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Cat Pillow is Purrfect For Cat Naps

We saw these cute cat pillows  and wanted to pick them up and give them a hug.  And why not?  The cat pillows are super soft and stuffed with poly-fill making them purrfectly huggable.  These adorable cat silhouette pillows complete with a super cute tail will add feline finesse to your habitat, and quite possible is your new cat nap companion.

This soft plush covered pillow measures approximately 15 inches high, 9 inches wide at the bottom, 7 inches wide in the middle and 5 inches wide across the top and 3 inches in depth.

The last few days I have had the cat pillows in the office with me sitting just off to the left of my computer. Out of the corner of my eye, I kept thinking Mercy was sitting beside me and not until I reached over to pet him did I realize it was the black cat pillow.  I am due for an eye exam so this may not happen to you but I think the cat silhouette with the cute ears makes a nice addition to any home. I might have to get one for myself.

The Cat Pillow is available in three colors:


Black Cat Pillow


Gray Cat Pillow


White Cat Pillow

The Triple T Studios Cat Pillow Giveaway

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Why Burning Ivory is The Right Thing to Do. #WorthMoreAlive Wed, 27 Apr 2016 16:21:31 +0000 Elephants in Amboseli National Park

Elephants in Amboseli National Park

Did you know that an elephant is murdered every 15 minutes for their tusks?

As long as there is a demand for ivory, elephants will be killed for their tusks. Today, it is estimated up to 36,000 elephants are killed each year, that is one life lost every 15 minutes. At this rate, the African elephant could be extinct from the wild by 2025.

Did you know elephants are killed for their tusks?

I thought everyone knew this, but I was wrong.  I began asking people  if they knew about the elephant poaching crisis. You know, when there is a break in conversation at dinner with friends or I need to change the subject from the presidential campaign chatter, and was shocked to find out that most did not know the dire situation for the elephants and many did not know elephants are killed for their tusks.  They assumed the tusks were harvested without harm to the elephant. The one thing without exception, people love elephants.

I thought you might talk about the elephant with your friends and family too. Tell them why we need elephants in addition to the fact that they are an iconic beloved species.  Tell them elephants share the same emotions and cognitive behavior as us. They grieve for their lost loved ones, they feel fear, joy and empathy and are highly intelligent.

Other animals, plants and entire ecosystems need elephants for their survival.  Elephants are “nature’s gardeners” because plants and trees rely on elephants to disperse their seeds far and wide through their dung.  Uprooting trees to feed, elephants control the tree populations so grasses can thrive to sustain wildebeests, zebra and more.  Their large footprints collect water creating a water source for smaller animals.

The Ivory Trade

In the early 1970’s, demand for ivory rocketed with 80% of traded raw ivory coming from poached elephants.  In 1989 CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) put in place a ban prohibiting all international trade of ivory. Major ivory markets were eliminated and some countries in Africa experienced a steep decline in illegal killing allowing elephant populations to recover.

A ‘one-off- sale” in 2008 sparked the illegal trade and 2011 saw the largest seizures of ivory since records began.  Elephant populations declined rapidly as poaching escalated across Africa, fueling the black market.

The Ivory Burn in Kenya on April 30

On April 30, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta will set fire to 105 tons of ivory in Nairobi National Park. Burning its entire ivory stockpile sends out the message that Kenya will never benefit from illegal ivory captured from poachers or seized in transit.

Elephant tusks read for the burn

Image courtesy of The Elephant Movie #worthmorealive

Elephants are Worth More Alive

Some argue burning the ivory is a waste, stating that ivory is valuable and should be sold and use the proceeds to fund wildlife conservation or support local development initiatives. But, this misinterprets the purpose of the ivory burn. This isn’t about burning ivory at all, it is about saving elephants.

Burning the stockpiles is part of a wider conservation strategy to eliminate demand for ivory and put value instead on living elephants.  Elephants are worth more alive.

