The Bissell White Sock Test

The Bissell White Sock Test starts today April 18,2011!   Super Hurrah!

You know  I am The Tiniest Tiger, and how I  love to throw dirt out of the plants in our habitat?  Well, sometimes when the plants have just been watered and I leap into the dirt, I can leave a trail of evidence in my path.  Thank goodness for the Bissell SpotBot Pet! The SpotBot Pet  makes it super easy for my mom to clean up my messes.  In fact, the messes I make get cleaned up so fast that I am back in the plants, flinging dirt in no time. And when I have made a super big mess, the  ProHeat 2X is called to duty.  The ProHeat 2X has saved my tail on more than one occasion. This amazingBissell ProHeat 2X machine is super easy to use and even gets up the toughest pet messes. We cats can get pretty messy even though we like to pretend that the dogs to all the dirty work.

This is why I couldn’t wait to tell you this news. Starting today, April 18,2011 you can enter The White Sock Test for a chance to win  the  Bissell $15,000  home makeover sweepstakes drawing! WOW!

You can also play to instantly win cleaning products, like the ProHeat 2X, the SpotBot Pet and more! And you can sign in every day through June 10, 2011 to play the instant win game!

Bissell has made this contest fun and easy for you to participate.  Here is a short video of The White Sock demonstrating what you need to do:


Friends, have your pet parent get a clean white sock and wet it with water under the faucet.  Then watch them, try not to laugh while they do “The Twist” in a high traffic area of your habitat where the carpeting gets the most paw prints.  Have them dance “the twist” for at least 30 seconds.  Take a look at the white sock and see what the it looks like?

Take a photo of the sock after “the twist”   and submit your photo following the instructions on the Bissell facebook page.

I am proud to be a member of the Bissell Pack of Pet Lovers. As a member of the pack, I receive free products from Bissell to try out  in my habitat.   As the 2010 Winner of the Bissell MVP Pet Photo Contest, I also received a Lift Off Vacuum.   I made this short video last year thanking Bissell for the contest and for helping our senior cats at PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary.


Friends, my parents have been cleaning up after me with the Bissell machines for the past year. When the furnace guy came to inspect and check the furnace filter, he said the filter looked brand new!  He couldn’t believe  that a cat lived in our habitat.

Bissell, We Mean Clean! They really do!

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