Kivikis Cat House Giveaway

Cat in Kivikis Cat Cave

Eddie loves a cave. He will slip off and hide out in several cave-like places we have created for him throughout the house.  All cats need their own space and alone time and Eddie’s preferred space is a cave.  One of his favorite caves is the Kivikis Cat House. The Kivikis Cat House is a modern designed from wool cat house-bed. Hand felted from natural, ecological wool.  This cat house is perfect for your cat to feel safe and snug while watching the action in the house or for a cat nap. . The bed  is soft and warm, so Eddie thinks your cat will be happy with this cat cave too!

Cats Check out the cat cave

Eddie and Mercy persuade Annie to give up the Cat Cave

Sometimes Annie tries to take over the cat cave.  We think Annie does this just to get to Eddie because she is more of a tree-dweller than a cave cat.  Don’t worry, Eddie can be persistent at getting his way and it wasn’t long until he reclaimed his cave.

Eddie back in the cat cave

Eddie surveys his surroundings from the cat cave

Tucked safe back inside his cave, Eddie surveys his surroundings to make sure Annie and Mercy are not plotting a takeover.  Eddie loves his Kivikis cat house so much he wants to share one with a member of The Tiniest Tiger community.

The Kivikis Cat House Giveaway

One member of The Tiniest Tiger community will receive a blue Kivikis Cat House  from The Tiniest Tiger

How to Enter

Enter your information in the contest widget so we know where to ship your prize if you win.

Let us know in the comment section below: Where will you put your Kivikis Cat House

This giveaway is open to everyone! Void where prohibited.

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  • Nena Sinclair

    I would put this in my living room, by the couch. That’s where my cats love to spend the most time, close to me.

  • Cleo’s Mama

    I would put it in the corner of the living room where Her Majesty can see anyone in the living room, dining room and kitchen.

  • leighnichols

    In our living room

  • Sonya Allstun

    in the living room since its the coolest part of the house my kitty needs a place to keep warm

  • Lia C

    I would put my Meow’s Kivikis Cat House next to the fireplace, which she gets as close to as possible.

  • Bon Bon Temps

    I would put the kivikis cat house in the living room near the kitchen where whoever gets it can watch all the going ones especially in the kitchen. They love to know whatever I am making in the kitchen.

  • Heather B.

    In the living room next to her box of toys!

  • Michelle Spayde

    I would probably put the Kivikis Cat House in my living room.

  • Shannon L Miranda

    I think I would put this on our dining room table. Its not used as it should be, but it would be a great place for her to be up high and without the dog bothering her.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I think my kitties would love this by a sunny window!

  • C.D

    I would put it in our office by the window. A nap & a view!

  • Suzy Walter

    This would go in my sunroom beside the patio door so my cats would have a private place to watch the birds.

  • Krista Shull

    I would put this Kivikis Cat House Bed in the main living room so that all my kitties and fosters can enjoy it and be with us while we’re relaxing in the evening.

  • Judy Simon

    I would place mine by our fireplace <3

  • Shane Stack

    I would put it in the family room, as neither of my boys like to be far away from me!

  • Jenna Allensworth

    I’d put in in the bedroom near her scratcher post

  • Susan Goldberg

    I have 11 kitties in my home, 5 of them are fosters. One kitten, Tabi, arrived with chemical burns on his feet and chin at the age of 4 weeks. He is very shy and spends his time under my bed. I would put this in my room next to the french doors, I think he would love it. He is now 6 months old and I think he will be a permanent resident.

  • Gloria Tretiak

    I would put it in on e of the windows that she sits in the most

  • Melissa White

    I think that both of my cats would love this! I would put in near the window where their Square of Sunshine shows up in the morning

  • Rpeska

    I’m not entirely sure which of the 5 fuzzies would use this, but I’m sure at least the boys would try it. Not sure if I’d put it near their cat trees or if I’d tuck it away somewhere more quiet. I’d have to try it out!

