The Tiniest Tiger’s Helicopter Parents

Friends, I am super happy to be home.  My stay at the Morris Veterinary Clinic was pleasant enough but there is no place like home.  My parents love me a lot and I love them right back.   I know and understand that they worry about me, and I worry about them too.


Now that I am back from my glucose curve and am in need of some insulin to help me out my parents have turned into helicopter parents!  Honest they have.  And don’t tell my dad I said this, but he already hovered over me quite a bit.  Sometimes, he  runs around the house calling me “Gracey, Gracey Lou”  and I  am sleeping, I mean thinking, right out in the open in my living room bed!  Now, I know this is not his fault, because when I want to, I can become nearly invisible like a tiger, completely indiscernible from my surroundings.   Sometimes, my mom will be working in the office and my dad will run in and ask her if she knows where I am. I will hear my mom, say “No, not right at this moment.”  Then I hear a sigh and she joins my dad in the hunt for me.   hahahahahha. Usually I just stay in place, but sometimes I feel sorry for my dad and run behind the sofa and hide so it seems like I really was difficult to locate.

That being said, when I am feeling my inner tiger, I need a little quiet time.  We tigers are solitary creatures and we need our marked territory.  So I am putting down my paw.

The sun room is my territory for the entire afternoon!  I am marking my territory with this threshold line.  Only Lazy Leopard, Liz-ard and I are allowed to soak up the sunshine and watch Bossy Backyard Blue Jay from here.

I am asking not to hear the whirling blades of my hovering parents for just a few hours.

No entrance allowed to parents…unless they come bearing roasted chicken, and even then they can lower it down to us in a basket.  I need to get back into my old routine.

Won’t you please join me in telling my parents that I am doing just fine?  Thank you everyone.  Meow for Now!


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  1. They will probably calm down once they see you are doing okay, Gracey… unlike my human who pesters me constantly and even follows me to the litter box no matter how I am feeling! Seriously, be glad you have your humans and not mine.

  2. Melinda H. says

    They just missed you so much Gracey. They can’t help but be that way for a bit because it gave them quite a scare. Until they can get into a routine of knowing when you need the insulin and when you need your sleep it may be helpful to indulge them a little.

  3. Lisa Nickerson says

    Let them hover for a bit longer. You can soak up the love and get tons of special pets. I know my sister, Mattie (she is a Corgi/Australian Shepard Mix) and my niece (a water spaniel/lab mix) love getting attention after they’ve been hurt. I think my Rocky (he is a cat) gets in fights just to get cuddled by me after he loses, I scold but he continues it.

  4. Sharon Hipley says

    you are so adorable Gracey but being a mother of several cats we just need to be sure that you are okay be patient and maybe you will get a treat or more slanket time and soon the hovering will slow down meow for now