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The Convention with Cattitude

CatConLA 2016 takes place this weekend June 25th & 26th 2016 at The Reef in Downtown Los Angeles. The convention with cattitude celebrates groundbreaking products and ideas in art and design, pop culture, and of course attitude… for people that love cats.

CatConLA is part expo, part symposium, and showcases some of the world’s top cat-centric merchandise including furniture, art, toys and clothing for cat lovers, as well as sessions with some of the top cat experts in the world.

Triple T Studios is a Returning CatConLA Vendor

CatCon 2016 Triple T Studios


Triple T Studios is proud to be a returning vendor to the second CatConLA.  We will be ready to meet cat loving friends at Booth #413 where we will be displaying some of our most popular products.  If you can’t make it to CatConLA this weekend, we don’t want you to feel left out so we are offering to members of The Tiniest Tiger community entry into the $250 Shopping Spree Giveaway!

The winner of the $250 Shopping Spree will receive a gift card to use for any items from Triple T Studios.  You can choose from our handbags and totes with feline finesse, or  cat-inspired jewelry collection.

CatConLA Triple T Studios Handbags

The Triple T Studios $250 Shopping Spree Giveaway

One member of The Tiniest Tiger Community will win a $250 Shopping Spree in honor of Triple T Studios CatConLA Celebration.  The winner will receive a gift card to use on any items you choose from Triple T Studios.

If you can’t wait, you can save 30% off all purchases with your discount code: CatConLA

You can find more information about Triple T Studios here : Fashion With a Passion™

How to Enter

Enter your information in the contest widget so we know where to ship your prize if you win.  Pounce over to, then come back and leave a comment below this post telling us; What will you choose from Triple T Studios for your shopping spree?    

This giveaway is open to everyone.

The Rules:

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Triple T Studios Black Cat Necklace Giveaway Tue, 21 Jun 2016 14:47:04 +0000 Black Cat Necklace

The Black Cat Necklace

We found the Black Cat Necklace and we loved it and thought you might too.  The necklace is made in the cabochon style with two adorable cat ears on top from a zinc alloy and is lead and nickel free. The cabochon pendant measures 1 inch (25 mm) in diameter, not too big and not too small, just purr-fect.

The necklace comes with the 20 inch  (50 cm) black chain with a 2 inch (5 cm) extender and a lobster clasp.The necklace weighs about 10 g. The Black Cat Necklace  comes in a pretty organza draw string bag and is gift boxed with a stretchy silver bow band.  We have to keep an eye on Eddie when we add the silver bow bands to packages.  He loves the shiny bows and will try to run off with one every time.

Mercy handsome on CPT


This Black Cat Necklace pays tribute to the black cats that share our lives and we love so much.  Nothing unlucky about these fantastic felines!  We know we feel super lucky to share our lives with our boy Mercy.

The Triple T Studios Black Cat Necklace Giveaway

One member of The Tiniest Tiger Community will win a Black Cat Necklace from Triple T Studios.

You can find more information about the Black Cat Necklace here: Triple T Studios

How to Enter

Enter your information in the contest widget so we know where to ship your prize if you win.

Leave a comment below this post telling us; Do you share your life with a black cat too?    

This giveaway is open to everyone.

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Happy Father’s Day to Cat Dads Too Sun, 19 Jun 2016 22:00:57 +0000 Paul and Mercy

Paul and Mercy

Paul and Mercy

This is a photo of our dad with Mercy.  As you can see from the photo, Mercy loves him so much  and our dad is pretty fond of Mercy too.  In the morning when he leaves for work, Mercy runs to the door and cries and cries.  It is a mournful meow that breaks our hearts.

Mercy and Paul go way back.  He knew Mercy before Eddie and I were adopted.  You might know that Mercy lived with our grandma for most of his life too, so this has been a tough year for both our dad and Mercy.

Paul and Mercy

Mercy telling Paul a story

This photo is from Mercy’s kittenhood.  He was sure telling our dad a story.  He always loved dad a lot because he is the one that rescued Mercy from the streets.

Paul and Eddie

Paul and Eddie

Eddie tells my dad a secret.

