Bad Kitty Scares the Fed Ex Man!

Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger and Bad Kitty

Friends, I shouldn’t laugh but I can’t help myself.  Today when the FedEx truck pulled into the driveway, my mom went to the office door to open the door and accept the package.  When the driver stepped out of the truck, he started towards the house. But he stopped dead in his tracks.  My mom looked at me and shrugged her shoulders.

The FedEx man took a couple more steps and stopped again.  This time my mom asked him if something was wrong.  Before he started to walk again he asked,

“Are you going to restrain that cat?”

My mom looked down at me and said, “Well I can, but I honestly don’t think she will  hurt you.”

My mom looked at me again.

As the FedEx man approached the porch, he said, “Well, she seems pretty well behaved.”

and my mom answered “Most of the time.”

Then the FedEx man stopped again, took a closer look at Bad Kitty, and started laughing. He said,  “Oh I am sorry, I thought that was a live  Cheetah sitting in your office with you and to be honest I was afraid to bring the package any closer.”

My mom really laughed hard too and said, “Oh! This Cheetah is Bad Kitty, and  as you can see, he is very well behaved. In fact, he has a perfect track record when he is told to sit and stay.    I thought you were talking about Gracey.”

They both looked at me and smiled.

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  1. katboxjanitor says

    I bet the delivery folks see all kinds of weird things in people’s homes!

  2. That Fed Ex guy must have bad eyes, LOL! I’m glad he finally figured out who the real kitty was. (I bet he would be scared of me! I look just like a fierce cougar… never mind the fact that I’m only 6 pounds.)

    • We might be small but we are mighty Sparkle!

      Thank you for the Glimmer Pom Pom Ball. My mom brought it to me from BlogPaws.

  3. That is a very funny story!1 Loved it!!

  4. LOL!! That’s funny. Poor guy.