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War and Peanut! New Suspects.

This entry is part 9 of 20 in the series Backyard Peace Treaty

Gracey and Lazy Leopard Observe

Friends, today in between the thunder storms, Lazy Leopard and I were watching the backyard  for clues.  My parents just filled all the bird and squirrel feeders so we knew there would be plenty of activity.

The Cardinal

Lazy Leopard suggested that the Cardinal might be the culprit in the mystery of the missing peanut.  He certainly has the capability to take a peanut from the windowsill.  And even though he is red and not as aggressive he looks like he could be one of Bossy Backyard Blue Jay’s cousins.

The Grackle

I suggested this guy, the  Common Grackle! I think he is the peanut pirate because not only is he big and boisterous, he bullies the other birds from the feeders and then eats almost all of the bird seed.  I know he can’t help it but he might be tone deaf because when he sings, it doesn’t sound as nice as the other birds singing.

Lazy Leopard and Gracey Thinking

There are so many suspects.  We have the Squirrel, the Rabbit, the Cardinal, The Grackle,  Neighbor Cat, another Blue Jay  and Bossy Backyard Blue Jay. I asked Lazy Leopard to keep watching while I take some time to think.  I might need your help to sort this out.

Remember Tony! Keep Roaring Until He is Free.


Tony- the Truckstop Tiger

Many Friends of The Tiniest Tiger   have asked about Tony

The following is from Tony’s Facebook page.

Tony is a nine year old Siberian/Bengal tiger who has lived all of his nine years at a truck stop in Grosse Tete Louisiana. His “home” is one of concrete and steel, amid the noise and fumes of cars and trucks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is angering as well as sad to see this majestic cat pacing back and forth in his steel prison with people staring at and taunting him. A sign is even posted to remind people not to throw things at him.

 To learn more about Tony and what you can do to help, go to Free Tony The Tiger 

 Join Tony’s Facebook Page Free Tony the Tiger

Tony has a habitat waiting for him at  Big Cat Rescue.

Remember to Care for all of Earth’s Creatures, Big and Small.

Friends, Please take a moment this Memorial Day Weekend to remember everyone that has sacrificed their lives for us.

This is the Year of the Tiger. 

In 12 years, will there only be memories of Tigers in the wild?

Please remember to care for all of earth’s creatures, big and small



War and Peanut! A Pair of Pilferers?

This entry is part 8 of 20 in the series Backyard Peace Treaty

The Tiniest Tiger Thinking in her chair

Friends, I consulted  Bad Kitty about the plight of the missing peanut. Bad Kitty thought it was best not to rush to judgement and that if we just waited patiently, we might find out who pilfered the peanut.  So today, while pretending to nap in my sunroom chair, I saw a couple of characters that might be the peanut pirate.

Suspect #1 A Squirell

Now Bossy Backyard Blue Jay as you know, made it clear that it was not him but that he was pretty sure it was one of two suspects.  This is suspect #1, a Squirell.  Don’t let that coy look  fool you, this Squirell loves peanuts.  

Suspect #2 A Rabbit

Now I know you are saying ahhhh, isn’t she cute, and she is cute, but that does not mean she didn’t take the peanut. But Lazy Leopard doesn’t think she could have jumped up high enough to get the peanut. Oh by the way this is a Rabbit, aka Suspect #2

I think I will go get a closer look at these two.


I still don’t know what to think.  I mean afterall, they are both eating the Birds’ food.  And the Squirell has his own feeder.   I can’t seem to get them to look me in the eye.

Well look at that!

Squirell Flees the Scene

The Squirell is fleeing  the scene.  Does this mean he is guilty of pinching the peanut?

The French Prince of Paris The Eyenimal Coach

This entry is part 2 of 7 in the series The French Prince of Paris! The Eyenimal Experience

Friends, this is my training video from our cousin The French Prince of Paris.   As you can see, Prince  is an expert videographer and his equipment of choice is the Eyenimal . Prince shares his habitat with Paolo and together they created this unique digital camera for us to wear so that you humans  could see the world through our eyes. Genius isn’t it? 