Eddie gets preferential treatment from our dad.  You might not think that is true, but just look at his face while Eddie tells him a secret.  He is just beaming with pride.

Eddie and Paul

Eddie and Paul laughing.

Look at them laughing up a storm.  Can’t you see how spoiled Eddie is?  Now look how our dad looks at me when he is holding me.

 Annie and Paul

Annie and Paul

He looks like he doesn’t trust me.

Look at our dad’s face when he is holding me, Annie.  Doesn’t he look like he doesn’t trust me?  I mean, I haven’t given him any reason to think that, well at least not today.

Annie and Paul

Annie and Paul

Here we are again and you can see that once again, my Dad is looking out of the corner of his eye like he doesn’t trust me.

Paul and Annie in the sunroom

Paul and Annie in the sunroom

And again!!  And look at me.  I am angelic.

Paul and Annie looking out

Paul and Annie

Then our mom reminded me of this photo of Dad and me.  This is when he came home from a tough day at work and scooped me up so I could purr and help him feel better.  So, he does love me too.

Happy Father’s Day to all dads everywhere.  Thank you for loving us.

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Rarest Cat in the World? Assessing the Javan Fishing Cat Tue, 14 Jun 2016 12:00:48 +0000 Fishing Cat Hunting in Long Grass Prionailurus Viverrinus

Fishing Cat Hunting in Long Grass Prionailurus Viverrinus – Image Courtesy of Anthony J. Giordano

Is the Javan Fishing Cat the Rarest Cat in the World?

The Javan fishing cat was declared “Endangered” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in 2008. This was due to the rapid disappearance of freshwater and coastal habitats across south Asia and in part due to the lack of records for the species despite wildlife surveys across  the region.  Data on fishing cats shows their distribution to be discontinuous, with many populations isolated.  The most isolated are the fishing cats on Java, where the only recognized subspecies of the fishing cat occurs.  The Javan fishing cat was proposed “critically endangered” more than 20 years ago but has not received any conservation to date.

Assessing the Status of the Javan Fishing Cat

Javan Fishing Cat at night

Javan Fishing Cat at Night – Image courtesy of Anthony Giordano

About This Project

Given that the Javan Fishing Cat has been declared ‘critically endangered” over the past 20 years, and no strategy for protecting the cat has emerged it is imperative that the status of this cat be re-assessed. The Javan coastal ecosystems and wetlands have endured dramatic changes due to development and a soaring human population.  The cat’s unique genetic and evolutionary context relative to other fishing cats, and the serious threats it faces, likely make this cat the most endangered on earth!

Fishing Cat interviews in Java

Community interviews in western Java – Image courtesy of Anthony J. Giordano

Anthony J. Giordano, Conservation Biologist and Carnivore Ecologist will lead the project. The first objective of this project is to conduct semi-structured interviews in 7 human communities across western Java to understand familiarity with fishing cats and document records. The project will distribute educational brochures to promote public awareness about the uniqueness of Java’s fishing cat and how to report sightings.  Based on the interview results, a survey will be conducted in what is considered suitable habitat to record evidence of fishing cat presence.  Threats will also be identified where evidence suggests cats are present and a strategy for mitigation will be proposed.

The Tiniest Tiger Community is a Backer for This Research


Triple T Studios

The primary goal is to use the information collected to assess the Javan fishing cat’s status, and inform the Indonesian government and conservation community as to immediate conservation actions needed. Thanks to your support of Triple T Studios, The Tiniest Tiger community is a backer of the Assessing the Status of the Javan Fishing Cat.  Thank you for caring about all cats big and small.


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Tidy Cats LitterVention $200 Makeover Giveaway #TidyInsider Mon, 13 Jun 2016 16:18:50 +0000 LitterVention Cats

We are a member of the Tidy Cats Insiders and are being compensated to help spread the word about innovations and updates about Tidy Cats. The Tiniest Tiger only writes about topics that we think will also be of interest to you and all opinions are our own.

