1 Comment = 1 Iams Premium Protection Meal for PurrEver

I need your help to feed the cats at PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary

Iams Premium Protection for Senior Cats.

I want to tell you how much this means to Rita, the sole caretaker at PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary. Rita works super hard and she really appreciates our small paws uniting to make a difference to the cats in her care especially now during this stressful time.  Rita’s daughter, a police officer, was injured in the line of duty.  Let’s help Rita while she recovers from worry and Jess recovers from her injuries.  Thank you everyone!

Here is all you have to do.

Leave a comment telling us; How does your cat let you know it is supper time?

Iams will donate  1 Premium Protection Senior Cat Meal

to PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary for every comment.

And if you upload a photo of your cat on The Tiniest Tiger’s Facebook Page , tag* Iams, and say

Thank you @Iams for helping us feed, our cousins in need!

Iams will donate another Premium Protection Senior Cat Meal to PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary.  Super Exciting!

*Make sure you “Like” Iams Facebook Page , Then upload your cat photo on our The Tiniest Tiger Facebook Page. Type  Thank you, then hit the @ symbol.  You will see Iams come up as an option to tag.  Click on Iams.  The word Iams will appear blue in your comment if you have tagged correctly. Then finish typing for helping us feed our cousins in need!  Your comment will look like this:

Thank you Iams, for helping us feed our cousins in need!

Super Hurrah!

Please help feed the senior “kittizens” as Rita calls our older cousins at PurrEver Ranch by leaving a comment. Then share this post with your friends!Rita at PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary

I want to thank you too so I am offering some great prizes for our  Pouring Love on the Cats  at PurrEver Ranch Chip In,

For every $20.00 donation, you will be entered to win a Prize box full of The Tiniest Tiger logo items, The Tiniest Tiger books, and Gracey’s Avon items worth $250.00!

For every $5.00 donation, you will be entered into a drawing for a Bissell Corded Pet Hair Eraser with my photo on the box.

Gracey on the Bissell corded pet hair eraser

For every donation, you will be entered into a drawing to win a paw-tographed hardcover copy of The Tiniest Tiger.

All $20,00 donations enter you into all three drawings. If you give more that $20.00 you will get one entry for every $20.00 donated.  For example, if you donate $40.00, you will receive 2 entries.

I think we can do it!  I am super excited to see what we can do for our older cousins.

Thank you everyone for your consideration.

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  1. Thank you for helping.

  2. Sunny, Foggy’s adopted friend. Took him in, too …

  3. Foots! Lost him at age 10. Miss him terribly

  4. Foggy, my angelic adopted stray boy

  5. Sweet baby Julius, lost him last month, age 4 : (

  6. Hans Brown. Age 10, still acting like kitten

  7. Benny Bunny. This cat has a lot of patience

  8. Peach Edward Keene, he’s not as sweet as he looks!

  9. My darling Pooh Bear…

  10. Oreo, the Bird Killer

  11. Cat Ballet

  12. My two friends, companions, and mousie hunters (momma cat Fly and troublemaker Sly) used to eat Iams adult (left out in a kibble container), but their vet said they were getting “beefy”, so now they’re on Iams lite, losing weight and they, their vet and us are very happy!

  13. My cat gives me the “Vulcan stare” when it’s supper time. Doesn’t matter where I am, she finds me, sits and stares at me. I have to drop what I’m doing and go feed her!

  14. Mary Barboni says

    Hello! I soooo love all our furry friends and my friend Gracey sent me to you! You guys are fantastic! Keep up the good work!!! =^..^=

  15. Iguanawrangler says

    My cats swarm around the empty food bowls until I put the food in.

  16. Iguanawrangler says

    My cats swarm around the empty food bowls until I put the food in.

  17. Thank you for caring for our furry friends. I have 3 currently, one who is 13 years old. I recently had to send our 18 year old Calico to the Rainbow Bridge but I know she had a good life. In addition to the “queen mother”, I also have a 3 year old male and a 3 year old female, both rescues. Keep up the great work.

  18. My cats let me know by standing by their bowls and looking starved and pathetic. As if!!

    Thank you for helping Rita and Purrever! 🙂

  19. Fisher – my use of mind control works very well. Scooter – I never have to ask, I just look cute and wait by the bowl. Wart – I am such a howler I had to go through training. Now, I don’t get my food unless I sit quietly beside the bowl and human decides I am behaving politely.

  20. My black cat either comes running into the kitchen as soon as I open a can of tuna [she loves it as a treat], or rubs up against my parents or me, very nicely. She has pet related agression, so we know she is hungry. The brown cat, I fill her dish up when it’s low [same with black cat.]

