Hill’s Prescription Diet Hypoallergenic Treats! Hurrah!

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My Treats Arrive! Hurrah!

Friends, as many of you know, I eat a steady diet of  Hill’s Prescription Diet z/d® Low Allergen Feline .  This is because I have food allergies that caused me to break out in a hive like condition. Sometimes I even lost bits of my fur when I got these hives.  Thanks to my doctors at the Morris Veterinary Clinic for knowing that I needed to switch out my food for the low allergen chow. I have gotten along great ever since we made the change.

Now , this is not to say that I don’t pout from time to time because I want a snack.  Sometimes I feel sorry for myself when I see treats in the grocery sacks for my cousin Mercy. But now, my Friends, I too can enjoy a Treat because Hill’s Prescription Diet has introduced  Hypoallergenic Treats. Hurrah!

My parents ordered some for me from  Discount Pet Drugs & Supplies  The Treats were offered at a good price $3.86 per bag and the shipping  was only $4.95 for the five bags we ordered.  The package was delivered to my door by Phil the Mailman within a few days.

Here is the best part!  They are delicious!  I really like them.  They are shaped like hearts and just the right size for optimal crunching.  I could eat the whole bag at one time.  But those doctors at Hill’s had to go and put a portion control statement on the package.

  • Do not feed more than the maximum number of treats per day listed below, based on the cat’s ideal body weight.
  • If the cat tends to gain weight when supplementing with Prescription Diet® Hypoallergenic Treats, adjust as needed to maintain proper body weight.
  • Adult maintenance
    Weight of Cat Amount per Day
    5 lb (2,3 kg) 8
    10 lb (4,5 kg) 13
    15 lb (6,8 kg) 18
  • So for me, I can chomp about 13 Treats a day, because I weigh about 10 lbs.  I wonder if  I can gain a little weight so I can chomp some more per day.  I can also try to trick my dad into giving me treats by pretending that my mom didn’t give me any all day.

    So for my Fellow Felines that are also on a low allergen diet!  Chomp on!  We too can enjoy some tasty treats!   Thank you Hill’s Prescription Diet!

    These Treats are Delicious!

    This  product review is my own opinion.  This review was not sponsored by Hill’s.

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    1. http://Diane%20Thedford-Milligan says

      Yayyy, Gracey!!! So happy for you on your special treats!