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Thank you Iams and Thank you Friends!  Super Hurrah!!

Helen Woodward has partnered with Iams to make Home 4 the Holdiays a worldwide movement. This year’s goal is to adopt 1.5 million animals and donate 5 million bowls of food to shelters in need and we can be a part of this movement and it is super easy for us!

Friends, we are now entering into the Holiday Season, and this time of year is extra special for me, Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger because it was on Christmas Eve that my parents found me on the cold wet cement floor of the local dog pound.  Some mean person tossed me out and I was not even weaned. I was shivering and sad when my mom scooped me up and tucked me under her coat.  Her warm sweater made me purr and I snuggled against her while they drove me to my new habitat.  I was super lucky and I never forget how fortunate I am to have a loving home and that is why I want to tell you about our Friends at Iams Bags 4 Bowls program.

Images by Miss Mindy

Please tell us your pet adoption story in the comments section under this post now through November  12 and Iams will donate 25 bowls of food for each post!

Our Friend Michele at Pet News and Views did a fantastic job providing meals for cats and dogs and now it is our turn to follow in her paw prints and try to help our cousins in need.

Here is how it works:

Post a comment here.

That’s all you have to do, honest! Comment on this post and Iams will donate 25 meals to a shelter in need. Any comment counts. (Only one per Friend!)

Please pounce on all of  your Facebook Friends because we  have ONE WEEK to gather comments. My goal between now and November 12th is 100 comments. Our new goal is 200! We did it! Our new goal is 300! Hurrah! Our new goal is 400! We did it! Super Hurrah! Our new goal is 500! WE DID IT!!! Super Duper Hurrah! Can we make this happen for our cousins in need?  We can do it!!!

Dr. V from Pawcurious is doing a super job and I thought we could try to feed more animals too.  So because you know I like to play games with you, here is another way that you can feed shelter cats and dogs. Each @Iams tagged photo will generate 50 meals for our cousins in need!!!!

  • “Like” Iams on Facebook.
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  • Make sure the photo is tagged with @Iams to select their page. That tag is what will generate the 50 meal donation.
  • To get you even more excited, one lucky photo participant will be chosen to receive a Bissell Corded Pet Hair Eraser with my photo on the box!!!

Super Easy and Fun too!  Will you help me help our cousins in need?

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  1. I had lost my beloved Kasha (my 18 yr old long haired torty) and vowed to not have another kitty. It hurt too bad and I couldn’t go through it again. My wonderful Black Lab, Kate, had other ideas. She wanted a baby brother or sister so she stole one from a litter. She had one in her mouth and was just getting ready to “play” with it when I saw her and told her to drop it. She gently laid it down and wagged her whole body as if to say “Look at what I found, it followed me home, can I keep it”? To my surprise, the “toy” got up and started walking! It was a itty bitty kitteh! I grabbed it and it was young enough its eyes were just barely open. I looked for the litter so I could put it back, but couldn’t find it (she stole it from a farm 1/2 mile away it turns out – many, many wild cats there). I called the vet and found out what / how to feed it and figured I’d find it a home. Sure. Like that was going to happen. I worked for a Japanese company at the time and in Japanese, the word orphan or without parents is Koji so that is what I named him. To make a long story short, it is now 10 1/2 years later and my 14 lb. ‘baby’ boy; pulls my hair when he wants attention, pulls his “sister’s” [Kate] hair when he’s being a brat, still won’t put his head in a bowl for food or water (stemming from being in Kate’s mouth, maybe?), is sitting on my desk, putting his paw on my face as if to say, “Ma! Pay attention to ME not that computer”! Thank you God for my babies – Kate, who was dumped at my house after being abused and Koji, the kitteh who came to stay.

  2. Ashley jager says

    It would be great if everyone in the world left a comment to help. homeless and hungry is the same no matter if you animal or human. we feel the same, hunger, sadness, lonliness. reach out and help.

  3. Well our story is pretty lenghty, so I will just give the points. Troy got Pumpkin for me the same day my little Merlin was hit by a car. It was a Labor Day weekend in 1993. Pumpkin loved to go outside, but we kept her on a run. Well one night she had some fun and produced a litter of 5 kittens. Only 1 survived, her son and my baby boy, Izzy. He had to have blood transfusions. Then came Stormy, Troy is a driver for UPS and he heard what he thought was a baby crying in the woods. He went to investigate and found a 5 oz torty kitten. He called me right away and the business he was delivering to said they would keep her until I got down there. When i got there, she was screaming. I tucked her between my legs and rushed to PetsMart to get bottles and kitten milk. I fed her right in the parking lot. She was a pistol (RIP) but so much fun! Then came Mother’s Day (I cannot have humans, and Mother’s Day always made me cry) so Troy went and rescued Feather!! She was the biggest baby, so he took her, because the others were smaller & he didnt want this one left behind because she was a lil older. By this time all cats are “fixed” except Feather. One nite we ordered pizza and I heard the pizza dude come and Troy was sitting down eating, when this white streak went past me! I asked, “What or who is that?” Troy proceeded to say this lil boy was on the porch when the pizza came and he just wanted to give him something to eat & we would put him back outside (that never happens at my house :0))That was Lucky! He was Lucky that we kept him, well he was a kitten and i never gave it a thought that he could/would get feather pregnant. OMG! 7 kittens! We found homes for 4 and kept the last 3, they were NOT going to the pound! Next came PeekaBoo, she was rescued from a dogs mouth who had scalped her. Troy’s brother brought her to me and we doctored her up and she had no fur on the top of her head for about 1 1/2 years, but it finally came in! Then came Batman (RIP) we took him from Troys brother, Batman was living in their garage, since they had 2 dogs that would not tolerate a cat. We took him home. Another Mother’s Day came & I was all upset AGAIN! He came Orca from SAAP rescue and when we got him home, he started crying for his brother that he was in the cage with. Needless to say, Troy ran back to SAAP and brought his brother home. They are buddies! Next came Simon! I had to have him! That is my last name & he has round eyes in lieu of almond or olive shaped like most cats! A month later, I notice he wasnt really playing too much there was too much of an age difference, so when i went cat food shopping, there was Tinkerbells! A grey cat with a white circle on her side! Just right for Simon to play with! They love each other! We recently took in a stray, which she is a senior and her name is Snugglebutts! We would just love to win the Bissell, God only knows we need it! I wouldnt trade any of them for the world! I love them all dearly and would have more if i could afford it! <3

  4. Help these little guys get the food they desperately need during this time of cold weather! And remember – no house becomes a home without a cat!! Think adoption first!

  5. It’s cold outside and our kitties really appreciate a warm place to go – please provide that warmth, or better still keep your kitties indoors during these cold winter months! Thank you Iams and TTT for the wonderful work you are doing!

  6. This is my kitty Widget. She is a rescue kitty from my neighbors backyard.I hope the picture comes through. Thanks for helping to feed the animals.

  7. Proud mama of 6 cats, 1 dog and 4 birds: 1 cat from a shelter and 5 feral kittens.

  8. Thank you Iams for all you do to keep animals healthy and happy there are too many animals that need homes and you help them

  9. Dear Iams,
    My cats love your food, and I love that you are helping to feed animals in need. Thank you very much from me and my furry children! 🙂

  10. We adopted Malcolm from what is now the The ARK Humane Society LTD. At the time, dogs were placed in foster care. Malcolm shared a cage and the dogs who shared his cage would discourage his eating. We brought Malcolm home and he was just so smart and fit in well. When he finally realized he no longer had to sneak his food — that it was always there for him, he grabbed a mouthful of food and ran throughout the house throwing his food up in the air as if he was rejoicing. This continued throughout his lifetime and I am still finding food. He protected our house (he took this job very seriously by barking whenever a car came down our dead-end street). Our family has many “Malcolm stories” that we still share today and laugh at the memories. He loved people… loved attention… and was the best dog ever.

  11. We adopted my sister Radison from VIVA(Volunteers for Inter Valley Animals in Lompoc, CA. They are a no kill free range shelter that has several facilities for feral, aging, and cats for adoption. Radison is a beautiful green eyed kitteh that knows she is the princess of the house. I’m glad that VIVA was there to give her a safe haven until we found each other.

  12. My best story is about Sadie, my rose-breasted cockatoo. One of his owners was jealous of the attention his other owner paid to Sadie and traded him for an African Gray at a pet store. I know the pet store owners and arranged to adopted him but before I could pick him up a teenager stole him from his cage. We thought Sadie was lost but the thief tried to claim the reward offered for his return and when the bird was brought back to the store, the police were waiting. Sadie came home with me in 1998 and is the king of my flock. He’s a very good talker and dancer. I love him dearly even though his has a wicked bite when annoyed.

  13. This summer I lost my #1 kitty to CRF and i’ve been struggling with how long to wait to get a new kitty. We intended to get two new itty kittens, but then as I saw all the older kitties as shelters and rescue groups and pet finder I thought Am I being greedy when so many other kitties need homes. Then a rescue group I follow on facebook posted that they urgently needed a foster home for a kitty with asthma, and I raised my hand really quickly. We’ve had a few challenges with her since but she is so cute I still think we might keep her. And get one new kitten! Good luck to Tiniest Tiger Shelter

  14. Dear Iams, I just found an abandoned kitty baby we named Lucky and he is lucky indeed! He found a home of a massage therapist! That makes one lucky baby!

  15. Rochelle Wicker says

    Thank you Iams and TTT for helping homeless animals!!!

  16. Carol Halbert says

    My Amanda ‘Mandy’ Halbert actually adopted me…I heard ‘meows’ outside while making coffee on Jan 15, 1999 and opened the door to see what was going on!!! The rest, basicaly, is history. It was a couple years before I found out from a guy neighbor that she had been hanging around his detail shop as a stray and he brought her to his house. His first mistake, however, was leaving her outside to be an outside kitteh, because while she very much enjoys going out and having an adventure outside, she is strictly an indoor cat…that was where I came in…she knew I was going to let her be inside with me!!! Come this Jan 2011, she will have been with me for 12 of her doc guestimated 14 years…and has been a very happy kitteh. Everything is just like she wants it….she rules and is forever bossing me around and I immediately do what ever she wants!!!! She has been a wonderful child for me all these years!!!! I thank God for my little Angel!!! <3

  17. runswithpoodles says

    All my pets have found me. Carter Jane was born in a warehouse at Carter Lumber. She fell down between the wall and siding and my neighbor had to rip the siding off to get to her. It took him three days, but the day after Thanksgiving 2009, he brought this little handful to me. We all fell in love with her. Well, maybe not my other cats, but all the dogs loved her. My beagle, Leroy, took a special liking to her and protects her no matter what. Leroy showed up at my house one night a couple of winters ago. Someone had dropped him off and he braved my electric fence and came right in my dog door, hopped on the couch next to me and cried and cried, he was so happy. My pets provide me with entertainment, laughter, comfort, and love. What would my life be without them?

  18. Mary Carol Sims says

    Our adopted cats are 8 and are an integral part of our family. Bonkers is a large tiger , into round things and crackly bags. Squeaky is an orange tabby and is happiest lounging in the garden. Me too. Our very large dog Gertie is also an adopted pooch of much mixed parentage. We love our pets and are given very bit of love back in many ways.

  19. Great way to help feed animals in need. Thank you, IAMs and everyone leaving a comment!

  20. Elaine Hearne says

    Three of my four cats are rescues. One was a kitten, not even a week old. She was all alone, in a park near a friend’s house. They couldn’t keep her, so they brought her to me. My son became her “daddy”, and raised her to be a healthy, happy kitty.
    Wish I had more time to comment, but am supposed to be getting ready for choir practice right now.
    Happy Holidays to all!

  21. All of my cats were either rescued, found, or from a shelter. But one shelter story in particular was when a friend and I found Charlie a little black kitten with white on his belly and back feet in a shelter and knew he was the one.He is now a happy healthy two year old kitty who loves life and his little mouse toys. I would only adopt from a shelter or rescue because these are the animals who really need homes and are crying out for our help.

  22. No adoption story from me as yet…but! I am on the waiting list to adopt an ex-racing greyhound. So excited!

  23. I would love to take in all the little lost kittens that come my way but Mom and Dad say that 6 cats is plenty. I love all kitties and want to help feed them.

  24. When my beloved cat Sugar la Puss disappeared after a summer storm and has been gone ever since, I got calls from people with strays who thought theirs might be mine. But alas, no this was not to be. Yet it did lead me to my 2 fabulous cats who both were living on the street until they came to live with me and now we are all quite delighted with each other. No cat appreciates a good loving home like a cat who has been a stray! Adopt one today! v

  25. Virginia Dart-Collins says

    I would like to help Iams feed hungry animals too!

  26. Our Crooky was rescued as a kitten from the Moscow (that’s Russia) Metro. The daughter of a friend brought her home, but as they already had 3 cats (and a dog and a rabbit in an apartment), we took her.

    She is a very elegant Russian princess with a fabulous poofy tail.

    Her co-cat, also an adopted rescue, came from Slovakia. He thinks he is a dog.

  27. feed the kitties feed the kitties feed the kitties!

  28. Zarathustra says

    All of my animals whilst growing up were shelter or found. All were precious and fun and always considered one of the family.

  29. Paul Becker says

    This summer my wife fostered seven kittens from three litters. We found homes for fine of the kittens from one litter, but we kept the other two. Now we have four cats total. We love them all, even if the little ones can be a little mischievous sometimes!

  30. My last kitty was found as a kitten on the cold motor of a broken-down car when the temperature had dipped below freezing (unusual for here). She’s very vocal and that’s what saved her life. My husband heard her under the hood of that car after it had been towed for miles. She’s a miracle kitty!

  31. Every pet deserves love. A home. Food to eat. There are far too many that do not have that.

  32. My cat Josie was a stray who showed up in my driveway one day and never left. I already had three cats so I tried to find someone to adopt her, with no luck, so I continued to feed her outside. When my elderly female cat passed away, I decided to give Josie a chance and brought her to the vet for testing and vaccines (she was already spayed). She has been with me ever since, and she’s a great cat. I can’t imagine why anyone would abandon her. It’s as if she made the decision that she was going to live with me and then waited for me to make up my mind to agree!

  33. Mette and Bamsemums says

    A little hi from me and my newf, hope it helps!

  34. Gracie, thank you for all the help you provide your cousins, big and small. They are truely blessed to have someone so special help them.

    Have a wonderful holiday season.

  35. My lovely ginger cat (named Ginger by a neighbour) was a stray kitten that would visit my garden with his mum and two litter mates. I and a neighbour fed the family for about a year when my neighbour called me to say that she thought Ginger had broken his leg. It took us two weeks, a lot a food and a cat trap to catch him. He was taken to the vet, but his leg had started to heal itself and so nothing was to be done by the vet. I agreed to take him home and keep him on cage rest. He was feral and very afraid. That was 7 years ago. I never released him back into the garden and he has become a wonderful house cat. He is only socialised with me and so still very afraind of others. At the same time as taking in Ginger, I had an elderly cat named Sweetie. She was very frail and needed to eat a special diet. Ginger never stole her food and seemed to realise that she was too frail to be boisterous with; he was a real gentleman. When Sweetie passed away, I was very aware that Ginger would be home alone, and so set about aquiring another cat…this time from the Friends of the Animals (UK). She is called Silky and she was given to the charity because he family no longer wanted her. At first, I couldn’t comprehend how someone could part with a cat…but now, their loss is my gain…she’s adorable and Ginger and Silky are the best of friends.

  36. My mom & I have rescused many kitties over the last 23 years, and we couldn’t be happier with each & every one that we’ve had as part of our family. Although we’ve had to lose some over the years, it is always comforting to know we have given them the best life possible rather than where they were before us. <3 my babies!!

  37. Thank you for helping our animal friends.

  38. Anniee Torres says

    Several years ago a young cat showed up at my husband’s workplace. The people there fed her and she stayed around, then over a holiday weekend my husband brought her home. We got her spayed and she is still living with us. She is a wonderful, beautiful, loving kitty and I am so glad she is with us.

  39. Thank you for all of your efforts and for providing a mechanism for me to help without giving money we simply don’t have right now.

  40. Victoria Traube says

    These are wonderful stories. Thanks to Gracey for sharing.

  41. Cliff lived next door to my parents with two kitty sisters, Lola and Jasmine. His humans soon divorced; she couldn’t take the cats with her and he didn’t want them, so he threw the three cats outside.
    Cliff couldn’t understand why he wasn’t allowed back inside his home. He could see it and smell it, but only pretend to feel the warmth and care it once provided.
    Winter soon came, and I started feeding Cliff and the girls. There were many days Cliff would hang out on the porch or on the exterior windowsill of rye kitchen window, clawing at th screen to get in. We had two cats at the tome and were not able to take him in.
    About a year later I got a new apartment. A cat friendly apartment. Cliff was coming home with me!
    I wanted to bring him home on the Saturday morning of the weekend after I moved in. While on he way to the pet store to get the necessary accoutrements, my Mom phoned. Cliff was wilting in the driveway, and had been there. Sitting. Waiting, apparently. I said I’d take him that night if he was still there after I went to the store. As you can guess, he was.
    We went home, had a bath and a big meal, and I placed him on the foot of the bed to sleep. That’s still his nightly sleeping spot, over five years later.

