Storm Blows Chicken into The Tiniest Tiger’s Neighborhood

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The Tiniest Tiger Watching

Friends, I just finished my breakfast and settled in my Thinking Circle to work when I heard the strangest noise.  My mom heard it too, because she was looking at me to see what I thought about the noise.  We cats can hear exceptionally well, you know.   When we looked out the office door, we couldn’t believe our eyes!

Cat and Chicken Standoff

Up the Hill Neighbor Cat was having a standoff with a Chicken!  That Chicken was really telling the Cat off too.  hahahahahahaha! I shouldn’t laugh, but I can’t help myself.  When the Chicken would walk closer to the Cat, the Cat would run away.  I would have gone out to investigate, but my mom wouldn’t let me.  I am relieved because that Chicken has some serious looking claws, and mine are trimmed remember.

Our neighbor Susie came out to lure the chicken back into her yard with a bucket of bird seed. My mom asked her if the chicken lived in her habitat?  Susie laughed and  said no but thinks the storm blew the chicken in from a farm!  We did have a strong storm with wild wind last night. That poor Chicken must be thinking it is not in Kansas anymore!

Friends, let’s have some fun.  Who will write the best Why did the Chicken Cross the Road? comment?

After you leave your response.  We will narrow it down and Vote!


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  1. Why did the chicken cross the road?

    As a good example to all the Armadillos.

  2. The chicken crossed the road to escape from Chick Fil A

  3. William Haney says

    Why did the chicken cross the road?

    To avoid KFC…

  4. To correct the audience!

    “I’m not a chicken~, I’m a ~rooster!”

    • That is a chicken… A rooster is still a chicken. It diffently not a hen with all that decoration on it.

    • Hi Krysti,
      This is a Rooster, a male chicken. A female is called a Hen. Both are chickens. 😉

      • Yeah, but I’m betting anything as macho as that rooster wouldn’t want to be called a chicken! ;D

        But I stand corrected. 🙂

  5. Chicken crossed the road to prove to the ‘possum that it could be done.

  6. The chicken wanted directions to the yellow brick road. HeHeHeHe!!! Get it! Dorothy and wizard of oz reference! I’m so silly. Maybe I had too much coffee??

  7. Jennifer says

    Because she flew the coop!

  8. Dionis Blauser says

    To consult with Bossy Backyard Blue Jay about how to keep the other chickens in line

  9. Jennifer Parsons says

    To flee from the fierce Tiniest Tiger. The chicken may have claws, but Gracey can pounce as well as the big cats!

    • Thank you for your vote of confidence Jennifer, but just between you and me, I am not going anywhere neat that Rooster! ~shiver~

  10. Sharon Hipley says

    Chicken came looking for the winner of Bissell MVP contest never met a celebrity before and it her the winner looked just like a tiger

  11. To avert a potential cat-astrophe!

  12. I got nothin’ for ya on this one, but will say I love this story!

  13. Leslie Evans says

    The chicken did not blow in with the storm. He is attorney Ben Matcock, who has come to represent Bossy Backyard BlueJay in the War and Peanut case.

  14. Janet Vandenabeele says

    Why did the chicken cross the road? To donate money to TTT’s cause of the month, of course!

    Why did baseball chicken cross the road? Because *he* just got a perfect game stolen from him, too! (Hey, it was the Detroit Tigers’ pitcher!)

    Why did the chicken cross the road? To steal Gracey’s peanut and make thousands of fans wonder…

  15. Kathy Andersen says

    I believe the chicken crossed the road just so she could catch a glimpse of Miss Gracey. The chicken had heard so very much about Miss Gracey in the animal world, that curiousity got the best of it and she just had to come to check out your habitat. Come to think of it, curiousity is one of a cat’s traits, could this chicken be part cat? hmmmmmmmm

  16. To ask Up the Hill Cat how to get back to his farm


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