The French Prince of Paris My Eyenimal Coach

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Prince, The Eyenimal Coach

Friends, Allow me to introduce you to the French Prince of Paris,

my Eyenimal Coach.

After studying the video that Prince sent me, he decided I was ready to take the next steps towards becoming a cat videographer. I am so excited to tell you that my Eyenimal Videocam has arrived  at my habitat. Hurrah!

The Eyenimal Videocam

I have become quite good at  wearing my Cat Safety® Collar, as you can see.

Another View of my Safe Cat Tiger Collar

After practicing walking around with the Eyenimal Videocam attached to my Cat Safety® Collar, I made my first video.

The Eyenimal Videocam

As soon as I get the approval from Prince, I will share with you!

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  1. Ooooooo….. I can’t wait to see it!!!!! Hope it gets approved soon. Out of curiosity, why does the prince have to approve before you can show us?