Hunger Strikes by Triple T Studios

Hunger Strikes by Triple T Studios, a collaboration from the minds of  Lazy Leopard, Bossy Backyard Blue Jay, and me, Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger was made under the supervision and sometimes exasperation of Bad Kitty. It is not an easy task to keep Lazy Leopard and Bossy Backyard Blue Jay in line.

Our film documents the duress that a cat feels while waiting for its favorite meal.  Now you might think that because there is chow in the bowl, that the cat’s chow comping needs are met.  But don’t forget, we like to have a back up snack.  And if the chow in our bowl is our back up snack, and we begin to chomp that chow, then we start to feel the stress that this could be the onset of  ~shiver~ empty bowl syndrome!

We at Triple T Studios think this demonstrates how  The Tiniest Tiger lets her parents know it is time for supper.

Don’t forget to leave a comment on our Iams Premium Protection Senior Cat for PurrEver. The generous people at Iams are donating 1 Meal of Premium Protection Senior Cat Food to our cousins at PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary for every comment that you post telling us “How does your cat let you know it is time for supper?”

Without further adieu, here is our film, Hunger Strikes.


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  1. Sidney Cassidy says

    Gracey we loved your film and your Triple T Studios seems like a super film studio. You are such a wonderful actress. You were acting right? We love ya Gracey. Me and the kids

  2. Devildog13 says

    Gracey we loved your film it was fantastic and I really liked your Triple T Studios the filming was wonderful too. You are a wonderful actress too. You were acting right? Well if you were I say Bravo to you. We loves ya Gracey

  3. Mlwilliamson says

    Silly Gracie! You know your peeps will keep the noms in your bowl. I have been trained to keep kibbles out always, and give wet when asked by the sweetest little 5 pound Siamese that ever lived. She meows and runs to her wet food bowl when she wants to let me know she is hungry for something different. LOL

  4. KATATTACK1 says


  5. MALIA RAGAN says

    The displacement of the ears, the pacing back and forth, along with the lifting of the paw…clear demonstration of stress over your immediate chow situation….! My cat also likes a alternative chow supply just in case……Rave review for the film, Gracey!

  6. Willow applauds your courage to educate us on this drastic plight in AmeriCAT culture. Head butts to you, Gracey. I know that the aCATemy will award your dedication.

  7. Goldentigerlily says

    Such cruelty you must endure Gracie! We are a tiny tiger family of 3….it’s our tom cat Buddy that takes on the hunt for a full bowl….he’ll cut you off at the pass if you dont pay attention. The girls, Missy & Shadow have full fresh water duty!

  8. kudos Gracey! Some of the best acting I have seen in a very long time.

  9. Elizabeth Flynn says

    Great job by Gracey and all the background crew! I just wish my cats were this well behaved when it is time to eat. Maybe I should show it to them and they could learn how a “good kitty” acts!

  10. Wow Gracey … this was like watching one of those old black & white suspense movies on TNT … you’re a natural
    can we get your PAWtograph? hugs & kisses from your fans ~ Abbie, Bella & Darcy xoxoxo

  11. The3meowsandme says

    They meow just for their snacks and will sit and stare at me as if to say. What’s taking so long we are dying of starvation. Ya right at 14 pounds each. Gotta lovem

  12. kathy shane says

    HA! So funny!!

  13. Will our heroine get fed? Will there be a sequel? The suspense is killing me!

    • Anonymous says

      Hi Kittymom! Yes, I got my supper! Sometimes I get a little snack at lunch too. xoxoxo

  14. this is great!

  15. pleshette says

    I feel an academy award nomination in the future.

  16. Gracey Fan says

    Excellent plot and great acting

  17. Sooooo cute. I loved it. Woke up wanting to watch this. Did, and it made my morning. Thanks Gracey!

  18. Laura Allen says

    This is the sound of 2 paws clapping: patpatpat! No makeup needed, good acting, great closeup…priceless!

  19. Hnightwoman says

    Love it!

  20. Coral James says

    What a great suspense film!! Gracey’s eyes have implore with such sincerity, I hope she gets a GOOD treat!

    • Anonymous says

      Thank you Coral! I think I had the eye expression down if I do say so myself. xoxo

  21. That was some of the best acting I have seen in a long time! Way to go gracey and my girls give it two paws up!

  22. This is a certain Oscar winner! Great acting on Gracey’s part!!!

    • Anonymous says

      Thank you so much Carolyn! I think my eye and ear movement is exceptional if I do say so myself. xoxo