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Gracey's Manatee Poster

Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger's Manatee Poster

Friends, I need your help in  our Biology in the Age of Technology Class.  As you know we love all animals here on The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club.  This project is to bring awareness to our gentle giant friends, the manatees.  It is super easy to participate and you might even have some fun and one  lucky Manatee Poster Creator will win a prize too! Here is what you need to do.

1) Create a login on the MY WILD SITE

2) Create a  SAVE THE MANATEE poster by clicking on MAKE A MANATEE POSTER on the site.

Select one of the following posters to make:

  • Tell people that manatees are in trouble and we can help!
  • Tell people that manatees are amazing animals
  • Tell people that manatees are like us!
  • Tell people about manatees and their watery home!

Email your Manatee poster to  Put My Manatee in the subject line!

I will then post your beautiful Manatee poster here on our Conservation Cub Club Site.

Now to make this super fun!

Tell me which poster you think our Friends are most likely to create by taking this poll.

Thank you!  Now go create a Manatee Poster  by clicking here I can’t wait to see your posters.  Super Hurrah!


By writing the Manatee Poster # Number of your favorite  in a comment below.

Manatee Poster Angela

Manatee Poster #1

Manatee Delores

Manatee Poster #2

Manatee Janet C

Manatee Poster #3

Manatee Madeline

Manatee Poster #4

Manatee Elizabeth

Manatee Poster #5

Manatee Sherrie

Manatee Poster #6

Manatee Janet V

Manatee Poster #7

Manatee Poster Giulia

Manatee Poster #8

Manatee Leah

Manatee Poster #9

Thank you so much for helping me with your participation.

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  1. they’re all wonderful, but I’ll officially vote for #2.

  2. June Krahn says

    #5 is my pick but I liked all the posters and we love the Manatee. It has been years since we went to see them.

  3. Cq Terraspo says

    I vote Manatee poster #2

  4. I vote for #9!!!

  5. Karma Hurworth says

    My vote is for #4.

  6. I cast my vote for Manatee Poster #2!

  7. My favorite is #7.

  8. Sherree Smith says

    My favorite is #6, but you can’t go wrong with any of them!

  9. OK, Gracey girl, I saw your facebook pleading for us to vote, so I am 🙂 I like #9

  10. #2

  11. I like 5, but the girls like 6. It was a super tough decision though since everyone did a great job!!!!

  12. I thought that #4 was really good so I voted for #4.

  13. #7 Gracey – though I like them all too 🙂

  14. #2 Gracey, although I liked them all 🙂

  15. #2

  16. Mnsnobunny says

    Manatee Poster # 2

  17. Elizabeth Flynn says

    Manatee Poster #2

  18. MALIA RAGAN says

    I like poster #5.

  19. kathy shane says

    I like Manatee poster #6.

  20. Hi Gracey, I just sent my poster…missed the subject line, so hope you will find it O.K.

  21. Elizabeth Flynn says

    On the way Gracey!