  • Colleen DoublyBlessed McCallis

    My 22 pound Boaz, 8 years old, has his own house bed, but little 5 pound Zoe, six months old, is continually popping in there with him to snuggle. His attempts to hiss and/or bat her out of his house are misinterpreted as invitations to play, and Zoe rises to the occasion. She is as swift as that Tasmanian devil in the Looney Toons and, true to his kind and gentle nature, dear Boaz flees his house every time. Where does all this action take place? At the foot of my bed, where Boaz prefers to roost.

    A second cat house would be most appreciated.

  • Cat Fleming

    I would put it in the living room, where our semi-feral cat likes to hide in dark caves & boxes

  • Nancy Nemer

    In our bedroom, right next to the bed on my side so Zepplin can sleep in it right next to me.

  • chantz428

    In my living room, in a sunny spot because the kitties like it warm 🙂

  • Legal beagle

    My kitties would all want to climb inside together.

  • Lisa F.

    I would put this in the living room so I could enjoy the happy baby sleeping in it!

  • Olya Downing

    It would be perfect for my older boy when he wants to get away from the youngsters. Even his girlfriend may fit in there!

  • rita siavelis

    I will place the cat cave infront of the fireplace

  • Andrea

    Too cute – my babies will be fighting over this. The two old ladies ( both 16) will likely claim it before the ‘youngersters’ (both 7).

  • Kelly Hacker

    I don’t know where I would put the cat house since I have to move and haven’t found a new place yet…

  • Carol Chisholm

    My two kitties like to be warm and be near us so I would put this next to one of the radiators in the downstairs. That’s where we spend much of our time.

  • Deb Philippon

    Since my husband is allergic, we can’t have a cat. If I won, this would be a present for my best friend, who is kitty-centric.

  • Marilyn Nawara

    I would put it in my office so Mr. B and snuggle while I’m working

  • Rose Redinger

    One of my three cats would love this

  • Leisa Lynn

    This would go great on the floor under one of the levels of their cat tree.

  • Amy Williams

    My kitties would love this! Their beds are in the livingroom and this would be ideal right by their cat tree and scratchers which is their favorite hangout area!

  • Michelle R. Johnson

    This would be perfect for the living room!

  • Jill Martin Johnson

    My two kitties will just love this and will probably want it in the living room so they can look at us while snoozing in it.

  • Linda Szymoniak

    We have three cats. Two are young, but my Moko is an older girl who likes to spend much of her time in something like this. I think she’s really feeling the chill this winter, so I’d really love for her to be able to win this!

  • Suzanne

    In the bedroom- our littlest kitten would love it, as would our oldest boy!

  • Rae Ann Rockhill

    My Jax would love a cat cave. I’d keep it right in the living room so he can snuggle and still be near his brother Rajah and me.

  • Sonya Jo Armbrust

    I would put it in the livingroom!

  • sarah oswald

    My cat would love this he loves hanging in the living room so I would probably put it in there.

  • Susan Beamon

    My Kaine is a cave dweller. He gets under the sheets on my bed even during the day. I would find a hiding place he already uses to put the Kivikis Cat House so he’ll feel safer.

  • Donna

    The kitty house would be a permanent fixture in my living room. This way I will be able to see which of my 3 furgirls or perhaps 1 of my furboys is in it!

  • satcat

    I have 5 cats, & they spend most of there days lounging in the family room, so I would chose the family room.

  • Cindy

    I have a few cats that will love this – but they will share!

  • tannawings

    I would put the Kivikis Cat House bed near the woodburner where they all love sleeping. There are constant shifts around the burner so they keep toasty. I can only imagine who would end up in this. We run the furnace and the woodburner as it is super cold here in the winter and the cats would love a bed like this.

    ellen beck

  • Deb Jauess

    Any one of my 6 cats would love to curl up in this cute cat bed. It would go in our family room where they like to spend most of there time with us.

  • Wendy Hatton

    Luna likes to be in our company but pretend she’s not by hiding so this Kivikis House will make her very happy. She can watch tv with us peeping out of her House. She’ll love it.