  42. My daughter and I were at our local shelter to adopt 2 kittens. While waiting our turn, two ladies from a neighboring county came in to drop off 2 tiny kittens that had been left at their work. Their county did not have a drop off shelter, so they brought them to ours. Our shelter was going to charge them $30 for an “out of county drop off fee”! Not knowing what the fate of these kittens would really be since these ladies would not pay the fee, my daughter and I met them in the parking lot and took the kittens ourselves. We brought them home, gave them a flea bath since they were covered, introduced them to our Golden Retriever and thus completed our family. I took them to my vet the next morning, and was told, they were healthy as they could be, but only 6 weeks old. That was 8 years ago!! They are very happy and healthy, they get along great with the dog…..they play together all the time. Nala sleeps with my daughter and walks around the house “crying” when she spends the night away from home. Simba thinks I am only his and will come out of his “sleeping place” as soon as my husband gets home to sit on the couch right beside me….as if staking his territory. So funny! We love our babies!!

  43. So close to 500 – come on folks!

  44. Thank you, Gracey, for all that you do to help kitties of all sizes. And thank you for being my friend. Hope you get to 500 comments!

    Blessings and love from us and our four kitties (all rescued). <3

  45. My beautiful cat babies came from the shelter. They are amazing and i cannot imagine life without them. I love you Shelly & Daisy.

  46. Yay for helping shelter cats! Remember to spay/neuter your kitty to help lower the amount of kitties having to go into shelters.

  47. What a great idea to help shelter animals! Iams and Tiniest Tiger are pawsome!!!
    xxxxxx Happy Holidays ?

  48. jone gagnon says

    I yr ago i had been volunteering @ Anjellicle cats rescue shelter and there was this elderly Kitty that was so sweet yet looked so sad.
    I know how difficult it is to find a home for older kitty,so i too was sad to see her @ her age alone,in a shelter…
    As we near Thanksgiving I went in and did my Friday morning shift expecting to see Jillian,but she was not in the catroom!!!
    At first i was elated thinking she had been adopted.I inquired thru my volunteer coordinator(Jomay) and she told me she had been fostering her for a couple week but that Jillian wasn’t doing so good and that she would take her to the vet.
    She also told me it was not an ideal place for her as she had a small dog that was constantly barking,she had several animal in foster and our poor little old lady was really uncomfortable.
    I told Jomay when she would pick her up from the vet I could try to foster her as i had a few days off during Thanksgiving,roommate was away and she would have a nice quiet room to herself.
    .Well the news from the vet were worst then we thought.We found out she had cancer,very aggressive form and in her condition not much could be done except make her as comfortable as possible.
    My decision was made i would take Jillian to my home as my first ever foster.She would have a great room w/a view of the birds,overlooking a garden.
    After she settled in we shared some great days .I took care of her and my boys respected her privacy and let me share my love with her.
    My Christmas gift to myself was to adopt her for however long she had.Her Xmas gift was the promise when she was too ill I would let her fly free to the Rainbow bridge and i would cradle her in my arms,next to my heart,cocooned by my love until her last breath…
    We both had our Xmas gift.her special soul is imprinted into my heart forever…until we meet again sweet Jillian,,i love you!

  49. Great pictures and thanks for helping feed stays

  50. I love all my furbabies!

  51. Each of my kitties was rescued from deplorable situations. I’m happy to say they are all best friends, loved, warm, and well-fed.

  52. So close to 500. Let’s help the shelter pets!

  53. My wish is for all shelter pets to find a loving home the way I did. ;-3

  54. Glad to be of any help I can be. Good Luck with all the little ones.

  55. Hi Tiniest Tiger!!!
    I found my Keika boo in a bish in my neighborhood meowing. I swished through the beshes and found him. I brought him home, and today… he is a well fed/ well loved little tabby boy!!!!
    Thank you tinies tiger for all you do!

    patty & Keika

  56. Gracey, you are such a kind and generous girl!!! And so are your mom and dad!!!! Thank you for thinking of others in your thinking circle!!! Love you!!!!!!!!

    • hey gracey, you are such a cute and sweet and funny kitty. i love cats. i have 5 of my own. my oldest girl kitty will be 12 on thanksgiving day, named lily. the next one is daisy and i more or less rescued her. i adopted her from my cousin who wasnt able to properly take care of her with her dogs, and keep her fed properly. my next cat ziggy went missing this past year. he was part florida panther and black cat. sad to lose him. then, i had lenore and sweeny. they were so cute and adorable, brother and sister. well, lenore had 4 kittens, i tried to save 3; but only 2 survived from me hand raising them. lenore got ran over when her kittens were only 5 days old. now, i have mootle and weeboo. they are such cute boys and lots of funny. wish i could get some pics of them on here. it was so hard to raise them with the bottles and droppers, etc. but, i did it. i wish you the best.

  57. Hi Gracey — I fostered a litter of kittens this summer and found great homes for all five of them!! It feels really good to have saved five little lives, and to have brought joy to three different families. Adopting a cat is one of the best things anyone can do for themselves, and for the cat!

  58. richard payne says

    Thanks for this thread. We have 3 kitties, all rescues, that rule the house. They are very insistent that we help other cats.

  59. Hope every shelter pet and abused pet gets a Holiday Furever home

  60. happy to help out any way we can !!!

  61. janell markey says

    Gracey! You and Iams are doing a great thing. Thanks for being my friend this year.
    Love, Janell, Abigail and Anna

  62. We rescued our terrier/pug mix at the local pound right before she was about to be euthanized. We’ve had her for about 8 years.

  63. Every kitty I’ve ever had has been a rescue and every single one of them have been wonderful. My first cat, Calico, lived to be 17 – she passed away when I was 19. The kitty I like to call my ‘lifetime cat’ came into my life when I was 27, Spike was a solid black Manx (rumpy) and he was my kitty from day one. He lived 16 1/2 years and was right there with me through many adventures. Now I have Beamer (orange), Cosmo (black) and Ike (orange stripe) and I don’t know how I could live without them! Rescue is the only way!! Adopt don’t shop 🙂

  64. great idea to help feed the needy animals

  65. Let’s get to 500 comments!

  66. Becky Hendricks says

    We adopted our Eric Asher from a shelter in the fall of 1996. We had another cat, Sadie Mittens, who was basically rescued from a family that didn’t treat her well. She loved me, but she was too attached to her dignity to put up with my daughter’s fondness for carrying around the cat (very kindly and carefully, I might add). So I finally agreed to get a kitten for my daughter. And boy, has he been her cat. He is the sweetest guy, all black with a white tip on his tail. From the start, he adored her. About five years later, my daughter spotted three tiny black kittens wandering around by the side of the road near the body of a black and white cat. She figured that was their mother. Being the great person she is, she couldn’t just leave them. Eric was a real daddy cat to them. Soon, we officially had two more cats, and my mom had one more. Last year my Sadie passed on, and we adopted a cat who had been fostered by a woman who found him outside as a very tiny kitten. That little orange tabby is our first nonblack cat in ages, but a real delight, just like the rest. Adopted and found cats are the best.

    • Oh Becky that’s wonderful your daughter took those babies in. So sad that thier mommy died the way she did 🙁 Yes, rescued and adopted and found kitties are the best!! I should know – 4 out of my 6 kitties are founds!! 🙂

  67. You sure are a busy cat Gracey! You’ll all over the web too, with lotsa friends and fans, spreading your goodness. Squeeze in little catnaps whenever you can, and keep up the good work! Lovin’ PurrZ from this clutter of 9 catZ and 1 big-o dog. ((<3))

  68. Catherine Turley says

    i adopted a ten year old blind, diabetic lab last year. everyone thought she was at death’s door. at the shelter, she was lethargic, neurotic and looked a mess. but, with the proper medication, strict nutrition, and daily exercise, she has become as happy and hyper as a young pup.

    • I love a happy ending! How wonderful that you realized her potential and she has a great home now!

  69. Hey, Gracey! All of the cats I grew up with were adopted. Our oldest cat, Susie, was a sweet–and VERY talkative–girl my mom took in when Susie needed a new home. Aimee was a bottle baby who joined the clan a few years before I was born when a feral decided to give birth in the garage of a friend of my dad.

    Snowball came to us when I was eight. My dad was out walking on the Irondequoit Bay docks with a friend when he heard a mewing coming from the decks of one of the boats, and out comes this little white kitten with a deformed rear right leg. My dad, being a softie, scooped her up and tucked her into his coat, where she promptly settled down and started to purr. The owner of the boat was there and came out, and told my dad he could take the kitten if he wanted to. The boat’s owner had been keeping her only because he’d seen the rear leg and knew she wouldn’t survive on her own. After she joined the family, my parents talked to the vet about having her leg fixed, but she was getting around well enough that they decided not to put her through the surgery and make her learn to walk and all that again. Snowball lived a spoiled life for fifteen years and the only help she needed because of her leg was a chair put in front of open (and screened) windows to get up into them, because she had trouble jumping straight up b/c of her leg. She loveloveloved to sleep on/next to our pillows and was just as mouthy as Susie. She’s sorely missed.

    The last member of the clan was Scooter, who arrived a year after Snowball, who came to my dad’s attention one day when my dad heard the Very Loud sound of a Very Upset kitten coming from a garbage can. How Scooter got in there, we have no idea, but he came home with my dad and was originally destined for a shelter, but after a week my mom said, “We can’t get rid of him. He’s too cute!”, something we’ve teased her about ever since. He was an energetic little guy, hence the name, who loved to do sneak pounce attacks on Snowball from above or behind (and she’d give him swats when she was on a chair and he walked by). He loved to go outside (on a looooooong piece of clothesline attached to a collar) and his favorite spot to hang out was the cement ‘pad at the base of the side door to the garage. He’d roll and writhe and generally make it clear he was a Very Happy Kitty. He was struck with bone cancer at fifteen and put down a few weeks before I returned from college that year for winter break.

    More later, Gracey. Don’t want to post a lot and keep you from your napping. I know how important that is for kitties. ;D

  70. I think this is a great and easy way to help out shelter animals! keep up the good work gracie you are such an inspiration!!!
    Peace, Love, Paws,
    Melinda Patrick and Reeses

  71. Keep up the great work Gracie and Iams. It’s heartening to know so many animals will be fed.

    Thank you!

  72. Thank you for doing this Gracey and IAMS. All of my furbabies are rescues, and are the best friends a human could have!

  73. Go IAMS, go! This is a very good thing you are doing; on behalf of all the furbabies – THANK YOU!

  74. Hi Gracey, you are such a kind kitty, and you do so much to help others, just like our friend Rita at PurrEver Ranch, a sanctuary for senior kittizens 😀 in Tennessee. Rita has a wonderful story about her cat Ace, who went missing for a month and was FOUND over the weekend because of a chance comment someone made to Rita about a kitty found near a restaurant one town over … (details may not be exact …) Many many prayers went out for Rita, who does amazing good things for our kitty pals, and for Ace, her handsome rescue Bengal. Wow, good news!

  75. Kevin McLaughlin says

    All five of our kitties are rescues, each has his or her own story.

    I found Tammy at PetSmart in San Bernardino. She was to be company for my other kitty, Sugar. The adoption gal didn’t want me to adopt her because she thought I didn’t seem like a responsible person – too bad because we had already bonded!

    It’s been almost 16 years since I adopted Tammy. That little black and white velveteen kitty has been my constant companion ever since. She often slept right by my head on the pillow, and I could not sit down without her climbing onto my shoulder to snuggle.

    She doesn’t get around too well these days, so I have to help her up to my shoulder and I don’t know how much longer we’ll have her, but every moment with her is treasured. She gives us so much joy.

    Each of our kitties is special in their own way, each one a special little gift for us to enjoy.

  76. Billie Renee says

    All four of my furries are rescues – two are kittens from feral colonies salvaged at a nearby horse farm. Hemingway came to me via the Topeka Cat Association’s No Kill shelter and Hathor was on her way to the shelter when a friend’s cat had an unplanned litter. I love them all dearly and I am so happy so many of our four-legged friends will be having holiday meals.

  77. I adopted Bart 19 years ago.He was a year old and the owners were going to have him Euthanized.I am one lucky person to have such a wonderful and beautiful kitty….I love him so much !!!

  78. Cherie Manzano says

    Glad to see that meals will be donated for these comments.

  79. About 25 years ago, I adopted a stray cat from a community theatre where I volunteered. She was in the show “You Can’t Take it With You”. The script did not have a name for her, but I named her Grizabela, one of the characters in “Cats”. A couple years later, a friend called & told me to go check out this cat living with its mother and siblings along a road. One of the kittens, a tuxedo, looked like he could be Grizabela’s kitten. I took him home, too. I tell all of my friends to take in shelter pets or strays, rather than buy them.

  80. Love the work your doing!! Keep it up Tiniest Tiger!!

  81. <3 from krikit, boti, greygrey, gweny, fousfous, dude, petey, and aggi!

  82. Share the love.. adopt a friend!

  83. I’m all for healthy cats!

  84. Gracey, you do a wonderful job in coordinating help for all the lost & forgotten furbabies out there. THANKS.

  85. I run WarmFuzzy’s Shelter & Rescue & we would like to say a big thank you to Iams Home For The Holidays Program which we do participate in. We helped found No More Homeless in KC, MO & they receive food donations from Iams & WarmFuzzy’s has received some of this food when we were out of kitty food. Thank you to Iams !

  86. On 11/18/09 my beloved kitty Tasha who was only 6 years old went to sleep and never woke up. I had raised her from 5 weeks old and I was totally heartbroken. I decided to wait to get another kitty but found myself looking through PetFinder on Thanksgiving and saw that my local PAWs Shelter in Lynnwood had a tortoise shell kitty just like Tasha.

    The family insisted I go check her out so I went down the next day to see if she was still there. I wandered around the kitty room trying to find her and finally asked a volunteer who came in if she had already been adopted. He went out front to check and I continued to check all of the cages. As I walked into a small corner a paw reached out of a bottom cage and grabbed my leg. I bent down to look in and it was a little tortoise shell kitty. Just then the volunteer came back and told me the kitty I was looking for had been adopted so I went back to read the stats on the other kitty. She reached out and grabbed my leg again as I bent over to get her paperwork and I knew she was my new kitty. She had been abandoned on the streets in a neighboring town and had just been released for adoption that day. They let me take her into a little room to play for 30 mins and we fell in love with each other. I brought Katjia home on the following Tuesday after she was spayed and she will be with me for the rest of her life.

  87. woo hoo! LOTS of small paws to help a BIG cause!!! hope you get to 500!

  88. Thank you, Lord, that there are people willing and able to help these poor animals that have no home. May you be with them as they continue in their good deed.

  89. Erika Saunders says

    eh oh, tiss Santina, ize want to dispense lots of love today so for a start ***bik kitteh smoooches wif love filled centers*** bik kitteh hugzies*** ize gotcha day coming fast OMC!

  90. Hope the kitties find a home!

  91. All of my pets in the last 18 years have been rescues from one place or another. We currently have 2 cats & 2 dogs and my son, who currently lives with us has a cat.

  92. Kim Linsley says

    thanks for helping the animals

  93. those of you who love your cats know how they adore us as much as we adore them, they return our love in many ways like no other animal can and find fun in all our daily chores as they watch, touch and investigate everything we do…to watch them sleep on their backs, totally relaxed,safe and contented is a happy heart. Think of those cats that are left to roam the streets, eat from dustbins and live in fear of every sound that could harm them and never know the joy of flopping out on their backs in deep sleep in a safe and loving home, or worse still those cats that are abused by their owners.These cats need our help.

  94. I adopted a very scrawny kitty (3 lbs) and he went up to five pounds in the next 2 months or so 🙂 Love him to death and wish all the best

  95. Hi Gracey,
    All of my four-legged children are rescues in some way or other. The first was Harley Davidson, Jr. – 13 yrs old – who came to me at 5 weeks old when his mother was “stolen”. The next is Melody (9 years old) – my one-eyed wonder kitty – who was the last of her litter since no one wanted a one-eyed cat. Then comes Bigotina and her sadly deceased sister, Angel. Their mother landed on my doorstep – I thought she was a tiny, fat male. HA HA On my birthday, 2004, she gave birth to 5 kittens – I was able to give away 3 and the mama who was terrified of the carrier. Then, came Tesoro (4 years old) who was found SCREAMING in the middle of an empty lot next to a tree. He was 9 weeks old and very dirty – now a very spoiled Mama’s boy! We have also been getting all the dumped and feral cats in the neighborhood who come to our house for their regular feedings – twice a day – and the two-story cat house my husband built (carpeted, insulated and everything). Where ever I live, I will always have room to adopt a cat – even if it has to be outside. Unfortunately, it’s getting hard to feed them as I no longer have a job (that pays). However, my four-legged children are very happy to have me home. It’s a good thing they’re cute! 🙂

  96. Thank you all for what you do for all these babies, all my pets are rescues 6 cats 2 dogs and they are all family

  97. Let’s keep it going for the animals!

  98. Two thumbs up for Iams

  99. I encourage ANYONE and EVERYONE. to chip in one way or another. Where ever I move, the stray cats always seem to find me. If they weren’t trying to survive I doubt we’d meet. Unless they were lonely. My house is nicknamed the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen for cats. My land lady so loves it. lol

  100. We live in the auvergne in France and have got both rescued cats and dogs which are our lives, At the momment we are toying with the idea of opening some sort of sancturary for injured and unwanted animals but are unsure if we could be able to feed all the animals. Will keep you all in the picture in what the future may bring?????

  101. So happy Iams is helping animals in need with the help of Gracey!

  102. Jackie Caruso says

    I have adopted all my pets from rescue grops one kitty and two pups I have now & two kitties past I miss terribly they all couldnt be more like my own kids if they were actual kids. They are my babies & I love them to death I just wish I could do more to help all the pets out there that need homes. God Bless them all

  103. Hi,
    My sister and I get to go looking for a cat this weekend. I have 8 but she just wants one. The apartment complex she lives in only allows declawed adult cats. We do not believe in declawing, so we are looking for one at the animal shelter that has already been declawed. I just hope that one of the declawed babies calls out to my sister, and gets her forever home!
    Thank you for all the help you give to these beautiful creatures.

