Lily, Lovely to Look, Bad to Chomp

Easter Lilies toxic for Cats

The Lily is lovely to look at but bad to chomp. Lilies, like many other plants are not good for Cats. There are no Lilies in my habitat.

Many will be celebrating Easter this Sunday and the Easter Lily is a part of the celebration. The Cat Fanciers’ Association article about Lily Hazards for Cats, mentions that according to the Michigan State University Extension’s Grower Guide, Easter Lilies are the third most important flowering pot-plant grown in the United States with approximately 11 million plants produced annually.

You will be tempted by the Lily’s beauty almost everywhere you go this week. Please try to admire the Lily from a distance and do not bring a live Lily back to your habitat if you share your home with a Cat. We Cats are super clever, so even if you think a plant is safe, we might just figure out a way to get to it. The best plan is just say no to the indoor Lily in your habitat.
The Lily is so toxic to a Cat that in only a few hours after eating the plant, your Cat may vomit, become lethargic, and stop eating. These signs worsen as the kidney damage progresses. Without quick and proper treatment by a Veterinarian, your Cat will develop kidney failure within 36-72 hours.

The Lily is not the only plant that is poisonous to Cats. The ASPCA has provided a list of the Plants toxic to cats. Please take the time to review the list of plants that are poisonous to cats before bringing home a beautiful plant.

Don’t worry if you are a plant lover. You can love Cats and plants too. There is a long list of plants that are non-Image of African Violettoxic to the Cats in your habitat. The Cat Fanciers’Association says the beautiful African Violet is a safe plant for the home. The ASPCA also provides a complete list of non-toxic plants, that are safe to have in your home with your cats.

The Office Cactus and I have a tumultuous relationship. I don’t like to chomp the Office Cactus but I like to swat at its dangling appendages. Especially when they tease and taunt me by dancing in front of me. Bad Kitty has more discipline than any Cat I have even known because the Office Cactus and he co-exist side by side every day and I have yet to see him take a swipe at the plant.

Many of you know that one of my favorite things to do is to fling dirt from the potted plants in my habitat. Now that Spring is here the few plants that are left in our habitat will me moving outdoors, with the exception of the Office Cactus.

So, I decided to try my best to ignore the taunting from the Office Cactus. This is the last week of Lent and the week before Easter known as Holy Week . So I thought I would give up swatting the Office Cactus for this week. We have made a short film for you showcasing my iron will to ignore the cactus. I think you will be impressed with my discipline when faced with the dancing appendages. My dad makes a minor appearance in the film, coaching me to be strong. Without further adieu,

I present to you from Triple T Studios, The Cat & The Cactus

[youtube][/youtube] .

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  1. Dawn White says

    Love your video Gracey! And thanks for posting the list of plants. That is extremely helpful.

  2. Amazing video!!! Is that music from “Gladiator”???

    • Anonymous says

      I don’t know Carolyn. The music was with the iMovie trailer. Sounds like it could be though, doesn’t it?

  3. MALIA RAGAN says

    Nice, Gracey! Looks like your dad was taunting you from outside as well.

  4. Elizabeth Flynn says

    You have sooooooo much willpower sweet Gracey. I don’t keep plants in my house because my cats are not well behaved like you. They would attack it right in front of me and would not care what I said or did. They just laugh and taunt me.

    • Anonymous says

      Elizabeth, I really have the most willpower when I am on camera. You might ask my mom if she thinks I am well behaved. hahahaha

  5. kathy shane says

    HA! so funny!!

  6. You should get the aCATemy award for best CATtress!