  • Heather Hennessey

    This would probably be in the living room

  • jules mcnubbin

    i would put it in the kitty room!

  • tammy

    I will put this in the living room under the side table where my Cream likes to lay

  • Kat Poling Olmstead

    This would go in my bedroom. She doesn’t sleep with me but likes to be near me.

  • Cathy Keisha

    Wha a wonderful cave. I love my blue igloo and would love this cave so TW can wash the igloo. I’d put it up on Pop’s bed.

  • Cheryl Roarke

    In for my sweet boy TC, I know he’d just love to snuggle in this cat house bed.

  • catchatcaren

    Not entering because Cody has had the exact same one for a few years now. He absolutely LOVES IT! Good luck to all who enter!

  • Yvonne Davis

    A warm and fuzzy cave for chilly winter nights, what cat wouldn’t want one? We’d put in the livingroom, where Thomas can curl up near us.

  • Leona Petrosky Lombardo

    I would put the house bed in my daughters bedroom.

  • Jill

    I would put it in my office/craft room so Fluffy has a place to hide if he hears a noise and gets spooked or the dog barks and alerts him to possible danger.

  • Susan Pertierra

    I will put this is the living room so the cats can take turns hiding in it.

  • Cheryl Young

    In my bedroom by the windows for my kitties to lounge and see the world!

  • Evelyn Chuter

    I would put it in my bedroom since that’s where the majority of my cats hang out.

  • Tracy Brewer

    I would like 3nfor my babies. They hide in sheet closet now with extra blankets. Cuties.

  • biggie55

    My cat Cassie who is 14 years old and loves to be hugged so this would be a great bed for her.

  • Pam

    right in the living room so Toby can hang out with us in his cave!

  • Judy Thomas

    I would put it by my bed as I have a rescue cat that has anxiety and it would be perfect for her to be close to me.

  • Tigger,Maizy,Smitty& Felix mom

    This will go in my office, where I work all day, and the kits hang out. My orange boy Tigger loves to nap underneath blankets. I think he would love this. My senior cat Maizy will be 13 and she loves to curl up, so she will get first dibs!

  • The Island Cats

    We probably would put this in our humans’ bedroom so one of us cat sleep in it when they are sleeping. It’s very cool!

  • Mary Jo Krause

    I would put it in the kitchen with their other tunnels and toys. They have a whole section in the kitchen just for them.

  • Nicole C

    I would probably put mine in our bay windowsill! My kitty loves to hangout there and watch the birds.

  • I’d keep it near my bed, where my cat currently likes to curl up at night

  • Christine White

    Maybe in the bedroom, since not everyone has room on the bed!

  • RavenWillowBlackbriar

    My newest rescue Lily Rose would LOVE this! she has a sleeping-bag type bed she crawls into. It would go in her favorite spot next to the kitty tree where she can see me on the pc (I can’t be out of her sight!)

  • Arlene Schwindt

    I would put the bed exactly where my boy sleeps on the carpet to see if he would crawl into it. He has a box that I made into a hidey-hole that he uses occasionally so I am curious to see if he would like this type of bed.

  • Sandra Gaultois

    I would put it in my livingroom close to Jacob’s cat tree 🙂

  • Alison Braidwood

    I’d put this in my living room in front of the electric fire (the cats’ prefered snoozing place). One of my cats is a burrower, so she’d love this.

  • Janet Meisner

    I would put it in our family room as he likes to play there.

  • susansmoaks

    i would put this in the living room, the cats love it in there.

  • Shelley Joy P

    I would put my Kivikis Cat House Bed by the window in the living room.

  • Monica Wong

    I would put the Kivikis Cat House by my computer. This will give them a comfy place to rest while I am using my computer.

  • Mary Somerville

    I would put the bed in our family room- where we spend the most time.