Our Litter Area Was a Whole Lot of Beige


When our friends at TidyCats asked us to tell them about our cats’ litter areas and even to submit photos, I realized our litter box areas are a whole lot of beige.  They serve the purpose but certainly aren’t very appealing to the eye and maybe not even to the cats.  Look at poor Eddie in the photo.  Even he looks bored with the litter box room.  We did need a LitterVention!

Tidy Cats Asked Us These Questions About Our Litterbox Areas

What are the dimensions of your cat’s space?

We have two litter box areas for Annie, Eddie and Mercy.  A total of 4 litter boxes.  One for each cat plus one. One area is in the bathroom in the ManCave space.  This bathroom is the least used by Paul and I so it is a perfect location for the cats.  The bathroom is about 10′ x 12′.  There is a shower in this bathroom and a wider space with a hutch behind the door.

LitterVention beside the stairs

The second area is beside the storage area under the stairs.  Not hidden away but out of the main traffic path. Eddie is showing you this space in the image above.

What is your décor style?

So, yea… our decor style for the cats litter areas could be described as beige?  We are a carpet free house, due to our allergies and have hardwood and tile throughout.  The upstairs area has a little more color but after the littervention, we are going to add more color.

As you know the cats spend a lot of time in their sunroom but we have not placed a litter box in that room.

Do you and your cat have any preferences when it comes to his/her litter box setup?

We have all open litter boxes.   With three cats, and Mercy having a tendency to pick on Eddie, we think it is best to have the boxes in a place where the cats can see their surroundings. But we are open to try a covered box too.

Do you use litter box liners?


Do you have any color preferences?


What is your biggest litter box challenge?

Eddie is a kicker.  He kicks and kicks and kicks out litter.  Annie and Mercy don’t seem to kick out litter as much as Eddie does.  Controlling the cats  tracking litter is our biggest challenge.

Our Litter Area After the TidyCats LitterVention

LitterVention After

The bathroom even looks more peaceful, doesn’t it?  The new high-side litter boxes help keep the litter inside even when Eddie is kicking up a storm.  The Cat Litter Trapper Mats are great for keeping the litter from tracking all over the house.  Adding the pretty Le Chat artwork and frame really added some much needed color to the space.

TidyCats Cleaning tools

TidyCats sent us BetterLife all purpose cleaner and Tidy Cats Litter Box deodorizer, as well as a nice scrub brush and gloves to clean out the boxes at least once a month.

LitterVention After

We are trying out a new covered litter box in the cat area beside the stairs.  Mercy seemed to be interested in this new box and Annie was caught jumping in and out even before we put the fresh  4-in-1 Strength litter in the box. The pretty basket is perfect place toys the cats carry and leave in the litter area.

#PetGrass Eddie

The cats are super happy with the new setup and with their new toys and Pet Grass TidyCats sent them.

Learn more about Tidy Cats

To learn more about Tidy Cats pounce here:

The Tidy Cats $200 Mini-LitterVention Makeover Giveaway

We have exciting news! One member of The Tiniest Tiger community will receive  a Mini-LitterVention Makeover from Tidy Cats.  We think you and your cats will be as happy as we are with our new litter area.

How to Enter

Enter your information in the contest widget so we know where to ship your prize if you win.
Leave a comment below telling us: What is your biggest litter box challenge?

This giveaway is open to USA addresses only.  Void where prohibited.

You have until 11:59 pm EST,  June 28, 2016 to enter.

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Can Eyes Painted Onto Cows Behinds Reduce Lion Attacks? Sun, 12 Jun 2016 18:51:05 +0000 Young Lion

Young Lion stalking in the Masai Mara @FrankParker

African Lions are Ambush Predators

African lions are ambush predators. This means the lions rely on the element of surprise and stalk their prey.  When the lion is seen by their prey, they generally abandon the hunt.   Not every hunt is successful and the chase expends a great deal of energy.  If the prey eyes the lion, the hunt become much more difficult.

In rural Botswana, as in other areas where lions and livestock co-exist,  one of the main reasons for human-carnivore conflict is due to the farmer’s livestock being easy prey for hungry lions. Losing cattle to lions causes financial loss to the farmer and often times, the lion is killed in retaliation for taking down the livestock. The lion is just trying to survive and so is the farmer.