  104. My girlfriend would adopt every cat she could if she had the room and money.

    Both of her cats are adopted – and are the #1 priority in the house…their dinner is more important than her dinner!

    I hope that you get 1000 posts to help feed these poor animals! Thank you for doing this!

  105. All of my animals have been rescues, right now I have 1 dog, 5 cats 3 red-eared slider turtles, and a pigeon living in my workroom. I raised the pigeon from a nestling. She was brought into my place of work with a broken leg. my friend Olga knew I did wildlife rehab, and told everyone I could save it, you can’t disappoint a friend with that much faith. For those who are interested, I know she’s a female as she recently laid an egg. The cats are still hoping someday I’ll leave the door unlocked.

  106. Keep saving those pets! 🙂

  107. Kevin Kraft says

    We adopted our golden retriever Max from Retriever Rescue. He is a beautiful and very friendly dog.

  108. Gracey – Keep up the good work you do! I found four of my kitties on the street! 🙁 Mean people threw them out! I am thankful that they did, because I would never have had them and they have brought more joy in my life than any other man could! (Except Barry Manilow that is LOL) Your parents were angels when they found you Gracey!! You just had to wait for them!! 🙂 Happy Holidays!! 😀

  109. Kitty Dolan says

    The weekend 9-11 My mother & I went on vacation and found a starving little black kitten at the first motel we stayed at we asked at the office about him & were told that the people that stayed there were feeding him, what people? No one was traveling we had the place to ourselves. We took him from South Carolina to New Jersey and back to South Florida. Mom is in her 80s he is her whole world, starving kitten is now a 17 pound very spoiled and very loved cat by all of us. That is just one of many stories about our adopting strays, I have never in my 61 years gone cat shopping my cats always find me & and I have always had the best cats in the world.

  110. Hey Gracey! Great work helping the shelters. I have two cats Almond and Mattias, I rescued Almond when she was first born, I guess her mom left her behind or she got lost, but I found her at a parking lot and she was wet, hungry and crying her little eyes out. I took her to the vet and the vet taught me how to take care of a new born kitten, I had to feed her every four hours and I had to take her to the vet once a week because she had horrible ear mites along with some respiratory issues. Eventually all her issues went away and she grew to be a beautiful cat, she’s 2 years old and a healthy 10 lbs 🙂 my other baby Mattias was a gift from my cousin. Mattias’ mom came to my cousin’s house on a rainy day, my cousin let her in and fed her, later that night the cat gave birth to 6 kittens and 8 weeks later Mattias joint our family, him and Almond are my pride and joy and I don’t see myself without them. I am very blessed to have them by my side.

  111. I love what you are doing Gracey. Thanks to you, and Iams for helping to feed homeless pets. My two little girls are the best ever, and I am so blessed to know them and their love. Shelter pets make the best pets of all.

  112. Amberlei Sparta says

    Thank you, Iams, for your generosity. I hope more people adopt shelter animals.

  113. jone gagnon says

    my baby billy was at the shelter where i volunteer one friday AM.when i had finished with feeding,cleaning and petting all the kittys,i sat on the floor to play with them and he just came onto my lap with his sad eyes(he had a kitty cold& UTI)curled up and gave me a kiss.the next i picked him up that was a few months ago.

  114. carolyn shea says

    PS All of Sasha’s sisters and brother have been rescues, 3 of them are with us currently…Lucy our big orange 22 pounder, Georgia the gentlest who’s 90% blind and CeCe the calico torturer of her sisters, also a fetcher. It’s a crazy funhouse and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

  115. so glad my mom rescued me and my brothers!

  116. Hi, Gracey. Most of my pets during my life have been rescues. The most recent was our kitty Lulu, who my husband brought home one year ago yesterday (11/10/10). We had just lost a very special kitten, Gigi, to FIP and I was crying all of the time. My husband saw Lulu on the Humane Society Silicon Valley webpage and fell in love with her sweet face; she was just 9 weeks old, a little silver puffball. He went to visit her during his lunch break and brought her home. She is now my little Velcro kitty, following me all over the house that she share with four other kitties and three doggies. I now volunteer at the shelter from which we adopted Lulu. Super hooray for people who pick their best friends from the shelters, and super hooray for you because you do so much to help.

  117. carolyn shea says

    When I first met my sweet girl Sasha, she was a teeny tiny ball of fur who would skitter across the floor after an elastic hair tie and bring it back to be fetched again. And again. And AGAIN! At the time she was living in a loft inhabited by a group of crazy (but good hearted) rock musicians who had parties every night. She was only 20 weeks old. Next time I met her, my friend had taken her in because she thought the noise was too much for a kitty. By then Sasha was about a year old and had turned into a sweet chubster. 3 years later my friend passed away from a chronic illness and her Mom asked me to take the kitty. Sasha lived with me for 17 more years and became a beautiful light in my life. She was my dearest pal and unforgettable…what a life we lived!!!

  118. Gracie, I love what you and Iams are doing. I see so many touching stories here from wonderful folks. Keep up the great work.

  119. Let’s try to make it to 500 comments!

  120. Mickey Strain says

    I have two 12 year old’s that are my “kids” We just recently rescued a ten year old and a five year old. Life is DIFFERENT, but I’m attached to them all. I use IAMS and this is a great cause.

  121. what a wonderful cause, we have had several animals that have been adopted or given to us.

  122. Proud to be a mom to so many “misfit” cats!!

  123. I love all my rescue pets – they’re the best!

  124. Wonderful cause…let’s keep at it.

  125. Yay!

  126. What a wonderful program Iams is doing – let’s feed the animals!

  127. Go Iams!

  128. Adopted my rescue kitties from a shelter and we are a big happy family!

  129. We got our 1st cat 11 yrs ago from a friend. When he passed last yr it took my hubby a long time to even look at other cats. But 6 months ago we visited our local shelter & got Munchie, our sweet little baby (was 2 when adopted yet so playful, just lik a kitten!)

  130. Elizabeth Petry says

    Hi sweet girl!!! My kitty, Portia, & I admire what you and your winderful parents do for you everyday! You are a blessing in my life…head taps from Portia! 😀

    Las Vegas

  131. A neighbor boy finded me in a shed & brought me to ma humanz house. I wuz only 3 weeks old & dey did takes me in & lub me so.

  132. Let’s make this happen – so close to 400!!

  133. I just found my forever home and hope that all the shelter animals and strays (like I was) find their homes soon!

  134. Feed the shelter pets!!:-)

  135. Arthur Toporovsky says

    I have had companion animals (cats mostly) since childhood. Some adopted directly from out-doors, some from people who have had to get rid of pets, and some from friends whose cats have multiplied and from the humane society. Gotta love them.

  136. We currently have 4 – all rescues. The siamese and tabby were adopted as kittens from 2 different cat rescues in California, the himmy was 2 years old and nameless when I found her at the Denver Municipal Animal shelter and the chihuahua was given to me when a family member could no longer keep him. But given how traumatized he was when I got him and how he has blossomed I consider him a rescue too!

  137. Let’s feed as many animals as possible!

  138. Commenting for the animals!!

  139. Love you, Gracie! Feed those shelter pets!!

  140. Lisa Ridgway says

    Adoption is a much better option then buying at a breeder. This is just one small thing we can do tho make the lives of these animals much more livable.

  141. Love my rescue kitties so much!

  142. 3 long-haired cats from the local shelter…a very loving and a wonderful addition to my life! thank you Iams for supporting shelter animals!

  143. Mira Bella VonderHeide says

    Good for you Tiger, I am a rescue too. People that rescue are the greatest.

  144. All my babies are rescues and fosters and I love all eleven of them

  145. This is a great thing !

  146. carol mcgonigle says

    Our beautiful Lucy rescued us 3 years ago after our Kelsey went to the Rainbow Bridge. We were going to get a puppy but I went online at the Irish Setter Rescue and fell in love with her as soon as I saw her!!!!!

  147. All 3 of my kitties are rescues, plus a 4th that my mom took in after I had her for a few years. My mom just loved her so incredibly much (as did I) but I needed to bring in a new kitten I found outside my office building 2 years ago that I immediately fell hard in love with.
    Rescue animals are THE best, hands down. They all need a warm, safe cozy place to live, deserve to be loved their whole lives, and to always have food & water filling their bellies.
    Please ALWAYS adopt from a shelter (or take in a stray or abandoned animal) and spay/neuter all your babies.

  148. Awesome “helpers” you are!!!!!!!!!!!
    thank you for saving little kitties

  149. Thank you Iams!

    RIP Georgia and Rose. Two older cats that are no longer with us.

  150. Thanks for all you do. Love your company.

  151. My beautiful Rosemary picked me to be her person. She was in the animal shelter on the island of St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, when I lived there. Initially I thought I wanted a smaller kitten, but that kitten didn’t make it through the weekend … I learned this when I came back to the shelter, and I felt pretty sad, but there was this little calico cat, showing off, all by herself in her cage and rubbing on the bars. I had noticed her the Friday before when I had stopped by, but had my eye on a kitten. Well, this cat wouldn’t let me be. She began to purr the moment I held her. For 14 years and during many moves, she was my most beloved companion, and she’s always in my heart.

  152. Thanks for all you do.

  153. A wonderful thing you are doing! Thank you for helping pets in need!

  154. Our little Bitsy showed up on our doorstep 1 year ago this month. She was sick and a matted mess. The vet said she is between 14 & 17 years old. We didn’t expect her to survive but here we are a year latter and she is doing great. She spends most of her life sleeping, but she does not have to take any meds and does well with our other 3 cats. She is a real trooper.
    What a great program this is to comment to help animals. YAY!

  155. A pregnant cat showed up at our back door last fall. On Christmas Eve she gave birth to 4 kittens. Two didn’t make it (she wasn’t producing enough milk and I didn’t notice right away). Later we started bottle feeding them and mama and one baby are still with us. Both are now spayed.

  156. Love everything you do to help animals <3

  157. Mornin Gracie,

    We are enjoying some sunshire on this Veteren’s Day.Join us and giving a big THANK YOU to all of them.
    Love my Imas:-)))))))Enjoy your day……

  158. She found me. I wasn’t even a cat fan. That can of tuna made her stay forever. She had been abused. There were 8 pellets in her head where she had been shot. Teeth were loose. We couldn’t touch her tail area because it was so sensitive. She was MY baby the rest of her days……spoiled rotten…loved more than she knew existed. That’s the story of Kittybone White-Ring.

  159. Sassy (Sasquatch) and Coonie (Coon-tat) were 3/4 Maine Coon brothers I got from a breeder in Maine. They were going to be drowned because they were not purebreds. Sadly, Coonie was hit by a car, and several years later Sassy disappeared. I still miss them. 🙁

  160. I’ve had so many kittehs over the years! Sassie (Sasquatch) and Coonie (Coon-tat) were 3/4 Maine Coon brothers that I rescued from a breeder in Maine. They were going to be drowned because they were not purebreds. Unfortunately Coonie was hit by a car, and Sassy disappeared several years later. I still miss them like it was yesterday. 🙁

  161. Thanks, Iams!

  162. Billie Carol says

    a very FERAL mama kitty brought her kittens to my house last May 2009! they were DARLING but hiss & spit! WHEW! I worked from home so was able to feed them 3-5 X’s a day–their favorite meal was Kitten Chow mixed w/ warmed Goat milk & canned kitten food; I interacted with them OFTEN 2 hopefully tame them 2 B adoptable; however, Miss Kitty, Clem & McGee stole my heart & R now N their 4ever loving home! I ALSO volunteer in my community helping feed the feral colonies & am posting this comment for the care which will be given to those animals less fortunate … BRAVO!!!

  163. Love that Iams is doing this – hope I’m not too late!!

  164. Moxie I adopted from a local shelter when I got my first apartment. She’s still with me. Belly I got from a freecycle group when I was still living in Alaska. She sadly passed away a couple of years ago.
    When I moved to Ohio, my roommate already had 3 cats, and as a way for me to get over the death of Belly and bond with a new cat she got me Gidget, a barn cat’s runt.
    We adopted Linnea from a cat rescue group that was at our local pet store. Someone had dropped a litter of kittens there because they knew the rescue group would be there that day. Happily, we’ve heard all of Linnea’s siblings have now been adopted as well.
    We <3 our cats and take good care of them. Other than the feral that we feed, I think our house is full now!

  165. Hi, Gracey! What you do is amazing. Ever since I found you on Facebook, I have seen the many ways in which you help improve the lives of other animals. How wonderful that you have teamed up with IAMS to help feed shelter cats. As the National Animal Rights columnist for, I salute you. Kitty kisses and nose bumps to you, sweetie. I wonder just how many of those 25 meals IAMS will provide if we can get your site some national attention? Please write me at for a possible story feature. Let the nice people at IAMS know I’d like to lift you up on my platform to help bring awareness to your efforts. If they agree to continue to honor as many comments as you can get….I’d be happy to feature you. You may find my column here..

    Michele Gwynn

  166. I adopted my first companion cat when I was Junior in College. Orville was the runt of his litter, and became my closest friend and support for the next 16 years 9 months. He helped raise my second fur kid, Borgie, who was found in a trash can at a party. Soon after Orville’s death from complications of diabetes, we adopted Mahina from the Humane Society — she was, apparently, a problem child, and remains our troubled middle child. Borgie hated her until The Babies (two week old black littermates that I found on the side of the road) came along, then she and Mahina were fast friends until Borgie developed aggressive liver cancer and asked us to send her to the Rainbow Bridge. Sal and Alex now rule the roost, and have put Mahina in her place after she terrorized them as kittens, but they’ve achieved some measure of peace and stability 🙂

  167. Cheryl Murphy says

    I took a flea ridden cat, starving and thin, and took him in to vet. The vet helped me get rid of fleas, i fattened him up and he became my cat Polo for 10 years. Loved that cat!

  168. Adoptions is more like it. 13 years ago a kitten showed up on a rainy day. She turned out to be injured. The vet bill was going to be huge. I paid what I could and I reached out to friends and an organization called United Animal Nations. Our combined efforts kept the kitty alive. This tiny kitten with a herniated diaphram, broken off whiskers, broken ribs, injured back paw, turned into the 13 pound brilliant Phoenix. She’s had a wonderful life, but in mid-life she does have some health issues because of the early traumas – and I take care of those, and just adore her. Then there’s Saber-T, rescued off the mean streets of L.A., who’s shared my hillside hideaway with me for 4 years now. And there are several other cats I’ve fed for years, who finally after 10 years of coaxing, do allow me to pet them, and sometimes come in the house, rather than hiding under it at night. Latest cat arrival, Davey Crockett Rocket Boy – handsome long haired tuxedo dude. And I’m sure the rescue stories will continue. Love you Gracie!

  169. My two kitties are from the shelter. They are sweet, affectionate, fluffy and beautiful. Best thing I could have done.

  170. just wanted to do my part, leave a comment. also wanna say that i love what you do for animals big & small. =D

  171. Stephanie Atkins says

    The only cat I adopted from a shelter was Rocky. He was cute tabby and white kitten and would not let my attention wander to the other kitties. I needed a cat who would not be shy, as I was living with my parents and they had a german shepherd. Rocky was the perfect addition to the family. So much so that when I went to grad school, Rocky stayed with my parents. I simply could not separate Rocky and Molly the dog. Sadly, Rocky died at the age of 7 of cancer. I still miss him, but I am glad that I was able to share my life with him, no matter how briefly.

  172. I got my first cat from a shelter when he was about 5 months old. He was present to myself for passing the bar and getting my first job, and I wasn’t sure how I could pick one cat, and Chaos crawled right over the other cats in his cage to get my attention. He stole my heart right then and there. We’ve been together 7 years now and we’ve really bonded. He couldn’t stand to be left alone when I first got him, but he’s finally learning to trust that I’ll come back now and he’s better now that we’ve adopted another cat as well. I found Harmony when she was abandoned on the streets, declawed, but not spayed. She was about six years old and very malnourished, but fortunately otherwise healthy. It’s been a long haul to get the two of them to do more than tolerate each other, but I wouldn’t give either up for anything! She’s still pretty standoffish most of the time, but her cuddles are more special for it.

  173. Gretchen Passmore says

    I found my very cool lab/golden retriever mix, Cider, at the local pound. I went looking for a small non-shedding lap dog and promptly fell in love with a 76 lb very hairy dog when he gave my hand a little lick. He’s been with us for over 5 years now and gives me laughs and love every day.

  174. Megan Kohler McGaughey says

    I adopted my little Gordie from a girl at work. She had recently gotten a kitten and as it turns out, her father was allergic. He demanded that she get rid of the kitten immediately. She informed me that she would be dropping him off at the local humane society, it was the only thing she could do. Even though I wasn’t allowed to have pets at my place, I told her to bring him by my place so I could have a look at him. She brought him by later that evening and it was love at first sight. He’s been my best friend ever since. A few years later, we adopted a brother for him. They have both brought me more joy than I could have ever imagined.

  175. My beautiful cream cameo Persian Blondie was born under my patio. He is 7 years old now and is the king of the household.

  176. Feed more cats. Love all my adopted animals!

  177. Drew Peifer says

    Maybe three weeks ago we adopted two cats roughly two years after getting our dog because we (my mother) thought the dog needed “friends”. There names are Poe, who is almost all black, and the other, named Beatrice, is tortoise shell.

