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First snow of winter at my habitat

Santa Gracey

First snow of winter at my habitat. I am trying to get my mom to light the fireplace so I can cat nap, I mean think, on the ottoman beside the fire. But for now, I am watching the squirrels playing in the backyard. What are you working on today?

Happy Rainy Cloudy Tuesday

Gracey and Bad Kitty hoping for sunshine

Gracey and Bad Kitty hoping for sunshine

Happy Rainy Cloudy Tuesday Friends. Bad Kitty told me not to expect too much sunshine in November, but I keep looking anyway. ~sigh~ I can’t give up hope. There is lots of pumpkin in our kitchen. I don’t think I can eat all of that one teaspoon at a time. I will take a nap and think about this. What are you thinking about today?

Good Monday Morning Friends!

Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger licking her paw

Good Monday Morning Friends! I just finished mailing out the prizes for Name That Animal, the super fun game we play on The Tiniest Tiger’s facebook page  and for Lucky# 13,999.  almost 14,000 Friends! Super Hurrah! My paw is a little sore from all that stamping.  But since the sun is hiding again today, it was the perfect time for me to get these in the mail.

Don’t Shop…Adopt!

Our friend April from sent out a reminder to pass along to everyone we know. Here is the message.  Don’t Shop…Adopt!
If you are looking for a pet for someone special this holiday season, please don’t shop, but adopt a loving friend in need of a home. I was given a loving home when I was abandoned at a dog shelter. Please help out our fellow friends in need.

Find your new family member at

Thank you,
The Tiniest Tiger

Happy Sunny Sunday Friends!

Soaking Up Sunshine

Soaking Up Sunshine

Happy Sunny Sunday Friends! I found some rays coming in the front door. Dad says it is too cold to have the door open for me, but Mom said it was ok for a little while. Mom must have missed the sun too. What are your plans?



Plush Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger!

Gracey - Color Sketch emailWe received the prototype for Plush Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger!   Now we are  waiting for a few changes. There is a little trouble with the tabby markings.  I will post a photo of the plush Gracey  when these changes are complete.  I am so excited. Thank you for your patience.