The Tiniest Tiger’s Egg Hunt #3

Friends, I have hidden some eggs for you to find.  Who will be the swiftest hunter to count all the eggs? Crouch, stalk and pounce on the comment section with the correct number.

Congratulations to Trudy and Andrea Staten for winning

The Tiniest Tiger’s Egg Hunt #3 with the correct answer of 8!!  Hurrah!

The Tiniest Tiger's Egg Hunt #3

Can you count the number of Eggs in this photo?

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  1. Phil Mosher says


  2. I counted 8 eggs

  3. I counted 7

  4. I see eight

  5. I saw 8

  6. I got 8 eggs!

  7. nancy foulke says

    I got 8 eggs gracy.

  8. Babs Hovey says

    I counted 10

  9. Janet Collins says

    Is there 8?

  10. I counted 8.