The Tiniest Tiger’s Check-Up

Friends, yes this is me Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger in my ~shiver~ carrier waiting my turn to be seen by the Doctor at the Morris Veterinary Clinic. ~heavy sigh~

Don’t worry.  I will let you know what the results are of my glucose curve test. I might have to go back on insulin for a while.

This explains why I have been so hungry.  I really can’t be blamed at all for almost turning into a chicken thief now.

Please don’t worry, I am in very good care with my parents and doctors.

But if you can send me some prayers and well wishes that would be great.

This is why it is super important for all Cats to get a check-up at the doctor.  Many of our symptoms are quite subtle.  My glucose levels are not dangerously high and I am feeling fine, but left unchecked it could get worse.  I know we hate to get in our carriers and go, but this is something that we must do.

Thank you everyone for being my Friend.  Meow for Now!

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  1. So glad you got checked out and have a plan for getting better! Doctors are our friends 🙂 xoxo

  2. Judy Simon says

    Lil girl, you are always in my prayers. I will say extra prayers for you today! My Izzy has it too, but he is too old to treat, boy can he eat!!! Good luck Gracey! fingers crossed! <3

  3. Good luck Gracey. I am sure all will be well. Sasha goes tomorrow to have blood work done to check her kidney function. She has been a real trooper wiht her medicine. Sasha and Chats send nose bumps and purrs.

  4. Hi Gracey, we hope that you get good results at the v-e-t!!
    We’ll be purring for you!
    Purrs and hugs, Keiko, Kenji, Pricilla & Yuji

  5. You are in our thoughts Gracey. Sending you lots of hugs and purrs and even a woof from little Tinker.

  6. Hugs, prayers & scritches to you Gracey. I hope it all turns out well.

  7. Sharon Hipley says

    good luck Gracey my prayers are with you