  • Lisa Pecora

    I would put it in the walk in closet, aka the cats bedroom lol

  • Annette

    This would go great in my bedroom! I think my smallest feral Jasmine would love it!!!
    She would feel safe in there.

  • Krysta

    MY caravan favorite place to sleep is in the washing machine so I’ll either put it in there or near the window. Thanks again for these giveaways!

  • bonnie sapperstein

    It will a difficult decision because my four fur-babies will want to be on the bed and in the kitty cave! I have wanted one of these for a long time. I know that they will love it!

  • I would put in living room by window

  • Cindy

    I would put in our living room in front of our tv.

  • Kristy Lynn Wright

    it would go in my bedroom or the living room…where the cats hang out the most!!

  • RDiStef

    Cat Caves! My little feral rescue loves to have places to tuck himself down and hide when strangers come over. Something like this would be super easy to tuck into the corner in the sun-room for a comfy hideaway. 😀

  • Kathy Kuykendall

    I will put it under my raised bed. We have created a cat cave under there that our 4 special needs rescues love, especially our 3 legged kitty.

  • Phyllis Beeler

    In the LR , she has to be near us.

  • Patchycat

    Great bed! We would put it in front of the sliding glass door so the kitties could look outside.

  • Vicki Andrew

    put it in the livingroom so my Shadow kitty could spend time with me

  • Margaret Babcock

    My cats would love this. But especially my black kitty Winston. He loves being under the covers. I’d put it in front of my balcony doors where there is a perpetual sun puddle.

  • SOUL Uploaded

    I would have to ask the cats where they wanted it and that’s where it would go…

  • Laura Weismann

    I would love to try one of these for my new kitten !!

  • I would place this very enticing Kivikis Cat House Bed in our family room where we hang out most of the time. It would be such fun to watch the cats crawl in and cuddle up in this bed after getting tired from climbing and playing on our cat tree. They would love this! And so would we!!.

  • jmuhj

    Thank you for this wonderful opPURR-TUNA-ty to win! If we are the lucky winners, the Kivikis Cat House will be in the master bedroom, where it is sure to be enjoyed by all.

  • Courtney

    Probably on my bed or on my bedroom floor

  • Cindy Loohoo

    I would put this under the night stand next to our bed. I think I would get a customer within seconds, lol! ?

  • S Blake

    I would put it on my bed for my 17 year old Phoebe so she is warmer. She wants to be near me but is not a big fan of cuddling.

  • Gail Goldsby Reid

    I would put it on my bed. We are having a rough winter in Ohio, with bitterly cold temperatures. My two rascals would enjoy snuggle up in this Cat House.

  • neddycat

    I would put it at the end of my bed for Winston, my elderly cat with chronic pancreatitis. He loves extra warmth!

  • Sharon Jean Lake

    I would put it in the bedroom first as that is where we have just one cat bed. Shovel uses that one. But I think he’d love the cave. If it doesn’t work there, it will go in the living room as Shovel spends his time there on my lap. Toothpick is perfectly content to sleep on my head or if I am not there, he sleeps on my pillow. Love my boys.

  • Noreen Pazderski

    I would probably move the Kivikis Cat House Bed around the house….when I am out at work, I would put it on my bed near the wall so the baseboard heat gently warms it. When I am home, I would place it in the living room on the couch so Sherlock could look out the window if he chose.

  • Stephanie Lichtman-Price

    This is so cool! I would put it by the front balcony door where my older cat, Naima, loves to sit and catch the sun. I’d have to get a second one for my younger cat, Tesla. I would put his in my sewing room, which seems to be his favorite place to hang out when I’m not home.

  • Mary W

    The Kivikis Cat House cave would be placed in my office. I know all the cats would like it. I am hoping our feral rescue would view this house as his safe place.

  • ravens_nest

    I’ll put this cat house on our Willow’s favorite chair. She’s a long-haired cat but needs shaved for health reasons. It’s very cold here. Willow needs this to stay warm!

  • Mary Hall

    My one kitty is very skittish and would like one of these to feel secure in.

