Cute Cat Zipper Pouch Giveaway

Cute Cat Zippered Pouches Triple T Stuidios

New Cute Cat Zipper Pouches

Sometimes we run across a cat item that just makes us feel a happy when we look at them.  These new cute cat zipper pouches made us laugh with their sweet little faces.  We decided to add them to our collection because we thought you might like them too.

The cat zipper pouches are purrfect for your pens, pencils and other small items you like to keep organized.  The cat pouches are soft to the touch with a happy polka-dot lining.  The cat tails and cute eyes are sure to make you smile.

The cat zipper pouches measure about 8 inches long and just under 5 inches from paw to ear in height.

Available in Four Styles

Gray Tabby

Gray Tabby Cute Cat Zipper Pouch

Brown Tabby

Brown Tabby Cute Cat Zipper Pouch

Black & White

Black and White Cute Cat Zipper Pouch

Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes Cute Cat Zipper Pouch


The Cute Cat Zipper Pouch Giveaway

One member of The Tiniest Tiger community will receive all four of the Cute Cat Zipper Pouches from  Triple T Studios.

If you can’t wait, you can learn more about Triple T Studios here: Fashion With a Passion®

How to Enter

Enter your information in the contest widget so we know where to ship your prize if you win.

Let us know in the comment section below: How will you use your Cute Cat Zipper Pouches?

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  • sandy weinstein

    i would use it for change or some make up. it is so cute.

  • I would use it to tote my phone, DL and CC when I go walking with my friend Tammy.

  • Sherri H

    This cute pouch makes me smile every time I look at it, especially the brown tabby — has a look just like my little Emma! I would probably use it as a bag for my color pencils, or as a makeup bag to carry in my purse. Love it!

  • Holly Thomas

    I would use it for makeup.

  • Jill

    I would fill the zipper pouch with crochet supplied

  • Lesley F

    Would make a cute makeup bag

  • Deborah Trout

    I accidentally hit the submit before writing something so you can see I need as much help as I can get with organising meow life! I would use one definitely for my Mom who is in a Home, she’s 86 & can’t walk but still feisty! Put her make-up in it!

  • Rpeska

    I would definitely use them for pencils and pens. I have a couple binders that I use for church that I need pencil/pen cases for.

    • Congratulations and Super Hurrah! You are the winner of the set of Cute Cat Zipper Pouches. We will ship your package to you via USPS so keep a look out for it. Thank you for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger community.

      • Rpeska

        I just received them last night, thank you so much! <3

      • Rpeska

        Thank you so much, they’re great!

  • Dana Rodriguez

    Those are so cute. I would use one for lipgloss!

  • Sandra Oldham Horne

    I would put my knitting supplies in it for on the go knitting

  • Julie Baker Parlacoski

    I’d use it when I don’t want to bring my whole pocketbook somewhere. I can put my stuff that I need in there and it’s lighter to carry.

  • Krysta

    I like to keep organized and I live on the road so I would use them as car organizers to keep loose change in, to keep some writing material in, coupon caddy was a great idea, and the last one… the possibilities are endless!

  • Stephanie Laschuk

    So cute! Love the expressions! Totally would keep it in my purse for little odds and ends like band aids and bobby pins.

  • Sharon A. Allen

    These are so cute! I would use to put coupons and change in my purse.

  • Annette

    I’ll use it i my large tote bag.

  • Shelley Joy P

    These are too cute!! 🙂 I’d use mine to hold my ID, meds and money.

  • Lisa F.

    I think I would see if my cell phone fits in it!

  • Dana Barela

    I would use mine for change or medications.

  • Mary-Carol Sliter

    These are sooo cute. I can think of dozens of uses for them!

  • I’d put the little things in my purse in it

  • Tracy Brewer

    To better organize purse. And others for my daughters.

  • Lynn P.

    These are adorable! Purrfect for so many things!

  • Deb Philippon

    I would use mine as a change purse.

  • Teresa Martinoli

    I would use mine for pens and small objects that get easily lost

  • Cat Fleming

    I would use 3 of them as gifts to my granddaughters & use the 4th for pens/pencils or glasses or misc stuff that I need to keep organized.

  • Janet Meisner

    I would give it to a friend who would use it daily.

  • Debra Guillen

    I would give the cute cat zipper pouch to my daughter for her birthday…she loves all things cats.

  • Patchycat


  • Vickie Kohn

    Carrying dice!

  • katsrus

    I would use it for change. So cute. Thanks for the chance.
    Sue B

  • Nancy Pingree Hoover

    Those have to be the cutest little pouches I’ve ever seen! They look like they would make great change pouches. The blue eyes one is my favorite. 😀

  • Mary Keating

    I would use the pouch for the many random little things that I have!

  • leighnichols

    As a change purse

  • Lily’s Mom

    I’ll use it to carry my hairbrush and a few makeup essentials. And maybe a pen and paper.

