op to remove tumours from her ears and is feeling better and healing well.

  95. disqus_0S16OLSCOR says:

    Yes, that’s one of the things you are suppose to do with a cat wallet, lol!

  96. Courtney says:

    Yes, but I still need to take a picture of both my cats together.

  97. I especially love the Green Happy Cat Wallet!

  98. Theresa Spaid says:

    I do have a beautiful pic of my Mushu by the Christmas Tree that I would put in the wallet

  99. Lea Turbert says:

    I may need two wallets for all my photos of my 10 cats. I would love a green one

  100. Pamela Garding-Smith says:

    Absolutely, I have 2 Nico and Lulu.

  101. leighnichols says:

    of course– my sweet Cattywampus went over the rainbow bridge in March. I miss her so

  102. I always carry photos of my kitties. Love showing them off 🙂

  103. Jessica says:

    One can never have too many pictures of cats!

  104. Cindy Koziel says:

    I would love to put a picture of my cat Coco in my new wallet.

  105. Eddie McKinley says:

    Yes I would love to put a picture of my cat Coco in my new wallet.

  106. Cheryl Young says:

    I will put a photo of both my kittens in it!

  107. I will put all of my cat’s pictures in there

  108. Krista Shull says:

    I would put a picture of all three together (if I can get one) in my wallet!

  109. Mary Jo Krause says:

    Why of course!!!

  110. Yes,I have a sweet picture of my kitty to put in my happy cat wallet! ^^

  111. My furbabies picture would be so very cute in this!

  112. Amy Michelle Berger says:


  113. ABSOLUTELY PAWsitively yes!

  114. Cindy Ajanel says:

    Yes I would put a picture of one of my fur babies in the wallet