The only way thought leaders in elephant conservation think to save African elephants is to remove ivory altogether from the market. This is a much needed political solution, not an economic one. There are two ways to do this: 1- attach a stigma to buying the product, and 2- make it illegal. This approach has been met with some success to shut down the trade in whale products and animal furs.

The ivory burn is a highly visible political statement of intent. The burn will raise awareness of the issues, stigmatizing the purchase of ivory and strengthening the global support for a total trade ban.

When criticized  the ivory burn is a publicity stunt, Paula Kahumbu, a leader in elephant conservation  stated, ” To raise awareness guess what … we need publicity. Imagine if Kenya quietly destroyed the Ivory away from the public eyes and got no publicity. The world would NEVER believe us.”

Would you believe if you didn’t see the piles of tusks in the image above?

Kahumbu passionately said, ” It is the message that counts .. this historic burn has already revealed the scale of the elephant slaughter so graphically. We cannot help feeling the gravity and sadness. Burning these tusks sends a message of shame to those who dare to buy, give, wear or use ivory or rhino horn. The public should shun these people, label them, they are despicable. The burn will harvest a global stigma against ivory. We heard that Chinese people will be moved by it. Let’s spread this message and keep spreading it until the elephants are safe.”

Will you help spread this message too?

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Pretty in Pink Cat Handbag Giveaway Sat, 23 Apr 2016 12:00:58 +0000 Triple T Studios Pretty in Pink Cat Handbag

Triple T Studios Pretty in Pink Cat Handbag

The Pretty In Pink Cat Handbag is designer quality that is sure to make you purr. The results of our Help Choose The New Handbag Color  decided the colors for this new cat handbag. We paired the Pantone colors of the year, Pink Quartz and Serenity,  to create the soft, eye-pleasing and sophisticated color combination.

Pretty in Pink Cat Handbag

We added an adorable hang tag featuring Cartoon Annie and a Limpet Shell Heart. A wrap band with a hidden magnetic snap closure and a metal name plate add to the high-end look. The material for the Pretty In Pink Cat Handbag has a softer hand-feel that you are sure to love.
Triple T Studios Pretty in Pink Cat Handbag back

The Pretty In Pink Cat Handbag features:

  • Sewn Resting Black Cat with Serenity Colored Ribbon
  • Pretty Hangtag featuring Cartoon Annie and a Limpet Shell Heart.
  • Double top handles, 7″ drop.
  • Detachable 48″ Serenity Cross-Body Strap
  • One zippered pocket 8″ wide and 5.5″ deep on the back of the handbag.
  • Zipper top closure with a hidden magnetic snap closure wrap band with nameplate.
  • One Center inside zippered pocket 11″ wide and 8″ deep
  • One Side inside zippered pocket;  8″ wide and 6″deep
  • Two inside slip pockets; one 5″ wide and one 3″ wide and 4″ deep
  • 14″ w x 10″ H x 5.5″ D
  • Silver-tone Hardware
  • Protective metal feet- wait until you see this new patent pending feature!
  • Made of PU* leather
  • Weighs 1.75 lb.

Pretty in Pink Cat Handbag top view

Pretty in Pink Cat Handbag Side View

The Pretty in Pink Cat Wallet

Pretty in Pink Cat Wallet

The new Pretty In Pink Cat Wallet is both beautiful and practical.  The wallet is Pink Quartz with  Serenity trim features the sewn resting black cat with a serenity ribbon  There is a zipper closure to keep all of your valuables safely tucked inside.  The zipper pull is a silver-tone heart.

The Triple T Studios Pretty in Pink Cat Handbag Giveaway

One member of The Tiniest Tiger Community will win the new Pretty in Pink Cat Handbag from Triple T Studios.

