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The Tiniest Tiger Asks you to watch The Elephant in the Living Room

The Elephant in the Living Room

The Elephant in the Living Room is a documentary film about the controversial American subculture of raising the most dangerous animals in the world as common household pets.  Director Michael Webber follows the journey of two men at the heart of the issue.  One, Tim Harrison, a man whose mission is to protect exotic animals and the public, and the other, Terry Brumfield, a big-hearted man who struggles to keep his two pet African lions that he loves like his own family.

Friends, this is an important topic for all of us.  I guarantee that when you walk out of this movie, you will think about animal ownership in a new or reinforced way.

The Elephant in the Living Room

Outreach for Animals

The Tiniest Tiger’s Super Serious Subject

Friends, this is Shere Khan, one of the recently rescued tigers from a greedy breeder by Tiger Haven

Friends, what I want to tell you is super serious. I hope that you will give me just a couple of minutes to talk to you about our big cat cousins. Last weekend something happened at the Autumn on the River Festival in Bethlehem, Indiana. Tiger cubs, only 10 weeks old were on display to the public and made to pose for photographs. The weekend prior these poor cubs were photographed with more than 700 people.

Now, some of you might be thinking, Gracey, that doesn’t sound super serious, but when you take a closer look you will see how serious and sad this type of activity is for our cousins.

The cubs came from the non-profit Wildlife in Need, Wildlife in Deed Sanctuary. The problem with this sanctuary is that they are breeding the tigers adding to the already burgeoning captive tiger population. The owner claims that he is helping save the tiger, but Friends, this simply is not true. This type of breeding does not help any of the remaining subspecies of tiger. This type of breeding is not part of the Species Survival Plan.  He is not taking into account genetic diversity or genetic drift; he is only worried about how much money he can get from photo ops with the cubs.

These cubs can only interact with the public until they are four months old. Then the cubs can no longer earn money but begin to cost money. We cats can eat a lot too! These little ones are exploited for their first four months, and then who worries about feeding them for the remaining 15-20 years of their lives?

This man says he finds good “homes” when he can’t take care of the new tigers born at his facility. But isn’t that spooky? What kind of home?

Tiger Haven is a Safe Place for Big Cats. This summer was extraordinarily difficult for Tiger Haven because they were asked to rescue 40 gruesomely mistreated big cats, including 6 pregnant females from a breeder in Arkansas.

This greedy breeder existed to make money. He was selling tiny cubs to photographers, game ranches, yes for canned hunting, and to naive people that planned to keep the tigers as “pets” in their basement.

No sooner than Tiger Haven was able to build new enclosures for the recent rescues, 17 cubs were born making the desperate rescue of 40 big cats the even more urgent rescue of 57. Our big, hungry, and innocent cousins deserve safe and peaceful lives.

Friends, I am asking you to sign this petition to tell Let Mounds Mall in Indiana know that hosting this baby tiger/lion display next week should be canceled.
Click Here to Sign Petition
I also urge you to boycott and speak out against any event that allows for the exploitation of cubs. What seems like an innocent photograph, is actually encouraging the continued abuse of our big cat cousins.  You see, super serious.

Our The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club Chip-In is to help buy food for Tiger Haven. Every $1.00 buys 2 lbs. of food for one of our big cat cousins. Small paws united to make a big difference. Every $1 helps. You don’t have to give big to make a big difference. Thank you everyone for being my Friend.


The Tiniest Tiger Requests a No-Fly Zone!

Friends, you might remember that I marked off my territory yesterday using this threshold as the dividing line.  This was to give me some space from my hovering parents.  I know, they  just worry about me.  Well, I was able to spend some alone time….sort of.

First I jumped up beside Lazy Leopard to have a nice chat.  I was telling him all about my suite at the clinic when out of the corner of my eye, I see my mom’s eyes peering into the sun room.  She was standing around the corner and stretching her neck around the door thinking that she could check on me without me knowing.  hahahahahaha. First, my mom is not a giraffe, so it isn’t like she can stretch her neck that far so that we couldn’t see her body, and second, we cats are super swift noticing any movement in our peripheral vision.

So I jumped down and went over into my green chair that faces the window.  This way I can not be seen from the threshold into the sun room.  Just when I got into a great thinking pattern, out of my left eye I see this.

My dad is outside in the yard, putting up a new feeding station as requested by Bossy Backyard Blue Jay.   I know that BBBJ wanted his new feeding station in place before winter, but I think my dad decided to put up the feeders because he could see me from the other side of the window.  Then he tapped on the glass and waved to me and asked me how I was doing.  Can a Cat get a nap?

So I changed places and went over into the chair beside Liz-ard.  I was telling her about winter because this will be her first one here with us in our habitat. I told her not to worry, because we will be safe and warm inside and then this happened…

My dad began to clean the sun room windows with a hose!  Now technically, he was not violating our territorial agreement as he did not enter the sun room. However, blasting the windows with water does not create a tranquil environment now does it?

I am going back to the negotiating table with my parents.  I am now going to demand a no-fly zone around the sun room for at least two hours during the sunshine segment of the day.  This is a fair request, don’t you think?