  • sandy weinstein

    i would put in in the living room under the piano so my kitty will not be disturbed.

  • Alexis & Mitzi for GinnyCat

    Hallway bench is where I first try the Kivikis Cat House Bed as the entry hallway bench is Mitzi’s favorite spot to nap and with this fridgid winters she would love a cave to nap in!

  • Milene Mittelhauser

    It’s lovely, I would put it in the living room so that they could hang with me still.

  • tannybogus

    I would put Kivikis Cat House Bed on the corner of my bed. They love to. Sleep there.

  • I would put my Kivikis Cat House Bed on the couch so the kids can sit in it while I read or watch tv.

  • AngeSF

    we would either put the Kivikis Cat House bed in our sunroom which is really the cat room or our living room. They spend most of their time between the two rooms where there are lots of windows and high places for them to rest and look over the squirrels and birdies.

  • Debra Guillen

    I would put the Kivikis Cat House Bed in the livingroom because she loves to be with us and spends most of her time in the livingroom where we all spend time.

  • mrzipfu

    My cats would love this! I would put it in front of the sliding glass door that looks out on the backyard

  • Rochelle Hess

    I would put it on the top of my kitty tree. That is where my little heat seeking meezer mix likes to hang out.

  • Chipmunk

    My kitty and I experience very cold winter days (-40C with the wind chill recently) and colder nights. The Kivikis Cat House would go on my bed on the 3rd floor where it is warmest, so that my kitty can keep warm while I am away at work and especially at night when the house is kept even cooler to save on energy. I have to make sure that my kitty has warm places to hide in case the furnace would ever stop working while I am away. The Kivikis Cat House would be so much better than the tent I make kitty out of the cushions on the bed!

  • Jennifer

    The kitty cave would go in a nice corner in my bedroom where my kitty can observe all the goings on ?

  • Heike Obergantschnig

    I would put it in the living room near a heater, so it will be super cozy.

  • Ashley Ferrara

    I would put this bed in the living room where all the cats can gather and enjoy. We have many as we rescue and they would all want to snuggle in it.

  • sillykittygirl51

    I’ve got one of those shelf organizers so that I have enough room for both my human and cat things and this would sit perfectly on the top shelf!! My youngest likes to get up as high as felinely possible and would enjoy this. Happy New Year!!

  • Rita Spratlen

    I would put it in the living room by the window right in the midst of things!!

  • kimbly

    My kitty loves to be right in the middle of things. I’d put it in the den so she could survey her domain

  • Paige

    I would put the cat cave on the wide shelf near the window where the cats love to watch the world and then take a nap.

  • In our second bedroom, which is “home base” for our newer, shyer kitty. 🙂

  • Tracy Shafer

    right in the middle of the living room floor! I know all 3 of mine will be so curious and have to check out what it is.

  • John

    “Where will you put your Kivikis Cat House Bed?” On the floor, where Kitty will most enjoy it!

  • Tommi

    I will put it in our bedroom as one of my kitties likes to be in her cubbie in her cat tree. This would give her the chance to be closer to us but still be cozy…and hidden! 🙂

  • Kathy McAdams-Siverson

    I will put it where Peggy Sue can use it. She has a deformed leg and my other cats sometimes push her out of the other beds.

  • Nicole in San Diego

    Amy will choose where it goes, perhaps in the back room where she enjoys her private sleep time.

  • ClickClick

    I will put it in my cat room. It can replace a box with a blanket.

  • DJohnson

    I would put it in my living room.

  • Christine Barb

    I would move it from our bed to the living room but would probably leave it on the bed more only because all 4 sleep there the most.

  • sandi_l

    I’d put it on my bed where they like to snooze.

  • Hinghamgirl

    I would bring this to the Hull Seaside Animal Shelter as a donation. I know several kitties that would love this!

  • Kim Henrichs

    I would put it in my bedroom!

  • katsrus

    I would put the bed in my bedroom for my kitty Garfield.
    Sue B