You can find more information about this pretty new cat handbag here: Triple T Studios

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Celebrate Earth Day, Every Day Fri, 22 Apr 2016 15:10:37 +0000 Protect Our Home Earth Day

We are seeing very clearly that if the earth becomes sick, then we become sick.  If the earth dies, then we are going to die. People sense that something is wrong but they’re still struggling to go back and find out the real roots of the problem.  And I think what we need to come to is the realization that it is not just fixing one economic or political system but a basic world view, a basic understanding of who we are that’s at stake.  – David Loy, Philosopher

Celebrate Earth Day, Every Day

The evening of 9/11, I met a few friends for drinks.  We were all in need of comfort and a feeling of community to help process what had happened that day.  During our conversation, a young woman sitting to my right, joined our conversation by saying she hadn’t given much thought to the horrific events in New York City because it was so far away.  My head whipped to the right looking at her and I am pretty sure I had my left eyebrow raised.  I was speechless and angry.  One of my friends caught my attention and gave me the nod, a communication between good friends that didn’t require words, telling me…down Cujo*.

I took a deep breath and calmly responded, ” You know, we are only about 500 miles from NYC.” and she said, “That’s what I mean, it is so far away.”

I have never gotten over this.  And I guess after all these years, I never will.

If there are people living so insulated from the world that terrorist attacks within their own country do not rattle them, how on earth could we get people to care about African lions, tigers, cheetahs, elephants and all of the amazing creatures sharing out planet.

We All Need to Care

The earth is large enough quote


The Overview Effect, a phrase coined in the book by the same name by author Frank White, refers to the experience of seeing firsthand the reality of the Earth in space, which is immediately viewed as a small fragile planet full of life, hanging in the  abyss, protected and nourished by a paper-thin atmosphere. Astronauts tell us that from space, all national boundaries disappear, the conflicts that divide us seem unimportant and the need to create a planetary society united to protect our world becomes both obvious, imperative and from the Overview perspective, achievable if only more people could have the experience.

earth from space

We humans are responsible for ourselves, and we are endangering our future.  We have to learn how to do it differently and to go forward into a sustainable period, and right now that seems very difficult to see how that will be. But we have to work on it. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo Astronaut

Happy Earth Day!

Thank you for caring for all animals, big and small.


*Cujo is the name of a rabid dog in the 1981 psychological horror novel Cujo by Stephen King

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Our Cat Mercy’s Broken Heart Thu, 21 Apr 2016 16:31:15 +0000 Mercy, black cat looking up

Mercy Mercy Me

Mercy was rescued from the mean streets as a kitten, and he went to live with Paul’s mom. She always shared her home with dogs but as she got older, thought a cat was a better companion.  She worried about being able to walk a dog and house training.  So when we introduced her to Mercy, it was love at first sight.

Mercy lived with Paul’s mom for six years. They spent every day together especially the last few years when she was unable to leave the house very often.  Mercy was good company, keeping her entertained, sleeping on her lap and purring her to sleep at night.

When we would take Mercy for his vet appointments, she would get tears in her eyes and say, “Don’t let anything happen to my cat.”   We would get teary-eyed too thinking we didn’t know what we would do if something did happen to Mercy. She loved him so much.

Mercy profile on Cat Power Tower

Paul’s mom and Mercy came to live with us in 2013.  They both adjusted to sharing their home with others, Paul’s mom with two humans, and Mercy with two cats.  Both Tootie and Mercy had been living independently and their routine was now interrupted.  But they had each other, and you would see Mercy following her around, curled up on her lap for a nap, and snuggled in beside her purring her to sleep at night.

Mercy Lying on Cat Power Tower

The last time Tootie was here, Mercy clung to her.  When it was time for her to leave, he just wouldn’t let go.  He wrapped his paws around her arm and tried to pull her back.  Paul and I were broken-hearted too and tried  to be brave for his mom.  She stopped and gave Mercy a few more chin scratches and told him she loved him and to be good boy.

Mercy seemed to know.  We make sure to give him extra love and attention.  Yesterday, Mercy seemed lethargic and didn’t move from a blanket on the ottoman all morning.  He didn’t even run to Paul for his morning treat.  I kept an eye on him, checking in every ten minutes or so.