The Tiniest Tiger’s Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday Friends.  I am wishing all of you a peaceful day filled with chow chomping, naps and snacks.  I am heading to my marked territory, also known as, the sun room.  I spent the morning with Bad Kitty discussing some upcoming events we have planned for our page.  But today, I am going to spend some time with my buddy Bossy Backyard Blue Jay.  We have a surprise for him.  I will show you a little later today.

Meow for Now!


The Tiniest Tiger’s Helicopter Parents

Friends, I am super happy to be home.  My stay at the Morris Veterinary Clinic was pleasant enough but there is no place like home.  My parents love me a lot and I love them right back.   I know and understand that they worry about me, and I worry about them too.


Now that I am back from my glucose curve and am in need of some insulin to help me out my parents have turned into helicopter parents!  Honest they have.  And don’t tell my dad I said this, but he already hovered over me quite a bit.  Sometimes, he  runs around the house calling me “Gracey, Gracey Lou”  and I  am sleeping, I mean thinking, right out in the open in my living room bed!  Now, I know this is not his fault, because when I want to, I can become nearly invisible like a tiger, completely indiscernible from my surroundings.   Sometimes, my mom will be working in the office and my dad will run in and ask her if she knows where I am. I will hear my mom, say “No, not right at this moment.”  Then I hear a sigh and she joins my dad in the hunt for me.   hahahahahha. Usually I just stay in place, but sometimes I feel sorry for my dad and run behind the sofa and hide so it seems like I really was difficult to locate.

That being said, when I am feeling my inner tiger, I need a little quiet time.  We tigers are solitary creatures and we need our marked territory.  So I am putting down my paw.

The sun room is my territory for the entire afternoon!  I am marking my territory with this threshold line.  Only Lazy Leopard, Liz-ard and I are allowed to soak up the sunshine and watch Bossy Backyard Blue Jay from here.

I am asking not to hear the whirling blades of my hovering parents for just a few hours.

No entrance allowed to parents…unless they come bearing roasted chicken, and even then they can lower it down to us in a basket.  I need to get back into my old routine.

Won’t you please join me in telling my parents that I am doing just fine?  Thank you everyone.  Meow for Now!


The Tiniest Tiger Snacking

Friends, my parents came to spring me from my unfortunate incarceration. But my Doctor wanted me to stay so she can get an early morning glucose reading. Everyone seemed to agree so I got moved to a more deluxe suite for the night.  I am feeling fine, so please don’t worry. My Doctors and their assistants  are all super nice to me.

But I have one complaint; no roasted chicken.  This is unbelievable.  What’s a cat have to go through to get some chicken?

The Tiniest Tiger’s Check-Up

Friends, yes this is me Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger in my ~shiver~ carrier waiting my turn to be seen by the Doctor at the Morris Veterinary Clinic. ~heavy sigh~

Don’t worry.  I will let you know what the results are of my glucose curve test. I might have to go back on insulin for a while.

This explains why I have been so hungry.  I really can’t be blamed at all for almost turning into a chicken thief now.

Please don’t worry, I am in very good care with my parents and doctors.

But if you can send me some prayers and well wishes that would be great.

This is why it is super important for all Cats to get a check-up at the doctor.  Many of our symptoms are quite subtle.  My glucose levels are not dangerously high and I am feeling fine, but left unchecked it could get worse.  I know we hate to get in our carriers and go, but this is something that we must do.

Thank you everyone for being my Friend.  Meow for Now!

The Tiniest Tiger asks you to Watch The Elephant in the Living Room

Friends, there are two sides to every story.  Make sure that you listen to both.
This film is a good way to learn more about the keeping of exotic animals as pets.
This is super important to me and to all animals.

The Elephant in the Living Room is a  film about the controversial world of exotic animal ownership within the suburbs of the United States.  This film offers an unprecedented look into the subculture of raising the most deadly and exotic animals in the world as common household pets.


The Tiniest Tiger’s Jack O’Lantern

Allow me to introduce you to our new friend Jack O’Lantern.  He has a bright smile doesn’t he?  My dad is not home yet so we are hanging in the sun room only it is a moon room now. We are planning The Tiniest Tiger Trick or Treat Time.  Don’t worry, it won’t be scary.  We will have some fun!!


The Tiniest Tiger will Try Try Again.

Friends, I sent my mom out on a mission yesterday. We were both super excited. I could hardly stand waiting for her to return and tell me all about the experience. I helped her pack our camera and note pad.

I waited chomping chow.

When she returned this is what I saw on our camera.

Well, as you can see, this is not very exciting.

It seems in our enthusiasm packing up, we forgot something very important.

Yep, that’s right.  We forgot to put the memory card back in the camera, and our back up card was still in another bag from  a previous trip. We both gave off heavy sighs.  Then my mom said well to quote Robert Burns:

“The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men Often Go Astray”

Yes, sure that is understandable for mice and men, but what about the best laid Cat plans?    Anyway….

Here is a photo taken from my mom’s phone.

Well, we are embarrassed that we forgot to pack the memory card.   So we are going to follow this proverb


Meow for Now!