The Tiniest Tiger’s Drinking Water Crisis

Gracey drinking from water fountainFriends, my day started off a little rough.  There was an issue with my drinking water. Sometime in the middle of the night, my primary water source became tainted.  And no, not with fig tree dirt from my paws either. It was The Tiniest Tiger’s  Drinking Water Crisis.  My drinking water was not clean and fresh and I didn’t think it was safe.  This was serious!!

On my usual habitat surveillance around about 3:03  am, I was stunned and seriously frightened by what I discovered in my fountain.  After I jumped back in terror, I bolted to my secondary water supply located beside my chow bowl.

Gracey's feeding station image

My secondary water source level was satisfactory. But I started to think about what would happen if I needed to drink all of my water from the secondary source before my parents could remedy my primary water source’s problem?

My chow bowl was at the Code Blue Level and that was reassuring, until I thought about what would happen if I got super hungry and chomped all of my chow and got crazy thirsty!

This fear alone made my mouth dry, and I started to drink from my secondary water supply.

Realizing that I was guzzling my limited water supply, I became nervous so I chomped some chow. This chow chomping got me pretty thirsty so I found myself drinking  more of my water.  Now my secondary water source level went down almost a whole millimeter!

I tried to stay calm.  I really did.  I slowly walked back to my primary water source to see if by chance the water was free and clear, but it was not!  It was super spooky!

I had no choice but to run as fast as I could, leap up onto the bed and wake my dad. My leaping and pouncing abilities have improved with practice as I was able to wake him immediately.  He must have been able to read my mind, because he seemed as frightened as me by the situation.

He got up and followed me, slowly and steady to my water fountain. When he saw what had happened to my water, he shook his head in disbelief!  He carefully removed the intruder and said it was alright for me to drink from the fountain now.

I stomped my paw and looked at him.  After a heavy sigh he picked up the fountain, and washed it out, filling it with fresh purified water for me.  ~phew~ This was exhausting.

Now I will show you what was in my water fountain!

~Warning:  This is super spooky and you might not want to look~

the type of moth that was in Gracey's water

Oh sure, you think this moth looks innocent and harmless on this leaf.  But in the middle of the night floating around like a ghost in your water, it can be traumatizing.

All is well with my water supplies this morning at 9:00 am.  I think I will take a nap.  My dad is at work and my mom is working in the office beside my fountain.  I feel safe and secure.

Meow for now.

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  1. Yvonne Graf says

    My cats almost take baths in the fountain. I have found bugs in it, but not moths…yet. Cute story!!

  2. Hi Gracey, this is Lola typing from my Mommy’s account. (SSShhhh! Don’t tell her!) That is super spooky. I’m still a baby and am still learning about life things. I hear we get some big scary bugs here in the summer. I hope my sister Lexy takes care of all of them!

  3. Rajamcawesomecat says

    Poor little Gracey! I can understand how you’d be so scared of that moth! They’re evil, I tell you! Flitting back and forth around the light bulbs, they’re in cahoots with the light bulbs, and it is all one big evil conspiracy. Conspiracy for what, I can’t tell you. Now Mommy thinks that spiders are evil, and if she sees one anywhere, she says “Oh HELL no”, and runs the other direction or tries to throw a shoe at it. Personally, I’m more worried about the moths than I am spiders… I can understand your fear totally!

  4. Hi Gracey–this is Magick–my mom Ravyn is typing for me. I think moths are yummy! I would have eaten that one, even a little soggy! But guess what was on my kitchen window screen yesterday? A GIANT moth! this moth was as big as my mom’s hand and it’s body looked like a shrimp–which I also LOVE to eat! She would not let me have it tho. She said it was too gross. Plus mom says that maybe some of the moths could be poison! Well I am 13 years old and have never eaten a poison one yet so I am not going to start now! Do not be too scared of moths Gracey–they are little flying cookies….yum!

  5. Mary Alice says

    Maybe the moth read your blog & wanted to meet you, Gracey! Now that’s a thought…. He could be a big fan & knew you would notice him in the water bowl right off. He wouldn’t have known that you were afraid of moths! Might have come for a pawtograph, photo op, etc. Now who knows? Do you have any friends who speak moth who could translate? I know I’ve given you something to think about, but you have to keep challenging the old brain!

    • Mary Alice,
      I don’t think the moth was here to visit me. Maybe though.
      Hmmmm. I am going to head to my “thinking circle” to contemplate.

  6. Katie Gilroy says

    Cici had ants that got into her drinkwell fountain! It was horrible! She didn’t really like it to begin with, though, so it went to her cousins Angel and Frisky at my parents’ house.

    • Katie,
      That sounds horrible too! I love my fountain. I hope those ants are reading this page and get any ideas!

      • Gracey, you need to speak to Sidney and Jack and let them know how wonderful the water fountain is and nothing to be afraid of. I bought two of them and they are sitting boxed up because they don’t like them. 🙁

  7. Janet Collins says

    Oh Gracey Love! You had quite a night!!! I am so glad your Mom and Dad take such good care to follow you, when you seem upset…Aren’t parents wonderful!!! Hope you have been able to rest some today, after such an experience!

  8. Wow Gracey! That’s just terrible! I can’t imagine how a moth would end up in your bowl, but you’re right that it would look like a ghost. You know how sensitive kitties are too ghosts… I’m glad that everything worked out and this just reminds the rest of the Pride how important secondary water sources are! You can’t be too careful. Tell your dad he did good!

    • Stacey,
      I don’t know how the moth ended up in my water either. That was the first time this has happened. Secondary water is very important even when moths are not in your primary source.
      Everything is alright now!

  9. Gracey, I know what its like to have an intruder, first hand. I have the ghost of a Bull Mastiff living with me. He gets me into all kinds of trouble. My dad refuses to believe that we are haunted and blames me for everything the ghost does.

    I even offered half my great Nulo kibble for prof, still no help. I tried to get the ghost to open the closet and help me get into the trash. Um, uh I mean, I told him not to get into the trash. Yeah, yeah, that’s it.

    Sigh, I hope I don’t get a moth in my water dish. Dad won’t be home to take it out. Now, I am scared.

    • Pheobe,
      Be strong! Don’t worry about getting a moth in your water. Don’t worry about spooky things that might happen. Only take action once things do happen.
      How are things going on your NuLo diet? You know I have been on a special allergy diet for a long time now. You will get used to the new food and after awhile, you won’t miss the other things like trash any longer.
      However, vanilla ice cream and yogurt still tease me every day.

      I will have to think about this ghost of the Bull Mastiff.

      • Gracey, The diet is going as well as a diet can go. Anything with the word die in it can’t be good for you, right? Although I must admit, just between us, that the food taste VERY good. Its all I can do not to wolf, he he I said wolf, down the food the second he puts in in my dish.

        I wish my Dad would give me yogurt. I love it when I get a spoon full in my dish. Sigh, maybe I will beg some out of him tonight. Maybe if we beg our parents they will give in to our sad faces.

  10. Pam Anderson says

    Oh, my heavens, girl! You are really brave. It is wonderful, however, that you know to go get your parents when something is wrong in the house. Good job, Gracey! Glad everything is back to normal. Have a good nap.

  11. Oh yikes….how spooky. No wonder you need a nap, Gracey.

  12. Hope Yates says

    Oh my gosh! That is awful. I hope your nap helped you recover from that horrific trauma.

  13. Judy Simon says

    Funny funny girl! You are a hoot! you didnt want to play with the moth?

  14. Oh you poor thing. To think you almost drank from that. What an experience. Glad to see you survived.

  15. Thank You sooo much for the morning giggle…!!!