Mercy’s Heart is Broken

Those of us who live with cats know they bond with us and Mercy and Tootie were bonded. Our cats seem to know instinctively when we are having a bad day, when we don’t feel well and when we are feeling anxious. We think Mercy knew his mom was very ill and understood she wouldn’t be coming back. Mercy’s heart is broken just like ours.

We have made an extra effort to pay more attention to Mercy and give him lots of love. So yesterday afternoon when I checked on him again and saw him on the Cat Power Tower, I was so happy.  This was the first time in over two years of living with us that he jumped up on the tower.

MErcy on the Cat Power Tower

And he seemed quite happy with himself too.  Can’t you tell from the photo above?  I took the photo of him on the tower and sent it to Paul at work.  Paul texted back, “How sweet.  I am so relieved to see he is feeling better.”

Mercy ate dinner, played hide and seek with Annie and wrestled a few rounds with Eddie.  We will keep giving him extra attention and hope that we can help heal his broken heart.

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PetSafe Flitter Cat Teaser Toy Giveaway Sat, 16 Apr 2016 11:51:46 +0000 Cat checks out PetSafe's Flitter

Annie investigates Flitter

PetSafe’s Automatic Teaser Toy Flitter for Cats

Our friends at PetSafe sent their automatic teaser toy Flitter to entertain the cats. Flitter has two dragonfly teasers that fly around and around, for your cats to chase and catch.  When the Flitter arrived, Annie, as usual, was the first to investigate while Eddie stayed back at a safe distance to observe.

Cat and PetSafe Flitter toy

Annie gets a little closer to the Flitter toy.

Annie watched the dragonflies whirl around while Eddie moved a few steps closer to get a better look.  Mercy was in the middle of his afternoon nap on Paul’s pajamas and couldn’t be disturbed.

Cat plays with PetSafe's Flitter

Annie begins to interact with Flitter

It didn’t take long for Annie to start having fun batting and trying to catch the drafonflies.

Cats Play With Flitter

Annie shows Eddie that the Flitter is safe and even pauses to wait for Eddie to join in the fun.  Eddie is much more cautious than Annie and takes his time before trying something new.  Annie has no fear.  Always first to jump in.

The Flitter Features:

  • Play While You Are Away mode for multiple play sessions all day
  • Automatic shut off after 10-15 minutes
  • Multiple teaser arms are great for multi-cat play
  • Teasers are replacable

The Flitter includes:

  • Flitter Base
  • 2 Teaser Arms
  • Base Legs

The Flitter is super easy to assemble. No tools required.  You will need 3 AA batteries.

Both Cats Play with Flitter All Afternoon

In the afternoon I placed the Flitter on the office floor so I could supervise the cats playing.  When Eddie thought I wasn’t looking he began to play batting at the whirling dragonflies while Annie watched.

Cat plays with PetSafe's Flitter

Eddie plays with Flitter

After a few minutes, both Annie and Eddie began to play with the Flitter and they did so off and on for the rest of the afternoon.

The PetSafe Flitter Giveaway

PetSafe Flitter

One member of The Tiniest Tiger Community will win a PetSafe Flitter automatic teaser toy for your cat.

How to Enter

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Leave a comment below this post telling us; Have you tried automatic teaser toys for your cat?

This giveaway is open to USA addresses only.  The Flitter will ship directly from PetSafe.

The Rules:
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Experts Advise Caution To Reported Rising Tiger Population Numbers Thu, 14 Apr 2016 14:04:30 +0000 Tiger with cubs drinking water

Photo by metalmaus

Reported Tiger Population Numbers

The World Wildlife Fund and the Global Tiger Forum recently reported a worldwide increase in tiger population. While this news brought cheers, there are disputes over the tiger population estimates and conservationists responded with a word of caution.