The problem with killing the predator is that another carnivore will move into the area. This cycle leaves a psychological burden on the farmers and perhaps a feeling of helplessness  knowing the cattle might be preyed upon again.  Lions are also important animals economically and ecologically to the region.  The big cats are a big tourist attraction and they keep the ecosystem healthy by regulating prey populations.

Can Intimidating Eye Patterns Painted Onto Cows Reduce Lion Attacks?

Neil Jordan’s research is being conducted in collaboration with the Botswana Predator Conservation Trust. Jordan is curious as to whether painting eyes on cows behinds could help deter the cattle being preyed upon by lions. This innovative idea is based on animal behavior such as eye-patterns on insects deter birds, the white spots on the back of tiger ears, and even humans wearing a mask on the back of their heads helping to prevent big cat attacks.

i-Cows Eye patterns painted onto cows

Image courtesy of Neil Jordan

The i-cows experiment

The I-cows experiment  (June 2016-17) tests whether large eye-patterns painted onto cattle prevents predation by lions. Half of a herd in Botswana, 30 cows, will be painted with an eye-pattern on their behinds, while the other half will not be painted.  Survival of painted vs. unpainted cows will be recorded during visits to the kraal (overnight predator-proof enclosure). Cows will also be fitted with GPS-loggers to record movement and equivalent data for a resident lion from the pride in a herd’s grazing area will be recorded using a satellite GPS radio-collar. Results will be shared with farmers and more widely through the scientific publications and popular press. This solution is a low cost and requires no specialist tools.  This experiment is unusual but urgently needed for carnivore-conflict management.

The Tiniest Tiger Community is a Backer for This Research


Triple T Studios

The ultimate goal is to provide farmers with a cost-effective tool that reduces the desire to retaliate and kill lions.  Thanks to your support of Triple T Studios, The Tiniest Tiger community is a backer of the i-cows experiment.  Thank you for caring about all cats big and small.


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Tips for a Healthy Life With Your Cat | FitBit Flex Giveaway Sat, 11 Jun 2016 16:52:13 +0000 Annie and Eddie inspect the JG motor mouse toy

This post is sponsored by Purina but The Tiniest Tiger only shares information that we feel is relevant to our readers’ interests. Purina is not responsible for the content of this article. All opinions are our own.

As we and our cats get older it becomes easier and easier for us to put on extra weight. Annie and Eddie just turned 3 so they are still very active running and playing every day.  Mercy is 8 so even though he might have liked to slow down, living with two younger cats has forced him to be more active.

Many cat owners don’t even realize their pets are overweight. It is estimated that over 50% of US cats are overweight. Research shows overweight cats are more likely to develop health problems than cats at a healthy weight. These problems can diminish their quality of life and may even shorten their lives.

Purina has developed tools to help you and your veterinarian determine your cat’s ideal body condition, then help her reach and maintain her optimal weight. The good news is that getting your cat into shape may help you enjoy many active years together.

Follow a healthy weight management plan with these simple steps to help your cat have a long, healthy life.

Tips For a Healthy Life with Your Cat

Annie Playing with Catit

Annie and Eddie playing


How do you know if your cat is overweight? Start with a Healthy Hug! A simple rib check is a great way to determine if your cat has a weight issue. If you cannot feel her ribs, she is carrying extra weight.  If her waist cannot be seen when viewed from above and/or her belly is rounded when viewed from the side your cat may need weight management.  Consult your veterinarian about whether a weight management program is right for your cat.


Your veterinarian can recommend a nutrition plan that will help your cat reach ideal body condition. An effective diet should include the right balance of protein, fat and fiber to promote healthy weight loss.


Follow the feeding guidelines on the back of Purina packages and measure each serving to ensure you’re feeding the right amount of food for your cat’s ideal body condition. Dividing the daily food allowance among multiple meals can help keep your cat satisfied all day.


If providing an occasional treat is important to you and your feline friend, work with your veterinarian to build a treat allowance, such as 10% of the daily calories, into your cat’s nutrition plan.


