The Cats Love The Calm Between The Holidays

Eddie all is calm
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Our Welcome Home Snowman

Our Welcome Home Snowman is Glowing Bright!

Gracey and Snowman

My Snowman Friend and I waiting for my parents

The holiday season is in full swing.  I can watch pretty twinkling lights outside my window at night and my window Snowman has come back to visit with me for awhile.  He shines brightly in the early evening and slowly changes colors from red, to blue to green. At night whoever is home first, either my mom or dad, they make sure they plug in the snowman to greet  each other. We have a code for the snowman’s colors, green is for my mom and me because we have green eyes, blue is for my dad because he has blue eyes and red is because we love our family and friends.

After the snowman is twinkling bright, my mom or dad scoops me up and holds me so I can see out the window and we watch as the car pulls into the driveway and wave  a happy welcome!  This makes us all laugh and I squirm to get down so I can run to the door to give a proper greeting.

Last year, our poor snowman wasn’t feeling well and he lost his glow.  We were super sad.  We thought about getting a new snowman but that didn’t seem right after all it wasn’t his fault  he lost his ability to twinkle.  My dad tried to find a replacement bulb for him, but wasn’t having much luck.  The snowman sat in the window with me, but he just didn’t seem like himself.

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The Most Important Gift for Cats and Cat Parents.

At the start of this Holiday Season, our good friend Michele from Pet News and Views, told me about a book that she really likes , The Gift of Nothing by Patrick McDonnell. During all the hustle and bustle of the season including  the shopping, the lights, the glitz and the glitter,  I thought often about The Gift of Nothing.

Now as the shopping season starts grinding to a halt with the holidays just around the corner, many people are still scrambling to find more gifts, gadgets and goodies to make the season bright.  Some might even start to panic as the pressure mounts to find the perfect present. So, I thought again about The Gift of Nothing and how this gift, that is nothing, might  be the most important gift of all. And I have back up.

A new study by Kimberlee Weaver of Virginia Tech and Stephen Garcia and Norbert Schwarz of the University of Michigan, revealed that adding a less expensive gift to go along with a more  extravagant one actually reduced the impact of the nicer gift.  In other words, your loved ones will appreciate an expensive gift more if it is the only one they get!

The researchers found that while you have the best of intentions  following the “more-is-better” logic as the giver, the recipient unknowingly looks at the bundle of gifts and averages the value so that by giving more, you are actually giving less!  You could easily cut your shopping, spending and stress by more than half and still enjoy the same spirit of the season!

I thought and thought some more about The Gift of Nothing and I wondered, if more is less, could nothing be the most?

I needed to spend some time in my “thinking circle”  pondering this question.  While “thinking” I decided that you might like to see  The Gift of Nothing video:

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