The Hindu reported that Ulas Karanth, Director for Science-Asia Wildlife Conservation Society, told them that while the tiger population has increased in India over the past 40 years, the same cannot be said of other countries. Karanth questions the authenticity of the World Wildlife Fund and Global Tiger Forum report, saying it was not based on estimates from intensive rigorous camera trap/DNA studios of source populations.  Karanth said ” They are predominantly  based on various kinds of counts of tiger spoor or in some cases simple guesswork. Spoor surveys are useful only for knowing where tigers are, and not for counting them reliably.” ( A spoor is any sign of an animals or trace found that enables someone or something to be followed. For example, tracks, scents, scat or broken foliage. Spoor surveys are used to discover species of animals living in an area.)

PTI Graphics The Hindu

PTI Graphics. Source: The Hindu

Doubling Tiger Population in 10 Years Might Be Unrealistic

Tiger range countries met at the 3rd Asia Ministerial Conference on tiger conservation in New Delhi and committed to double tiger populations by 2022.  Karanth noted that intensive, long-term camera trap studies conducted by Wildlife Conservation Society in India, Thailand and Russia show that tiger population recovery from depressed levels is a slow process even in the better protected sites. According to Karanth “None of the populations have been observed to “double” in 10 years, even under the best of protection.” To double the tiger populations from the 2012 number of 3200 within  ten years, would require a 27% increase per year in outside source sites where tigers have been virtually extirpated.  Karanth cautions that this doubling of the tiger population does not seem to be a realistic goal.

A review of the literature on tiger populations by Karanth shows that tiger “source populations” that produce surpluses occupy only 90,000 sq. km of the remaining 1.2 million square kilometers of tiger habitat in the world. About 90% of all surviving tigers are confined to the small 7% area, broken up into 40-5- source populations. Karanth cautions ” Tigers will certainly go extinct if we fail to protect these.”

tiger father adopts cubs

Conservation Efforts Paid Off in India

India has improved its tiger population, in large part to fifty years of massive investments setting up reserves, strengthening conservation laws, relocating villages and significant public support for tiger conservation.  There are still four challenges to the future for tigers.

  • Illegal killing of prey species.
  • Poaching tigers for their body parts by organized crime.
  • Shrinking habitat causes by human encroachment.
  • Increasing industrial and developmental activities.

Conservation biologist, Sanjay Gubbi from the Nature Conservation Foundation attempts to set aside fears that countries like India cannot increase their tiger population due to shrinking forests.  Gubbie stated to The Hindu, that tiger numbers in any area are determined by two factors: availability of its choice of food, and space for young tiger to move out of their natal home range and establish a new home for themselves.  Gubbie used Karnataka as an example.  Karnataka has 2,500 sq. km of reserved forests that could accommodate more tigers based on his work in the state.  He said, “Of the existing forests are added to the protected area network they would surely provide better protected space for tiger numbers to increase by at least 100 individuals.” Karnataka has over 50% of the state’s tiger numbers in one place!  Long-term sustainable tiger conservation plans rely heavily on the ability to improve tiger numbers in other areas.

Tigers Are the Barometers of the Well-Being of our Planet

With our planet increasingly burdened with an exploding human population and finite natural resource, some might question why wild tigers should be permitted to expand territory. Conservationists  point out that thriving tigers point to broadly intact ecosystems with predators and prey. Karanth pointed out that ” These provide a variety of services such as future use of biological resource and genes, tourism, protection of watersheds, sequestration of carbon, etc.” The Global Tiger Initiative states that tigers are the barometers of the well-being of our planet.

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Your Cat, Water and Wet Food Tue, 12 Apr 2016 12:00:02 +0000 Eddie and MErcy eating Nutrish

Mercy and Eddie share their breakfast

   Rachael Ray Nutrish has sponsored this post, but all opinions are my own.

Your Cat, Water and Wet Food

All cats need water. You might hear people say their cat never drinks water, or even say cats don’t need water, we know this is not true and that all cats need water.  Domestic cats sharing their homes with us are descendants of the African Wildcat, but the life style and domesticated adaptations make their needs different. Wild cats intake water when eating their prey but they also seek out watering holes.  Our house cats are not surviving off of their hunting skills and are dependent upon us to care for their health and wellbeing.