  178. Pam (Sarah and Penobscot) says

    Great job, TT!

  179. I have 3 adopted furbabies one adopted dog and 1 angry bunny (bites) who I’ve had since he was a baby and I cannot tame him! Animal shelters do fantastic work they are a god send and I cannot put into words how much I appreciate their hard work, I always donate anything I have spare to my local one and it warms my heart to see others are doing the same x

  180. Thank you for helping the animals!

  181. I <3 kitties!

  182. Carol Goodson says

    Love cats, and prove it by supporting 20+ stray cats on my carport. Feed them well, spay/neuter as many as I can catch…name them all… not to mention the 7 indoor cats I have. I should seek 501C3 status so I can deduct my expenses on my taxes, because I am GOING BROKE fast 🙂

  183. Lisa Doherty says

    I adopted the sweetest little girl. She was an abused dog from Puerto Rico. Although she had some issues, her and I bonded. She was my best friend and I loved her so much. Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for her, I had to give her up as I could not afford to take care of her properly. However, she landed in the best place possible and is now an ESA animal for a sick young man. She is doing amazing, is happy and is helping someone so much. Though I miss her I know she is where she is supposed to be, needed and very loved 🙂

  184. I have three cats, all adopted from shelters. Sasha was being fostered by a friend for a local shelter. I test drove her and she stayed. Jules came from a shelter 100 miles away. I wanted to adopt a himalayan after Tio passed away. He was the perfect addition. Abbey was at the same local shelter I got Sasha from. I was volunteering and started talking to her. I thought she would make a great cat for my mom but there was a sign on her cage someone wanted her. A month later the shelter called, she was still there. I went to get her, remember she is for my mom. My mom came to the house said what a cute black cat. When I told her it was hers she said she wasn’t cat ready so Abbey stayed.

  185. Yayy for Iams and an extra yayy for Gracie for being so helpful and adorable!!! <3

  186. Outstanding!!!!

  187. As the Tiniest Tiger would say, super hurrah!

  188. Let’s keep it going for Iams!

  189. Let’s reach 400 comments!

  190. Let’s feed as many animals as possible!

  191. Hooray for Iams!

  192. What a wonderful thing Iams is doing! I have three rescue kitties, one rescued by my father on a cold rainy night; one saved from a pack of dogs as a tiny kitten; and one beautiful calico!

  193. Alyson Amsterdam says

    I adopted my 2 boys after they’d been rescued (they were found in a rubbermaid box on the side of the road). These 2 boys are always gentle and loving to our family (though that sure love to rough and tumble with each other – but afterwards, they always fall asleep cuddled together). I feel so blessed to have such wonderful pets – they are definitely a part of the family!

  194. I adopted my first kitty from a shelter…he was in the quarantine room because he was sick, and when he took notice of me, he sat up and gave me a sweet look that said “please take me” and he melted my heart. Thank you for helping to save such wonderful creatures

  195. Thank you so much for helping to support these beautiful innocent animals!

  196. I have some packs of dog food that I got as free offers that I plan to take to my local shelter

  197. Rebekah M. Holder says

    I have 10 cats and 4 dogs. All of whom have been rescued from either the pound, off the street or from an abusive situation. My husband, my daughter and I enjoy their company so much and they make our house always entertaining – hence, never a dull moment! I wish we could save them all but as long as other are doing their part, we can continue to help all of our furry friends.

  198. We found our Anakin in parking lot covered with mud. We had heavy thunderstorms and rain the night before we found him. Anakin is an all black cat and his muddy black coat blended into the surrounding area, luckily we had someone with great eye sight to notice poor Anakin. When we finally picked him up he was afraid and shaking. Anakin
    now lives with us, but there are so many animals in need.
    I am happy to see Iams is helping homeless and shelter animals! Thanks Iams! ?

  199. this is a great thing iams is doing

  200. I was teaching English in South Korea. I was down in the convenience store in my building. One of the owners was holding a small scraggly kitten. I immediately decided I would rescue her. I brought her up to my room, cleaned her up. When I returned to the USA I brought her with me. Her name is Lucy and is now a member of out household of two humans and 4 cats!

  201. Our first rescue was Whiskers I and he kept visiting our front door. He was so lovable that we took him in and when we took him to the vet, we found out that he had feline leukemia. He was with us for a year. Our next rescue was a tiny tiny 6 week old who found us in a parking lot when we were visiting the shore. We cut our vacation short and took him home to our vet and Angel was with us for 13 years. That same year, we adopted a brother for him from a local no kill shelter – Whiskers II had been born outside in a litter of 3 and his mother was killed. He was hand raised and at 6 months was all alone as his two brothers had been adopted. He was with us for 16 years until he died suddenly a year ago July. We adopted Jenny and her sister Jane two years later at the humane society where I had gone with my sister who was looking for a new kitty. Jenny and Jane had just come in that morning and I was afraid that they would be separated so I adopted them. Jane died two months later of FIP but Jenny is still with us and is now 16 years old. We adopted Casper whom my sister had adopted from a friend who had an outside cat who had had kittens and he was for my niece but she was upset that her mother picked out a cat for her without letting them even meet each other first so I said I would take Casper instead. He died within days of Whiskers II a year ago Augst. He and Whiskers II were wonderful cats and dear to Jenny’s heart as she groomed each of them and slept with them every day. When they both died so suddenly, she was bereft. A year ago September we adopted Jane II from a local rescue group who found her abandoned in a trailer park after her owner was taken to a nursing home. She is now 5 years old. We had hoped she would be a companion to Jenny. They do live together peacefully but Jane II has been afraid of Jenny since she came to live with us even though Jenny is so placid and loving. The closest they have come is to touch noses one morning recently. Jenny now sleeps with one of us whenever she can during the day and she sleeps with me at night. We are thinking of adopting another senior cat since they are always overlooked – time will tell. Thank you for everything you are doing.

  202. This is such a wonderful “happening”! Thank you Iams!

  203. My husband and I have 3 sweethearts: Benjamin, Chloe, and Oswald. We love your site so much, and we thank God that all the furbabies in shelters will be fed and cared for. Thank you, Gracie and everyone for all you do!

  204. Our precious baby girl had to be given back to God in July shortly after her 12th birthday. She was brought to us by our son who saw her as he passed a pet store and knew she was just what we needed – a very tiny ball of red fluff. She had some health issues along the way but we, and she, dealt with them and didn’t let them lower her quality of life. She was a very special cat and fit her nickname, The Queen of Everything.

  205. Thank you Gracey for helping the kitties!

    Milo the Cat

  206. Feed da kittaaaaays!!!!!

  207. I am blessed to know my animal companions. The first cat to adopt me was my lovely Sage, she is 5 yrs old. I found her walking through Fish Here, I was not looking to adopt..I just love animals, so I was just “looking” But, one kitten looked at me with these beautiful golden sad eyes, it must have been love at 1st sight. She is a long hair, she looked so soft & fluffy. I bought her the day after i met her, took her home with me. Now she is the veteran of the house. Second cat to adopt me was our sweet Tigra, another long hair. She was living in a sad situation, I was called over to help her. Well, since she did not have any food or water or a potty supplied, and she needed a bath, I took her home w/ me & gave her one. That was when she was 6 wks to 2 mo old, now she is 3 and thriving! She’s a heavy, stocky build cat…with allot of fur and attitude. But, she is one of us…family. Third, was our newest addition to our “brady bunch” of animals. A beautiful, sweet, purr-box, scrapper. Our kitten, only 3 months old, White Ear. She came to us from a good home w/ loving pet parents. She is one of the kitten that their cat gave birth too, and I think she looks like her mommy too. To complete out furry household, we also adopted 2 cute, comical, intelligent, soft & sweet rat babies. They are both Female and are 3 months old. As a pet parent, I can definitely say that I have my hands full! LOL! But, I know that life would be different w/o them all, they enrich us in so many ways.

  208. Love your site and the work you do. I have 6 absolutely beautiful cat kids, 4 of which i have adopted after fostering them from little babies.

  209. Well before my kitty Angelus had to switch to veterinary food I feed him Iams:). I think Iams is awesome for helping so many puppies and kitties in need.

  210. Rachel Nelson says

    Thanx for helping all the kitties!

  211. This IS WONDERFUL!*! YES! YES! YES! I will write a comment for 2 feline shelter rescues! We are Crimmie & Sasha..Sasha is Tabby Siamease and had been at the shelter longer than any one left there, I was going to be put to sleep but was rescued by my person who lets me now rule the household! I was born with a bob tail & am often called “bunny~butt”! I am Criminal~ or Crimmie, I like better! I was also “on death row” at a different shelter than Sasha..I had my babies at that shelter and all of my babies died..I was 3 weeks over due & my health was poor from living on the street, they thought I had fe-luke but I didn’ they let me be adopted because my person came every week to see me while I was over due to have my babies. We eat IAMS senitive stomach in the pink bag,it is the best food we have eaten!!! We want others to have food,love,care & warmth & homes of their own so very badly.MANY MANY THANKS to ALL WHO CARE & HELP..=^..^= + =^..^=

  212. Roisin Shanahan says

    My cat was a stray that turned up from under my car one night meowing. She was a little starving thing but I could see she was nursing so I put some food out. She hung around and used to come in the window to eat, sleep a while on the stairs and then disappear. Only 1 of her kittens survived the move from wherever she had them before she adopted me. When I moved there was no one to look after her so I caught her and took her with me. She never liked to be locked in, always needed a door open but now she has completely changed, loves her home comforts and hates having to go out

  213. Both of my boys were ‘rescues’ of sorts. Thomas was hanging around this electric company where I did security in college. He was such a pretty kitty. I found out recently that he is a “Snowshoe”. When they had the garage open, he would go in & sometimes they’d shut the door at night & he’d be inside, so he’d curl up to sleep until morning. Well, someone got mad b/c he used the bathroom in one of the open trailers (it had dirt in it, so he could cover it up. He never did anywhere else.) The management said all the cats had to go. There was Thomas and a feral tabby girl who’d had Thomas’ kittens. We got my mom’s have-a-heart trap & someone with a farm agreed to take the female. My mom got one of the kittens and my neighbors took another. I brought Thomas home, got him fixed & he’s been with me for about 12 years. When he first showed up there, he was so skinny, they thought he was a girl (he must’ve been REALLY skinny b/c it was obvious from a distance that he was a boy when I met him). The guards fed him & I’m happy that he’s agreed to share his life with me, even though he’s still very skittish, he is very friendly. Harvey showed up, this teeny-tiny black ball of fuzz on my ex & I’s front porch one night a couple of years later. 10 years later, he weighs 26 lbs. and his head is bigger than his whole body was then. I’ve tried diets, but none seem to work. I’ve seen big wild cats of some sort in the woods behind my old house and the vet told me it’s possible that he’s 1/2 non-domestic cat. I think he is. Either way, he’s a sweet giant boy and I’m glad he came into my life too.

  214. How can I resist helping the little kitties of the world when Gracey asks for help and looks so earnest and sweet? Good luck to all our little friends!

    • Oh, I didn’t tell you my adoption story! It was almost 12 years ago to the day that Claude and Trixie came home with me. They had been abandoned by their moms and were staying at a boarding kennel for dogs. I knew they were coming home with me right away, because they let me know. Trixie is sitting on the couch next to me right now, and Claude had a lot of good lap time earlier. They are still like a couple of crazy kittens, and I love them topieces.

  215. Love, love, love kitties

  216. Lisa DeFilippo says

    I adopted my first cat shortly after I graduated from college and moved out on my own. My mother and I had been visiting a relative and went to see her horse at a barn. The minute I saw the small tiger race past me I was hooked. I adopted Spike right then and there. I rescued Taz (a feral kitten) a year later. I was keeping Gremlin for a friend of mine but fortunately (for me) she changed her mind. Spike(19), Taz(14), & Gremlin(18)have all passed on but will never be forgotten. Currently we have three cats (all rescues): Cozmo, Max, & Colt. We also have two dogs, Hershey & Sammie (a rescued pit bull mix).
    Life wouldn’t be the same without the love & companionship of pets.

  217. Yay!

  218. This is an awesome goal to comment for.

  219. Have not adopt one yet, but planning to in a year. However we are currently fostering dogs to help! its been a great experience and I recommend to people who may not be ready for a long term commitment to try fostering

  220. My Scooby was a stray and I brought him into my home and now he’s one of the family.

  221. Reverend Catharsis says

    Well this is a cute idea, and I’m all for y’know helping the needy whether they’re people or animals..

    ..Though why the heck can’t they just feed the friggin’ animals without demanding we post comments and such?

  222. Amber Hallfin says

    My kitties are all “rescues”. They make me very happy and I’m lucky to have them in my life.

  223. Lezlie Struss says

    All of my kitties were stray babies and they have given me more joy than I could possibly imagine. My first round have since passed over the rainbow bridge but I’m in round 2 fostering four little sweethearts who were left behind when their family moved. I’ve taken them off the adoption notices because we’ve all agreed, they’ve found their forever home with us.

  224. All of my felines have been rescues or their kittens. (They only have kittens if they’re pregnant when I get them!) They have brought such joy and love into my life, and I cannot imagine life without them! They are my furry little gifts from God! Thank you so much for feeding them!

  225. My cats were both rescues and they have been nothing but a joy to me.Thank you for helping others 🙂

  226. Doing my part!! Anything for the shelter animals 🙂

  227. Good luck reaching your new goal, Gracie! How many comments do you think you can get? You look so much like my Cody, who was a stray… I love it! 🙂 Take care!

  228. My husband told me that a stray kitten was eating our dog’s food outside in the snow. Later that day, I saw this black kitten with what seemed to be a twig on her side. She was eating the food and ran off when she saw me. The next day I was able to catch her. The “twig” was her front leg which had been badly injured and was just hanging. I took her to our vet, Dr. Harrington, who gave me antibiotics for the infection so she could remove the leg. I named the kitten Tough Tilly because she was such a little fighter. After the amputation I remember thinking how sad that she would never play or be as active as our other cats. Wrong! Tilly has grown into a beautiful, loving and active girl who climbs, plays and lives life fully. She reminds me that you can never tell when your life will be blessed by a four (or three) legged angel! Thank you, Tiniest Tiger, for all the lives you save and bless with your wonderful work.

  229. Thank you, Gracey, for everything you do. You are pawsome!!

  230. Thank you for helping all the animals… I will be purchasing IAMS for my Soco and Stella… they love it and I will keep getting it for them.

  231. God Bless all of the Lovely Animals of this World!!

  232. Franklin Newman says

    I can’t bear it, those poor cats in need of help and good homes. When will people ever learn to neuter and spay their animals, or keep them strictly indoors at the very least?

  233. Iams, thank you so much for this promotion feeding shelter animals!! I have 3 babies, Hobo, Marmelade and Lucy. They bring me so much joy……thank you again, keep up the great work

  234. Thank you Gracey, for all you and your family do!

  235. Nancy Black says

    I fostered a pregnant kitty from Stray Haven Humane Society. Sassy ended up having 8 kittens. When I finally returned them to the shelter after three months, I simply couldn’t part with two of the kittens. I adopted both(Bright Eyes & Muggins)and never regretted it.

    They bring me joy, laughter, and a abundance of fun. Both are now in their late teens and still doing great.

  236. I love the Iams Home 4 the Holidays idea! I adopted two kitties from an animal shelter, Timothy and Tina. Timothy was a birthday present from my husband. Timothy had a very loud purr, and he was very very timid. He ran every time the doorbell rang. He would find tiny areas and squeeze into them, hiding away in fear. My husband went back to the shelter and adopted Tina, in the hopes that she would help Timothy to feel brave again. Timmy and Tina loved each other so much, and Tina was afraid of nothing. Together, they brought us so much joy. They are both gone now, as is my husband. How I miss my little family! However, I still provide a loving, safe home to several other kitties, but Timid Timothy and Tina were the originals. Thank you, animal shelters everywhere, for giving love and food until these precious babies can be adopted into forever homes. Thank you, Iams, for helping to feed these angels.

  237. I have two cats, Felix and Woolie, I have given them, second chance in life, Woolie, was on streets, and a very nasty and spite full cat. Now after about 14 months, she could melt your heart,she is , loving and allows me to stroke her,and knows how to wake me up, when she wants out. Felix, very funny, he was a kitten when I got him, two yrs ago, he still play full. Even though they are male/female,they dont get on at time.
    Love them both, and they spoiled so much.

  238. Our cat Joe originally belonged to a neighbor, and I had taken care of him when the neighbor was out of town for business. Through a series of weird circumstances too long to describe, the cat stayed more and more with us. When the neighbor moved earlier this year, he decided to let us have Joe. It wasn’t an easy decision, but we’ve been spoiling Joe ever since.

  239. Lynn Haffner says

    Both my cats are rescues. We’ve now had them for over 7 yrs. They are just weeks apart in age and we adopted them 1 day apart because the younger of the two (Cassie) was not socialized and was terrified of everything. I adopted Matrix to help ease her transition into our home. They are almost inseperable and Cassie has come out of her shell and become a wonderful companion to my whole family. Matrix is so intuned to our emotions that, if one of my girls is crying, she comes running from where ever she is and meows and rubs against them trying to find out what’s wrong. I’ve never seen a cat do that…
    Thanks so much for providing food, shelter, love and new homes for the animals that are less fortunate…

  240. Hildi Barnett says

    Thank you Iams, I will purchase more of your food because of this! And thanks to other people that make it happen. My best furry friends have been adopted from shelters including both of my beautiful “kittens” that are now a year old and give us so much joy!

