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P&G Pet Care Leipsic Plant

P&G Leipsic Plant where Iams and Eukanuba Dry Kibble are made

When I sent my mom Behind the Paw, she had the opportunity to tour the P&G Pet Care Leipsic, Ohio Plant.  This is the plant that makes all the Iams and Eukanuba dry kibble for both cats and dogs.

My mom is a veteran of the food industry and she has toured and worked with many facilities that produce foods for human consumption, such as pasta, pizza, ice cream, cheese, bread, dinner entrees and even  chicken products that you might have eaten from a popular fast food restaurant.  This was her first tour of a facility that produced food for cats and dogs, and she told me that the Leipsic Plant was one of, if not the cleanest and most impressive facilities that she has seen.

Leipsic is a small town, even smaller than the town where my habitat is located.  The people that work at the Iams and Eukanuba facility are pet lovers just like you. They go above and beyond what is required by law to make the kibble safe for cats and dogs. The food goes through over 200 quality checks before it is available to be shipped into stores for pet owners to purchase.

One of the things that stood out for my mom was the world class microbial testing program that the Leipsic plant has in place and that  the facility produces at  pharmaceutical  grade manufacturing standards.  They even do air quality tests in the plant to make sure everything is good to go!  Ingredients are tested first before production and the finished product is not released into distribution until all the results are in and all ingredients and finished product are given the green light to be shipped.  More often than not,  products are shipped first, and then recalled if a problem is found. But not from the Leipsic plant, this is one example of how this plant goes above and beyond for safety. My mom told me that the facility was so clean  she was wishing they made a balanced diet for humans too.

My mom was able to meet many of the people that are responsible for the Iams and Eukanuba dry kibble when she went on the Behind the Paw tour.  She met Marcie,  a pet nutritionist,  Mike, the plant manager, Ray, the quality leader,  and Rhonda, plant efficiency leader.  Rhonda has a cat named Riley, and he is her pride and joy! You can meet them here via this video.


You see, no matter how big or small a company, it is the individuals that make up the workforce that  make a difference.  The employees at the P&G Pet Care Leipsic Plant are part owners of the company and they care about the plant and its processes.

People are basically good, no matter where you go, right?  And it has been my mom’s experience that the people that work in all food production facilities take their responsibility very serious. Everybody eats, humans and pets alike and the  people that make our food do a great job making sure our food supply is safe and good to eat.

My next post will talk about how dry kibble is made.  Thanks for reading.

We received no compensation from P&G other than hotel, transportation, meals and bowling during the Behind The Paw Summit.

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  1. Pam & Oskar says

    Great post about a great company!

  2. Wonderful post and so informative! Great job! I still can not get over how clean the plant was and how passionate the people who work there are!

  3. MyKinKStar says

    I’m interested to see more of your details about this visit, especially in consideration of the rumors about P&G, as well as the accusations about Iams research.  Thank you! 

    • Anonymous says

      P&G’s Pet Health & Nutrition Center- Behind the Paw   This link is about the visit to the Pet Health & Nutrition Center  Thank you for stopping by!

  4. Askfisher says

    Very informative and well done, Gracie. I always love to hear about the people behind the product. How fun to work where pets are priority!

    • Anonymous says

      Yes, and pets get to go to work with their pet parents at the P&G Mason Campus too!

  5. It’s nice to know that the plant facilities are so clean. Are there products that are only made at the Leipsic plant? I know the kibble I feed the girls looks different depending on what size of bag I purchase. Is there a way to determine which food is produced in which plant?
    Thanks Gracey and Mom!

    • Anonymous says

      Hi Janell,
      The kibble shape changes with a die change.  Just like you can have spiral pasta, macaroni, shells, ziti, farfalle, etc.  All of the Iams and Eukanuba dry kibble is made at the Leipsic plant.  That was a great question.

  6. MALIA RAGAN says

    Great report.  Thanks!