Vogue! Bissell MVP Photo Shoot


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  1. Gracey ~ you look good on the catwalk! >^..^< I was not as well-behaved during my photo shoot as you were during yours. I hid in the fireplace. (Hee, hee!) I must learn to strike a pose better, like you! You are a starrr! :)))

  2. Baby Socks, Shu Shu, Muffin, Munchkin & Muffin says

    Awwww….you’re so beautiful, and you do so much for the animal community too!

  3. How’s my sweetums doin’ now she’s famous? Did that picture lady wear my princess out?? I’ll come rub your toesies for you, purr you songs…say the word, I’ll be there.

    Nothing like a lovesick cat, is there, lol?! Gracey, you are one beautiful, wonderful, giving kitty; I am so proud to be your friend on Facebook. Keep up your good work!

    • the above comment was submitted by Sugar Dial, Peggi’s furbaby. He’s in love with Gracey, as I’m sure you can understand why!

  4. Gracey you is bootifuls and dis is smashing! I is so proud dat yous wons and happy for Purrever as wells. I tink you is a natural!!! I loves yous. *headbonks* Your Friend, Tiny Timmy

  5. Awww Gracey, you look so beautiful in your shoot!!! Congrats again!!

  6. Jacquelyn, Tink & Stewart says

    Love it, Gracey! You are puuurrrrfect!

  7. Awesome video by an awesome cat!