Check with your veterinarian to determine how much exercise is appropriate for your cat. Then encourage increased activity with more playtime and even daily walks. Your cat will burn more calories and maintain more lean body mass. And you will have fun together strengthening your bond with your cat.

Eating Healthy Mean the Right Nutrition

Purina OM ProPlan With Cat

Image courtesy of Purina

Simply limiting the amount of food you feed your cat may not be the best approach to managing her weight. Cats need the right balance of protein, fat and fiber for successful weight loss without losing muscle. Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets® OM Overweight Management® Feline Formula includes a high level of protein a cat’s metabolism demands to maintain lean muscle while its low levels of fat and calories encourage healthy weight loss. And OM contains just the right amount of fiber to help a cat feel satisfied while she loses weight.

Weight loss in cats should be gradual. By matching the right nutrition with other healthy practices, such as daily exercise and regular veterinarian visits, you will help your cat return to her ideal body condition and live a long, healthy life.

The FitBit Flex Helps Keep You on Track

As for me, I didn’t pass the rib test.  I spend way too much time at a desk and this winter the pounds seemed to creep up on me. Now that summer is here, I can swim laps every day so if I can discipline myself to limit my treats and measure my food, I should be feeling happier and healthier soon too.


Image courtesy of FitBit

The FitBit Flex will help you track steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes and sleep.  Our friends at Purina offered us a FitBit Flex to give to a member of The Tiniest Tiger community, and we are excited to be hosting this giveaway to help our friends stay active and healthy.

The FitBit Flex Giveaway

One member of The Tiniest Tiger community will win a FitBit Flex to help you stay on track to staying happy and healthy with your cat. Your FitBit Flex will ship directly from Purina.

How to Enter:

Enter your information in the contest widget so we know where to ship your prize if you win.

Leave a comment below this post telling us: How do you and your cat try to stay healthy?

Void where prohibited.

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Protecting Your Cat and You From the Sun Giveaway Tue, 07 Jun 2016 19:45:52 +0000 Sweet Annie sun puddle sleeping

Annie’s Little Pink Ears

Annie, like most cats, loves to nap in the sunshine.  She joins Mercy and Eddie in the sunroom and they all find a comfortable place to soak up the sun. But when the late afternoon sun shines too strong Annie moves into  the Shark Cat Ball or she joins me in the office.

Annie in Cat Ball

Annie taking shelter from the sun

Annie might know to take a break from the sun because her white ears and pink nose are more susceptible to sunburn than her darker fur covered back and tail.  We check Annie’s cute pink ears for any sign of sunburn and so far she has been safe from harm.  But it is possible for your cat to get sunburned.

Signs Your Cat Has a Sunburn

If your cat has experienced over-exposure to the sun, the first sign is usually a mild redness of the skin and hair loss along the edges of the ears. You will want to check with your veterinarian to see if your cat needs any treatment from the sunburn.  If your cat is showing scaly spots, thickening of the skin, and itching, these are a sign the sun damage has progressed and require a veterinarian visit.

Do not use sunscreen made for humans or dogs on your cat.  Remember your cat will lick to clean her ears and nose.  Your cat’s liver is sensitive and may be unable to metabolize ingredients in the sunscreen that she ingests or absorbs.  Ask your veterinarian before applying any treatment on your cat. Remember! Don’t let your cat lick your face or body when you are wearing sunscreen!  Make sure to shower after applying sunscreen and exposure to the sun before cuddling your cat.

The best defense against the sun  is to limit their direct sun exposure during the hottest parts of the day.  You can add reflective film to your windows to filter out harmful UV rays and/or add shades to diffuse the sunlight that does come in during the hottest time of day.

Protecting Yourself from The Sun

Rodan & Fields Essentials Summer Skin Image

I swim outside everyday during the summer. The sun, even in the early morning, begins to work on my skin. The fact that I am in the water swimming laps intensifies the sun on my face.  I wear a cap and goggles but the rest of my face and body gets too much sun.  I have tried a lot of sunscreen over the years and my favorite is Rodan + Fields Essentials Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Body Sunscreen.  This lightweight, non-greasy formula is water resistant up to 40 minutes and protects your body from harmful UVA and UVB rays

Soothe Sunscreen image

For my face, my favorite is Rodan + Fields Soothe Mineral Sunscreen. This broad spectrum SPF 30 formula contains only mineral-based sunscreen to protect your face without compromising the skin’s moisture barrier.  This lightweight formula also calms, soothes and minimizes the appearance of visible redness.  