  241. i really love this..helping with these wonderful animals..of course i will leave a comment..anything to an animal lover and hate to see anything happened to them…keep up the good work…

  242. thank you Iams for all that you do!

  243. Mary Alice says

    Thank you for helping all the kitties needing homes & forever families!

  244. Hi, got my Fred-Fred-Crazy-in-the-head-head at a shelter. His tag on his cage said, “affectionate and talkative” BOY, were they right… he is now 16 and still talks so much I ask him to be quiet and LOVES to sit in my lap, usu when it is full of something I am trying to work on…lol !

  245. We found our Cali, an white, orange ,black calico at the Noah Animal Center in Stanwood Wa. My husband’s grey tabby was old and stopped due to a stroke. Cali had been turned in because she didn’t get along with other animals and young children. We didn’t have either around so she settled in and became a very happy loving girl. She drools when she is happy and sneezes in your face. Her mark of showing she loves you!!!!

  246. I know that Iams is a very trusted company and am glad that they are involved in so many avenues to help animals 🙂 Way to go Iams

  247. Robin Smith says

    I wish my stories were as poignant but they aren’t. I have two dogs the first one is a female that came in to our home 11 years ago. I took her away from a friend and the woman he was living with because she allowed her daughter to strike Lady as a young puppy with a lead pipe, now she is afraid of little girl and will try and bite them before they hurt her again. During this time she also had to fight a Mommy cat to get to her food bowl. I just had to talk Chad into giving me that scared little puppy and she has been with me ever since then. Now her younger brother came to us a bit older and this time no abuse was involved except for the cop’s boots that he wore to work, my brother in law talked us into it so Shadow joined us 8 years ago. Now we are just one big happy family. They took the place of the children I hoped to have so yes I am very attached to their furry bodies. I do have one picture of the two sitting together in my kitchen doorway and I might go post it on facebook if there is a copy of the picture on this computre. I hope you have many many comments so the animals will not starve.


  248. Well, I adopted my KiWi KaTT from our local shelter here and although she was a regular TARZAN at first, wanting to swing from my curtains and all, she soon forgot all about that habit and now is one of the greatest joys of my house hold. Without her it would just be dull and lifeless here. I am so glad we found each other. She is my comfort and my joy!! Next to hubby of course!! 🙂

  249. Awesome!

  250. I have 4 large dogs and 9 cats, all rescues. I volunteer at a shelter 2 or 3 times a week exercising dogs, grooming and training dogs, cleaning cages, and sometimes doing laundry. I like to make life easier and more pleasant for the unfortunate animals who end up homeless and in a shelter. I belong to a rescue that buys the animals, puts them in foster homes until adopted out, or transfers them to a reputable rescue for rehoming.

  251. My Wife and I have had 17 cats since we have been married. They were all strays and one was a feral cat who was kicked out of the littler. We have been very happy with all of them.

    “You can judge a man’s true character by the way he treats his fellow animals.”
    — Paul McCartney

  252. Yay for helping animals. Happy to have my 3 rescued from the streets! Jake, Kisa and PeekABoo.

  253. Deb Peterson says

    ~Our 3 furkids are Rescues. Angel aka MoMo is a sweet Jack Russell girl with a congenital injury to her cerebellum; so yes, she wobbles & bobbles & she DOES fall down. She has no idea there’s anything “wrong” with her. We have a mini-dachshund Sophie aka Heathen Child, no further explanation needed! Our fantastic 13yr. old Maine Coon kitty Spike aka Spike a roni puts up with Sophie, as well as the numerous foster doggys we’ve been blessed with. *Please always Rescue- the joys are incredible!

  254. One of my people asked God a wish. Although her family had four cats, none of them was just the right size to sit on her lap.

    I also asked God a wish. I am an oriental shorthair with 2 very big problems. The first is a hare lip. The second and the most deadly is that I have asthma and am allergic to EVERYTHING!! (Mom’s exaggeration). I was thrown out of my house because of this and didn’t well on the street. I scratched my neck really bad and something broke my foot!! I had heard that there was a family that could help me. I went to their house but they were asleep. So, I laid down at the front door. I was tired, sick, and really hungry.

    The next morning my soon to be dad opened the door. I don’t weigh very much but he had to push. And there I was. I am the friendliest cat anyone ever met so I said hello and he saw that I was sick. He brought me inside and told mom to get some food for me. I ate and ate and ate. They were calling me a little girl, can you believe it? Mom protected me from the clutch and they talked about how to treat my illness. They knew I was sick, too!! You see, Dad has asthma and often gets a similar illness.

    The next day, mom and dad started calling vets to get me treatment. They didn’t have a lot of money and needed help. A lot of vets didn’t want to help and even suggested that they bring me in and put me down!! Dad got mad and told one he would be ‘dammed?’ if he killed an animal for having the same disease he did!! Mom fell over laughing when he said that!!

    Anyways, one said bring me in and they could work with mom and Dad. Dr Webb is very nice. He and dad were very shocked to see that I am a boy!! Of course I am. He gave me a shot and dad some pills to give me. I went home very sore and tired and mom pulled me onto her lap. She is always cold. I’m cold a lot. It works out really well. The other cats finally decided to like me. I even helped Peaches not mourn too much when his ‘grandpa’ Sam died. Mom even knew I would become best buds with the dog that showed up in the back yard.

    I’m really happy God answered our wishes.

  255. Tiny Devil is 5 1/2. She was a tiny kitten and a stray a town over, and my friend called to see if I wanted her, so I picked her up. Macchiato was a stray, emaciated cat roaming around my dad’s work building. I brought her some food, then ended up bringing her home.

  256. We have two cats. We found them at a gas station. They had been dropped or wandered out of someone’s vehicle. We’ve had them for three years.

  257. Thank you Gracie and your mom and dad! I finally got the tag right with the photo challenge for the Iams food contribution 🙂 Keep up your good work for our cousins.

  258. Thanks for helping the kittehs and the puppehs!

  259. Cheryl Gould says

    I’m a mom of two wonderful little guys names Panda (Pandemonium)and Oscar (Oscar the Grouch). I rescued both of my boys… Oscar from a family of 5 little girls who really didn’t know how to take care of animals. And then Panda I was able to get from the Feline Rescue Society in the Niagara region. Both of my boys are highly intelligent and active, even though they are now in their middle ages. On their behalf I am leaving this comment and sending out messages to all my friends to make them aware of this wonderful idea.


  260. Elaine Mains says

    My husband,son & I have 3 cats- 2 were adopted from a ‘no kill’ shelter and are the best kitties ever!!!

  261. Connie Vicario says

    Thank you for helping them!!

  262. brenda k. wertz says

    i have 2 cats brother and sister my brother steve and i took 2 little kitties from one of his friends. ceaser i a big cat and mittens was the runt of them all, but i took her anyway. now they are a year and a half years old, they are doing really good and still growing. ceascer and mittens do not go out side, indoor cats they are.
    i wanted to leave this comment about cats. the cat i saw here reminded me of mittens. she’s black and with white mittens. thats why i named her mittens, she is very small but very healthy cat. that is why i joined today

  263. Jeffrey Campbell says

    My wife and I adopted two wonderful girls from Cat Rescue, and they are the best thing that has happened in our lives.

  264. fanks fur helping our cousins in need! xoxo BJC

  265. Tony Medlin says

    I adopted the “grey cat gang,” three siblings that were abandoned by a crack-whore in Baton Rouge. Only one has survived due to the neglect of my ex, but he is a lifeline for me.

  266. Linda Taft says

    Thank you for helping to take care of these wonderful animals!

  267. We have a beagle mix and golden mix we adopted from a shelter as puppies. We have had them 3 years now and we love them dearly. Rescueing a homeless animal is the best feeling in the world. I am a volunteer with my local humane society, so I am still helping these wonderful animals.

  268. I think this is a wonderful thing you are doing, I also help the homeless cats in my neighborhood, everyday I feed a total of 6 to 8 cats, I have been doing this for a long time, I have 8 cats of my own, all have been rescued from the streets, I wish I could take them all in.

  269. betsy holmes says

    Iams homes for the holidays is great it helps so many homeless animals get homes! I know this to be true as I used to be an adoption counsler for homeless pets and a former animal control officer thanks goodness. This program works!

  270. My new baby kitty was found in a friend’s back yard after they took some trees out. He was only a couple weeks old and abandoned by his momma because his eyes were malformed due to a birth defect and she couldn’t afford to feed him any more. So she generously took him to the vet to get checked out and afterwards I adopted him. Since then he’s been a wonderfully affectionate and adorable little kitty, and I’ve been very happy to have him in my habitat.

  271. The 15 kitties at our house are all rescues. We wish we could take in more but it’s not possible at this time.

  272. My beloved cat Bruno changed my life.He had me wrapped around his “paw” from day one…He was only two months old and I had never seen anything so beautiful: I picked him up and he started parring;that was the start of our “love story”.
    Thank you to all the wonderful people that constantly work to improve the life of our feline friends.
    I believe that until one has loved an animal part of their soul will remain unawakened.

  273. IAMS is so wonderful for doing this for all the cats and dogs out there. Gracey, you are so cute. You are the hardest working kitty out there. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and I hope Santa brings you alot of Fage yougurt and vanilla ice cream.

  274. I am thinking how blessed i am to have 2 rescue cats living with me! their names are Lallie Belle and Percy Ray. I have had them since they were babies. The only animals i have ever adopted are rescue animals.

  275. Isn’t this a great contest. I ran one too. All of my cats found me. I didn’t make it to the shelter. I found them at work, on my front porch, and at school! My favorite breed is a rescued cat or dog, and its the animals who wind up rescuing us.

  276. Susan Smith says

    I am thinking of the many cats and dogs who are hungry and also need homes today. Hoping I can help with my comments.
    Please support Gracey in her efforts to help others.

  277. My family has been adopting cats and dogs since I was very young. They are the most precious friends that one can have. They truly show the appreciation of your kind gesture with their unlimited love!

  278. Carol Colgate says

    Thank you Iams for helping these precious beings. I have been blessed with 4 furbabies, Chrissy, the little princess who is 12 and who has been with me for 7 years, was not pleased when Bradley was rescued from a barn a year ago and when little mom Emma was brought in for fostering with her 4 one week old babies on Memorial Day weekend of this year. One of Emma’s babies, Teeny, adopted me as soon as he opened his eyes and started noticing the world around him. He came running toward me mewing like crazy and has followed me around ever since! Sweet little mom Emma has also permanently joined our household and the rescue group found loving homes for her other 3 kittens. The most amazing part is that Chrissy has now accepted everyone and even eats from the same plate sometimes! She realized that she is still the princess. When I think of what my three little rescues’ lives would be like if they had not been found, I am so thankful and hope that every animal will find a loving home.

  279. I’d love nothing more then to help these poor kitties and pup’s :3

  280. Lisa Nickerson says

    Both dogs in my house, Mattie and Meri, came from homes that were abusive before coming to us. Meri was actually found on the street and is scared of everyone who she doesn’t know. It takes her a while to warm up to you but when she does she absolutely loves you. Mattie loves everyone despite the fact she was left chained up outside. She is the motherly one of the two as the poor thing had puppies at a very young age. They are both fed and loved in my home.

  281. All of my 13 kitties are adoptions, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I owe it to the wonderful ones I have lost to help another.

  282. Keep of the fabulous work!

  283. I have gotten all of my companions through rescue organizations, and I am very happy that you are helping those still there.

  284. Wow, we’s always glad to see you, Gracie, but feedin kittehs by commentin? Way kewl. Nina an I each camed from 2 shelters! I moofed from a county humane society to a shelter an Nina moofed from a diffrint county humane society to a diffrint shelter! Mom always says what grate kittehs we is an how happy we make her. She makes us purrty happy, too.
    Victor & Nina
    & Tabbymom Jen

  285. Marietta Whittlesey says

    What a great idea. I hope all you sweet kitties find a home for forever as your own Christmas present!

  286. jone gagnon says

    All my kitties past and present chose me.either with a kiss or jumping on my shoulder.i know they came to me as much to rescue me as i to rescue them.i love all of them with all my heart.their well being or happiness being far more important then my own,even if letting them go elsewhere was what i had to do to love them.You are all and always will be in my heart!and we shall meet again one day at the bridge until then i thank you for loving me.

  287. I am lucky that I was able to find my wonderful cat. She is 10 years old and I have had her for 5 years now. I adopted her from a local animal shelter when she was 5 years old, she was scared of people from being physically abused by her previous owners. They had reduced her adoption fee in half in hopes of adopting her out since she had been in the shelter so long. I am so blessed that she was there when I was looking for a cat to adopt!

  288. When we first got Midnight and Skittlee, my Dad found them at at gas station in town. The next day the kitties were still thre so we brought them a box and took them home. My Cats are healthly and the have all the love in the world for them. I’m so proud of my furry babies!

  289. All of our cats were strays, including one that someone obviously abandoned. All three of them bring so much wonder and joy into our lives that I can’t comprehend what my life would be like without them.

  290. I have been taking in homeless kitties from around my neighborhood since 1997. I now have 16 wonderful kitty children, ages 5 months to 13 years old!

  291. I have been a foster mama to many kittens. Traditionally, April through November is Kitten Season and I’ve cared for as many as three litters at a time! But December of 2008 had a very warm weekend in Baltimore and …well…nature happens, and I got a beautiful litter of three one week old kittens in January! My first January kittens! Needless to say, those little rascals took care of the post holiday blues. Two saucy girls and one handsome little boy. I know they would have frozen to death had they not been found. It is such an honor to care for these precious little treasures and to help find them good homes.

  292. My kitties are well fed, cared for and loved. Wish I had room for more.

  293. Iyam happy to be living wif my Meowmie — we even have a (blech!!) Cee Cee thing living wif us too!!!
    Big Bad baby Twinkle

  294. Let’s do all we can to feed our shelter friends and pray they get good homes soon!

  295. I adopted a 6wk old male cat which we named Rigo, he was rescued only a few days after his birth someone, left him infront of an elementry school on the front door. He almost didnt make it but he pulled through. He is a great pet and friend to my son. We love him dearly, I am so glad he’s in our lives.

  296. I adopted both of my current kitties – however, I would like to share how I got my beloved Panda (RIP 8/24/08)… I was at work and got a call from a friend who worked with a girl who’s boyfriend was going to throw her kitten into a field if she didn’t get rid of it…my friend asked if I could take it. I could – and did. Panda wasn’t even old enough to be away from his mom yet – and would try to find somewhere to nurse in my hair… Turns out that Panda and I were meant to be furbaby and human mom. Panda had a heart condition that I found out that I also have…unfortunately, he’s gone to the Rainbow Bridge. When I picked up his remains after he was cremated – I adopted a little gray kitten, who is aptly named Ashes, from the vet.

  297. I live with four cats. Two are 10-year-old sisters and two are recent rescues. One of the 10-year-olds is a tortie who is not happy about the young ones invading her home! But she is making do. My favorite is her sister, the tuxedo. Then there is a beautiful orange boy and a sweet all black girl. We love them all!

  298. My kitties came from my landlord. It was kinda funny because in our contract it stated no pets but she gave us these two bundles of fluff. She told me among the litter there was a tiny runt who was almost all black. I told her I wanted her and a sister to go with her. So that is how we got Zoey and Magilla. Magilla named for the cartoon Magilla Gorilla. Zoey will be a forever baby I think. She is a timid one and she only comes out at night for lovin from mommy and daddy.

  299. We used to have a little baby named Socks–he was a tiny black kitten with white feet that was a stray. he started hanging around our house trying to get in our front door, in our car–he followed us everywhere like a little puppy, until he got just what he wanted–a home with us! His first trip to the vet we discovered Socks had kidney failure, and his little life would be a short one. However, we made the trip to the vet every other day for fluids and meds, and gave Socks all the love and assistance we could. Even the vet cried the day that Socks passed–he left quite an impression in the short 8 months that he lived, and he will never be forgotten.

  300. Snuggles Simon says

    I am one lucky Kitty! My new Mommy, who just took me in, when it started to get colder, she had just made the decision no more animals & here I came! I am an older cat and i was starving to death, literally! Judy and Troy took me in and fed me until my belly was so full! I was so happy and would kiss my Mommy Judy and stroke her face with my paws. I ams (hee it says IAMS) so lucky they came out on the porch at the moment to save me! We love Iams!!! All 13 of the kitties!! 🙂

  301. Judy Simon says

    We have been so lucky to be able to adopt and care for 13 kitties and 1 dog from rescue. Thank you Iams 4 the Holidays for making the Holidays special for all kitties and dogs!! We sure do appreciate you taking care of our cousins!!

  302. Spikey Boo says

    Most of my cats are rescues. My latest wandered up my driveway as a 3 month old and decided to make me his human. It’s a year later, and I’m in a new place; but he’s still with all of us in the kitty kondo!!

  303. So happy to help with this Iam’s program for the kitties! We adopted our cat a year ago in August and have been so blessed to have him be a part of our lives! He was so afraid of humans when we got him, but now he is not in any way shy and he is spoiled rotten! What a wonderful thing for Iam’s to do during the holidays!

  304. We’re lucky to share our home with a beautiful “rescue” cat, Pat. She’s been with us for eleven fantastic years now.

  305. Our adopted cat, Cali, came as a rescue from the Nebraska Humane Society 11 years ago. She is a wonderful girl and we love her to pieces!!! She lights up our day every day!!!

