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The Tiniest Tiger’s Egg Hunt #2

Friends, I have hidden some eggs for you to find.  Who will be the swiftest hunter to count all the eggs? Crouch, stalk and pounce on the comment section with the correct number.

Congratulations to Timothy Nelson and Lea C for winning

The Tiniest Tiger’s Egg Hunt #2   Hurrah!

The Tiniest Tiger's Egg Hunt #2

Can you count the Eggs in this photo?

The Tiniest Tiger’s Egg Hunt

Welcome to The Tiniest Tiger’s Egg Hunt!

Friends, How many  Eggs can you find in this photo?  Write the number that you count in the comment section!  First person to answer correctly wins a The Tiniest Tiger Prize!!

Congratulations to Linda Haffner and Miyo Quiles-Ludwig the winners in the first Egg Hunt !!

The Tiniest Tiger's Egg Hunt Photo

Count the Eggs in this photo!

Jaguar in the Jungle Impression

Jaguar of the jungle imitation

Can you see me?

Happy Monday Friends. This rainy morning, I am practicing my Jaguar in the Jungle impression. Don’t feel badly if you can’t see me, we Jaguars are elusive, blending well into our surroundings. If I could only reach that vine before I get caught. What are you trying to get away with…I mean accomplish today?

Small Paws Unite for PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary

Rita at PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary

Small Paws Unite for PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary!

Friends, as you know, The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club  cares about All Cats, both Big and Small. Our Big Cat project is to feed a Tiger for 2.5 months at Big Cat Rescue, and we are doing great at 6.5 Weeks. Hurrah!
Our Small Cat project is to help out our Friends at PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary.

Our Friend Rita works around the clock caring for our cousins in need.  PurrEver Ranch is a place of refuge for cats that would otherwise perish – the old, the abandoned, the abused, the sick & the suffering.  Rita takes in the “unadoptable”, feed feral colonies, gentle spirits & soothe broken hearts & bones

I wasn’t going to post until April, but PurrEver Ranch and Rita need us now.  Even $1.00 from each of our paws will unite to make a big difference to PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary.  Thank you!

Friend, You are the Gold at the end of my Rainbow!

Friend, You are the Gold at the end of my Rainbow!

Wishing you the Luck of the Irish today and every day!

Remember to care for all of earth’s creatures, both big and small.

Luck of the Irish Gracey
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Luck O’ The Irish Contest

Lazy Leopard and Gracey Luck o'the Irish Contest

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Lazy Leopard and me, Gracey

Thanks for participating in our Luck O’ The Irish Contest!

Bobcat-Sled Team

Bobcat-Sled Team.

Friends, practicing my Snow Leopard skills caught the attention of our Bobcat-Sled Team. Here I am with the team celebrating the end of winter with a few runs. My sled-mates are Tiny Timmy, Mango Cat, & Winter Meow. Catching the action is Mousie Kitteh, as photographer. Can you see me? Happy Saturday, Friends!