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Winner of the Photo Caption Contest!

~Purr it up for Roberta King, winner of  the  Photo Caption Contest~

Friends voted for Roberta’s entry of:

“And they wonder why I scratch the furniture.”

Congratulations Roberta.  You won a hard cover copy of  The Tiniest Tiger!  Hurrah!

Photo Caption Contest

Did you know this was me, Gracey? I don’t even look like myself in this hat and neck thingy. So this gave me an idea…a guess what I am thinking photo caption contest.!!! Hurrah!

The PRIZE? A HARDCOVER COPY of THE TINIEST TIGER with my paw-tograph!!
( I wanted to give dried tuna flakes but my parents thought the book was a better prize.)

Write in the comment box what you think I am thinking from the expression on my face in this photo.
You write what YOU think I am thinking! ~oohhhh~

Contest begins Now, when you read this December 11, 2009. Contest Ends, December 19,2009.

Psychics and friends who are clairvoyant, you know who you are, are not allowed to participate.

Play nice with retracted claws, unless you are a Cheetah and you can not retract your claws.
Be creative! No profanity.

Thank you Friends, Have Fun and Good Luck!

Gracey in Pink Santa hat

Naughty Tiger

Lazy Leopard Guarding the Sunroom Tree

Lazy Leopard Guarding the Sunroom Tree

I have been a naughty  tiger this morning, so now our sunroom Christmas  tree is being guarded by Lazy Leopard behind locked doors. As you can see, we didn’t get very far in the decorating process. Friends, I try to behave, I really do but shiny objects in such close proximity to fig tree dirt get me stirred up! Now we are writing in the office. ~sigh~ Are you behaving?

The Tiniest Tiger Greeting Card Series

The Tiniest Tiger Greeting Card Series.
Stalk them and pounce!

Meet the Lion Cubs from Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

Meet the Lion Cubs from Columbus Zoo & Aquarium.  They are super cute!