  306. Carol Halbert says

    My Amanda ‘Mandy’ Halbert adopted me on Jan 15, 1999. I was in the kitchen grinding coffee and I heard meows from outside!!! I thought I had better check it out in case a kitteh was in trouble…I opened the door and baby girl came running in, ran right over to where her food has been kept all these years, and started meowing and demanding breakfast. I didn’t have any cat food, so I improvised and that made her happy. She stayed inside with me whle I got ready for work and then when I left, I took her outside and told her bye. She came runnng back over when I came home that night and I decided she must be homeless, so I went out and bought her a kitty box, some litter and lots of kibbles…the rest is history. The doc said she was around two years old at the time, and she now will turn fourten on Jan 15, 2011!!!! She’s the cutest thing that ever came ‘knocking’ on my door!!!! She’s my love and is a beautiful calico, who I use for my profile a lot of the time!!!

  307. Gracey, a wonderful woman rescued my mom from the streets of St. Paul and immediately got her vet care before me and my brothers and sisters were born. The vet told my soon-to-be mom about me and when she came to visit I hissed at her and the rest is history. I’ve been in charge for over 14 years now. Blessings to you for all you do for other paws in need.


  309. What a wonderful program, Gracey! We’ve been rescued by many animals over the past 20 years. We recently lost two of our large dogs, including our coyote/wolf hybrid, but our 14-member Pride is doing well and our pack will always be in our hearts. Rescue stays with you forever…

  310. Jenny Vinyard says

    Always a pleasure to help animals in need. I love them all!

  311. Danielle Mercer says

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to all animal earth angels who protect, feed and love animals..the world would not be as beautiful without these people!!!

  312. You can learn alot about a person in how they take care of their animals. Thank you for providing an opportunity to help take care of many of our small furry friends during the coming days.

  313. All of our furrbabies are rescues — Max, our very smart 11 year old Border Collie came from a litter of pups who were dumped at our uncle’s place in Texas; Bear, our 3 year old, very sweet Doberman mix who wandered up to us on a very cold Thanksgiving Eve, a very skinny and cold 3 month old pup, when we lived in Washington, and Gracie, our 1 year old, very loved and very spoiled black and white cat, who was 3 weeks old when we found her, wandering around without her mother. To say they have rescued us is an understatement! They have brought joy and tears, love and laughter into our lives!

  314. Thanks for all you are doing for these animals

  315. I am thinking about how lucky I am to be owned by a rescue kitty. She is now 10 years old and is very happy here. I got her after I had to put another kitty to sleep. My Ali is such a sweetie, she loves to curl up in my lap. When I am on the computer she lays right next to me. Adopting cats and dogs from shelters is a very good thing to do.

  316. I am thinking of our kitties Pumpkin and Tabitha who were dropped off at our house many years ago – they lived long lives with us and are now both gone – but what joy they brought into our lives!

  317. sue brandes says

    My cat Charlie was what I call a throw away cat. He got thrown outside to finde for himself. Daughter found him and brought him to our house. He is big gentle cat whom has been with us for over 10 years.

  318. We found our furry boy,Luna, shut up in a small brown box in a dumpster behind a gas station. We brought him home, cleaned him up, and instantly he purred his way into our hearts. He’s lived with us for 3 years now.

  319. Nicholas Binion says

    I have had to find a foster home for an older cat after I lost a place of my own and have been scrambling to rebuild my life in this terrible economic downturn. I was lucky to find a good place for my cat Oliver since so many shelters will not feed and house and older animal and an older animal may be harder to offer for adoption. A good foster situation is better. We know too well, the fate of too many animals who end up in shelters whose policy may not be a no kill policy. So many animals need homes food and care. I appreciate what you’re doing and the least i can do is add my voice of approval.

  320. I have been a foster mom for dozens of baby kittens. So many need all the help they can get. Please help any way you can… thanks!

  321. Hoping this makes a difference….:)

  322. Thank you for all the good work you do for animals. You go kittie girl!

  323. Gracie,
    You do such good work for animals. You go kittie girl!

  324. Jenny Threet says

    25 babies fed and all I have to do is type a few words? Awesome! Thanks Iams!

    • Jenny Threet says

      Sorry, didn’t read closely. I have a sweet little kitty that was born to a feral mama. He was very sick, and very skittish. I named him Hissy Fit Jones. He’s still with me, still hisses at me on a regular basis, but is quite a little love bug too.

  325. Pleshette McGrady says

    I adopted a stray that no one could take in and she ended up being pregnant. After mentally finding homes for all 5 kittens, I fell in love with them as they grew up and kept them…Now that is what love is all about.

  326. Rumpy Drummond says

    I want to do my part to feed other animals too! woo woo!

    • Rumpy T. Drummond says

      Rumpy is a rescued malamute; I stopped just before he darted into a busy street. I thought his owner would surely want him, but no one answered my ads or notes at vet offices. We’ve been together 4 years now.

  327. Victoria Traube says

    Very happy to help with your good work.

  328. Anybody who provides a free meal to our little furry friends is a friend of mine whether I have met them or not.

    Make sure those critters don’t go hungry folks – they are family too.

  329. We have 5 cats and 1 dog ranging in age from 2 yrs to 11 yrs. Every one of pets came from off the street. We love them all.

  330. Mollie Swindle says

    My three rescued kitties think it’s wonderful that you’re going to provide meals to their less fortunate cousins. Purrrrr

  331. Yay Gracie for helping other kitties!

  332. Dana DeLuca says

    Good luck Tiny Tiger and thank you for helping others kitties in need out.

  333. simon and cattail's mom says

    Simon and Cattail were both rescued from the euthanasia room at a municipal shelter. They are awesome cats and I am very lucky to have them in my life. Thanks Gracey for all you do to help cats.

  334. simon and cattail's mom says

    Simona and Cattail were both rescued from the euthanasia room at a municipal shelter. They are awesome cats and I am very lucky to have them in my life. Thanks Gracey for all you do to help cats.

  335. Dear Gracey
    Thank you for everything you do for all of our animal friends. Mr. Jingles and Tony Cat say thank you too =^..^=

  336. Hi pretty Gracey. Thank you, Iams, for your donations.

  337. Adoption is the option!

  338. Jan Meeuwsen says

    My precious Tabby was rescued from a local shelter just hours before she was going to be “put down” because there was no room for her. She is the sweetest, friendliest cat I’ve ever had. Little Peppermint was rescued last summer, an older cat with health issues, she was at the shelter for months with no prospects for a forever home. We took her home, gave her lots of care, and today she is a very healthy, active cat. What a blessing both of these shelter cats are. I can’t imagine life without them.

  339. Thank you IAMS and Gracey for helping feed shelter animals!

  340. My husband and I rescued our first cat – a very malnourished, but still gorgeous, black shorthair – from outside our college apartment building. Our second kitten came from a woman who was giving away boxes of cats in front of a grocery store in the area! We were so happy that we could give these cats a home and they have made our lives better in so many ways!

  341. I adopted 2 tabby kittens this summer. They are now about 5 months old & going through the terrible 2’s! Their names are Spring & Spin. The fun never ends with them.

  342. James Voils says

    Helping the sheltered animals

  343. Thank you for helping the kitties. 🙂

  344. Wishing all of our Feline friends a safe and happy holiday season 🙂

  345. sandeerabbit says

    I am the happy Mom of two shelter kitties male and female litter mates . Seven and Soda named after a Seinfeld episode in which Georg wants his friends to name their new born baby Soda or his favorite Seven . These are the two most talented and spoiled Cats Ive ever known , they are their own best buds and worst enemies in one and they provide fun and love to anyone that enters our home , all the best in all ways to the animals out there in need of a warm and loving home .

  346. Mary Alice says

    It’s wonderful to help homeless neglected kitties!

  347. leslie palleria says

    i have several feral kitties that i have been caring for over the years
    i think it is awesome what you are doing to help these animals as they are all aspecial part of our lives

  348. I have 12 cats..
    I do love them all, they are my babies

  349. Love this idea. Thankyou so much for doing this. God Bless you

  350. I’m so in love with cat.. All kind of cats

  351. Lorraine hall says

    I rescued a beautiful, abandoned black kitten 10 years ago and named him Boris. Sadly he passed away a few years ago due to health problems. I was devastated but took comfort in the fact that he had a loving home with us in the years that we had him. he was cherished. x

  352. val workman says

    what a great idea–25 bowls of food to shelter animals!! it couldnt be easier –everyone should do this

  353. What a fantastic idea!! I took my two cats in when they were tiny kittens abandoned on the street…
    They both live like queens now….

    Am only happy to be able to contribute this way 🙂

  354. This is such a great thing! Yay for those that help animals in need.

  355. Ree McCormack says

    Yay, kitties! =^^= <3 Feed all the hungry pretties!! I wish I could adopt them all!!

  356. FEED THE KITTIES! then watch this on November, 11th

  357. Meow!!!!

  358. Jeanne Owens says

    This is such a great idea! I took my cat, Shadow, in off the streets when he was a kitten. He’s now 8 years old 🙂

  359. I have a cat at home, rescued from the streets and some more at a country house. Thanks for the work you do!

  360. Sherr Loon says

    I have 7 rescued indoor cats and I have ferals I have caught had fixed and take care of, this is a wonderful program for the shelters that need help to stay open.

  361. IAMS is great food and is so awesome to care about the shelter animals. Not enough people do.

  362. Good luck Tiny Tiger and thank you for helping others kitties in need out. 🙂

  363. Susan Berger says

    I love all cats! <3

  364. We love helping, so we’re happy to comment. Keep up your wonderful work on behalf of animals 🙂

  365. Here’s a comment that comes straight from the heart :3


    I have two baby cats of my own so i really appreciate this.

  366. Tim Thulin says

    We have two cats right now, we’ve had several over the years, all were homeless before they came into our lives. Thank you for making a difference in these animals lives!

  367. Leticia Huddleston says

    I have 5 wonderful cats that were all adopted.They are the most loving animals. I think they know they have been rescued and give love unconditionally. I had one that gave hugs and now I have 4 that love to give kisses.I think everyone should adopt at least 2 at a time. They joy they bring to your home can not be measured.As a stay at home mom, I can’t imagine not having them around to make me laugh every day!

  368. I can’t think of a better thing to do with my time than to support this.

    • Me too! I just can’t figure out how to post an original comment so am replying to a post instead!
      (technically challenged)
      All my love to the kitties and goggies.

  369. Maree in NZ says

    This is cool.. Iams you rock!!!

  370. I have 2 cats, one adopted from the local SPCA (Shadow) and the other from Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue (Bella). When we were looking for a companion for Shadow, my daughter wanted an orange kitten. Drove to see the orange girls in a foster home, the first one was not the ‘right’ kitten. We went to a second home and my daughter fell in love with a small black kitten that purred up a storm. So we came home with a black one instead of orange. Bella is the sweetest cat – always ready to purr and cuddle on your lap for a belly rub.

  371. We are a cat rescue group located in East TN
    We save cats and kittens from High Kill shelters.
    We also take in homeless of the street cats and kittens and we do TNR for ferals.
    We Vet and foster these cats and kittens and find them safe loving secure forever homes!
    please visit our website!
    Heavens Safe Haven Cat Rescue

  372. Gracey, your the BEST !! Thanks for helping out kitties in the shelters ! <3 to you =^..^=

  373. I would be lost with out my 4 furpersons..they help keep me sane…2 were feral cats from where i used to work, one is a neighbor cat that decided she liked our house better, and one was born at my house but the mama didn’t take her when she left….love them all ..all have been altered….

  374. Thanks for helping all the shelter kitties out there! I know they appreciate it so much!

  375. Monica Best says

    All my cats are adopted from the shelter where I worked for six years. Most of them have medical issues, as sometimes people see them as less adoptable, but not me!!! I have one with severe asthma, two with hyperthyroidism and one with epilepsy. My cats mean the world to me and have helped me through so much in life. Shelter cats really do make the best companions. Go Team Gracey!!!!

  376. Lillian Waters says

    I adopted a cat from a friend at work. Three years later, I took in my mother’s two cats when she died. They have all pased away now but they have given me wonderful memories and great joy in my life.

  377. Karma Hurworth says

    Thank you for all you do for animals, Gracey. You are my hero!

  378. Love all my rescues (3 total) and my children’s rescues (4 total!)

  379. I have had cats all my life, I can’t imagine my life without one or two or even three. We have 3 now. The last one was given to us because our daughter’s husband is allergic.I’ve gotten most of my friends that way, Some have come to us lost, some were given to us because their families were moving away, some from a bad homes. All of them have been given a good home here with lots of love. I’ll never stop giving someone a home that needs one.

  380. Gracey, thank you so much for doing all you do to help the other kitties out there. I have a 16yr old, 3 legged kitty with Hyperthroidism, and I wouldn’t change her for the world. I would love to have more, but she is set in her ways, and her human brother and doggie sister keep her busy enough. I also work at a vet clinic, and right now we have 7 clinic kitties, so I can get my “Kitty Fix” when I go there. Thanks again Gracey. Big Kitty hugs and kisses! XOXO

  381. My mom found Teddy in her back yard one October afternoon. He could barely crawl, but his eyes were open. He was so tiny he fit in the palm of my hand. He may have been tiny, but he was LOUD. He seemed to be calling out, “Help me! I’m all alone!” My mom called me to tell me she had found a kitten, and when I came over to see him, I fell instantly in love. I bottle-fed him, helped him go potty, and got up several times every night to give him his bottle. It was almost like having a tiny little furry baby! Teddy began to thrive. A couple of weeks later, we found out Teddy was not alone in the world; he has two sisters! My mom found them in the same area of the yard where she had found Teddy. I decided to keep one of these little girls, too. Teddy and Tessa are now five years old and are the best cats anyone could ask for. My mom kept the other little girl and named her Boo. She is also a wonderful little kitty with a huge personality. Rescued cats are the best!

  382. The summer before my senior year of college, my boyfriend (now husband) took me to a no-kill shelter north of Baltimore to get a kitten. My childhood kitty (a tuxedo cat) had passed away the previous year and I wanted a similar cat. They only had four kittens — a big orange tabby boy and three black cats (2 males, 1 female). The little girl kitty curled up on my boyfriend and purred herself to sleep. I was beside myself because I wanted a tuxedo cat, but my boyfriend said, “Aw, Aly, this one’s sweet.” I adopted the little girl and she was my baby for 15.5 years, when she passed away of old age right before my third child was born. She was a finicky, skittish, cranky little cat for everyone but me, and she was aggressively lovey when you crawled into bed. She hid from company and decided to boycott her litterbox when we adopted another cat 6 years later. I still miss her lots.

  383. All my cats are rescues..I wouldnt trade them for the world They bring me joy every day and there is always someone that wants to snuggle 🙂

  384. Tyler Small Paws says, “Grrrrrrrrrrrreat work, Gracey! We rescue pets needa stick togeter! **nose taps**”

    Tyler’s mom says, “Thanks for helping pets in need. Happy Holidays everybody!”

  385. We have had our cat Gretel for 10 years…still flies around the house like she’s a kitten! 🙂 We found her when she was teeny tiny, out in my parents backyard. She had siblings which we found homes for. 🙂 She is my sweet kitty and we just adore her. I do rescue as well, and she does not seem to like the fosters or rescues that much. But I cannot help but care for them and save as many as I can.

  386. Out cat Samantha that has been with our family for over 10 years was adopted from the local Humane Society! She just keeps getting sweeter with age!

  387. I am honored to help. Thank you Iams.

  388. Being a new dog owner it hurts me to think that all they know and trust is the hand that feeds them – even if it’s an abusive one. Quoting Jennifer from an earlier post ‘help those that can’t help themselves’.

  389. We adopted 3 fabulous cats from our local shelter where my husband and I both volunteer. One day I was feeding and cleaning in a sick room and my heart went out to a loving, very needy and sad looking 10 year old sweetheart. He had (has) diabetes and, along with his age, was not a prime candidate for finding a home. Our home is now his home and he is the best friend (and massage therapist)one could ask for. Gratitude is not lost on Thumper, a true rescue.

  390. We have a Bishon Bella Noel and a kitty named Gypsy that we found 4 years ago at our front door. We took her in and adopted her. We also feed several stray cats in our development. Their names are Brillo, Sheba and Michelobe. I have a two kitty boxes outside my basement window and another on my neighbors side window. The outdoor cats share space in these outside homes. In or out we love all our pets.
    We think animals are sometimes better companions than people; they don’t judge or befriend u, just love uunconditionally always. Happy holidays, Jo and John.

  391. I have 3 wonderful furbabies all of which are rescues. My first 2 – Violet & Vivian are bonded and were found together in a cemetary during a rainstorm. My 3rd girl Cindy was only about 2 weeks old when she was found by someone’s dog and she was brought to the Vet. She was probably feral (or at lest her Mom was). I love them all!

  392. I’m president of our county-wide shelter and a foster parent to some of the four-footed babies that come into our care.

    Dracula, a male, tuxedo cat, was the first. Seventeen months ago, he was found in the middle of our street–eyes matted shut, half-starved, with a respritory infection and so tiy that he fit in the palm of my hand. Drac got his name because of the very sharp baby teeth that he had which became very evident when we tried to feed him.

    At the vet’s, Dracula didn’t even register on their scales. It took months and three different anitbiotics to cure his respritory infection.

    Today, Drac is healthy and happy. We call him our professor because he studies anything new for days before approaching it. Visitors are sometimes startled when they turn around and find they are the object of his stare. We went through so much with Drac that we adopted him. He fits right in to this family.