Annie, Eddie and Mercy have an electric water fountain that provides them a supply of fresh filtered water.  We have noticed that Annie drinks far more often from the fountain than the boys or perhaps they are more stealth about their drinking.

This is one of the reasons we feed our cats a wet diet.  Cats consuming wet food get more water by eating the moisture rich meals. We include dry food in their puzzle feeders and for snacks and treats while playing and training.

Annie and Eddie eating dinner

Nutrish Natural Cat Food For Cats Are Made with Real Chicken or Seafood.

Nutrish’s wet cat food is inspired by recipes from Rachael Ray’s own kitchen. The meals are made with real chicken or seafood, and you can see these ingredients when you open the package.

Last week our friend Patty was visiting us while the cats enjoyed their dinner.  She asked me what they were eating.  I told her they are dining on Chicken Purrcata® this evening.  Then she asked if I had shredded the chicken myself because the food looked just like the shredded chicken we might make for ourselves. You can see the quality of the ingredients in the photo above.

No Grains, By-Products or Fillers, Artificial Flavors, Colors or Artificial Preservatives.

What you won’t see in Nutrish are grains, meat by-products or fillers, artificial flavors, colors or artificial preservatives. They add only essential vitamins and minerals.

Nutrish for cats wet food

There is a wide variety in the Nutrish Wet Cat Food menu too:

  • Chicken & Shrimp Pawttenesca™
  • Chicken & Salmon Catterole™
  • Chicken Purrcata®
  • Paw Lickin’ Chicken & Liver
  • Tuna Purrfection™
  • Ocean Fish-a-licious®
  • Lip Smackin’ Sardine ‘N Mackerel
  • Ocean Fish & Chicken Catch-iatore
  • Chicken Lovers Variety Pack
  • Ocean Lovers Variety Pack

Annie, Eddie and Mercy like the Chicken Purrcata the best!

Eddie eating Nutrish Dinner

Special Buy 2, Get 1 Free Offer

You can try Nutrish with this special Buy 2, Get 1 Free wet food offer  you can print out and take to your local store! Not sure which stores near you carry Nutrish? Check out their store locator which includes online purchasing options.

Learn More about Nutrish

Rachael’s personal proceeds go to Rachael’s Rescue®, which was created to help animals in need. To date, she has donated over $10MM. This money has gone toward food, medical supplies and treatments for these unfortunate animals. Nutrish logo

Follow Nutrish on social media for more information and to make sure you don’t miss any special offers.

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USDA Cracks Down on Abuse of Tiger Cubs Mon, 11 Apr 2016 12:00:21 +0000 tiger cub image

USDA Issues a Tech Note Cracking Down on Abuse of Cubs

In response to a 2012 legal petition filed by The Humane Society of the United States, World Wildlife Fund, Detroit Zoological Society, International Fund for Animal Welfare, Born Free USA, Big Cat Rescue, and the Fund for Animals and Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) issued a Tech Note with guidelines making it clear that exhibitors violate the Animal Welfare Act when they allow members of the public to handle or feed infant exotic cats like tigers, lions, cheetahs, jaguars or leopards.

The USDA, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) determined that newborn and infant nondomestic cats four weeks (28 days) of age or younger (neonate or neonatal) have special handling and husbandry needs.  In addition, the Animal Welfare Act regulations require licensees to provide these animals with preventive and responsive veterinary care and adequate housing and nutrition, to ensure they are handled safely and protected from harm.

 Exposing Cubs 4 Weeks or Younger to Public Violates Animal Welfare Act

Licensees who do not house neonatal nondomestic cats in a controlled, sanitary, temperature-controlled environment and do not handle such animals in a manner that does not expose them to any form of public contact, including public feeding and handling are considered noncompliant with the veterinary care and handling requirements of the Animal Welfare Act regulations.