I thought you might like to try the Rodan + Fields Essential Summer Skin products to protect your skin and face from the sun too.

The Protecting You From The Sun

One member of The Tiniest Tiger Community will win an Essentials Summer Skin Kit to protect your skin from the sun.  The kit includes an Essentials Body Sunscreen, Daily Body Moisturized and Lip Balm  In addition you will receive one of the Soothe Mineral Sunscreen.  

You can find more information about the Essentials Skin Products here: My Rodan + Fields  This link  is  to my independent consultant page.  I liked the products so much, I became a consultant.

How to Enter

Enter your information in the contest widget so we know where to ship your prize if you win.

Leave a comment below this post telling us; What do you use to protect your skin from the sun?    

This giveaway is open to everyone.

The Rules:
Void where prohibited.

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Trust Your Instincts and Observe Bracelet Giveaway Sat, 04 Jun 2016 16:13:10 +0000 Feline Philosophy

Trust Your Instincts and Observe

Cats are smart and partly driven by instinct.  Hardwired to stay vigilant and observe their surroundings a cat will sit completely still except for the occasional twitch of a whisker or the swish of the tail for  long periods of time.

Annie on the hunt

Annie is the guard cat in our house.  I will see her frozen in position observing the backyard from the windows in the sunroom. Long after the boys decide to take cat naps, Annie will still be in place crouched down, observing.

I Spy Annie

Annie Observing

Fearless Annie doesn’t run when there is a knock on the door or even in the face of the vacuum.  She investigates.  At night, when Eddie and Mercy get into a scuffle, as soon as Eddie makes the tiniest cry for help, Annie springs into action. She flies through the air legs straight out and seems to float from the bed to the door. All she needs is a cape to be Super Cat.  She breaks up the tussle between the boys and makes sure they go to opposite corners before returning to curl up with me.

Observing Annie is what inspired me to create the Feline Philosophy Bracelets.  Cats are amazing creatures and they follow a philosophy that might help us to stay mindful on the most stressful of days.  The Feline Philosophy Bracelets  remind us to: Live in the Moment, Listen More, Meow Less, Purr and our two new bracelets; Trust Your Instincts and Observe.

The Triple T Studios Trust Your Instincts and Observe Giveaway

One member of The Tiniest Tiger Community will win an Observe and Trust Your Instincts Feline Philosophy Bracelet from Triple T Studios. And we will add one of the most popular Purr Bracelet too!  Altogether 3 Feline Philosophy Bracelets.

You can find more information about the Feline Philosophy Bracelets here: Triple T Studios

How to Enter

Enter your information in the contest widget so we know where to ship your prize if you win.

Leave a comment below this post telling us; Which Feline Philosophy do you think you need to adopt?    

This giveaway is open to everyone.

The Rules:
Void where prohibited.

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My Cat Is My Heart Ring Giveaway Sat, 28 May 2016 12:00:10 +0000 My Cat is My Heart Ring

My Cat Is My Heart Ring

This Cat Ring touched our hearts when we saw the words and the simple design. The stainless steel ring is stamped with the words My Cat Is My and a gold-plated heart.  This sentiment rings so true for many of us.  The pretty ring is available in three sizes: 6,7 and 8.   The ring will come boxed ready to give as a gift or to keep.

My Cat is My Heart Ring

The Triple T Studios My Cat Is My Heart Ring Giveaway

One member of The Tiniest Tiger Community will win the My Cat Is My Heart Ring from Triple T Studios.

You can find more information about the Cat Ring here: Triple T Studios

How to Enter

Enter your information in the contest widget so we know where to ship your prize if you win.

Leave a comment below this post telling us; Who is your heart cat?    

This giveaway is open to everyone.

The Rules:
Void where prohibited.

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