Prince is a celebri-cat in Paris.  This training video was on French television.

Prince gave some in depth insight on how to film the best documentary didn’t he?  Not only is he good looking, but  talanted too.   In just a few more coaching sessions, I will be ready to begin my own The Tiniest Tiger documentary. 

The Tiniest Tiger is Invisible

The Tiniest Tiger is Invisible

Friends, once again I have become invisible.  My office must have super powers. Don’t worry, you will be able to see me again. I am just planning. 

 Do you have a place that brings out your super powers too?


The Tiniest Tiger’s Dad Outside Throwing Dirt!

Bad Kitty and Gracey Watch & Wait

Bad Kitty and I decided to watch and wait to see what was going to happen.  I pushed my thinking circle into the sun so that he would not be suspicious of us.  I will pretend to nap, I mean think, until he returns.

The Tiniest Tiger’s Dad Playing in the Dirt

Look! There he is.  My mom is still in the office working but my dad is out in the yard playing with the dirt!   I am going to make myself invisible so that I can watch him without his knowing.

Using my Powers of Invisibility

Ok, now that I am invisible I have a better view of the yard. Friends, he is carrying the bags of dirt from one place to another place in the yard. Then he is opening the bags and dumping the dirt onto the ground. Then he is taking his paws and throwing it around.  This is beyond belief! I swear on my whiskers that is what he is doing!   I need to go to the sofa to see him now because a bush is blocking my view.

Uh Oh! My Dad can See Me Watching

Rats!  I have been spotted watching him from the sofa.  I must only be invisible in the office.

The Tiniest Tiger’s Dad Smiling While Playing in the Dirt

 And look he is smiling at me like he hasn’t been caught doing something naughty!

What do you make of this?

Tiger Tuesday!

Friends, I have been practicing my latest Tiger imitaion for a few days now.  I hope you have had your coffee, tea or other morning thinking beverage to help you decide whether I am on the left or on the right in the photo. When I say I, I mean me, Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger.  I didn’t want you to get confused and think that our big cat cousin, the Tiger was aksing you. ~phew~  Ok.  Take your time.  You can even go to your thinking circles and come back if you need more time.  This one is a little harder as I have not included any text to help you .

Good Luck Friends!  I will be back in a while to check on your progress.



Pouncing Pays Off!

Gracey stalking ice cream spoon

Stalking my dad’s ice cream spoon

Friends, just as I was heading over to my sofa slanket, I heard the freezer door open. My dad was trying to sneak vanilla ice cream into a bowl without me hearing him.  So I crept across the floor, leapt up onto the stool and waited to pounce.

Gracey licking spoon

Boy was he surprised when he turned around and I had licked his spoon.  My dad is a good sport though, you can see we are both smiling.

Have a great night.  Thank you for being my Friends!

The Tiniest Tiger’s Safe Cat Training Collar

This entry is part 1 of 7 in the series The French Prince of Paris! The Eyenimal Experience

Tiger Collar

Friends,  I am in training.  The first part of my mission is to adjust to wearing my new Safe Cat® Collar.  As you know, I am an indoor only cat and that is best for me.  I don’t even try to go outside, because my habitat keeps me healthy, loved and entertained. So I am not used to wearing a collar.

This Safe Cat collar is very comfortable and the buckle  is equipped to release in case I get caught on anything, allowing me to slip fee.  This is the most important feature of a cat collar in my opinion.  The Safe Cat collar is also adjustable from 8″-12″ and that should suit most cats. I will be needing a little extra room around the collar for my mission. I asked my dad to remove the bell because I didn’t like the tinkling noise in my ear.  After the bell was removed, I even forgot I was wearing the collar. These collars come in a variety of cheerful colors and patterns.  I kind of liked the  Daisy Blue and the Checkered Green (would match my eyes) but I settled on my favorite the Tiger! How do I look?

Another View of my Safe Cat Tiger Collar

Now that I have passed my first test, I am awaiting instructions from Prince, my Parisian Cousin. What mission are you on today?

This post is my own opinion about the Safe Cat Collar and was not sponsored by Coastal Pet.