  393. We adopted Max a year and a half ago from a local shelter. What a joy he is! Good luck reaching the goal 🙂

  394. All four of my kits are rescues! They are just as precious and loving as if I had gotten them as babies. Tiki, the eldest was adopted from PetSmart Adoption Centre, Dolly, Thomas & Chica were adopted from owners (we lived in the same apt. building as their original owners and saw/heard the abuse taking place) We stepped in and with the blessing of said previous owners, they became our fur-ever furry friends. I have always had a kitty in my life and all of them are/were much loved and cherished. In return, a couple of them have saved my life. (but that’s a long story for another time) Happiness is a Warm Rescued Kitty/Puppy!

  395. Nothing makes me happier than to help animals….especially cats!!! This Iams program is wonderful!!! Blessings to them!!

  396. Cathy Cowan says

    What an awesome initiative! I hope this comment feeds a few shelter animals. I have four cats — two adopted from a rescue group, and two strays that I took in. I would not give any of them up for anything!! They each have their own personality, and all are adorable.

  397. All of our cats have been rescues from the Humane Society of Broward County. We adopted Matisse (actually, he adopted us) when he was four months old and he lived to 19-1/2 years! Now we have Roger and Rafa. Shelter cats are the best!!

  398. Natalie VL says

    This is a great initiative! 🙂

  399. Jennifer Parsons says

    All of my cats are always rescues of some sort. I got Skif, who lived a wonderful 18 years with me before she went to the rainbow bridge this past summer, from the animal shelter in Northridge…she’d had a red tag on her cage. Shala and Ashke came from a friend’s friend who had a cat that had kittens (FIX your pets, please!), so I grabbed the two grays before the rest went to the shelter…and that was one cat more than I had planned on. And I got Starlight from the streets…he was a feral in the colony I was helping when I lived in Glendale…the only feral who didn’t have a hissy fit when I pet him, and let me pick him up! I look forward to moving out of my mom’s house (where I ended up after losing my job) now that I have work and hopefully having a space where I can create a kitty wonderland… including a carpeted wall… well, that’s my hope, anyway. I wouldn’t exchange any of my rescued kitties for anything. We all get along (most of the time), and we’re a very happy family. Yay for rescues!! 🙂

  400. I have adopted all of my animals from a shelter or they were rescued from “BREEDERS”. The last one was a Shih Tzu from a Breeder. After we picked him up, we called her vet to get his health records, and it seems that the vet did not even know that she owned a male, so he had never been to a vet, he had heart worms and was so matted he had to be shaved! Before we knew of all the medical challenges that he had and it was just that he needed a home, I was unsure of adopting him… I am so glad that we did now. He was so scared when we first got him. He was scarred of a leash, and with all his medical challenges it has taken over a year to get him to start gaining weight and to start being really healthy! And this was from a breeder that was respected, and was thought to be very good to her pets, I guess it was just the females that she cared about, not the one lonely male that she had! The best dogs I have ever had have come from shelters or hand-me-down dogs… It is almost like they know that I was their last chance, and they are so loving! I would never get a dog any other way… The last two dogs that we have gotten have been unplanned… They just seem to happen… I Guess they were just meant to be!

  401. My 10 year old kitty was born to a feral kitty in my garage and has seizures. She’s special and we love her very much!

  402. Every feline housemate I have ever had has been a rescue of one kind or another. From Keesha, adopted from a very kind woman trying to find homes for a litter of barn kittens to (long ago passed but still lovingly remembered) Fred who came into my home and heart when a friend found him as a small kitten while on a fishing trip. Tink, an elderly lady cat nobody wanted anymore came to stay for far too short a time. Linus “came with” a house and will live in my heart forever.
    So many cats, and so many stories. My life has been touched and improved by them all.

  403. I live in a rural area and have seen all too many discarded animals over the years. Some I have been able to keep and care for the best I can, but many I have taken to the nearest shelter that would accept them, crying all the way. God bless the kind people that help these innocent creatures.

  404. I rescued a mother cat and her 5 kittens a few years ago… All of which were black cats~~ I didn’t want to give any of them up, so I kept them~~ They were under my neighbor’s porch when I rescued them on a rainy day in the summer.

  405. I have 4 indoor kitties and I take care of about 12 to 13 some ferrals, alot are left behinds when people moves, I love them all, 2 I found great loving homes for and I get to visit them when ever I want to, I’m working on gettin another 2 to trust humans again so I can find them homes, I feed, water, brush them, I set out kitty houses for them during the cold months, I make the houses out of storage bins, I’m trying to get more cause the kitties numbers grows, each has their own feeding dishes, water dishes and houses, for any kitties who has a sibling they get the larger kitty houses….They all even get treated a Thanksgiving turkey, I bake 3 turkeys, they’re part of my family and I treat them that way…Yes they also get Christmas dinner too and a gift of a new feeding and water dishes and new beddings for their houses…..

  406. Crystal Morgan says

    I adopted my beautiful little Jesse James from the Fairbanks ASPCA and I helped her to trust humans again. We had a love affair of almost five years, shared with her ‘brother’, Ernie, and her ‘sister’ Little Feat. In the end, she lost her sister to cancer, and she and her brother had to be rehomed when my dad fell ill, but in my heart she is still my furbaby. For Jesse and Ernie and Little Feat, I want to feed other kitties in need.

  407. I am the proud mommy of 10 kitties, ranging in age from 3 months to 6 years old. My husband and I have always been ‘cat people’ and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We have never, ever gotten a cat from a pet store or breeder, and we are firmly of the belief that it is much more rewarding to give a home to a kitteh that may not get one otherwise. Our cats are our children, and the little loves of our lives. <3 Keep adopting!

  408. My family has always taken in strays and adopted our dogs and cats from shelters. The most gratifying experience of my life has been to take a rescued feral into my home. She just turned 16 last week and I am thankful for every single day we have been together. It hasn’t always been easy but I wouldn’t change a single thing. Thank you for doing this for the rescue and shelter cats how have not found their forever homes yet. Nothing is better than adoption! Such a simple way to make a difference!

  409. Rescue cats are the best! We adopted our furkids from the Bide-A-Wee shelter. Their feral Mom was very pregnant when she was caught and brought to the shelter and her kittens were born there. We took two and our vet told us that someone else had adopted the other two AND the tiny orphan that was given to this supermom AND Mama too! I can’t imagine my life without our wonderful tabby Harmony and tux-kitty Pouncival.

  410. Lisa Huston says

    You are doing such a great job, Gracey!

  411. I have five beautiful cats. Three are from the humane society, and two are from friends that couldn’t keep their cats. I truely believe in the shelters. In fact I am going to be getting my parents a shelter older cat, since they had to put their cat down this summer. My father really misses him and comments all the time on how he wants another cat.

  412. We have rescued many, many kitties over the years. We like to find homes for abandoned and special needs kitties, and if they are not good adoption possibilities, then we raise them. We have found special needs kitties and rescues to be some of the most affectionate and loyal pets anyone could ever ask for. Thank you for the chance to help feed some shelter babies!

  413. My family and I have been adopting our furry family members from shelters since I was a little girl. Shelter animals, of all ages, are wonderful companions and can bring so much joy to your life. They have beautiful spirits and give so much love even if they have not been treated very nicely in the past. Our Baxter became a Davidson after my son and I decided that it was time for a puppy in our lives. My son went to the local pound one day while I was at work and brought home my gorgeous, sweet boy. On the way to our house, he stopped by my office so that I could meet my new furry son and I fell in love at first sight. I always encourage people searching for a pet to look to the shelters and pound. Adopt and you could save a life and you will be rewarded by a lifetime of unconditional love and entertaining friendship.

  414. Mary Alice says

    We have two lovely , very spoiled cats who want all of their cousins to be well-fed & with people who love them just like they are. They were both rescues & we can’t imagine life without them!

  415. All of my kitty krew are rescues – Rescued furkids make the best companions!!

  416. We have 3 cats. One we found behind the fast food place I worked at, one adopted from our local independent adoption agency and the third one was taken in to help a friend. His wife was allergic! They are all great cats!

  417. While I was stationed in Italy in the mid 1980’s, I adopted a stray kitty after hearing friends tell me of how she had been getting abuse by kids in the street (they had taken her in to save her but couldn’t bring her home to the US). I had to get her treated for worms and earmites, get her shots, and then get her spayed, but she turned out to be a wonderful loving cat after she calmed down (was a bit feral at first). I brought her home with me, and she lived to be 12 years old. Not bad for a cat with bad beginnings – she started out in a colony of feral cats who were all interbreeding with each other (very mixed up genetically!).

  418. I am involved in animal rescue and as a result I have 14 cats and two dogs. They all came from either a shelter or the streets except the oldest, Lucy, who was brought into my vet’s office as a kitten almost 12 years ago with horrible injuries. My vet decided that she could be saved and he was willing to let her be their office cat but once I saw her, I had to take her home. She is incontinent and has neurological damage in her hind legs but she is sassy and full of cattitude. My other cats are Natasha (a long-term foster), Freaky, Tony, Vinnie, Tim Bruce, Toulouse, Bert and Maggie (all strays) and Jeffrey, Scotty, Mom Ki, E. B. Kiki, and Scrappy (all shelter cats who were supposed to go to other homes but who, for various reasons, stayed with me). The dogs are Gracie, a minpin, and Petey, a
    Boston terrier, both of whom came from abusive environments. Helen Woodward is well known in my area and is greatly appreciated for its wonderful work.

  419. My boyfriend found a stranded kitten at our university 3 years ago. Now we are married, and the kitten has become a very handsome cat, Bibyik. We take care of him and love him as our son cat. Now we both are studying in Australia and can’t bring bibyik but he stays with his grand parents and cousins back home. We can’t wait to pick him up at the end of next year to live with us again. Miss my son cat.

  420. My cat Stinky was a stray who hopped over out fence one night and started meowing at our door. We gave her the only food we had on hand that a cat would like, salmon cream cheese and milk. She was with me ten years and was my best friend. Sadly, she passed on from cancer this past April. I still miss her tremendously, she was my baby.

    We now have two cats, Luna Kitty, a black maine coon we adopted from a rescue agency, and Albert, a short hair tuxedo who was in a litter of stray kittens that were going to be euthanized. My sister-in-law saved the litter, cleared up their eye and respiratory infections, and found safe and loving homes for all of them. Albert is a hoot- he’s always up to something. Luna Kitty is adorable, she loves boxes and paper, and catnip! We are so blessed to have known Stinky, and to have our two new ones in our lives now.

  421. My family has always adopted pets from shelters. I just wish every pet could find a home!

  422. Would love to help out with IAMS! I got my first-ever cat two years ago thanks to a friend who was at her wits’ end. She loved having more than one cat, but Rebound didn’t love having to share attention and was becoming more and more hostile every year. She came to me just after the 4th of July and we bonded pretty quickly. She loves being the only cat again, with all the toys and Fancy Feast she could ever want.

  423. Dear @Iams, I am lucky indeed, and want to help feed my cousins in need!

    Angel was being starved and locked in a closet when we got her. She ate so much that she got as wide as she was long so we had to figure out a diet and exercise plan for her. She’s a happy thin Siamese kitty now!

  424. Comments for kitties always worthwhile and appreciated. Good luck and hope everyone comments!!

  425. One of my babies (SoCo)was a feral kitten, from the moment I took him in, he slept in my bed and couldn’t get close enough to us. My other (Stella) was a “freebie” at a pet store, she was the only one left. I’ve had her for 11 years.

  426. My cat, ‘Fuzzy’, was adopted from TLC on the day following Thanksgiving in 2007. Best Thanksgiving weekend ever for both of us!

  427. Both my fur kids are rescues. One from the shelter and one ffrom the street. I believe Chats ( the one from the street) was dumped by college kids when the semester ended. She was so sick and thin with infected gums and matted fur. Sasha ( the shleter cat) let her come in, use the kitty box, get some kibble and Chats never left. They are the best fur kids and I cannot imagine life with out them. All animals deserve a good home and an endless bowl of kibble.

  428. Here is my comment to help those special four footed ones.

  429. Kelly Clarke says

    I have a three legged cat named Casey Tripod that came from Siamese Rescue. I saw him after Casey I crossed to the Rainbow Bridge. Both Caseys are the exact same color. I picked him up at the American Airlines office at the Houston Airport. He has never seemed bothered by missing a paw. He is probably the most social cat that I ever had.

  430. Robyn Lynn Reichert says

    Please help give food to the kitties. I have two wonderful rescue cats just like so many others that need loving homes. We can all do our part and leave a comment here to help feed many wonderful, needy kitties, Thank you and God Bless!

  431. There’s something extra-wonderful about a ferral cat. I’ve been blessed to have many seek me out over the years. They are always very independent, very unassuming, very selective about people. Once you’ve earned one’s trust enough for him/her to come stay with you, you have the most loyal friend for life–that’s unconditional love!!

  432. I adopted my newest purry person from Arlington Animal Services. I had set up a search with Adopt a Pet and within
    two weeks I had a wonderful companion. His shelter name was
    Mouse but being dressed in such an elegant tuxedo he is now
    Antonio as in Antonio Banderies. Antonio is seven years old
    and is such a joy. I was looking for an older adult and adopted the perfect cat.

  433. All my fur kids are rescues who want their cousins in need to get lots of yummy Iams.

  434. I currently have 7 rescued kitties on my own and 1 kitten that I am fostering who is looking for his forever home! (If anyone here wants an adorable, playful, affectionate black & white 8-month old kitten that is neutered & fully vetted, email me –

    I will share one of my cats’ rescue stories. I used to be a veterinary techinican at a clinic that helped temp. house animals for a local foster-based rescue group. One of the other vet techs was very involved with this organization and her and her mother were also fosters. She called me one day (I no longer worked at the vet at this time), saying they had a Siamese mix cat that was going to have to be euthanized because she would not use the litterbox and therefore could not be homes. It is actually a very sad story because she had a litter of kittens – all of which were sick (one died and one is still to this day continously ill) and a little while later, they spayed and declawed her (I do not condone declawing). After surgery, that is when she stopped using the litterbox so they confined her to a tiny bathroom with no soft things to lay on (as she would just ruin them), no window, and no attention. I offered to take her and re-train her to use the litterbox. When I went to pick her up, she was terrified and hid behind the toilet – the bathroom was filthy and smelled terrible – she had been in there for MONTHS. After many months of TLC and a nice, clean environment to live in, Yoshi is now a total lovebug who is sweet as can be and sleeps with me every night! And she has had NO litterbox issues since living with me.

  435. I’m the proud mother of 8 kitties, either found in the streets or adopted.

  436. Our cats were always found. Either they found us or we them. Also my dog is taken from the dog shelter.

  437. robert whitford says

    I live with two rescue kitties, brothers’ Billy and Benny, mostly they get along, thumbs up for all your good works.

  438. Our oldest cat Monkey was rescued. I found her and her siblings (all tiny kittens) outside in a pouring rainstorm stuck in a ferret cage. I found homes for the rest, but had to keep the runt, Monkey… who is now the very spoiled queen of the house.

  439. I’m so glad you’re giving us this opportunity, Gracey, and sure hope that we can generate food for shelter pets. Thank you!

  440. We have adopted two dogs from a shelter, both Cocker Spaniels. Amber was my first dog ever and was the sweetest dog to walk the earth. Chip was abused and rescued by a shelter who then adopted him out to us the first day he arrived. They feared that he was so aggressive that he might get euthanized so they contacted us, knowing we were looking for a Spaniel. I thank every shelter out their for doing anything and everything possible to save each animal that walks through their doors. Help them find loving happy homes!!!!!!! Donate! Thank you very much!!!

  441. I have 2 rescues; both are about 9 years old each. I first adopted Stella in 2001 when she was abandoned by her owner. She was barely a junior kitty heading into her first year and did not understand why on earth her owner would have fallen out of love with her so quickly. I assured Stella not to worry because I was going to quickly make up for any love she was missing. We quickly bonded. Stella is feisty and utterly affectionate. She loves to give me rough tongue baths and comes when I whistle for her. I adopted Eddie in 2005 during a very cold fall season in Washington, DC. His former family had booted him out of him home and left him to fend for himself in the harsh cold suburbs of Virginia. Eddie is a sweet, gentle, and highly intelligent survivor who managed to make it through several months of homelessness but always demonstrates that he has a strong will to live. Eddie wakes up every day at 4:45am and wastes no time letting everyone know that it’s a new day so we should rise and shine! Rescued kitties are rescuers themselves.

  442. My sister and I live with three kitties. Please read V’s post for the story of the first two. Our third kitty’s story should be made into a movie on the Lifetime TV network. Read on…

    V and I were on our way to Cape Cod from Illinois for a wedding. We stopped in upstate New York to spend a day and break up the drive. We had left our two kitties at home with a wonderful sitter, but we missed them already. At the motel we heard a high pitched meow outside our door all night long. In the morning the source was obvious, a very small ball of bones and fur. We brought her some food in a “kitty bag” from breakfast and went to do some sightseeing. The cutie was still there that night. A motel housekeeper told us they had seen somebody throw the kitten out of a car a few days earlier. They’d been giving her scraps, but none of them could take her in. V and I decided we should do something. To the internet!

    First, we looked for a shelter. The local pet rescue had recently closed because they’d been burgled and were unable to recover enough to stay open. How awful! Now what?! The longer we cuddled the little furball, the less able we were to just abandon her again. We couldn’t take her with us to the wedding… or could we? Could we hide a kitten in a hotel for a week? What if we got caught?! To the internet again!