  21. Thank you Iams! My cats are always ready to eat, breakfast, lunch or supper. They wind around my legs and then run to the litchen.

  22. Serpentik says

    attention because iams make experiments on cats, dogs and other animals

  23. Serpentik says

    attention because iams make experiments on cats, dogs and other animals

  24. Martina ramos says

    My fatty catty will try fifty different meows and mews until he gets attention. Then he goes to his food bowl and rolls around on the floor

  25. My furrbabies jump on and off the bed by my head till I get up. And if I try to just roll over (especially on weekends) one will purposly jump on my head.
    Thank you Gracie and Iams for helping Rita!

  26. Marilyn says

    Thank you Iams for helping PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary feed her four legged guests.

  27. Thank you for helping PurreverRanch Sanctuary!!!!

  28. Dahlia lets me know she wants breakfast by plucking my sheets with her claws. That “pop-pop-pop” noise is bound to wake me up. *sigh*

  29. @ Elizabeth. My cats do the same by knocking stuff off the table or desk to let me know it is time to eat.
    So proud and glad to help out Gracey! All cats need to eat well !

  30. Elizabeth Flynn says

    All my cats have little internal clocks that tell them it is time to eat. If they don’t hear me opening the pantry door to get their food at the proper time, they start chattering and carrying on. If that doesn’t work they just come get me. Whatever I am doing they just get into the middle of it so I can’t finish and with that I have to go get their supper.

  31. Spaulsen15 says

    All 5 of my kitties will gather around me and give me a “stare down” plus when I try to to take a step they are r ight there at my ankles, making walking difficult………all this until I give them their food!

  32. Rose59saunders says

    Thank you for helping feed the kitties.Iam sure they`re very happy to get the food.My cat meows when he`s hungry.I have a few cats that come in my home and I feed them too.Thanks so much for the good work you do in helping feed the kitties.

  33. My cats think it’s always supper time. When I let the bowls get empty, Benjamin and Razzy (whose name is appropriately Rasputin) will tap me and stare at me until I get the message. If I’m asleep, Bennie will poke me with his claws until I wake up and refill the bowls. Mr. 8, the feral cat we feed under the shed, will sit on the back steps until I look out the window or go outside. Then he loudly “cries” until he’s fed. I don’t think they’re spoiled. Do you?

  34. Mcat413 says

    My several kitties lead me to the kitchen & meow at me til they get their food!

  35. Here’s my comment: The best breed is a rescue!

  36. My cats start singing and dancing in the kitchen or follow me around the house to tell me it’s time to eat.

  37. I think my kitties check the clock and start meowing!

  38. kathy shane says

    Believe it or not, I don’t need to look at the clock to see when meal time is. My cats tell me and it’s amazing how the time is almost exact everyday!!
    Purr-Ever Ranch is fantastic!!

  39. I have fifteen kitties, ranging in age ten months to fourteen years old, and every last one of them can tell you when it’s five o’clock and it’s time for dinner!

  40. Dawnkkirby says

    I always feed my 5 cats first thing in the morning. But if I get on the computer in the afternoon and let time slip away, they become very pesky, with one or more of them propping themselves between me and the monitor. If brushed away too many times, will sit straight up and look at me directly in the face. That’s usually when I remember~oops, must be past their dinnertime!

  41. He goes to his dish and steps on the side so it tips over. It is a stainless dish so it clangs ! My Elmo loves this story.

  42. Magwhisk says

    Little Mila just follows the”crowd” to the “chow” room 🙂 I guess with everyone else making so much noise, she doesn’t seem to worry 😉

  43. Halieysmom says

    love iams it is all we feed our mini dashchund he loves it! an we love giving it too him

  44. Courage will eventually meow loudly like he is super annoyed that he needs to speak up.

  45. Elizabeth Flynn says

    My cats tell me it is supper time by following me around, talking all the while and rubbing up against my legs.

  46. My kitties tell me it is supper time by sitting at their food bowls and slapping their paws in it while meowing.

  47. Sherree Smith says

    My kitties have no problem letting me know when they want their supper! They will cry, dance around my feet, nip at my ankles, and if none of that works they get in the pantry and try to help themselves!

  48. my cats whine and rub against me when its time to feed them

  49. Edwinsj says

    Much love to all the kittehs! Happy eating!

  50. Sergioandnajah says

    The cats tell me they are ready to eat by ” meowing” incessantly and giving me the “look”:)