Photo by metalmaus

Photo by metalmaus

Neonatal nondomestic cats of this age are not able to thermoregulate and lack a fully functioning immune system to fight off disease and infections. Neonates obtain most of their immunity from their mother, primarily through suckling antibody-rich colostrum (first milk), and should be housed with their mother for as long as possible after birth to promote good health.  Because of their limited immunity, a young cat’s health is at risk if they are exposed to other animals or offered for public contact.  Until the cats are able to thermoregulate and are immunocompetent, they should be housed in the controlled environment of a heated, clean, and sheltered enclosure like a nursery or in a clean, sheltered enclosure with the mother and any healthy siblings.

Need to Prohibit Public Contact with Big Cats, Bears and Nonhuman Primates

This is a great first step to put roadside zoos and the public on notice that federal laws prohibit using infant cubs for photographic opportunities and interactive experiences.  Anna Frostic, senior attorney for wildlife & animal research at The Humane Society of the United States stated that “It is imperative that the agency take additional action to prohibit public contact with big cats, bears and nonhuman primates of any age.”

In addition to these animal welfare, public safety and conservation concerns, “the surplus of exotic animals in roadside zoos and other substandard facilities puts an enormous financial burden on the accredited sanctuaries that provide lifetime care for abandoned and seized animals,” according to Michael Markarian, president of The Fund for Animals.

Tiger cub in the grass

Photo by KKulikov

Investigations revealed  using tiger cubs for photo ops and play sessions can yield over $20,000 per month for a roadside zoo, fueling demand for more and more cubs. Once the cats mature, their future is uncertain. “There is just not enough space or resources at accredited sanctuaries to support the demand created by this irresponsible breeding,” said Kellie Heckman, executive director of Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries.

Further, “the fate of captive tigers in the U.S. has serious implications for the conservation of tigers in the wild,” said Leigh Henry, senior policy advisor for Wildlife Conservation at World Wildlife Fund, “strengthened regulation of U.S. captive tigers will help ensure that captive-bred tiger parts don’t enter the black market and stimulate the demand that drives the poaching of wild tigers.”

Good news for cubs.

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Join ASPCA’s 150 Days of Rescue And Pride Pack Giveaway Sun, 10 Apr 2016 12:00:16 +0000 ASPCA 150 Days of REscue

Happy 150th Birthday ASPCA!

In honor of its 150th birthday, the ASPCA kicked off a months-long celebration with  150 Days of Rescue  This national campaign honors the ASPCA’s 150 years of animal rescue by inspiring you to take action to help save and protect dogs, cats, horses and farm animals from cruelty.

In the 150-day campaign, which begins on the ASPCA’s April 10 birthday, the ASPCA  encourages animal lovers to visit and pledge at least 15 minutes of your time to help animals in need, toward an ultimate goal of 150,000 acts of compassion through September 7, 2016.

Actions You Can Take During the ASPCA’s 150 Days of Rescue

Possible actions include volunteering at a local shelter, fostering and/or adopting homeless animals, and advocating for stronger animal welfare laws. When you  log in your  actions on the campaign website you will be encouraged to enter your favorite shelters or rescue groups in a grant contest in which one of these organizations will receive a $150,000 grant from the ASPCA.

ASPCA 150 Days of REscue

As part of the celebration, notable stars from movies, television and music have come together in a video to encourage public participation in “150 Days of Rescue,” including Jason Schwartzman, George Lopez, Julie Bowen, Krysten Ritter, 50 Cent, Jennifer Coolidge, Kesha, Martha Stewart, Edie Falco, Nathan Lane, and others.

Join the ASPCA’s 150 Days of Rescue Campaign Video

The ASPCA 150 Pride Pack Giveaway

One member of The Tiniest Tiger Community will win a ASPCA 150 Pride Pack. Your limited edition Pride Pack includes an ASPCA 150th Beach Ball, Towel, Luggage Tag, Frisbee and Tote. 

How to Enter

Enter your information in the contest widget so we know where to ship your prize if you win.

Leave a comment below this post telling us; If  you plan to participate in the ASPCA’s 150 Days of Rescue Campaign what will your activity be?

This giveaway is open to USA addresses.

The Rules:
Void where prohibited.

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