    We found a kennel on Cape Cod to house the kitty. We called and reserved a spot for her. The kennel wanted her checked out by a vet first and shots up to date. (We thought this was totally reasonable.) Luckily we had seen a vet while sightseeing that day. We found a supermarket and bought food, bowls, litter, litter box, and carrier. (These had to be snuck into our current motel for one night.) In the morning it was off to the vet. They thought we were nuts, but understood. Jillian, now confirmed to be female, had ear mites and GI parasites, but no FIV! She was about 6-8 months old and weighed in at a whopping five pounds! She was all bones and a soft but raggedy coat. It was all going so well. Then the vet was feeling her belly and he said, “I think there’s three or four.” Three or four what?! Seriously, we didn’t know what he meant for a few seconds. But we’re a doctor and a lawyer, we figured it out pretty fast.

    Of course, she was pregnant! The vet said it might even be her second litter! OMG! We had only recently accepted owning two cats, a third didn’t seem too bad, but three or four more!! OMG, again! We knew how difficult it would be to adopt out any offspring. Were we about to become a six or seven cat household?! OMG a third time!

    Well, we were in it now. We figured there was no going back at this point. After a large payment to the vet, we got back on the highway to the Cape. Arriving too late to go to the shelter that night, we had to sneak her into the fancy motel. (Actually, this was easier than the cheap motel because there was more landscaping!) The kennel was great; they gave her the meds, kept her happy, and even let us visit.

    We drove home, stopping more frequently to let her out. Cats don’t pee when on leashes at rest stops, but at least we tried. We established her in the laundry room, away from the others, and started getting excited about the impending kittens. After a week, when she wasn’t getting much of a belly as the vet had told us she would, we took her to our home vet. Dr. C didn’t look hopeful. She did an ultrasound and told us the kittens were gone. Jill would pass them over the next few days. Alas, the dream of kittens was over. We took her home, but she didn’t pass anything significant and she got very very quiet. This time, Dr. C said she needed urgent surgery, an “emergency spaying”. Alas again, there would never be kittens. Maybe it was all for the best.

    Jillian recovered well. She has gone from our tiny fashion model kitty to a plus size matron. Her thin coat has become a thick mass of fur that requires daily combing. She still has a very high pitched meow and a loving disposition. We love her very much. V had a baby of her own three months ago. We wonder if Jillian ever thinks about her lost kittens.

    Can you imagine getting such a story from a pure-bred?

  443. Susan Brouse says

    My cat, Luna, lived at Crossroads Animal Shelter for nearly 2 years before finding me. She wanted a quiet home, with no hassles, and wanted to choose when to be friendly. She now spends every minute she can sleeping on my lap and handing out. She likes visitors, dogs, and friends. She just needed a chance to establih her own level of comfort. And now, she purrs and purrs. They all need that chance.

  444. I fell in love with my little guy, when I was looking to adopt a cat, his owner was putting him up for adoption, and he was being boarded by a vet, and shown for adoption at Petsmart.

    When I went to see him, and adopted him in July of 2008, I knew it was the best decision I ever made. Every shelter cat, and dog should have the opportunity to be adopted, and to have a good life.

  445. My dog Prissy was adopted about 7 years ago from a shelter in Gonzales. She was first found by a high-kill shelter which found her walking the streets of Houma. They only kept animals for 7 days before putting them down and the rescue we got her from took her on the 6th day. They sent her to a foster home for about a month before we adopted her. We found her on We originally wanted a West Highland Terrier, but when we saw her story we knew she was the one. Prissy was the name she came with, but she isn’t very prissy at all, she’s more of a tomboy. She’s a Jack Russel all the way though. She’s pretty crazy, but we love her anyways. <3

  446. My sister and I live with three kitties. The first two were rescued by our brother. He found each of them on the street and brought them home. When he went to Hawaii for a six-week internship, we reluctantly agreed to take them in. I am “allergic” and Annie didn’t want the trouble. By the time he was ready to take them back, we wouldn’t give them up! We couldn’t imagine living without Noah, a big black tom cat with a heart of gold, and Sarah, a loving gray tabby with velvet fur. Our mother is truly allergic to dogs and cats, so we didn’t have any growing up. Boy, were we missing out! Recently, Noah stayed out way past his usual time; we were frantic at the thought of losing him. He came home eventually to lots of treats and a stern lecture. I wish everyone would take advantage of the opportunity to have pets. The trouble and expense is nothing compared to the love they give.

    I’ll let my sister tell the story of our third kitty, stay tuned…

  447. My dog was sad and abused when I got her. She was getting depressed from being alone in the shelter. She was so skinny. But when I saw her sweet face, I knew she was mine. I took her home and slowly gained her trust now she healthy and happy. She lobes people and playing with other dogs. You can’t even see the hurt in her ryes from her past. I couldn’t have asked for a better best friend!

  448. Janet Vandenabeele says

    All of my brood are rescues of one sort or another. Pebbles is a purebred, papered Ocicat who was rescued from a shelter’s death row; I got her from the rescue group. I went to buy her food one day and found Sisko at the pet store; he was born to a breeder whose Maine Coon had gotten out while in heat and they couldn’t find homes. The pet store changed hands shortly thereafter and went downhill and was shut by the health dept w/i months. Spooky started living out of my garbage can and I took him in. Spike, who has since gone over the Rainbow Bridge, was born to a street cat my neighbors took in; Possum was a street cat on the same block that we took in when we moved next door; Pocky was saved from a friend’s feral farm population. Her cat mama abandoned her in a horse stall and my friend hand raised her from about 2 weeks on. We’re also hosting a friend’s Norwegian Forest Cat, the fluffball Rocky, because his papa lost his job and his home. He hopes to be reunited soon.

  449. I did not adopt any of my cats from shelters, but they are all former strays who would otherwise have been dead or in a shelter!

  450. Love you, Gracey! My animal babies appreciate all your parents and yourself do for shelter animals. We must all encourage adopting animals. It is life or death literally for them.

  451. All four of our kitties are rescues. Two from the CCASPCA, one was in my co-worker’s backyard and one who’s litter was left under the carts at a local Target. They are all uber spoiled and loved even more:-)

  452. Dr. Jane Dusek says

    I adopted Bette Davis from Feline Rescue here in St. Paul, MN last year. She is SUCH a sweetheart cat and she LOVES her Forever Home & her sister-kitty Tripod! Rescue a furkid today!

  453. Shelter pets make the best pets of all! Make adoption your first choice..and give an older pet a chance to be loved as well.

  454. I love gracey and want to support all pets as best as i can even though I live so far away and do not have much money… i do have 2 cat’s i adopted from a lady who has too many cats as it is… they are 2.5 yrs old now… will be 3 in early april

  455. ki.16405@peoplepcmcom says

    Hi Gracey! I’m so glad your parents rescued you! That must’ve been awful! I can’t believe someone would do that to a kitten. It’s so sad. Good luck with this! I h ope you get lots of comments!

  456. I don’t have any adopted pet but I worked at a hospital and a group of us would bring food for the strays out back. They had houses and water and food bowls. They would come from the woods out back. What was funny was the tree where we would put the food was at our parking lot. The hospital didn’t really want us to feed them so we would usually wait until a little after the shift ended so hopefully they wouldn’t know who was feeding them but there was no fooling the cats they knew each one of our cars and when it was time to eat you would see them either sitting under or on top of the cars. We would laugh and say “we are trying to help them and they are telling on us”!! Cats are so smart and beautiful I don’t know how anyone could ever hurt them.

  457. All animals deserve a good home and life.

  458. Gracey sent me here so I could comment and help feed our Critter Cousins, esp during the colder winter months. Thanks, Gracey!

  459. Shelter pets rock!

    Sophie, Harry and Frankie

    in memory of Max and Sammy

  460. Janet Collins says

    Well, Gracey, Maggie was wondering the mountains of Southern CA. when my parents found her. She was so small, and scared. My parents were driving back east to visit all of the kids, and of course, Maggie came with! They asked me if I would like her, and without blinking, I said YES!

  461. This is great Gracey! What a wonderful thing to do. It is important for everyone to help out those who cannot help themselves especially at this time of year. Adopt an animal and save their life.

  462. Help those who can’t help themselves

  463. I adopted all 5 of my cats from shelters and off the streets, Cuddles, Binxi, Dyna, Simon, and Indiana Winkers. I love them will all my heart. I will continue to adopt because it is such a good cause!!

  464. I was a shelter kitten too-

    Please feed all of my other cousins who have not been adopted yet! : ) Cassie Ann-

  465. Leila MoonDancer says

    All my cats were rescued. Poof, Rocky Darius, Coco Toby, Sassy, Mitzi, Freyja, Silver, and Max send their regards and blessings to all who would help and rescue cats, and to all the cats in need of Forever Homes. May we all educate people to be more kind and responsible and tolerant regarding cats, and may the kitties have wonderful good luck meeting good people so we can start an avalanche of WIN for the cats!
    Bastet Bless,

  466. All the pets I’ve adopted from shelters have been some of the best pet’s I’ve had. I adopted a little one-eyed, 5-month old kitten and she was my dearest companion for 12 years. I hope everyone adopts from shelters. No one should ever buy from a puppy mill or pet store, when there are so many wonderful pets in shelters. Give some thought to the advantages of adopting an older pet, especially if you are older yourself, or have very young children. Special needs pets can be incredibly rewarding as well, and deserve a happy home. Thank you!

  467. My Pixie came from the Waco Humane Society. I went to look at kittens on my lunch hour. I peeked into her cage and she reached her paw through the door and touched my nose. I knew she was mine then! Way to go Gracey and Iams for helping shelter cats and dogs!

  468. This is a great idea. I hope you get as many comments as possible.

  469. Shari Larsen says

    A wonderful thing to do!

  470. This is a wonderful promotiom. Our Hobbes was a rescue kitten. Shelter animals deserve the best.

  471. I have puppies or I would adopt a kitty. Keep on taking them in people. They are people too.

  472. Maria Collin says

    My little Fuchsia is a rescue cat too….in fact, Gracey, she looks a lot like you……….maybe your Dad was a travelling salesman??????

  473. I am all for taking care of shelter animals. Go Gracey at the Tiniest Tiger and Iams.

  474. Gracie, give your mom and dad nose taps and head bumps for us thanking them for rescueing you, and for helping you in your work to feed our cousins in need.

  475. What a wonderful thing it is that you are doing for so many unfortunate shelter animals ….. thank you, thank you! Me and all my 10 rescue kitties wish you every success and a joyous holiday season!

  476. The story of Munn (means “heart” in Hindi). I went to the local shelter in hopes of adopting a cat. I saw this little kitten and fell in love but couldnt adopt him that day because he had surgery done the same day. Broken hearted I went back home and just figured I would stop by in a few days. Then I saw the same kitten on TV the local shelter was advertising for adoption. I immediately rushed to the shelter to adopt him.. but tooo late he was already adopted and was quite popular because there were several people that came in asking for him. I just sat there for 15 minutes, sad how I missed an opportunity. As I was walking out of the shelter, there he was… walking in with his owner. I was like, wait a minute!!!! I went to the owner and asked what was going on.. she was brining him back since she couldnt keep him anymore.. her husband didnt approve. I didnt waste a minute, I adopted Munn on the spot! And let me tell you, this is the sweetest cat in the world. He’s my little celebrity :)I love him :):):)

  477. Thank you, Gracey, for everything you are doing for help the animals. You’re are the biggest tiger in my book!

  478. Hoping and praying that all shelter cats find their furever homes this holiday season!

  479. suzanne paulsen says

    God Bless You Iams! This is such a wonderful thing that you are doing!

  480. My little Kiwi was born with a suspected case of Manx Syndrome and needed a loving home. He needed to a lot of help using the litter box as well as a lot of cleaning. It also required several trips to the vet and twice daily medication. One look at his adorable little face and his spunky personality and there was no denying this was my kitty. With a lot of help from a vet as unwilling to give up on Kiwi as I was, Kiwi was able to overcome all of his symptoms. He now lives a very happy and active life with his Mommy and Daddy and 2 sisfurs.

  481. suzanne paulsen says

    God Bless You Iams!!!!

  482. suzanne paulsen says

    GOD BLESS YOU IAMS!!!! What a WONDERFUL idea! I do cat rescue work and this will be soooo appreciated!

  483. Thank you HWAC and Iams Home for the Holidays…we all need to eat…even better we all need a home!

  484. Gaya Perera says

    Dear Gracey,

    Thank you for your effort to help animals in need.


    Lilly the cat

  485. Miss Punkie wants her cousins in the shelter to have full tummies. Thank you Gracie!

  486. Meowhowse Mary says

    We’ve had many rescues, but one in particular was Pickles (aka Mr. Cat), a gorgeous tuxedo. Our cat Mitzi had just passed away the week before, so the vet called us to see if we could adopt this little black & white kitten. I was not finished grieving over Mitzi, but when the vet tech told me that this little guy was going to have to be put to sleep if we didn’t take him, my heart melted and so Pickles came to live with us for a way-too-short 3 years. He had FIV which kicked into high gear when we had him neutered. This was almost 30 years ago, and I still miss that kitty.

  487. Awesome cause. My little Teb(aka Sweet Little BooBoo of Death) is a shelter kitten that had been beat up, chewed up and abandoned in a park. I never begrudge him nap time. . .though nine years later he’s a healthy happy and adored little boy.

  488. Shelter kitties are the best and so often are the hardest to adopt, especially the older ones. My Marya was cut out of a wall in an apartment when she was five weeks old. She is very special and very sweet. My Chester was found in a cold drizzling November rain and when no one claimed him, he caqme to my house to live. Lei’s help Gracey feed all the shelter cats and dogs too. Thank you Gracey for all you do.

  489. Yay for Gracey and all the shelter animals who will benefit from your – and our – good deeds! Blessings to all the animals 🙂

  490. Judy Simon says

    Oh i have so many adoption stories I dont know where to start. Just know that we love all animals and will do whatever we can to help out! Thank you Iams for helping us to help them! 16 rescues & counting!

  491. My beautiful cats (5) and my sweet dog are ALL resuces. Thanks for doing what you can to help homeless cats and dogs find homes will all will be loved and safe!! Thank you Iams!

  492. Kym Nickolyn Cross says

    We adopted a white chow named Patty out of Irving, Tx 6 years ago. May she RIP as she passed away earlier this year. What ya’ll are doing for these animals is amazing and God will take good care of you and yours!

  493. Thank you so much for doing this!! My 2 kitties and I think it is a wonderful idea. God bless.

  494. Judy Simon says

    I am leaving a response for each of my 15 cats! for the Dear @Iams, I am lucky indeed, and want to help feed my cousins in need!!!!!!


  495. Very cool promotion and what a great spokescat! Way to go Iams!

  496. Iams Home 4 The Holidays, what a terrific idea! Kudos! Thank you so much for helping out the rescue babies!! This means alot to me! I love Iams and so do my cats! Such a great variety of flavors to choose from! Makes all the kitties and doggies happy & healthy! Thank you so much! Thank you Gracey & Joanne for all that you do for others! You are the best! <3

  497. Andrea Handrahan says

    God bless all the people who help and care for the precious animals!

  498. Sarah S. Patton says

    Loki (little orange kitty)was thrown out of a moving car when just 5 weeks old. She had two abdominal wall ruptures which the vet surgically fixed. She wore a bobby sock suit for 3 months after that…Now she has a loving fur-ever home with us, and she is a joy to have. Thanks Gracey, for all the help with all the kitties who need it. I just took in a new stray. Now I have 13 kitties in my house…and 6 outside.

  499. don’t buy, adopt!

  500. This is a truly admirable effort. Thank you.

  501. This is wonderful, and Gracey, you are awesome. I adopted my sweet and funny kitties from a shelter 10 years ago….Sophie and Alexander (mom and son).

  502. We have 10 rescue animals in our happy family – all the grandchildren have four feet!!! I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world!! My two cats and dog are a big part of the family, great companions, and sometimes to the kids growing up – their best friend in the world!! It breaks my heart to see animals without a forever home – the extra love they bring is amazing! Please adopt a shelter animal!!

  503. Please feed and give homes to these wonderful furry creatures of God. they give us so much love and joy.

  504. Linda Reilly says


    you are wonderful!!! so glad you and your family are doing this! xoxoxo

  505. Kittie Danger says

    I hope that all shelter animals are adopted into wonderful loving families for the holidays. Having worked in emergency veterinary medicine, I got to see a good many neglected pets, I took home 3 dogs, 2 were on the euthanasia list, and 2 cats, both of which were scheduled to be put to sleep. They have all made wonderful additions to my furry family.

  506. My cat Tiger was a feral cat in the backyard before she found her way into our home. She has always been so sweet and kind and never hisses or bites anyone. I’ve had her for four years now and I know that she will always be taken care of and loved.

  507. I think this is a great effort and I hope everyone helps out. The animals need us!!

  508. Gladly feed those animals and help all others to find fur-ever homes…wish I could take one…but due to limited space and already having 2 rescues I can’t now

  509. I adopted a dog this summer from a rescue group. She is completely deaf. We took a training class with her to learn the hand signals and communication. She is the sweetest girl. The training went well and we are able to communicate with her very well with the signals we learned. She has been a great addition to our family and all our animals love her. So glad we adopted her.

  510. This is such a wonderful thing for all animals.Love it:-)))GOD BLESS

  511. Helping and loving shelter animals everywhere.
    Sending prayers this day,
    Until they all have furrever homes,
    Meowwie <3

  512. Diane Alden says

    Hoping that all shelter animals are Home for the Holidays…and furever!!!

  513. Gracey you are such a beautiful girl! I am so glad your mom found you that Christmas Eve! You have a happy and blessed holiday season, sweet girl!

  514. feed those poor shelter animals so the can feel and be their best and get adopted!!

  515. Belinda Sager says

    Anything for the kitty angels out there!


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