  • chantz428

    I’d probably use it for my glasses — then maybe I wouldn’t lose them all the time!

  • Christina Serrano

    I would use them to hold my ear buds. So cute!

  • tannawings

    I would use mine as a change purse or for coupons for cat products!

    ellen beck on form

  • Ava Jarvis

    These are super cute! I’d probably use mine to keep my pens all in one place!

  • Karen Dunlap

    I would probably just use it as a decoration – these are so cute!

  • Alexis & Mitzi for GinnyCat

    My gosh these are cute, I would use these go hold my makeup!

  • MichelleNelson&Famly

    These cut cat zipper pouches are awesome. #SoCute

  • Cheryl Roarke

    In my daily life, I always prefer a smaller purse, I’d love the black and white one, it looks a lot like my sweet boy TC.

  • Pamela Garding-Smith

    I would use it for some lispstick and hand wipes.

  • tammy

    I may gift mine to my sister who would probably take it to work with small change for work.

  • Marilyn Hamill

    I would put essentials in it to take to work.

  • Rajeeva Jayaratne

    i would give this to my niece.

  • Vikki Billings

    If I win I am going to use this cutie as a gift for my best friend, she will most likely use it as a little purse. She would love it.

  • Theresa Spaid

    I love it for my credit cards and a pen.

  • augsksa

    these are sooo cute! so many of them look just like my cats. i would use it for change and credit cards.

  • augsksa

    these are sooo cute! so many of them look just like my cats.

  • Tracy Shafer

    I would use it for my change and credit cards!

  • Mary Friedling

    I think I would use them as makeup bags. Also as a pen/pencil holder next to my chair . Joe likes to steal them. One for my phone charger and USB wire for my purse. Last one is up in the air at the moment.

  • Gina Piantedosi

    I love these!! Would love grey tiger one if I’m lucky enough to win!! I would use mine for lipsticks!!

  • Linda Szymoniak

    OMG, these are beyond adorable. The irony is, I could see using one of these to store my dogs’ poop bags when we go for walks. We’re a mixed house – three dogs and three cats (with one additional dog and two additional cats temporarily at our house – getting away from Hurricane Irma in Florida). This would also make a cute change purse or even a place to put treats for the cats (or dogs).

  • disqus_0S16OLSCOR

    I would put little odds ad ends in it that are hard to keep up with, such as pens, pencils, paper clips, safety pins, and nail clippers.

  • John

    “How will you use your cute cat zipper pouch?” I will give it to a family member who will use it to organize important sundry items.

  • C.D

    I would use it for make-up!

  • Judy Thomas

    I would use it to keep crafting tools in 🙂 or use it as a purse.

  • Courtney

    Maybe change or make up to store in my purse.

  • Allie Futterer

    I will use this cute pouch to carry my change and tokens!

  • Audrey Marie Jarrett

    I would use it as a change purse.

  • Marianne Ray

    I would put colored pencils, markers and pens or coins in it.

  • Maria Appleby

    I would use one to store a small supply of medications in, to keep in my purse. I would give the others as gifts to cat loving friends. These pouches are so cute! I love them!

  • Monica Wong

    I would put my coloring pencils in it.

  • Jenna Allensworth

    I’d use it as a decoration on my shelves

  • I LOVE these pouches. I would use mine for makeup.

    • and gift a couple too

  • Teresa

    These are absolutely ADORABLE! Am going to give this to my girlfriend who has a kitty who looks just like the one with blue eyes! Thank you so much.for the wonderful giveaway!

  • john

    I will gift it

  • Krista Shull

    I just love those faces!! I would use mine to organize my lipsticks in my purse. That way every time I refresh my lipstick I can see my cute zipper pouch!

  • jmuhj

    Every time I see these pouches, even in the face of grim life these days, I break into a big smile. The black&white especially makes me grin — just LOOK at that FACE! I don’t know for sure what I’d put in them, but they’d definitely be front and center here, so I could have many daily opPURR-TUNA-ties to smile 🙂

  • Susan Kuras

    There are so many possiblities on how to use the pouches. I’m thinking that I will use it in my purse in some way. They are so adorable.

  • VickyC

    I would use some of the pouches to hold my knitting supplies and I would give one to a friend because it looks like her Rex

  • Judy Simon

    i just love these!! I would use one for some makeup for my purse and maybe my special pens. Perhaps give away 1 or 2 to another cat lover. Thank you!

  • the truth is out there

    I love them all.. I am an artist and I will use it for my drawing pencils and art supplies.

  • Meg

    I will use mine to put my cats leash in to store and take wherever we go 🙂

  • Noreen Pazderski

    I will keep the gray tiger as it looks like my cat and use it to keep my pill bottles together. The other pouches will be given to my friends.